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Game Reviews Volume 11 From 2020 and 2015

A bunch of thoughts and ideas of games I beat or played over the years.

This edition goes from 2020 but has 2 from 2015

Just beat Woody Pop on my 106 Game Gear games in 1 GBA cart. Its pretty much Arkanoid but with wood and toys instead of space. You move around the bottom of the screen and bounce a sphere around to hit out all the bricks. Some drop power ups like fire or catch or multiball but some can screw you up with taking away the sides of the floor next to the bottom. Once I used Catch and Fire and it killed me from holding it too long as you play as a piece of wood. Its not a bunch of levels but you don't gotta do em all as after some rounds you can choose branching paths and do different ones or skip some. The last 2 levels are the same and pretty hard. Instead of a final boss you fight a gumball machine and gotta bust this wood above it holding a coin to turn it on. But if you run outta guys on the last level, you go back to the last one which is pretty annoying! You get unlimited continues and running outta guys makes you redo the level you are on but is not too hard most of the time. Also in 1 level I got a warp thing. Its pretty good and while not the best, is kinda worth playing. Just those last 2 levels are an ordeal.

Just beat Rygar on my 150 NES Games in 1 GBA cart. Its sorta like Zelda 2 as you got 2 kinds of play: top down play like Super C, and side scrolling like Super C. 1 button attacks and 1 jumps and beating enough guys makes you level up and eventually get stronger attacks and more life. You can use spells like recovering your life or increasing attack but these cost a power bar that's refilled by things you get by beating guys. I beat it with a guide and it can be beat in an hour or 2 if you know what to do, but grinding can help. I say find a spot enemies respawn and use a turbo controller to grind for power. Like Zelda 1 you can find doors to enter and talk to guys and sometimes you can get a coat of arms which can heal you when used with pause and B when on it. Its an open world game like Metroid or Castlevania 2 but many areas you gotta get an item to access. You get unlimited continues and 0 lives and biting it sends you to the start of an area with no magic and only 3 life blocks. Good 8 bit graphics and music and its by Tecmo who did Ninja Gaiden when it used to be good. There's no saves or passwords so you gotta do it all in one go. i beat it in around 4 hours but grinded for like an hour and a half and by the end of the game I was 1 life piece away from maximum. Its pretty good but you should use a guide or save states to play it. Oh and the Arcade game is totally different than this. Glad I played it.

Just beat Devilish on my 106 Game Gear games in 1 GBA Cart. Its sorta like Arkanoid but with a few differences. You have 2 paddles and a button press can cycle through several configurations such as 1 going sideways or the lower one splitting into 2 on the sides. You get 2 continues but if you access the hidden options menu, you can have up to 99 balls per continue. You move through levels in a pre set path with a few varying ways to get through and lose a ball if it falls into the bottom gap of the screen. The screen follows the ball and you move both paddles left/right but can move the top one up/down. There's a time limit that makes you restart a level but otherwise, biting it don't send you back and as long as you got spare balls, you can continue. There's bosses and depending on how fast you do it, the game can be beat in like a full half of a full hour or so. Its got a story about a couple turned into paddles and they gotta beat daemons with getting this pinball through these areas with monsters and eyes and such. Its pretty good, has good music and nice graphics and there's a few power ups to get by bumping treasure chests. Its worth a play but its best to use the hidden options menu to add more balls.

I beat The Berenstain Bears' Camping Adventure on my 106 Sega Game Gear Games in 1 GBA Cart. Its a platformer with 2 modes: Grizzly and Cub. On Cub you only get to the end of a level once and that's it. On Grizzly its tougher and you do several acts per level and the last one is a boss fight. 1 button jumps and 1 uses an item like a rock or waving a butterfly net which I don't think does anything and you jump on foes to beat em. You get several lives and 00 continues and falling in a pit has you float up in a bubble back to the ledge but costs a life. It plays pretty good and you get a decent life bar but it don't recover between levels so you gotta hope to find hearts floating around. you play as either Brother or Sister (is this code names or street names? Who names their son "Brother?!" Then again people name their kids Quantavious and Abcde so... yeah) and just get to the end by jumping of moving things or bouncing off enemies heads. It plays well and the music and graphics are pretty good. some levels mix it up with a pipe maze through hole in trees or such. I liked it but if it had continues it would be more playable. At least you can get free guys in certain spots or get bonus rounds by collecting a bunch of minor objects and get chances for more health.

