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The Fugitive Review

 Note: I spell like an outlaw

the fuetive

this is my review onthe fugitive from 1993 (the year minmei from robotech was born and probably somrthing in Riki-oh, Urotsukidoji and Fist of the North Star)

its based on a 60s show and i never saw it but saw parodies like wtongfully accused and the simpsons

it has harridson ford, toommy lee jones, julianne moore, jane lynch, andd a buncha guys i never heard of like tom wood and dick cusack (which sound like p0rn0 names)

its directed by andrew davis who did above the law (wiith steven segal? good f--k!) Under seige (More segall?! Good f--k!!) and collateral damage (with a good action star actor, arnold schwarzenegger)

huh, its written by David Twohy who did critters 2, water world (zaaa warudo!),  and the Riddick series with vin diesall

so after cool 90s credits we see some getting slo mo iced and da cops checkking the pplace

its  got thaat cool blue look like the bodyyguard

so ford is a big shot oor something, i'm not paying attention, and while being grilled by da cops, rememmbbers his past with his woman who was just wacked

he was called in to operate on someone and his woman went home

ford sez he foyght a 1 armed guy and his woman scratched his neck when he tries to move her

the evifence sez ford dooed it and he;s getting cash from inusrance or something

after a trial whewre it sez her head gut mashed and she called a cops and said her husbands name and only his prints were found there

he is sentenced to the needle like gacy and is chained up and put on a bus like a 90s ben hur

on da ride theres a rebellion and the guard takes a shotgun to the prisoners, wich blows out a tire and da bus goes off a legde

1 guard unchaind  harrisin forde to help people as hes a dr but a train is comming and he saves a  guy as the inmates scatter like bugs when you turn on da light

train nails bus asnd goes off track and over a thing and blows as ford escapes

the black guy tells him not to follow him and ford runs off

tomme lee jones from men in blicketee black andthe bad batman with ace ventura shows upand takkes over thew investigatiob as the sherrif sez the guys not there got iced

they find tommys leg irobs and tommy calls out a search fotr fords a55

they find a body and ford gets to a hospiyal andpattches his a55 (literally)

he evades a nurse and shaves his soviet looking beard  to digivolve into han solo

after eating a cripples food, hewears a dr's coat and evades a cop who dont recognize him  and gets away in an ambulance

tommy and crew look over fords stats and hear he was seen in an ambulance jackiong and they go after him in a chopper

he escapes in a tunnel andas da cops go in both ends (gay!!) he sneakks around and gets into a drain

they figger it oot and go after him and tommy slips and falls and ford has him a gunpoint

ford sez hes innocent but tommy dont care and after a chase, tommy has fprd at gunpoint annd ford jumps through a water thing off the thing holding back da watter

tommy comes out and cals for a search of the river and area but people say ford bit it

ford diddnt bit it and gets to shore and escapes tthrough da woodz and then its night with blood hounds and choppers searching

ford flashes back to fighting with 1 arm and goes to a truck stop to recolor his hairandd later hitch hikes

da next daye da cops track doowb a lead and catch black guy who's in a home with a fam

shoot him in the ding d0ng!

after taking him out, tommys maan is bummed about having that guy capped annd tommy twllls him he dont bargin

imagine if tommy jammed his gun up the guys a55 and blew him apart!?

ford calls  guy asking for cash, oh its his lawyer, who sez he cant aid him

but tommy tapped the lines and got thecall and using the bg sounds, he  figgers out where ford is

allthese insane escapees ford makes is right outta indiana jones

later ford asks a homie for cash but books it when a cop is near

jjones brain storms with da team over why ford wacked his woman annd they say he''s a dr and dont need da cash

ford moves into a polish chicks place as hes in chicago and its fulll of poles

forde goese toe the hospitale andd covers his face with a thing to look wounded and chex da fake limbs thing

da cops grill da hoie who is complient  and sez ford is innocent and smart

is this on deadly ground with Segal?

didd this rip that p o s off??

then a montage of ford going aroundd and cops asking dr's about ford

form finds infoo on the 1 amr guy annd has creepy dreams that wake him up in time to see da cops comming 44 him

his woman was in em so i assume shes ghost helping him

but turns out the cops were just arresting the polish woman's son forsellling drugs to little girls

is he gacy gx?

but straight?

so later da ford goes to a place as a janitor and chhex da computer annd prints out the info

gacy gx outs ford as  the fugativee amd da cops czech the poles place

at da hospital, ford sees the workkes are f ing up a kid who needs help and helps him instead of leaving by filling in his chart and wheeling him to the room to fix him

