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The Black Doll Review

 Note: I spell bluicketee black, doll

The black doll

this is by review on The Black Doll from the diistabntr futrure year of 1938

its part of The Crime Club series by Universal and was directed by Otis Garrett

it stars a buncha 1800s diudes i never heard of

after title and recding it sez its based on a novel.

this b/w and shadow oon wall imagery was used by the 90s Batman

so it has a but jimmying open a desk and going through it, then going as a moustachio is coming back

moustrache sees a smoke left in the tray still lit and as he leaves, butler sez uncle wanted to see him

he goes to moustache (now called uncle) who knows it was him

uncle knows guy was doing forgery and is gonna prosecute him if he screws up again

oh and guy was drunk b4 and f'd something up and i guess thats why he needed the money

he calls his homie eddie about a check he game him to hold it for a few days so his uncle wont find out

he asks a lady for 200 $ but she dont got it

she aks uncle but he knows its for the guy (named rex) and he wants rex to be good instewad of a drunk playboy

oh i think its his mom and sshe sez shes gonne leave with her son as she cant handle his words cuz shes a candya66

so uncle sees a doll with a knife in it on his deskl and gets his gun and almosat goes out 

mexicio butler sez hin his country it means som,erone gon get it

uncle calls soviet new york and tells guys to tell someone "the black doll"

rex and mom are gonna goo oot but uncle stops em and asks fealw mexico abouit a chick

e;lsewhere this couple is eating cake and jokes about beuing a detective as a diog has got their chiopsd at threir picbnic

then then g rated smooch and uncle comes by and chick is his daughter

he sends her in b4 he b0nes her and tells bf to gtfo

then its a thunder storm and 2 guys come by the house  to see uncle

they chat with uncle saying its been 15 years and hes been in hiding, but uncle denies it

also they say they had nothing to do with this guy getting it and uncle sez theres no proof

he brings out the doll and thery deny having to do with it and they aint seen it since they founbd the mine

also uncle makes em stay and sez hes kept tabs on them since selling the mine

in their room the guys accuse each other of sending the doll and how they were the only ones who knew of the doll and ther 4th guy is barrow who got it

later chick sez shes not comming to dinner and when mexico sez she told him not to disturb her, uncle cr-ppily slaps him and goes to see her

he goes to her room and bites ut from a knife in the back and the doll is thrown at him by an unseen guy

chick goes after hhim like a dumba55 as a knife wielding murderer totally won't wwaste you too

then the light in the room he went turns off and she runs and i think rex is in there

she runs to her bfs mobile home through the stormy woods anbd is caught by a guy

bf runs to her scvreams and she sez she saw uncle get knifed in da back and he carrys her to the house where mexico helpsd her

mexico is bummed she touched the doll as ity was meant for uncle and girl mexico coimes over and wat, its mom

rex sez the dr will be here soon fort chick and hwe was just at the neighbors to call the sherrif ands dr as someone cut the phone line

mom sez her bro the uncle got iced and the killer might be destroying evidence here

bf chex the body and has mexico butler get jelly, powder and a plate

then the cops show up and are comedic and ver the top

cop has a bumcha pipes in case 1 breaks to smoke

bf has taken a print from the knife and sauys he was a private dick

dr chex the body and wait, its a coroner and the dr comes by harassed by the cops

cop goes over evidence and mom sez she found the bodyu after hearing a screram

rex sez hje was in his room and if this were made today he'd be j-rkin off

mrxico sez mom was bickering with uncle in the AM and mexico sez uncle hit ghim 2x and the black doll iced him

they go to see da doll and chick wakes up, sees a guy and spazzes out

but the doll is missing and someones been with her the whole time excepty when dr went to get water

she sez where she got it and years ago in soviet mexico an indian gave her it but she dropped ity in a ravign

when uncle went to get it, he found a rich ore main but never found the dolle

1 cop grunt sez the 2 guys visiting are issued

1 isnt here and 1 is locked in his room

mopm asks why rex lied aboot beeing in his roome and he sez she has to trust him

bf finds a note on the fgloor and finds there was a knife thing on the wall with 1 missing

he also fibnds a guys wallet and thinks the guy who ran didnt do it as his wallet has huindreds of $$ in it left behind and his clothes are still here

cop opens a door and finds a body fall with the doll on him

cop thinks hes solved it and sez its the guy who isnt there but bf, wait, he sez its dead guy

but bf points out this dont work

tthey go see remaining guy locked in the room and he lets em in

he fears being iced by the other visitor as he iced barrows by pushing him over a rabine

as they never found a body they dont know barrows is in h e double mexico

but freaks out hearuing the other 2 got it abnd thinks barrows is back to ice him

kinda like in Cyber City OEDO 808 how that guy iced his coworker and coworker by shoving him down a pit in the building he came back cyberized

