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Game Reviews Volume 15 From 2021 Part II

More reviews of games I played and often beat from the 2nd half of 2021

Some were pretty tough but I kept at it til I got it

Just beat Prehistorik Man on my 28 in 1 GBA Repro Cart. Its a Snes Platformer from the mid 90s brought to GBA in 01. You play as a Cave Man and gotta get to the bone yard to get bones to use as money as your villages food was swiped. A is jump, B is attack, R is a rechargeable Shout like in DBGT that nukes the field and holding L lets you look with the D Pad. Its got 16 Continues and a Password system using numbers and letters that brings you back with all Continues. If you bite it you return to a checkpoint but using a Continue sends you back to the level start. Its jumps are kinda loose and you hold Up and Left/Right to go faster to get more jump. Some levels give you a ranged attack like throwing a Spear. Each level has a goal like get to the end or do some mission and get to the end and some have gimmicks like a glider, a pogo stick (Which I hate) and a Unicycle (Which is the worst as you gotta jump at the right edge of the ramp or you fall into the goo). If you take out an enemy it drops bones but if it hit you 1st, it drops small hearts to collect to heal. In the Ice Level its hard to tell what's background and what can be walked on. It starts out good with nice music and graphics but kinda devolves after a while. You get Passwords by buying them in the shop and its hard to read on a dinky screen so just look em up online. There's only a few bosses and they ain't too bad. You can take a few hits and only being hit when outta hearts wastes you. Over all its not horrible but gets pretty tough after a while and will enanger you. Glad I played it but I don;t plan on doing it again. It does have personality and good writing and characters though.

Just beat Super Monkey Ball 2 on GameCube. What an ordeal! You get infinite tries to get through 100 levels and it saves . Its got good New Millennium graphics and nice music but the gameplay is awful! You only move with the A Stick and you got weird momentum to screw you up. Plus angles of levels that make it you go ways you don't wanna. I used a guide to get through this and even with it, it was rough! i spend over an hour on some levels. Plus the camera is awful! Its always behind you with no way to change it, but when you move, it moves, so if you fall and bump around, you can';t see where to go and often fall off or get the try wrecked! This game really made me mad and I never wanna play it again. Most of the levels ain't even so bad, but those ones that are ruin the whole game. It can be beat but takes hours and ain't worth it. I liked a few of these and some levels can be beat in a few seconds but some are a blight. You get 60 seconds and a few options like view map or restart but its not much good at times. Plus the map in the corner of the screen is useless! Its either too close, or too far and there's only 3 viewpoints to see on it, changed with A. There's a multiplayer mode and party games but I never tried those. I'm glad to be done with it. On our GameCube Memory Card is a file that made it to Level 8 but was stuck on 1 level, so I guess I surpassed my brother in this.

Just beat Michael Jackson's Moonwalker on my 218 Genesis Games in 1 Repro Cart. Its based on the movie or w/e from the 80s or 90s and in here you save Bonnie from Pokemon XYZ  from this bad guy over and over again. you play as Michael Jackson and gotta find all the kids b4 Bubbles shows you the way to the "Boss" which is just you fighting a bunch of the same guys over until its over. You gotta find the kids in hidden areas by pressing Up on the D Pad fin front of anything that can open. some parts I didn't know you could do it and had to look it up after wandering around. I don't know how many continues you get as I only bit it once on the final level and was playing it on Easy. A is Magic which is used to spin and open areas and do stuff, B is attack with a kick or punch of glitter, and C is Jump. If you kick and hold it then press back you can moonwalk and it moves faster than walking and ignores treadmills. The game isn't too hard and just takes some trial and error to get through. If you catch a shooting star you digivolve into a veritech and fire off missiles and lasers. The final level is a 1st person space flight battle and can be tricky. If you use Magic it uses up Life but finding kids heals you. Overall its not bad and has nice music and graphics. The voice clips are well done for its time and its a decent playthrough if you have a guide to tell you the hidden areas are. Glad I played this.

