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The Peanuts Movie Review

 Note: I spell like newspaper comix dont

the peanuts movie

this is my revuew on the peanuts movie frim the diatant furure year odf 20015 (the year of Aien Soldier and the Gamecube Game Robbotech Battlecry)

it stars Noah Schnapp and has recordings of Bill Melendez forr Snoopy and Woodstock

Its ditrected by Steve Martino who did Horton Hears A Who and Ice Age 4

I saw it b4 and loved it and even cryed watching it

it got good reviews and did well at theatres

So after cool credits, all the kids wake up to a snow day

so much for gloal warming!

its got a good animation style that looks cool and classic yet has heart

its like south park with its 2d style butmore effort put in

Charlie Brown trys flying a kite in winteer as the  Kite Eating Tree is back in H-ll bt trups and falls on the ice and wrex a hockey game and gets tied up in kite string

Lucy tells him he s-cked and to give up and charlie goes home and eats his gu


after  more classic Peanuts styll like kids crushing on each other andd enjoying the outsdoors (which kids today are into their iphones too much for in this century) charlie  trys practicing baseball in winter

then a new kid mves in to the hoose across the street from charlie sheen i mean brown

imagine charlie sheen vs charlie brown?

winner gets aids!

charlie hopes to make a new friend who don't know of his  past errors and is bummed how  he screws up everything

the next day da kids goo to school and snoopy isnt allowed as the school is racist against dogs (and msaybe irish)

after cb accidentally causes chaos with linus's red baron plane (chaos control!) the new kid comes in and its da little red haired girl

then tthey get a test and chuck is  too focused on the red haired girl and her pencilrolls oover to him with bite marx on it

he and patty rush and sign the tests at the desk and  he sppazzes out over meeting tthe red haird girl

later snoop dogg types on a typewriter about the WW1 Ace vs The Red Baron like its the 30s and charlie rides da bus and avoids the girl

we get a cool air battle scene like its robotech or something

at home cb trys to avoid yet watch the girl and wants to have the chutzpa to chat with her

snoopy writes a love stoey of the flying ace and female snoopy with col visuals shwing instead of just narrating

she flys off b4 he can gie her flowers and her name is fifi like the skunk from Tiny Toons

after charlire almost talks to her, he talks to Lucy who has a feminist attack on the idea she might not be pretty to charlie and points out all charlies failings andsez he needs to be a winner

char gets a book on being a winner and takes its advice

winner do deals, and winnwr get rich, whole sad little losers just sit there and...

so he trys a magic act for a talent show and after lucy takes a swing at a dog he licks her and she spazzes out from dog hiv, he  gives up hischance to go on to help his kid siater do her act and its a hit

its pretty fun and has that song from camp caribou "I''ve got a head like aPing Pong Ball"

later, patty calls to tell char he's been put up to make cupcakes for the winter dance but he only knows how to makke toaste

char finds out the girl likes dancing and snoop trains him

at da dance he carrys the punch but his shirt ggets caufht in da door and da  kkids dance

the girl wins tthe girls divisoion (which is segregation by gender according to trumbler) and snoopy opens da door in a shirt and shades so no one knows hes a dog

charlie dances annd does well until he slips on the punch on da floor and his shoe hits the spriinkler and hoses out da dance

so at home chars bummed andsnoopy writes more of his nove about the WW1 Flying Ace and his gf as they fly in da sky

he almost gives her flowers but the Red Baron comes inand there's a dogfight

you know the red baron was a good guy right? fighting the evil englishmen and their devolved canadian slaves!

the Red Baron takes out Fif's veritech and she goes n his  red bioroid and escapes like Edwards wuuth Minmei in The Sentinels

so at school the girl went back east to take care of her grandma and they gotta do a book report

they chooose book report partners with names outta a jar and char gets the red haired girl

char feels disgtruntled as hes never been repsonsible for anything despidfte having a dog

he chooses to do hard on the book report to be an hero and its rveealed char got a perfect score on da test from b4

eeveryone loves him now as they wanna be in with him and sucks up to him

at least he actually did  something to be famous like G W Bush instaed of just inheriting fame like the queens grandsons who spammed the rooyal wedding non stop

no one cared about W until he did something,THEN he got fame

when his daughters got married no one cared

so then char finds out the roport is due mondy and marcy and patty are choosing books like huck fin and catcher in the rhye which are banned now for being too much for commies

char meets patty who sez war and piece is the best bbook ever (but gets the name wrong)

after finding marcy he finds is real name and takes da book oot

after a cool chase across the snow on a sled after the book, he trys to write the book report on this colossal book as kids admirre him and wanna spend time wirh him

he has to do 100 words and feels bummed but buckles down and uses her pencil to do it

get r dun

after an all nighter without mountain dew, thee's an assembly forchar getting da operfect score

lucy sez she was wrong about reating him bad andwhen he goes up for the thing, he finds it was peopperment patty's test he signed and she just drew a happy face on it and rolled a 20

he sezthnx but admits its all fake and declines the honor

when i 1st saw this, i thought he'd go doen the bad path and fake it andlearn a lesson about lying. but it impressed and surprized me he was honest

he's bummed again and linus sez his book report is the best ever

red girl comes by and linus tells her char did the book report for her but te red baron plane shreds it

thenwe get the next chapter of the red baron sagawith snoopy fighting him in soviet france or w/e

So char is bummed and looks at the sky and hopes he has a star up there

snoopy continues his ww1 fight and is actually wandering around town irl where it cuts bwtween is phantasy and reality like calvin and hobbes

later its spring andchar helps this kid fly a kite and the kid is an instant win

snoopy conrtinuies his ww1 saga and we get a good air battle w/o any pg stuff with snoopyu saving his gf fro a lead zepplin

she falls out and snoop dogg saves her abd the Red Baron is damaged but gets away

lucy reads it and hates it so he nailes her in the head with a type writer

the its the last day of school and the giro chooses char for her summer pen pal (as they dont have the internet in w/e year this is)

Char can't figure out why she wanted him and linus tells  him to go talk to her

he gets da pencil he's had for 6 mohnths andfinds shes goingg to summer camp

hope its not sleep away camp

after a ffrris bueler run through a carnival, the kite eating tree poos out a kite and it drags him across town as he flys a kite fr once and evetuones amazed

he gets to her annd she reveals she likes him and thinks hes a good guy and saw all his good intentionsand  sees him as a winner

i got teary eyed at that

he gives back her pencil andsays she's gonna write to him

everyone is happy for him and they carry him as the scene turns to a b/w drawing

then credits tt the characters dancing

and char falling for the football trick again

and snoopy and hs fam having root beer and  red baron flys by

then crediys with comic panels

the end

that was woonerful

i loved it

so pure and innocent and kind and heartfelt

its timeless annd wholesome and has great looks, sounds and story

its nevr boring annd has good flow and never drags

its good classiic innocence andlove and kindness amd it inspires me to be a better man

For The Peanuts Movie 2 I want it to be a hyper modernized thing where the town gets internet and how it devolves the kids into malcontents and commies. But Charlie and the red haired girl team up to use common sense to bring the people back to normal. Its also an 8 bit nes, gameboy, sega master system and game gear, atari 7800 and lynx and tg16 game where you play aas either charlie or the girl and talk to people  instead of beating em up and instead of knocking em out, you turn them normal with facts.

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