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T Men Review

Note: I spell like Treasure

T Men

This is my review on T Men from 1947

it stars no one i'm familliar with and was direced by anthony mann who also did The Naked Spur and El Cid

I never saw this b4 but read its pretty good

and no its not conncted to X Men

huh, its produced by Edward Small wwho did the 30s count of minte cristo,and man in the iron mask

so after credits to epic music we get text saying the tresuary department helped

then a narrator tells us the tresury was founded by washington and we get the head of it tells of the parts of it and how 64% of criminals are caught by em

then he sez the Shang Hai Paper Case is todays stor and narrator takes over with a  guy in soviet Los Angelas looking into a countefeiter thing

good use of light and shadow, also, the narrattormakes this seemm like plan 9 from outer space

soo agent goees into a place, gets capped and the  killers escappee

wait, the wacked guy was an informer and drunk and the agent talks with his superior about the case

they send the info to washtingon who se these guys are different and use skilled methods to protect themselves and are into moneyy and stamps

they decide to use a detoilet connection to send 2 agents as mobsters and send 2 guys from different areas in

at a meeting with bosses, 1 guy sez his  wife is in spoviet san fran sicko  an they go to detroit to bone up on crime facts to build a fake persona to fake being there for years

main guy sez there was a group called the river gang who went out a while ago and they gonna use it as there's not many left

they wear fancy italiano suits and married guy has to fake not being married

so they go to a criminal hotel and married guy knows italiano to talk to the guy there and they use faker names

ater a cop comes by looking for the agents to boost their cred and hotel italiano says he aint seen em, then tells agents

later italiano hotel sends em to this gangster to get work in his thing and gangster tests em with facts about some guy who got iced

at work they hear something about the schemer (Like from Shining time Station?!) and they taske note of it

they look into it nd find stuff about schemer and someone has a scar and chews chin ese dragon liver and smokkes cigars, oh tis schemer

at work, married agent is at work as main guy left to tget the info and they grill him about it and if he kknows about who iced this guy(oh the drunk from the start)

they accept his answers and later, main guy searches soviet los angelas  for schemer in china town

schmer has a scar on his shoulder and he checks for clues and eventually inds a guy who knows him and that schemer takes too many steam baths

so he looks into steam baths and finds a scar on a guys shoulder in 1 who takes chin seese herbs and tails him

later he goes to the agency and gets counterfeit bills and plates and spends a while tailing schemer and finds his way into a dice game

he trys using the fake cash and aftr  its discovered they fake, he gets swarmed and beat down

in the real version theyb were b0nng him

wait, i think it was schemer who used the fake bills and later  main guy busts into schemers place over it and demands cash

they look over each others bills and discuss arragngement sfor working togetehr

shcemer agrees and will get main gy a place in the apartent and after schemer books it, main guy follows him to a club

at there he meets a blonde and later goes to meet with her about fake cash thats good printing but bad paper

wait, its another guyshe went to who thinks the main guy might be a t man

so some guys go and knock out and tie up main guy and check his coat

they grill himover being at the club and knowing schemer by pressuring his hand and he denies knowing schemer

scehemr comes in and they ask if hes a t man for tailing him but he denies it

he sez to ask the gangster italiano in detoril and after they leave, he rsends a letter to the agency to tell em about the bblonde and club

so later he's taken to a fancy home and meets triano who sez gangster he worked for in detroit said  hes good

he then slugs out the guy who beat him up and chats woith triano about working together with tiranoes paper and his plates

later toaino calls gangster from droiott and later some guy, i think married agent, is with em and main guy is gonna call it off for seeming to cut him out, but later the guy who thought the guy blonde talked to was a t man, comes in and sez hes a technician

they chat about how main guy got a hungarian guy snuck in the country to engrave the plate and they agree to lend him paper to mtest the plate

later, the agents send a bit of the paper to the agency who analyzes it and what its made of and it has chin ese things in it from soviet chi na

the gov calls to the customs guys to check the imports of paper and to get samples