Coroner comes back whining about having to be called back and says the 2nd iced guy was dead 2 hours, 1 hjour b4 uncle got it

also bf figures thatr uncle wasn't shanked, but the blade was thrown like in that lon chaney movie with his armns being removed

so the killer must've seen the chiuck with the doll and they go to the stairs

other mexico mine guy goes tio his room and cop sends his goon to get the doll

cop suspects mecixo of throwing the knifes but suddenly the doll is gone

they go to see other mexico mine guy as hes trying to block the door and bf sez he wont interfere when cop gets uppity

cop begs fort help and bf sez barrowe might be the killer after surviving the fall

also the killer had to hide fior 2 hours after wackjing uncle

they find a hoile in the ceiling door panel and bf thinks he went to the ceiling, used a rope off the roof to come down and getr da dool and might be still up there

bf goos oof and finds as man wjho wants to marry mom, oh its dr, and he was stoipped cuz of uncle not wanting his sister to marry

but unlike with assisted suicide, this dr sez he dont kill people, only help them and that uncle caught a thing in mexico and as hes skilled in thart, he met uncle to treat him

bf sees chick and shes clleaned up and she heard from rex talking to deputy that other guest got it

also chicks mom got it 10 years ago and they talk about uncles hobbies

meanwhile, cop is on the roof and butler gets a knife with maybe blood on it

cop trys to get in the wibndow to the attic and a guy is in there

cop gets caught in a sheet and byumps into a dress doll and caps it, then fights the guy there

chick tells bf not to help and cop brings himn diown at gunpoint and its coroner i think

bnbf tells chick to lock herself in her room and dont open it until he comes

annd rex heres this

then cop has bf taken out as he;s sick of him

tghen a guy throws the doll in chickks room and  the door opens as mexiico butler throws a knife thast misses

doll thrower caps him and sends him bacvk to h e double mexcioco

cop thinks mexicoi threw the dol;l, then knife, then suicided

but there's no gun here and he rounds everuyone up in 1 reoom til daylight

bf makes eggs and cop has the doll under his coat

bf sez uncle keppt in touch with te other 2 sirviviong mine finders and only they knew of the doll

also he reveals uncle wacked a man to get the mine and mom bashes it but chick defends him

now i never saw this b4, but imma guess maybe rex is the son of the real mine guy

but he would probably have told his secrets while in fever from the disease he got, which makes dr look bad

although i douybt its him as its too obvious

so cuz the killer knew of the black doll, he used it to scare uncle to have him call his droogs so he could ice em in 1 turn

then with the uncle iced, the partners would take the heat

also he tried to jack the blade from the droogs room but droog caught him and he had tio ice hum, which f;d his plan

also he put the knife in the iced guys hand to draw suspician

and now therees a lot of peole in da house with motice to ice the uncle

dr loves mom and mom will inherit unxcles dough

but shes not manly enuff to strangle a guy

bf sez rex forged a check but he didnt make it to the hall after icing mexico and ruinning the other way

but then bf reveals chick isnt uncles kid but he married her mom when she was 5

and shes rteally barrows kid, but barrows wouldnt tery to ice his owen kid, as he's not canadian

and mexico knew and treied to protect her

also the cut phone line was done by the killer so he could have time to go out and get back home to get the message to come bwack to help the guy he iced

it looks like dr did it and he knew chick was hurt upon artriving, which preoves he was the guy in da rain

dr pulls a gun under the table and then i tink a scene was cut as now hes standuing and he fires and gets grabbed after firing a shot

mom sez thnx after they drag dr off and tells cop he really s-cked

and he spazzes out and turns atround witth the doll on his back

The end

that was a decent mystery

good twists

the killer having a seemingly fake evidence against him throws us off aS WE THING ITS TOO OBVIOUS

good detective work

its clean and theres no swearing or nude scenes or deviants

its kinda dialogue heavy, but i guess after they got sound, they wanted to use as much as they could

kinda like n64 and play stayion games overusing 3d

its got clever things and works out well

had me guessing and i didn't see it comming

a well done detective comic

And its only like an hour long

for The Black Doll 2 I want Barrow to return and reveal he didn't get it and was behind the dr wacking the uncle and wants to win hisas daughter back, but she's not too keen on it as he iced the guy who rAIISED her, so Barrow has to do these missions to prove his trust to her by collecting these jewels that the daughter heard of  in her fave kids story, its also a 32/64 bit e3d platformer like Castlevania Legacy of Darkness on Sega Saturn, N64, Panasonic 3DO and Playstation where you play as Barrow and go through temples an  fight mechanicakl guardians  of ancient tech to win the jewels.

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