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Riot On Sunset Strip Review

note; I maY Spell like it but I don't do drugs
riot on sunset strip
this is my review of riot on sunset strip
I never even heard of this film until seeing an add for it on TCM
so now I'm reviewing it on TCM
best channel on tv
few others have silent films and bad 70s black guy movies
they had riki-oh a few times
so after logo's for orion and American international, we get a city in da 60s
the cops are enacting a curfew of druggie teens
a narrator sez its California and the youth are being a problem
in the 50s teens were wholesome
now they're junkies and purvurts
at least they aint violent commies like the 2010s teens who beat people up for not siding with em
then we get opening credits of hippie teens singing in some beatles wannabe band
narrator sez the story starts in a normal high school
some teens get together and theres a new girl in there
the teens go to the sunset strip to party at a club called Pandora's box
the item filled with all the worlds evil?
sounds like a nice name for a club
what next? dante's inferno?\
narrator sez da teens have bad clothes and hair
wait til the 80s
afro mohawks
and leather
so teens dancing are at this club and some band plays 60s music
the main teens are at a table and blonde guy puts either drugs or booze in his drink
the manager takes the drinks and they call him a Nazi
f==kin teens
its always nazies to em
later some teens ge arrested for breaking into a place and smoking chronic
and they think they're victims
at the station a mother tries to get her 5kank daughters arrested
wtf happened to these teens?!
in the 00s I went to a catholic high school and didn't know anyone who b0ned or did drugs (1 guy later said he did)
later I went to a slummy school and it was like a prison
so this high rank cop s interviewed and they wanna crack down on teens
he explains peaceful and unlawful assembly
also his daughter might be the new girl
later some malcontents I mean "protesters" walk down the street with vague signs
these dumba55 teens never know what they want
my left wing, pro commie, pro gay, pro animal rights, pro drugs, pro pedo, pro choice, pro gun control, pro assisted suicide, yet oddly pro mus lim, friend sent me a link to the occupy movement
I didn't even know what, if anything, they were hoping to achieve
good thing those losers fizzled out
at the club theres a fight and the cops arrest the main teens
when they drink the teens they find the flask
at the station the new girl stalls to give her number
a pink outfit lady picks her up after she called her
I think she's using a fake name
the blonde teens dad dumps all over the cops over not going after "real" criminals
new girl walks home and her mom b--ches at her
high rank cop talks with his man and his man's woman over arresting parents over kids crimes
high rank cop is divorced and he hasn't seen his woman or daughter in years
the cops wife (in a pink outfit b4) sez he saw his daughter (new girl) who was arrested at the box
and her dad is the last guy she'd go to for help
the next day the teens are chatting and say getting busted for cew is like the measles (you cant get it 2x)
new girl leaves em cuz her mom is hard on her]
also shes a drunk
kids think its worse than chronic
both are dangerous
later responsible business owners are p-ssed at people who open slummy places for teens to hang out
manager who took the drinks sez it gives teens something to do instead of staying at home watchin tv
I never went out to partys as a teen
high rank cop sez they could use riot guns and grenades but they're just kids, not dangerous anarchists
nowadays they're both
some civilized speaking teens try to use diplomacy to legally extend the curfew from 10 to 12 on Friday/Saturday
ones a collage student
later new girl gets home and her moms drunk and trys to get sympathy from the daughter
they otta snap her arms/legs to keep her from going out and getting booze
and give her coffee enema's to get her body something else to be into
new girl hears on the radio something and calls the main teens to bring her to the strip
at the club these other beatles wannabes sing some song without emotion
I think theyre on drugs
if my kid did drugs, i'd beat them outta him
then enema him til he was clean
at the club the teens arrive and meet herbie, a rich a55 movie star's kid
I think hes a purvurt
we dancing 1 guy slugs another guy and the manager breaks up a fight
after another band plays, the main teens go off to do drugs
new girl seems hesitant but the dark haired teen brings her along
high rank cop and his main man talk about how the responsible business owners want the malcontent teens out of their area
sounds right
the main teens and their new homies go to some high class house and put on 60s music
herbie and his droogs takes acid drugs
he takes new girls coat and offers her drugs
just say no!
she does
btw I don't think herbie took the acid drugs yet
if my kid did drugs, i'd sell him to the monkey house and let the monkeys b0ne him!