Just beat Dr. Mario on my 108 Game Boy games Multicart. Its a decent puzzle game where you use pills to get rid of viruses by linking 3 or more of the same color to em in a line or column. No Diagonals here and no Squares, just straight lines. There are 3 colors: dark, red and yellow  and pills are any combination of 2 of the same or different color. You choose what level outta 20 to play and  beating it on level 20 gets a cutscene and then redoes the last level but called 21 and on. 1 button flips the pills 1 direction and 1 flips em the other. If you pause it don't let you see the field so you can't cheat and you get unlimited tries. You clear each level by getting rid of all the virus's. It speeds up after a while even if you set the speed on low and you can choose your music from 2 options or none. Its a pretty good game and the pieces stand out so you don't mix em up. Glad I played it. Its a pretty decent game

Just beat Shadow of the Beast on Sega Genesis. Its a Dark Fantasy side scroller where you play a guy enslaved and devolved into a monster and gotta be cured. You get 1 life with a max hits of 12 and no Continues, level select,. passwords or saves. But if you play it, bite it, get to a high score, put your name as zqx, and press ABC and Start on the BEAST screen, you get immortality and when you run outta hits, the life count just cycles back to full. Boom! I just went from Shadow of the Beast to Jushin Liger! I'm like Garlic Jr now! So A and C is jump and B is attack. You can do a jump kick but the controls are kinda still and you can't move in the air (Its like NES Castlevania). You gotta go through these dungeons and castles and caves  and a wasteland and fight these 80s/90s monsters like in The Dark Crystal or something and its got a nice feel and look to it. Its got sorta European feels ands has good music. Its not bad and is pretty imaginative in designs but you gotta play it with the Immorality code unless you wanna replay the game over and over. Also you gotta get items like keys to access other areas and if you don't get the Gold Key in the 1st level, you can't get past the 2nd level after beating the 3 headed dragon and can't go back so you gotta reboot. The game can be beat in like 20 mins on a good run but its pretty unforgiving without the code. Glad I played it though. Its cool, creative, dark but not deviant and has some cool ideas. Yeah the controls could be better but this is more of an Atmosphere game where the feel and style us the main draw

Just beat Battleship on GBC. Its an adaptation of the Board Game and lasts 48 rounds. You get infinite tries and have a 6 letter  password system to continue where you left off. You place your boats on the grid and take turns firing at the foes board to find their ships. But as the game goes on, you level up and get more boats. Also you unlock stronger attacks that are limited in use and if the boat that holds that attack bites it, you can't use it that round. The computer seems to cheat as EVERY time they used a Sonar  or a multi square attack it ALWAYS hit me after wiggling around the screen for a while. Also they seem to have more power shots than I do. The worst ship to deal with is the Sub as  its only 1 square and you never know where it is and can't get close and hit a nearby square to zone in on it. Over all its a good game and adds some good twists to the Battleship formula. Each level has a boarder around the Missile Launch scene with designs on it that change and when you launch multiple shots, if 2 hit 2 different ships, the cut scene shows the ship moving to a different one so you know its a different ship. Good graphics and music and even though the Start Menu is moved by select and start, its worth the 5$ i spent on it. Glad I played it. Some parts are tough but keep trying til you get good or lucky.