so the agents are gonna give 1 plate and keep the otehr so they dont get wacked and chat about howschemer used to be higher rank but got devolved cuz of the detroit guy

he gives 1 bill half printed and says he burned the others as they didn't turn out well like in alien 3 with the devolved clones

he gives em the plate and says he'd give em the 2nd one when he meets their boss

btw, the producer of this also did The Neanderthal Man in the 50s

later the agents work on schemer and stress him out  until he goes for a steam bath and married gguy goes with him

in there schemrer suggets teaming up with him and using the plates to do stuff

later schemer sez he has a coded book that only he can read and use it to call da big boss to do stuff

he tells boss to tell the guys not to f with him and that he's goot a trump card

later at a farmers market schemer guys something for 10 $ but an agent  follows and takes the cash from the chick who sold the cr-p

married guyteys to figger out where the book is but a chick outs married guy for being marreid and uses his real name but his woman comes by and fakes not knowing him

so later main guy meets the boss who's a chick and after he leaves, she calls for schemrer to get iced

later the muscle who main guy slugged out comes into a steam bath with schemer and schemer trys outing married gguy

muscle wont have it and seals schemr in the steam thing and ups the temp and cooks his a55

nowadas tehy'd show him all devolved and swollen up and f'd when the cops find whats left of him

later muscle reveals he checked it out and married guy called san fran sodom to see if his woman was back and achemr was telling da truth

main guy tells married guy to get out and married gguy checs with the cops about schemrs belongs on him but theres no book

he then f'd through schemrers place and wait, i think its a bad gguy looking

wait, it is hi8m and troaino figgers out married guy is a T Mann

they go to the apartment and find him after he found the card to get a box back and puts it in the dresser back and the guys come in

married guy says main guy never  caught on despite being a bbig a55 crook and the guys capp him

so main guy uses  the claim ticket card thing and gets the itema nd sends it to thhe agecny and they send the code book to washington where its revealed its got a lot of infoo  on crime

so main guy is gonna meet da boss with the other plate but the agency gets word and tells him to skip town

later theres a fight but main guy comes out ok and at his apartment gets a note saying gtfo

he covers thhis by eating the paper and gives another guy a piece of gum

after muscle shaves main guy does something wiith da sink but b4 he goes out for smokes, a bad guy coms over to bring him to da boss

he sez he wants to back out cuz of icing the T man but they make him go

at there he gives boss chick the plate and trys to back out but she dont consent

oh the base is in a ship at the water

so boss lady sez the pplate is by a known tresury guy and they are gonna ice him

he sez to call the technician and they call him to come over to look at it

but the agency is tailing his car but a boat bridge opening splits em off so they make a call to the cops and harbor guys

so techinical guy comes over an dchex it out and  sez he dont know it but it feels european and theyaccept his word

later he tells main guy he knew it was a gov thing and that main guy is in the gov and he saved his life but then he gets capped and main guy runs

theres a gunfight and main guy takes soem shots buttakes out muscle andkeels over

then the cops come and bust the areas all over inclusding in asia and the clubs and nail the real boss, a rich guy, and main guy recovers from a few bullets

the end

oh and the credits look like dragnet otr soem other 50s tv show

i liked it

it was cool and tells the story well

a bit of fim norr and cool camera tricks and shots

good story and i wasnt sure who would get it

goood feel and style and its good full screen black and white style the 40s had

glad i saw it. it holds up, whule seeeming a bit 50s

i think the narrator is used like in silent films to advacne things but instead of title cards

its a good detective crime story where they gotta put the pieces togetehr and solve it sortas like shadowrun on genesis

for T Men 2 i want for a new agent to be looking into a new crime but thhere's an agent who works for da gov who has turned and he's gotta find out who it is. also its an 8 bit nes, gameboy, master system , game gear, atari lyn and 7800 and tg16 game whee you gotta collect clues and follow a trail to find who it is and that they are smuggling secrets to the soviets.

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