herbie gets a drink and puts drugs in it
he tells new girl its a diet drink and se has some
1st, diet drinks are worse for you
2nd; well, that's the end of her!!\
new girl starts getting undressed
hope she don't eat anyone
this homie in California or w/e took bath salts, got nude, and ate a homeless guys face
the cops told him to get away and he just snarled at em
good thing these wernt brittish cops, cuz they had guns and took that monster out!
the homeless guy survived, but his eyes were eaten
and they say drugs ae a victimless crime
so new girl acts weird for a bit all spacey like the chick from the opening of the cabinet of dr caligari
man theres a lot of long scenes of just people moving to music in this film
she starts wiggling around and moving weird
its also in slo mo
herbie gets her upstairs
I think he's gonna b0ne her
oop, hes getting nude
she ez no but the drugs make her make out with him
then he b0nes her
good thing this isn't the 80s
or she might get the aids
after his b0ning, he lets his homies take turns
i'm surprised they didn't all have a group b0ning thing
the cops respond to a neighbor complaining of their loud drug party
high rank cop and his main man go to keep things kosher
as if the kids are high or wild enough someone could get it
at the scene, high rank cop sez to go easy on those teens cuz they're young
one teen spots the cops and they go out the back
the cops chase em
dark haired girl crawls out the window, high as a kite, and the cops carry her away laughing
high rank cop goes in and his main man comes downstairs grim
high rank cop goes up and finds his only daughter in bed, nude and on drugs
she cackles and tells her dad she was b0ned by 5 boys (5D's)(5TD's)
she blames him for his not having seen her in years
b--ch! you could've visited him anytime!
main man cop tells dark hair teen girl new girls dads a cop and she laughs
herbie comes come and the cops arrest him for raepe(as new girl was 17 and that's somehow the same as being 6)
high rank cop is bummed but his main man sez its the moms fault(it is)
high rank guy goes out to the hospital to see new girl and main his man and interviewer follow
the teens who b0ned her are in the hospital saying "what makes dat chick better than the rest of em?"'
high rank cop wails on em
he sez he couldn't help it after they drugged and b0ned his daughter
and interviewer is gonna tell everyone cuz "its news"
what is this? cnn??
high rank cop sez "what if i'd been carrying my gun?"
me; we'd have 3 less problems in our city!
make that 4! (the 3 punks, and the interviewer!!)
high rank cop sees his daughter and she goes mental at him thinking he don't care
then his main man comes by saying the sunset strip is gonna go nuts
they heard what happened at either the hospital or drug house and theres gonna be a riot
she goes mental on him for not caring and high rank cop goes
interviewer reports the "assault" of the raepists and names the high rank cop as being the once enemy of violence and once friend to teens
good to know the media and malcontent teens side with raepists
the teens have a protest and think writing rhyming signs is funny
this is why I don't do drugs
high rank cop goes by the protest and tells the cops not to be hard of those little c-cksuckers
I say they just open fire on the malcontents
btw this whole "bad guy gets "wronged" by cop and protests break out in his honor" is how the London riots started
when high rank cop gets to the station new girl is there and sane
she wants to go back to living with her dad
the riots have cooled off and the teens are gonna go somewhere else
narrator (who hasn't done anything since this film started) sez in a few years (from 1967) half earths population will be under 25
me; no wonder the 60s were so f'd up! the human brain don't finish developing until 25!
narrator; where will they go?
me; straight to h-ll!!
the end
that was good
I like how the cop was the good guy and the teens were mostly the bad guys
good color and feel
i'm not big on hippies but diss film reminds me of Austin powers 2
dat 60s
for riot o sunset strip 2 i'd like for the malcontent teens to have a violent uprising and take over California. the responsible people leave and the teens spend all their time b0ning and doing drugs and don't work or clean up. without anyone doing anything, the trash piles up and no dr's or cops let disease and killing to break out unchecked. soon California has become a 3rd world wasteland with lusty cannibal teens roaming for food and butts. once they start wandering into Arizona the Arizonans defend themselves and open fire on those animals. this causes all of California to rise up and attack Arizona. Arizona sends a tough bada55 and his female bodybuilder gf to California to set a nuke that will sink California into the ocean. its also a beat em up with one player as the bada55 and the other as his bodybuilder gf and they fight their way through druggie cannibal teens and several have fused with demons from the drug use corrupting then(they are the bosses)

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