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Things To Come Review

 note; i spell the fyuuutre

things to  come

this is my review of things to come from the disatant future year of 1936

its by h g wells who did the time machine and the inviusible man, and preoduced by alexander korda whos usually goods

its directed by William Cameron Menzies who did nothing I've seen and stars raymond masssey from The Scarlet Pimpernel, Santa Fe Trail and the old dark house, Edward Chapman from Oscar Wilde, ralf richaersdson from the four feathers and anna karenina, Cedric Hardwicke from Around the World in 80 Days, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Rope, The Winslow Boy , Derrick De Marney from the scarlet pumpernel, Charles Carson from adventures of tartu, Patrick Barr from the hammer dracula, John Clements from da 4 featherz,  Allan Jeayes from the scarlet mpimernell and a few 1800s guysi never saw

it was made bt wells as he hated the Fritz Lang masterpiece Metropolis and this moviue inspired 2001 a space odyssey (Which was a55)

i never saw this b4 but heard it got a lot right about what happened in the fiuture

i think this made the naqrnia guy make a cvharacter in his merlin book based on welles cuz of his bad views in here or somewthing

so after credits it the future year f 1940 in the city of everytown at chrtistmasd

oh and itys fullscreen and in good b/w

war is comming and its showeing a long dialogue less montage of people happy at xmas n4 waR LIKE A SILENT FILM


u c-ck sucker

2 guys talk of tyhe comming war and how its gonna f em but 1 new guy sez it mighty be good

kids enjoy toys and a grezer sez his toys were simpler when he was a kid

ewait til the 80s with transformers

the guys talk about hjow if they dont end war, it'll end them

after church at night theres a mobilization and the enemy attacked soviet england

they dont know its nationality and england got f'd by tyher sneak attack

totally not like Poland being suckerpunched by Zee Axis

will ferrel in the producers; i havent felt this good since we crushed Poland

so war happens and people scramble and the gov terlls people to stay inside and they run aound like its a Kaiju movie

this couple worries about the future and theirt kids

the guy is strong and the wo man is worried? thats not allowed today! femionists might chimp out!@

1 kid drersses like a solfdier and his dad goes off ands theres plants like hitler's face in the background

battle is conducted and cannons fire at the skies and buyyilding get blown with effects that are pretty cool

the city is f'd and a lot of people got it, even a kid

then stock footage of war vehicles moving and sdolfiers and battles

an armada of planes flyu over the city and later we get aerial combat and a plane goies down

1 guy lands and saves the down pilot and thery talk about why they gotta fight like its guinmdam seed

they puty on gas masks but a little girl comes by and the down pilot gives her his mask and bites it

then itys september 21 1956 and the war is almost over

theres a plague ghoing around called the wandering sickness and i think it makes people spazz out

in the vioklence jack ruins of everytown, this dr and his woman try to save people who wander out to bite it

and these spazzy zombie liker peoplelumber around until people cap em

is this a thing on the spanish flu?

1 chick in bed is spaced out and later walks around like a spazz and gets capped

later its the distant futurte year of 1967 and ther plague wiped out like half the human race but isd over now

1 guy whines thast flying is over and civilization is dead

didn't stop Noah and his fam after the flood

1 guy gives this guy a car and this chick says she thinks she heard an aero plane but her bf sez its over

they've seemed to go back to 1800s times

then soldoers come in and 1 guyhas a fur coat and army gear like itys mad max and sez he;z gonna end the war

he also sez he has a plane and petrol

then they see a plane flying in the sky and iyt lands with a sci fi guy comming out wanting to know whos in chsarge

1  guy arrests him as the country is in a state of war and guy who said flying is over remembers him from his childhood

so plane guy meets the leader about his group Wings over The worldf and trying to restore order and end war

the leader sez hes under arrest and flyer sez the group has banned pribate owqning of plsnes(commie!@!@)

and if he don''t return, more will comer for him

and when told the town is an indepoendent soverighn state, he sez his groiup dont approve of that and will fight them

just looked it up and In C. S. Lewis's novel That Hideous Strength the character Jules is a caricature of Wells

leader is basghed by his woman over going against flyer but he dont care

then more battles of ww1 looking footage

so the army mad max guy gives a speech about winning and later wants this dr to makje weapoomns but he dont consentr

