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Cast A Tall Shadow Review

 note; i spell coppw boy good

Cast a Long Shadow

this is my review on Cast a Long Shadow ferom 1959

ots gopt audie murmpy and no one else i know

its directed by Thomas Carr who did nothing i saw

i never zaw this b4 but hay, audie muippmy

after really 50s credits and msuic, audie rides into towen and its full of mexicans

a guy asks about a guy who came in and 1 mexico sends him to the bar and sez audiwe ownes him a ,ot of dough

in da bar, audie plays cards ad dsome blonde chick is into him

audie has enuf andf ditches the card game and gets in a fight

the other guy comes in and beats off the guys and pulls a gun on em and gets audie out

audie sez he sold his gun and other guy sez this guy bit it and other guy was looking for audie

so with his dad in h-ll, audie gets the farm and its revealed audie didn't like him

other guy sez audie can't handle the farm and offers to buy it from him for 20 000 $

othert guy and his homies pooled their dough to it and audie agrees

audie and him go on to the farm to sign the papers

huh, this has james best who was in the killer shrews and forbidden planet

and Denver Pyle from boinnie and clyde

and Ann Doran fom Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Yankee Doodle Dandy, My Favorite Brunette, The Snake Pit and Rebel Without a Cause

AND Robert Foulk (the fouke monster?) whi was in White Heat, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Rebel Without a Cause and Pete's Dragon

so back on da farm the other guys are at church and WHEN AUDIE GOES IN HE SEES THIS MEXICAN CHICk and thery get along

she gets him some booze and asks about him and janet from the magic school bus

so at church the Priest tells em, things are f'd since boss got it and now what will they do without him to keep em in line

as they were just j-rkin off the whole time

a guy comes in and sez audies in and 1 chick sez they sdhouldnm't split up da farme as it took boss a lifetime to make it so good

so 1 guy chats with audie and wait its the priest, and audie dont like him

the people talk about audie aND 1 chick likes him but her fam dont want her marruing her and imply she may havew b0ned him

so he wanders around da farm and finds a painting of hgis dad and wait it was a mirror, wait, theres a mirror below the painting

also he compares himself to it and then chick comes in

she sez she was 17 (which is the same as 7 to some people) when they last met and she saids no to him last time

btw this is in widescreen but good blw

he sez hes abnormal and something abnout not having a last name and how he's all f'd up

he seems like hes not really dads son and don't think he'd get rtrerspect

she has a MOment wuith him abd wants to be with him and they make out

1 guy gets a letter saying the ranch is ghonna be forclosed soon

later the people are celebrating and playing wuith guns and the guy shows em the lletter

they have days to make the dough and can't without selling the cattle and its a long a55 DRIVE

theb auduie aND GF COME BY AND they wanna marry but preist isnt a real preist

so they gotta go to santa fe istead of soviety w/e they are

gf tellls her mom and moms happy she found a manb but her possibly inbred bros are b--chy as he dont got a last nname and mock hm

isnb't that mocking a disibilioty?

so they fight and bro gets eventrually beat out but other bro throews him a gun annd note guy shoots it outta his handsm, which mythbusters say would f--k his hand off

after having enough pof these c-ck suckers, he tells em off and sez hes not selling it and is gonna run it

and fires  the inbred guys for trying to kill him

but note guy tells him tthe bank is stealing his ranch as b4 dad bit it, he bowworwed too much monery

auduie is gonna do the big a55 CXATTLE DRIVE and they go with him so they can keep theiir homes

he sez no booze and tella gf hes gonna marry her when he gets back

they goo oof and as they go on, aidier fores a guy for drinking but gf trys to get him to reconsider

she whines about him changing and how now he wants to get even

also he wantsa to cast a long shadow and be a big man and thinks he'd dtch her for a bertter girl

later the guys talk and a guy sez hes the other last living relative and if audie bites it, he'd be in charge

sp audie comes in and they beat on him but note guy saves him

note guy sez to be not so hard and audie don't care and note guy takes a drink and is fired

gf has enuiff and leaves but ih her name is jannet, and she tellsa npote guy not to let audie go as he cannt do it on his own

note guy is comforrted by the mexico chick who sez he was afraid of da boss and did what boss said  to get the rRANMCH THAT WAS GIVEN TO AUDIE

SO HE EVENTUALLY GOES OFF TO HELP AUDIIE WITH AN EXTRA HORSE but soome malcontents are wait, its the card game guys from b4, followiing em

so the cattle a55 DRIVE GOOS ON AND ITS NIGHT AND THE CARD GUYS FREAK OUT THE HORSES with a dead wold skin

the horses run off like yoshi in mario world when something brusges past him and audie goos after em with his homies

so they get back and audie wants to drive cattle all night and rock around the clock and note guy sez night drives lead to stampedes

he sez its smart to be afraid at timers and sometimnes you gotta aDMIT ur wrong to be a bigger man

the men dont wanna do it and audiue b--ches at em and note guy sez hes the auidiers dad,. not da boss

audierc jumps him and hisd dadgives him the beating he needed years ago

they clash but the carders scare the cows and they stampede

btw this is pretty bright for night

audie and real dad and the guys ride by em and dad falls but audie saves him

1 fired ghuy tryusd to j fk audier but a guy calls him and they both blow each other to h e doyble englanmd

audie and friends get the cow a55es ovdr to bre chopped ibnto burgers and real dad sez he can cast a mighty lomng shadow of his own

audie sez as long as he has gff and dad, he'd be fine

the end

that was pretty good

its not too long

haas a good story of audie murphy going up and down in good and bad

good twist

the final rush was pretty well done

i like that b/w filming

not with swearing or b0ning or gore or anything

its srs but not 16+

i liked it

for Cast a Long Shadow 2 i want it to be years later and audie is marrieds to the gf who's gotten overr 600lbs and he has his workers carry her around and hose her off in the back. also his kidds with her are teens and dealing with their issues and its kind of a slice of life movie with then being on a farm and living life in a series of smasll episodic adventures. also its a 32/64 bit game on sega saturn, ps1, n64 and 3do where you play as 1 or both of the kids and go around doing mini games and prepARING for the harvest.

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