Just beat Crusader Of Centy on my 218 Genesis Games in 1 Multi Cart. Its sorta like Zelda on the surface but does its own thing when you look deeper. Its a top down thing where you gain Animal homies to equal up to 2 at a time and can mix and match to combine their effects like Moa boosting the other homies power and Cheetah to run faster to run super fast. You have a save file and biting it sends you back to the load thing but you can use the Cat to count as an extra guy. It can be beat in a few hours so if you wanna do it in 1 sitting it can be done. Instead of an overworld you get a map screen to choose where to go between areas. Also you can go across the map without stopping to get to where you want so you don't need to fight through the same areas to check stuff. More areas are accessible as you get more homies and saving and reloading returns you to the same spot you left at, even in dungeons. Its got nice colorful graphics, good music, pretty nice CG in some areas and controls pretty well. Its got heart and a pretty good story that's more Robotech than the Zelda/Transformers Good Vs Evil. I liked this one and its worth trying to find some kinda way to get it. Some parts are a bit cryptic though to figure out what to do though but a longplay online can show the way.

Just beat River City Ransom on my 150 NES games in 1 GBA Cart. Its a pretty good beat em up where you play as 1 or 2 guys and hammer through wave after wave of guys. You get money by bating em and can use it to buy foot or items or new moves to boost your stats. Each item does a different thing and some stats can max out. 1 button punches, 1 kicks and both jumps. With items punch beats with i and kick throws it. Nice music and good humor and good 8 bit fun graphics. it plays well and double tapping on the D pad makes you run but you can bump into walls and take minor damage, You can also carry items and use when away from stores and these can be used to heal you in the field. Expect to grind a bit but its kinda fun and has a crazy long password system to return to your last play but it can be beat in like an hour or 2 depending on how long you wanna grind. There's even the Double Dragon theme to fight these 2 bros in 1 level. If you bite it you respawn in a town with no FighterZ You gotta beat all the bosses to get access to the final level and 1 part I missed 1 or 2 and had to go back and had to suicide to get access to the previous parts of the game as there's a jump you can't get back on. Its pretty good and I can see why so many guys like it. Its part of the Kunio-Kun series and I also played Super Dodgeball Advance and the 2nd Double Dragon GB game which were connected to it in Japan. Glad I played this. It was pretty fun.

Just beat The Lion King on my 106 Game Gear Games in 1 GBA Cart. Its pretty good as a 2D platformer with nice colors and music. 1 button jumps, 1 roars and as an adult it sometimes slashes and you can swap em in the options. You get a few lives and 0 continues but there is a level select code. Some parts are easier than the 16 bit ver as you usually just gotta get to the end and the levels are smaller and less maze like. The enemies are not resides when Kimba I mean Simba grows up so you got Spiders the size of Goats. You don't have as many moves as the 16 bit ver and you gotta F with the D pad too slash when standing otherwise it roars. But the road does just as much damage so its ok. The bonus level is got by finding a white rock and you use Pumba to catch eggs or w/e and spiders take away 5. You get an extra guy for every 10 by the end. Overall its pretty good but some parts its hard to tell what to jump on or swing on and how to get there. Also the last level is just a boss fight. Glad I played this. Its pretty good.

