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Good Burger Review

 note i speell good like a burger mo=bile

good burger

this is my revierw on good burger from the distant future year of 1997 (when predator 2 happpened)

its directed by Brian Robbins who did varsity blues, ghardball and otrher cr-p

it starts keenan thompson, ken mitchell, abe vigoda, sinbad, dan schnider, sahaquile o neal, carman electra and other 90s dudes

people say its not great but i saw it b4 and liked it

its based on a skit from All That and was only pg

so after seeing a burger being made and olgos, we get the main guy owrking at good buyrger and seeing the burgers saying they like him and wanna stay with huim

he falls in a hole and wakes upand sees its 12 pm

he showers in uniform and sings "imma dude, hes a duide, shes a dude, and we're all dudes" and goes to work on rollwer blades causing damage and chaos

at the restaurant they can't take Orders AS HE's not there

he gets in and has some big bang autism wordplAY AND IT p-sses off the cuystomers

its revealed across the street is a mondo burger (nmondo cool! thats right boys, mondo cool!) about to open and the guys worry they might be replaced

in school, keenan tohomson is going on symmer vacation and a teacher dressing like its the 70s gives him advice

later the manager sends ken to deliver a meal and keenan drives wioth his hjomie and wants to relax as;;; summer

ken rolls by keenan and keenan swerves and hits the teacher lightly

keenan dont got his licence yuet and teacher is gonna send him to jail but keenen agrees to pay for the repairsd which total 1900 $ so he needs a summer job

keenan works at mondo burger but s-cked at it

the leader of this mondo burger sez in 2 years they will be the biggest in the country and gotta beat goodbuger and sez to forget everything as he;'s not their mom and  dad\

keenen jiokes he'd look weird naked(hermaphrodite joke! call go nagai!) and gets fired

i like how 90s this film looks

its got color and life

soo a guy whines about asking a burger w/o anything and gets just a bun

after some big bang autism, he sez"see you in h-ll" and Ken replies: see you there!

SO KEN CHATS TO KEENAN AND keenqan is bummed for getting canned from mondo burger as ken is random

ken suggests giving keenan a job and managfer agrees as he ssez hes a good driver w/o accidents on his record

a cook smax a fly on his head and eats it

keenan is into this chick working there and keenen sez she's "all that"

so keen shhoews kenen the burger mobile(which i think spongebob riopped off) and kenb driives and nearly runs over 70s teacher

later the mnondo burger droogs come by good burger and leader sez"watch yo butt" and ken trys

mondo dude sez mondo burgewr is opening tomorrow and is gonna end Good Burger

so mondo burger has a big a55 openning with a  bandf and lights like a tomnmy wiseau premier of the room

it looks so 90s with all the neon

so the mondo burger uses so much power that good burger blacks out so they close\

then a montage of mondo burger kicking good burgers a55

later they get a mondo burger and its huge and  costs the same as a good burger

keenan hits on the chick and shge doont care and  seeing ken on skates gives him viet nam flashbacks of the accident

he tells off ken for ruining his suimmer and later 70s teacher sez tthe repairs will cost over 2000$

so ken sits with keenan and is annoying and random and its kinda fun

ken has his own personal sauce witch he spull on keenan and it tastes good

keenan sdhares it with theguys and they love it and keeenan gives em the iodea to use it to make good burger win

then a montage to "imma dude, hes a dude, sdhes a dude, annd we're asll duydes yeah"

keenan trys to get ken to partner to get more moneyy by keenan getting 80% of the money and ken gets 20%

ken nearly tells the ingredients of da sause bvut keenen stoips him and sez nit to

mondo burgger wants to know wat the sause is as the sales are dippping

on da roof, keeenen and ken talk about theire issues and keenan aint seen his dad in a while

ken is glad keenan is his buddy and they getta long

so later they have a delivery and its to shaq and he eats the good burger and likes it on cammera

mondo buurger seez it and sez to makke their burgers bigger

quality vs quantity

so mondo leader picks up ken and wants to payn him 10$ an hour instead of the 5 he gets at good buyrger and wants to use the saUSE

after dropping ken off, keenan sez not to trust mondo guy amnd klen gives keenan a yoyo like the one keenans dad gavwe him

its kinda nice and heart warming

mondo dude hires carman electra to to seducwe ken to get da sause

ken don't get her flirting and when she asks for a date hwe consents

keenan congratulates ken and ken suggests keenen ask chiock to make it a double date