Just beat True Lies on my 218 Genesis Games in 1 Multicart. Its based off the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie from 199X and is pretty tough. You get a few lives and I don't think you get any Continues as after failing 1 mission and running outta guys once I was back to the title screen. Thankfully there's codes you can use for goodies like more ammo, infinite lives, level select, and a password for each level among other things. If you bite it you get some Castlevania 2 text saying how many guys you got left and you get back up. Its a top down run n gun game kinda like the bad levels in Super C but as its on Genesis you have more buttons. 1 button is change weapons, 1 is fire and 1 you gold to lock your direction and move. You gave limited ammo but the basic pea shooter reloads after 15 shots.  I never saw the movie but saw clips and reviews and it was cool so I get a few of these scenes. Its not Resident Evil controls so pressing left makes you move left. sometimes aiming is tricky if you and the baddies are moving around and  there's some timing between some shots you use. A lot of the game is running around and solving puzzles like finding Keys and unlocking doors. The baddz you ice stay dead and if you don't know where to go in this huge mapless levels, just wander around til you find some guys you didn't wack. There's hidden areas and extra guys you can get and 1 level in a jet but overall its pretty decent, if you use a code, otherwise this game is brutal!. Nice graphics and music and it controls sorta well but can be a bit off at times. I kept thinking A is fire when I set it to B but you can change the controls on the menu(but only to 1 of 4 premade choices). Its a decent game and one of the better ones by Acclaim. Glad I played it.

Just played The Last Action Hero on my 218 Sea Genesis Games in 1 Multicart, Its awful. No options, Cant change the controls or difficulty, A is kick, B is punch (which you don't need as you kick stronger and further) and C is jump (Which makes the hop from A and C annoying). You get 4 lives (More like 5 as 0 counts as a life) and no continues. Bad guys take usually 2 kicks and if you don't time it right, there's a double hit where you and him nail each other at the same time. Decent Graphics and not bad music but the gameplay is  pretty bad. There is a Level Skip and Invincibility Code where you stand in the right place, then hold B C and Up for 30 seconds, then Pause and press Up for Invincibility or Down to skip the current level. But it only lasts 1 round and you gotta do it again in the next one. Plus Invincibility don't work in the driving levels so you gotta go from start to end in 1 life with a lot of 1 hit kills in it. You have no attacks and take out baddies by ramming your car into em, but you sometimes take damage from it! Its like a worse Comix Zone! If you hit a ramp you jump and can waste an enemy car by landing on it, but if you land on a Truck it ends you, as does plowing into the Trucks and parked cars. The end of the level is a wall of Trunks you gotta jump over but you gotta do the level fast or the Trucks moved beyond the ramp and you die, but some parts have a minefield of parked cars and cars slamming into you to knock you into their path. Thats as far as I made it, even with a Level Skip code to skip the parts I already beat. This game is unplayable! Sony fails again!

Just beat Iron Man 2 on DS. Its by Sega and Griptonite and is sorta based on the Disney movie I never saw. Its a 2.5D action game where you do missions that last a few mins and fight bosses. Some are Shmup levels where you fly and blast skybots. You gotta beat each area with Iron Man and War Machine and both play different. Iron Man you use the D pan to move and B is Jump or boost Jets, Y is punch, A is blast and X is power blast. Holding L/R does stuff but I hardly used it. War Machine plays by using the D Pad or YXBA buttons like a D Pad and the Touch screen to attack. He moves slower but is tougher and you Tap on the Touch Screen where you wanna fire. He takes some getting used to but isn't too bad after a bit. You got a save file and can buy upgrades with points you get from doing missions. You can find Comic Book Covers and Concept Art of enemies around the levels for bonus fun. Iron Man controls pretty well but with War Machine you punch when close and fire when the enemy is far automatically, so if you wanna fire on a guy and there's a guy in from of you, you're punching. If you run outta power, you get a mini game  to line up bots on a wheel and if you do it in the time limit, you get back up at full power and continue. You can do this like 3 X and if you fall again, you go back to the base to reselect the mission or but upgrades. Its not bad once you get used to it and is pretty forgiving at times. I had a good time and it can be beat in a few hours so its not a time eater. Glad I got this. Its worth the few $ I spent.