Just beat Kid Icarus on my 150 NES games in 1 GBA Cart. Its a pretty good 8 bit platformer where you play as this Angel Kid who uses a Bow and Arrow to fight monsters. 1 button jumps, 1 attacks and select lets you change from ow to Hammer if you have 1. Usually you go up or right and as the screen scrolls, the bottom becomes a huge Pit that falling in wacks ya. You seem to have unlimited tries but biting it sends you back to the start of a level. You collect hearts as cash like in Castlevania 2 and buy power ups from shops. You also get bonus areas where you can win more hearts, heal, or do a training mission where surviving gives you a power up. Some levels are mazes where you gotta get to the boss and in those, hammering statues frees Angels to help you in the boss. There's 4 levels with several areas and the last one is a Shmup where you go through a n autoscrolling thing and at the end is a boss. In the Shmup you have a shield and it blocks the bosses shots. Most bosses aint too tough but take a lot of hits. You can be turned into a walking Eggplant by some guys so you can''t attack and need to find a healing area with these Red Cross logo's on the top of the corners. Its pretty good and there's a Password save thing to return to where you left off. Its controls well and has good music and graphics but can be a bit punishing at times. Glad I played it.

Just beat Little Samson on my 150 NES games in 1 GBA Cart. Its pretty good and by Taito. You play as 1 of 4 freaks who has unique powers to get around stuff like the Golem being immune to spikes or the Dragon having a hover for a bit. Each plays different and has different power and life bars. You can increase your max power but using a password to resume resets it to base. Great 8 bit graphics and music and great control. You have good movement and precision. Its got an easy mode that don't let you finish the final round and has different passwords (both ways its 4 characters). Some parts are tricky but you can farm for lives, get potions to revive a dead character/heal a character and has infinite continues. If the main guy gets it you try again but if 1 of the other 3 gets it they ca;'t be used for the rest of the round unless you use a potion. There are extra health extenders in each level in case you aint maxxed out and are dropped by enemys. Its quite the good game but a real cart is like hundreds of $$ as it came out in like 92 and everyone moved on to the Snes by then. Glad I did it.

Finally Beat Out Run on my 100 Master system Games in 1 GBA cart. Its a decent racing game where you go through 5 levels that are around a minute each but you only get 1 mins or so to beat each one. After making it to a checkpoint you get a time refill to make the next one. You gotta watch out for other cars that bump into you and slow you down and curves that have things on the side of the road like trees and signs that make you crash and stop,. You got a gear system and Low gear is for building speed and High gear is for when going fast to go faster. Usually before a rough turn is 4 signs to warn you in a row. The game can be beat in like 5 mins and after each level, you can go left or right to choose the next one and get different endings like Shadow The Hedgehog. I took the bottom most path. Some issues are accidentally going into Low gear by mistake as up/down changes the gear and left/right controls steering. 1 button is gas and 1 is brake but tapping brakes can help tight curves. The car can kinda spazz out when bumping other cars as I guess the Ferrari Mustang is some kinda cr-pmobile. Its pretty good and once you learn the track it can get the blood pumping. Also you can choose what music you wanna hear at the start for the game outta 3 songs. Its pretty tough at times and there's no saves or passwords or continues and you gotta do it close to perfect in 1 go. 2 or more crashes can ruin it and you gotta be in the right gear. Glad I played it

I beat naruto council 1 on gba. orochimaru was cheap. so I out cheaped him. I stood in the corner and spammed shuriken. then used a na ru to uzumaki barrage(as I didn't have the 9 tail jutsu) when he was low enough and I had an opening

i had an epic clash! for over 20 hours i faced advance wars 2. no sleep. no rest. just playing and occasionally taking breaks to whiz or shovel snow w/o a shirt or socks. i faced that final battle over and over. trying different things. i reset and got a feeling; this is it. i was burning out. my eyes couldnt focus. i was making mistakes. but i busted his D ray and the dialogue staeted. did i win? i won... i wonnnnnn!! grand game with a worthy challenge.

Just beat Super Columns on my 106 Game Gear games in 1 GBA Cart. Its a slightly different twist on the Columns formula where you match 3 or more jewels in a line or diagonal. Here you can use 1 button to cycle through the jewels and the other tilts it sideways and back. Simple puzzle style that's pretty well done with nice colors and music. You got a story mode where you play matches against guys in a desert city to win the treasure or w/e. Or you got Flash Columns where you gotta clear all the Shining Jewels by linking em to others. That's the mode I played and it has 10 rounds that get harder as you go on but you get infinite continues. You only get a few I think in Story Mode, I don't know, I didn't do it much. There's a Magic Jewel that clears every Jewel of the same color it touches and that can make things easier. But, there are some invincible bricks that can't be cleared, unless you hit em with the Magic Jewel! I honestly didn't know it it would work but when it did, I cleared the level soon after. Its a solid game but the Green and Yellow Jewels look kinda similar and that can screw you up. I didn't mess with the turning button much as it throes me off and stuck to shuffling em. Its pretty pick up and play, simple, but has challenge. Its pretty good and I'm glad I played it.