kenan domt think ity'll wortk but ken asks her and she cponsents

they all go out AT NIGTh and carmanaskswhats in da sause and keenan trys kickingh ken but nail;s carmen

she wants to be alone with ken but he dpont wanna like he'sd goku or luffy

they play mini golfe and ken is alway wearing hios good burnger outfit

at golf he nails carm,an in the head wqith the ball

they go back and keenen anbd chick get alonmg as she sez ken thinks keenen is good

she trusts ken as hes innocent and pure like goku or som,ethingh

carmen sez if sahe tells him how to make the sause she'll give him anything and trys to kiss him

he dont consent and does a kung fu throw to flip her off

so carmen quits and later chick doint likew keenan for swindlinmg ken of the contract

but wont tell ken as it mioght hurt him,

keenan trys talking to ken but a dog cvomesd by barking and they try giving it a mondo burger

it dont eat it and eats a good burger so they cross dress tio go under cover in mondo byurder to find it

keenan fakles having an episode abnd needs watyer and thry sneak in and seethem using chemical;s on da burghrrs to enbiggen em

mondo leader sees em and sez it is illegal but noone can know and he dont care what happensd to the people who eat it

mondewr leader is gonna silence em so they dont say whats in it

he runs keenan through a meat grinder as he screrams and splatters and his good is made into burgers

jk really he sends em to da nut house

ken has fun in the padded room anmd hanging witrh the nuts

kewenan dont like it and when playing cards, 1 guy ios eating em

at night the mondo dudes break in and put poison in the sause buit abe vigoda wakes up and sees em

he uses his ww2 training and violently kills thjem with hits to key points in their bodies that make them tear apart!

jk really they catch him and send him to the nut housew where they meetken and keen

they got 4 houres to get out and save the day

ken changes the radio to play upbeat music and the nuts start dancing

what is this? mac and me?

so keene gets the guaards top dance and he beats em up in dance moves

they unlock the door and escape with a crazy chick but find a big craZy guy THAT KED BEFRIENDS

THE ALARD SOUNDS AND BIG PSAYCXHO throws keenen through da window

as its pg theres no cuts or blkood

abe jumps out and ken hugs craZY CHICK And jumps and they have 0 damage from a 3rd story fall

so they run and steakl an ice creamn truck and race through town with the nut wagon after em

keenen and ken throw ice creanm pops at the nut van and it takes out 70s teacghers mail box

some geezer chix go toi goode burgereto get burgers with extrra sause and they are served even though ken aint there

ken gets to good burger and tackles the geezer and keenan reveals the poison plot

so ken and keenen climb up the roof of mondo burgfe and climb the sign  to get down the smoke stack straw   to the kitchen

keenen tells ken to stay back and keenen goes to confront the guards and sprays wem with ketchup and mustard

what is he? conbdomit king from batman?

so ken dumps all the grow juixce into the meat as keenen gets to da roof and is aught

keenen sez ken has thew chemicals and is heading to da cops, but ken comes over with an epmty can of growe roids

in da kitchen the burhers start blowing and the restaurant f---ks out in slo mo

its like dbz when goku went ss3

70s teacvher parks his car and the burger on the sign falls and busts it

da cops arresat mondo leader and keenen sez to da cops about the chemicals

keenen tells 70s teacher he''s got half the money to pay him and will have the other half by the end of summer

ken sez he knew the mondo burger guys wouldbe able to use the legal systewm to prevent and delay any trial or affects so he put the goo in the meat to expose em

cuz hew's not stoopid

keenen sez he don't wanna be partners but just friends and they get along

ken is welcomed back a hero and sez "wel com to good bure ger, home of da good bur ger, can i take your order"

the end

that was good

nice, lite, clean, fun, upbeat, it dont got a forced sad moment to make us feel low in a freekin comedy

its a nice tvpg movie thats enjoyable and has a good bit of heart weaved in

the characters are fun and i feel positive watching it\

for good burgwr 2 i want it to be about the after effects of the chemicals in the mondo burger meat mutating people into grotesque monstroities and they have turened the town into a burned out husk. the city was sealed up and those trapped in have to fend for themselves. the 2 guys from good burger gotta find a cure and use the guys sause to solidify the devolved into temporary statues by blasting em with it in super soakers. also keenan and his gf gotta teamn up and get ingredientws to bring back for ken to use to make the cure. its also a 16 bit run and gun game on sega genesis, snes, tg16, gba, and arati jaguar where you go through several levels in a burning city and fight various devoplved people in weird m,utated formes

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