Just beat The Last Action Hero on my 218 Sega Genesis Games In 1 Multicart. Its a kind of Platform Beat Em Up based on the Awesome Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie from da 90z. You got 4 lives and no Continues to beat under 10 levels with 2 driving levels. A is kick, B is punch(Which is useless as kick is better in reach and damage) and C is jump. You got a few bosses and go across a few jump but most of thjis game is just walking left/right and kicking guys. Decent graphics and nice music and it controls sorta good. Its too hard though and is pretty unfair, Unless you use a trick where you hold Up B and C for 30 seconds, then pause and press Up to become invincible or Down to skip the level. Then as Garlic Jr this game is easy. Except for the driving levels where Invincibility don't work (but Level Skip does) and you gotta go through a minefield of drunk and drugged drivers. In the 1st Driving level there's Trucks that kill you in 1 hit and ramps you gotta hit right or you drive on 2 wheels. Also are parked cars that kill you in 1  hit. At the end is a wall of trucks you gotta jump over, but you gotta earn the jump by touching 3 pierces of paper on the road. And that only earns you 1 jump so you gotta collect more. Also A is jump, B is brake and C is speed up. The 2nd car level is much better but has weird night colors that make it hard to see and the drivers are on drugs and spazzing all over the road. No `1 hit kills though. Its not the worst game, but to make it playable use the level skip to return to where you game overed, and use Immortality to  deal with all the cheap hits. Oh and you gotta reapply Immortality each level and if you fall too far you gotta turn it on again. But some times you only gotta hold the buttons to code for a few secs. Glad I beat this.

Just beat Justice League: Injustice for All on GBA. Its a DC Comics game by Midway before DC Vs Mortal Kombat and Injustice. You do around a dozen missions to stop Lex Luthor and his homies using teamed up pairings of Justice League guys. You switch with Select, L is super power that's different for each guy, R is turning Fly on and off for Flyers, A is Jump and B is Attack. You can do a charge attack with holding B and letting out but can't move while doing it. You gotta solve minor puzzles like getting key cards and busting generators and pressing up on teleport pads til you get to a boss and wail on em. If 1 Hero falls, the other takes over and can be recovered by a power up. You get a few lives that increase finding a Gold Shield and by collecting 100 Blue Things. You got a save file system and can do each batch of missions as you unlock em until you get to the  final mission. Often Attrition works against bosses as you got 2 heroes and its 1 boss, but sometimes you gotta hit and run or use ranged attacks. The game is pretty simple but some parts like knowing a thing on the wall is a door can be tricky with the graphics. Its not too long and each mission takes a few mins and you got unlimited continues but using 1 makes you restart the whole mission instead of resummoning in the area you bit it. The super power meter automatically refills when not in use and  while there are a few 1 hit kill spots, its not awful. Its a decent 32 bit Hero Game. Glad I played this. Its worth a try.

Just beat Super Bombliss AKA Tetris Blast on my 108 GB Games in 1 Multicart. Its like Tetris where you use pieces falling to male rows and they vanish but there's mines in here that you gotta use to clear the bricks. If a row don't got enough mines in it, then only the part with the mines will blow, and if there's none, it won't blow til  a line by it blows. Also if 4 mines link together in a Square it formes a nuke that when the line its on is cleared, it takes out the area. Also if you clear 2 or more rows , the mines it it go nucular take out nearby bricks, and mines hit by those go off too in a chain reaction. The goal is to clear the screen and when it gets near the bottom you get more mine pieces. Also you can get pieces that are only 2 or 3 bricks instead of always 4 like Tetris. You get 100 bricks per level and it speeds to to beat each and there's passwords and unlimited continues, but the passwords I looked up didn't work. There's 25 levels  and  credits, but you get a password that loads after the credits to get the other 25 levels. Then a password to start over but maybe harder. When you pause it don't block over the screen and you can see what to do and A and B rotate the blocks. Its a petty good and worth trying. Good way to reinvent a classic and gets kinda tricky after a while but is beatable. Oh and clearing a row has unlinked blocks fall to other levels and can do chain reactions. But you don't see what bricks are connected and don't know until; it falls, which can be a nice surprise. This one's pretty good.