Just beat Ecco The Tides of Time on my Master System Collection. Its a diet version of the Genesis ver with condensed levels and simpler things. Good music and graphics for an 8 bit game and its not too hard if you figure out what to do, or use a guide. 1 button speeds up, 1 charges, and both uses sonar. Hold both for a bit and you get a map and press 1 or the other button and it turns on/off the music. You got an air meter that you gotta refill with air and a life bar that refills with eating fish. Singing at Shells can release healing bubbles that restore both bars. You get infinite tries and there's a password system but I couldn't get any passwords to work. It can be beat in like an hour or so if you know what to do. There's a few autoscroll levels and they ain't too long and the bosses are few and kinda easy. The controls are a bit off and wiggly but its not broken. A few puzzles have you moving blocks around and sliding em to clear spikes but I think your air drops slower when you do it. But it can have you phaze through the blocks at times. Some puzzled have these tiles on a grid you gotta hit the ends of to make em flip around til its all 1 color. Its not a bad game and I find if you get a Glyph song and use it to blast away a barrier Glyph, you can go back to the same Glyph to clear the next one. Also Key Glyphs are green when they hold a song. Over all its got some irritating parts, but its worth playing. Oh and there's some autoscrolling parts of following an Orca cub but they ain't too rough. Glad I played this.

Just beat Halley Wars on my 106 Game Gear games in 1 GBA cart. Its a pretty good Shmup where you go through space and defend Earth. As enemy attacks go by, the % at the bottom goes up. If it gets to 100% its game over. You get 3 continues and every 10 000 Points you get an extra guy. You get speed and shot boosts and there's a Shield power up that can protect you from a few hits. There's options that you can use 1 of the buttons to fire off an Option and do a screen nuke. Also there's a 4 option power up. Its not too hard at 1st but the last 2 levels are pretty rough, even on easy. It controls well but getting wacked drops you a level in Speed and Shot. But if you bite it with Options, you can recollect em if you move fast enuff. Each 2000 points you collect reduces the % of Earth Damage by 1% and using a Continue clears it. Good colors and graphics and music but sometimes I lose track of myself and the enemy shots. Also there's totally not a Klingon Bird Of Prey that vanishes and reappears to sniper you. The bosses ain't so bad if you got Power Ups and it can have autofire on the options menu. Pretty god game but those last levels are tough. Glad I played it. It can be beat in under an hour if you know what to do. Oh and higher difficulty's just give the bad guys more health and has more foes.

Just beat Kid Niki: Radical Ninja on my 150 NES games in 1 GBA Cart. Its a decent 8 bit platform Ninja game by Irem and Data East where you play as a Ninja and use a spinning blade to 1 hit ko anything except a boss. There's 8 levels and you get unlimited continues but you gotta press Select on the title screen to go to the Continue option. You get to use a Checkpoint when you bite it unless you used a continue, which puts you at the start of the level. Good graphics and colors and the music is ok. It controls well but a few times on moving platforms in the water I jumped but it didn't register. You bite it in 1 hit but with practice it can be beat. The last level has you nailing the boss 2x in each area on the roof of the castle and gotta do the whole area over if you get touched by anything. In boss fights, each hit on the boss makes your blade fly away and you gotta retrieve it. Its pretty decent and I'm glad I played it. It can be beat in like under an hour if you know what to do.