cuz leader is the head of gov, he  orders the common man around like its soviet england being subserrviant to the regent

guy who sed flying wont bwork stands up for dr and later, the leaderhas a big dinner like a viking and talks about cr-p

leaders woman goes to see flyer and sez she wants more than being a big fish in a small pond

leader comes down and flyer sez his guys are comming

leader gloasts how  flyer cant dop sh-t and later flyer is working on a plane and takllking to the guy who sez planes were ovcer

later the plane flys and the group that sent flyer gets together to send a rescue group

later leader wjhines about world wide communicatuion and how his lane thing might backfire

then a huge a545 plane is boarded by the group  and later leader gives a speech for his men who take off in plabnes

the enemy might have gas and the leaders masks are rotted and no gopod and hisd science guy dont know gas


i think theres sevewral of ewm and the leaders planes attack

the big planers drop gas things and takes out the guys on the ground

leader chimps out and fires his gun b4 biting it

then the big planes drop parachuters who go in aandsave their flyer guy called cabel like the guy fromn robotech ii the sentinels

leader and his  goons are iced andf wait, the gas was knock out gas buit leader is  still ivced\

the group sez they are gonna put the world in order

then a montage of rebuilding the world, kinda like with neo domino ciuty in yugioh 5Ds after the ioncident

theres drilling in the ground with huge machines and huige generators and sci fiu judsge dredd 90s suits

man this goesd on for a while

then its 2036, a decade after metyropilis and well into the 3rtd robotech war, and they live in thisutopia

ut 1 guy whines that things were better years ago and thiongs are advancing too fasty

man he goes on for a while

and they live in undderground cities like at da poles with the demons

wtf theres elevators and big open areas

its like a mall!

a geezer tells kids about the past and shes amazed

also they dont have disease anyomre sdomehow

also therres a space gun powered by electricity that sends people to the moon

geezer met cabell before

so some ghuys talk on wrist communitcatorts like power wrangers and they are planning a moon mission

this multi generation thing reminds me oif phantyasy star 3

so this leader's daughters bf is gonnA GO on the moon shot

new guy who wihned about things going too far gives a speech on a glass pane in ther mall area about how things are gonna ruin us bny going too far

hewants peopler to go back to the goode olde dayers b4 its too late

having suffered through the iphone era, i see hes got a point

i dont got a cellphone anmd they make us weak and useless

the new leader is met with critisism of ther moon miossion as its too dangerous asnd "humansacreifce"(like the machine in Metropolis?)

oh its his daughter going on the moon thing

they argue about if danger is worth it and thebn theres a riot and they have metal bars as weapons

kinda surprised they can life it after being soft for decades

also they dress like 1800s japanese guys

also they might miss the chance to hit da moon so they gotta go now

so new leader takes a HOVER SHIP TO THE ELCTRIC GUN AND are gonna fire off

but tyhre dissenters sasy its not right and they don't want it

the leader sezxx its his right to risdk his live (which i assume is a ref to legaliozing driugs and b0ninbg and russdian roulewtte)

so the dissenters storm ther electric gun and eventrually they fire it and i think itr wacks the people stormoinbbg it

later guys talk about how we gotta keep advancing and conquer the universe and digivolve

we gotta have all the universe or nothing, which shall it be?

then zooms in on a black cloth with white dots painted on it to be stars

the end

that wasn;t too bad

but i think metropolis was better

this is pretty well donre but eats a lot of time getting to the far future

good idseas and costumes and style and its got some interesting possibilitiers

he got a few things right and while its hard to keep track of who's who and whats whnat, i liked it

some them es are a big suspect and it seems to make fgreedom and bering steady look bad

but all in all, the fiolm was well made and i didnt haTE IT

although after the fall of the massd max guy i thought the film was ghonna end

plus it didnt get bogged down in a forced sad moment or a tacked on love story

for Things To Come 2 I want it to be the 2020s and humans have spread across the solar system but some areas are neglected and feel unrepresented and form a rebellion to declare independence, and this leads to a space war where different sides fight for different reasons in exo suits, Its also a 32 bit Srpg on Sega saturn, playstation, N64 and GBA where you move your units around in a cube area made of cubes like shining force where you move up, down, left, right, forwartd and back and theres spasce things like asteroids aND sattelites and ships and you gotta do missions like beat the head unit.

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