Just beat Rolling Thunder 2 on my 218 Sega Genesis games in 128 Multicart. Its a side scrolling Run N Gun like Thunder Fox. You play as a guy or a girl who Jumps with C and Shoots with A. Its based on an Arcade Game and you get 40 lives but no Continues, but there's a Password made of words put together to make a Madlibs thing. You jump to higher or lower Areas by holding up or down and jumping. If you hold up and jump with no area above to jump to you do a high jump. You got limited Ammo but when you run out you fire 1 shot at a time slow. You go in doors to get power ups like more life and more bullets and  stronger weapons that have their own ammo. You have 2 hit points and can get more in doors and some guys kill you in 1 shot. Its pretty tough and the later levels had me burning through extra guys. There's Checkpoints but if you run outta guys you gotta use a password (which the game holds after you bite it so you don't gotta repunch it in) you restart the level. There's quite a few cheap his and the final boss can kill you if you touch him in his burning animation that changes formes. Its a hard game but it kinda balances out with a lot of lives and a good Password System. Also you get an extra ending of a still image if you go through on a 2nd run, but if you bite it, you gotta go bask to the 1st runs final level to get to it. No extra bosses like Ghouls N Ghosts. Pretty good graphics and the music is good . It usually controls well but I had a few screw ups. Glad I played it, but its quite the Challenge.

Just beat Dynamite Headdy on my 100 Master System Games in 1 GBA Repro Cart. Its a simple Platformer that's toned down from the Genesis Game. Its by Treasure and has nice colored graphics and music. 1 button is jump and 1 is attack and Start Pauses. Its 6 levels that each have  a few acts to it and a few bosses. It plays well but you gotta Earn Continues somehow as the game goes on. I assume its like Comix Zone how you get Continues by beating enough Levels. It can be beat in like half an hour but has some tricky parts. I found myself pausing and unpausing the game to get the edge. The last 2 levels ain't so bad if you know what to do and  there are some safe zones  if you jump right. There's secret bonus points to get but that's just score.  The toughest parts were the tower and its boss and the guy who curls up and bounces around but you cal loop him by standing near the middle and hamming attack when he comes out. You get the heads of P{ig, Hammer, Sleep, and Fast and that's it. Its a decent game and if you keep trying you can eventually figure out what to do, or just watch a longplay and learn from that. Glad I played it. Its a nice condensed version of the Genesis game and not as rough. Oh and your life isn't refilled after beating a level so be careful.

Just beat Eternal Champions on Sega Genesis. Its a Street Fighter clone but has the Story and characters well planned out. You play as 1 of 9 people who were saved b4 they got it from across time and winner gets a second chance at life. You fight the 8 other characters, they a game boss who has 5 formes, each with a full life bar, but you only get 1/3rd back after each win. You get unlimited continues but losing a best of 3 fight means you get sent back 2 fights to work your way up. And on the boss you only get 2 shots and  losing on ANY forme restarts the battle. Its pretty tough so you gotta master not only your character, but how to beat each of the other guys. I used the Blonde Acrobat Jetta Maxx (Which sounds like a XXX Star Name) and often used the diagonal Up + Z move to Sky Dive into em. If you can get the guy in a loop by timing it, it can help. 3 Buttons punch and 3 kick, each light mid and hard levels and moving the D Pad left/right or up/down access's super moves. But there's limited Ki to use it with and Taunting drains it. The CPU can use Ki Moves w/o Ki so don't waste your time in the 1P game. God Graphics and big sprites, but the Life Bar is Red on Black so it can be hard to see at times. Nice Music and it controls pretty well. If you can master it, its worth a try. But you gotta train. There's also a training and tournament mode to get used to the moves. Glad I did this one. Better than Virtua Fighter. Oh and there's level finishing moves where you have the opponent at low enough life and finish them with enough damage in a certain spot on the level. Its pretty PG13 but not as splattery as the Sega CD ones. But these are tough to pull off and don't change the gameplay other than looking cool.

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