Just beat Mole Mania on Game Boy. Its a pretty good puzzle game where you play as a Mole and gotta bust the stone thing blocking each way out using a big black ball. Each level adds new twists and challenges like pipes that redirect the things thrown in em and barrels that fill holes. You can go underground and move around but there are some barriers to keep you from misusing it. You get unlimited tries and it autosaves how far you go but if you bite it you restart the square you are on with the same life you went in with. Leaving and going back resets it so it might be good to suicide if you don't wanna risk going on with less life. You can take 4 hits and every now and then there's a safe zone where you can heal or go on and come back to it. You can return to beaten squares and get stuff in em and there's Cabbages you throw in holes to get a life restore with enough in. 1 button digs and surfaces and the other grabs items and holding it can charge up and boot it, or flip it over behind you. The non surface button lets you peak above ground when under. If you grab and ain't facing anything you spazz out for a sec. The last level is a boss rush with a save point before the last 4. You gotta beat 4 bosses on 1 life bar with 2 life boosts after each and the game boss only has 1. It took me several hours to get good and lucky enough to get through it and it was kind of an ordeal. Some puzzles are tricky so a guide can help. It has little hints and instructions in each area saying how to do stuff and some stuff can need a bit of help to get started too figure out what to do. Its worth playing but that last level iss pretty tough at the end. Glad I played this. Oh and you can do any of the 1st 7 areas from the start but the last one needs to be unsealed by beating all 7. Glad I played it.

Just beat Mobile Suit Gundam Seed: Battle Assault on GBA. Its a fighting game where you play as 1 of the Seed Mobile Suits and fight set foes depending on who you choose with a story that follows the show. You can change the difficulty and I think get unlimited continues but I did it on Easy so I never lost. 1 button is close range and 1 is long range and L and R do stuff but my L/R buttons don't work well so I didn't use em. Before you start, you can rebalance how much of your total power goes to HP, Armor and Thrusters. I emptied my Thrusters and loaded up HP and Armor. You can activate the Seed thing for a super mode but I never figured out how to do it. You can also change which button does what and after beating the game different ways, you can get passwords to unseal new fighters. Its pretty good and has a nice clean style and look with good music and control. I liked it and its worth a playthrough. Different characters fight different foes kinda like Street Fighter Alpha 3 and even on easy, some matches later on were close. Glad I played it

Just beat Shadowgate on my 150 NES in 1 GBA cart. I never played a game of this genre before. You are a guy trying to stop an evil wizard from summoning a big evil monster. You solve puzzles and point and click to get around with things like Move, Hit, Look, Use, ect. Sometimes you gotta choose Use on things on the screen or Move on an area you can't see on the map with openings. Its pretty tricky and I did need some help from my internet homie who bugged me to play the game. Its quite good. A few things are annoying as you gotta have Torches lit as if they go out, you spazz out and die. You get unlimited tries and a save file and biting it just puts you back in the last room you left. Some items you gotta use on yourself and some things take trial and error. Some items you gotta use on each other. Good music and good graphics and some things you gotta read carefully to get. It helps to look at everything and experiment. Also its usually better just to bite it and revive instead of lighting a new torch as those are limited. Its pretty good and I'm glad I tried it. Its kinda complex but worth trying out. Its got a few annoying things like the item list scrolling backwards as up goes the wrong way when I go through it, And some stuff being hard to figure out, but I liked it.

Just beat The Guardian Legend on my 150 NES games in 1 GBA cart. You play as this cyborg chick who can turn into a Space Fighter and go across 2 types of play: Top down Zelda style with a pea shooter and Shmup levels where you go through to fight bosses. You get more life and ammo for special attacks by beating bosses and can get more special attacks that are used with A and the Pea Shooter is B. Select brings up a menu that lets you change special attacks and they get stronger as you get upgrades by beating guys. You get unlimited tries but it sends you back to a save room and you also have a Password System. Its by Compile who did MUSHA and Irem who did R-Type and I think they did well. Both gameplay styles are good and its got quite good graphics and music. Its got good controls but some parts can be quite tough. Also you come to boss doors that lead to Shmup levels that have to be unsealed by various ways but the game tells you how in other rooms. After you beat a boss you sometimes get a Key that lets you access other parts of the area so its like in Zelda or Metroid but its just access instead of the Keys giving you a new attack (as those are other things). I liked it and am glad I played it. Oh and you can get more life and ammo by wasting guys who come back after leaving and returning to the area. I find the big blast attack works best most of the time.

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