1 dr wonders why ford didnt follow her orders and takes his ID badge to out him

ford books it and da cops come by and chat with chick who knows ford saved that kidd

1 cop who looks like ryan from cinemassacre, wonders why ford went to a hospital with all its cops looking for him

so ford calls around  faking being a dr and saying hes checkking on a paatient to find infoo on the 1 arm

meanehile, da cops check thee computer for what ford did aand geet results and check em

then its the Saint Patrick's Dat Parade (Look out! Scotsmen!)

da ford goes too meet a convit and da cops are there near and the guy coonvict is black and ford leaves which can be edited to make him look racist

on da way out he goes by tommy who chases him but ford  gets out as the glass is bullet proof when lee opens fire on his a55

tommy chex da parade and ford gets away

1 character makkes many jokes against the irish and mocks ther lack of evolution as in the 90s you could joke about that


after a press confirence where jones sez ford is guilty as te count found him guilty( so i guess OJ didnt really chop up all those people)

later han solo goes on this roof andbreaks into a place finds a fakke armm and has flashbacks with fighting 1 arn

he jacks some photoes arecgonizes a guy from the part he went to b4 his woman got it and sent the guy he needed to operate on

he calls the cops and leaes da phone off so they track it to the 1 arms place and see what he saw

1 arm returns home and cops grill him and he sez something about a new dryug and that he's only being ttargeted by ford as hes got a fake arn

cops dont trust him and keep tabs on him while looking into da guy in da photo who was at da party

ford calls homie and sez its the party guy is setting him up and wanted ford iced but homie sez party guy bit it in a car last summer

da cops grill homie and he sez ford hasnt been to SEE him (which is true as it was a phono call)

da cops find the party guy woorked at fords hospital from enhancing da photro

ford  meets aa black friend and geys items from the drug used and goes to da hospital and checks the the evidence

all tissure used in the study was faked by being from 1 liver

then goons co,e to the black friend and 1 arm is there

also half the samples were signed for the day party guy got it and theres probably another guy above party guy

also the samples from the 1 liver were replacing fords work to make the drug seem safe

the goons were cops and using info they got from black firned, they see the guy above party guy, above guy, is connected

da cops figger out 1 arm is working as a guard for the drug company and there was a call from fords car phone to 1 arm the night his woman got wacked

they wanna ring in 1 arm but he's gone

later on a subway,1 arm coonfronts ford and a cop calls out ford

1 arm caps cop and ford beats up 1 arm, a handicap and handcuffs him to the train and books it too this banquet with the above guy

tommy figgers out wherre hes going and goes in looking for him

at the banquet, above guy sez the drug has no side effects and is superior but sees fordf and stumbles

ford sez above guy is wrong and he can prove it and outs him in front of everyone for switching samples and falsifying research so the drug would be approved

they go into the back room and beat on each other and ford holds above guy over the buiding side

of course the good guy cant iintentionally kill anyone

btw this seems a lot like bbatman by burton

a chopper shows yp and ford  books it and they open fire on ford but tommy makes em stop so tommy dont get j fk'd

ford beats on above guy and they fall through a sky light and on an elevator and above guy breaks tthrough

they stop on a floor and limp around and cops go after em from da roof down

tommy lee jones yells to frodo he knows ford is inocent and above guy borrowed fords car and keys to do da hit

above guy was gonna cap jjones but ford beats hm out with a pipe and saves jones

ford is taken on and above guy is put in an ambulance as hee's probably got brain damage and its revealed jones did care but  didnt let on

they drive off as credits rool

the end

well, that was pretty good

nice action myatery 90s film

good effects and plot that gets a bit complex at times but is mostly digeatable

i can see why the 90s loved this film

it was cool and is fun annd well made

its like almost 3 hours with adds but inst too draggy or slow

i liked it and it holds up

btw, if the drug was dangerous, wouldnt there be a recall and huge lawsuits that end the company if it was released?

for the fugitive 2 i want the guy who set the whole thing up to be crippled from the damage the fight with ford did and he's found not guilty by jury sympathy. then he uses his companny tech to rebuild his body with cybernetics and bio enngeneering to become a bio android with living machinery and goes on a hunt gor ford to take him out in revenge for his crippling and ruining his plans. also its a 32/64 bit 3d platformer game on sega saturn, ps1 and n64 where you play as the biio android and go around taking people out with built in weapons around a  3d city like Spider Man on N64

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