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Sundown Review

 note; i spell bad but this moie did wiorse at the box oriface


this is my review on sundiow from 1941 (the year f dr let pearl harbor get nailed so he could attack germany to help his britmo buddies)

its directed by Henry Hathaway who did The Outlaws part of how the west was won and nothing i've actually seen else

it stars Bruce Cabot, george sanders, harry carey, Cedric Hardwicke and was the debut of Woody Strode from The Ten Commandments and The Quick and the Dead

I never saw this b4 but heard it got award nominations but the peole hated it

so after tital annd creditz we get text deticatiing this film to brave guys

then its soviet kenyaand a plane flys by a womann driving it, wait, shes just in it and they land and she gets out as it goes on

she meets  soome africas and they go to manieka in a  villagge where they sing like the wwho's in whoville

a gguy there wanttsmore funds to sstudy the natives and sendds a message to nairobi but theres cr-p going in there

the natives have this guy settle a dispute wiith a guy who wants to buy a chick as a wife but needs to work for the regent of soviet england

he lets it hhappen so the guy doont ice the geezer she was gonna marry and get strung up and uses his payy for it

later, chick is walking wiith the africas to maineke or w/e and planes fly overhead

then its ssun dow and the brits enjoy liquer and main guy (caboot) chats with a brit and its revealed hes from sooviet canada

tthen the planes land theere and sanders comes out with supplies and sez hes taking over as the gov wants him to

sanders is disgruntled that theres an italiwno there not caged up as he cooks for em and is a nice guy

sanders sez da rules say he should be chained up and not be alllowed to coook even though he wants to

so thiss is one off those movies where the brits are the bad guys right? like all those mel gibson things and super nanny?

sanders wnnts themm to take gguuns ffrom the tribe cabot wanted to study but cabot sez it'll be hard

then a dutchman comes in sayinghe found good minerals and as his funders, the italianoes, are gione, he wants to help the devient briitz and go home

they ggive him a letter  from his homeland and he reveals he went around the tribes turf as thhey;;d have iced him

later, they are out and the tribes guys are trying to j fk em and the guy who wanted to marry the chick get capped getting them the gun

they get back tio base and check the gun and find its made in cechoslovakia

the italiano ccomes out and reveals he was a teacher in political historyn and they send him here and begs them to help as someones gonn take over da ocean as if africa falls, the ocans are controlled and can take over more of da urth with it

sanders asks hhim to waive his rights as a p o w and cook dinneer tonight

later a trader comes by and they accuse hhim of bringing guns to the tribe and that the law is anyone with a gun can be capped

and that the tribe will b0ne him dead a lot or something when thhey get f'd cuz of his guns

cabot sez the tribes are innocent and blames the white man for them using guns they were given

but, they chose to use the guns

if i gibve a guy a hammer and he goes around mashing guys heads, is it my fault?

who wrote this? tumbler?!

so tey have a servie for the capped guy and all the aricas thhere have hair that would fit a millennial(like big in the back but the front is shaved)

then they have the area tightened and no one is allowed to leave and they make the africas build a base

the white chick from the start, wait, i think the base they buold was elsewhere and she's somewhere else

wait, she's at the place with cabot and sez she's here to bring supplies for a store or something and has a caravan of goods but not guns to the tribe

italiano knows her from years ago and she remembers him and italiano tells britz she ownes this network of trading stores and stuff

they have a dinner to make her more comfy and find she's half mid eest and half french and the natives hate mixed people

so cabot talks to chick and sez he knew a guy (i think her dad) who anted to cultivate this place to a garden of Eden

btw this was produced by Walter Wanger (boomerang kuwanger from mega man X?) who did queen christina, the sheik and Algiers

so then natives have this custom where when siomeone bites it, they gotta have 1 of 6 white men get it too by sacrifice or something

but there's only 5 of em

until a white hunter coes by

is this where dragon ball super got the super saiyan god ritual?

so then its revealed that cabot is the one who's gonna ave someone bite it in his house (i f'd up the tradition a bit ago)

they got this eerie singing andits kinda haunting and cool and mystic

later, chick walks to cabots home and ntives open fire on her so the guards gatling gun them an cabot and friends chase em and are fired on

the spotlight shines on da trader and hes got a machine gun and he runs and they cap his a55 to h e double africa!

ater that, hunter sez chick guy capped and noneknew she was there and he had her wounds treated

cabbot goes to c her and she sez she ccame to warn him about trader and is doing ok

sanders tells her trading is over and shes to gtfo

hollad guy chats with chick and sez shes the last trader there as the trader w/ a gun got capped and dutchman wantsx to book it qwirh her

she tehen tells ialiano shes gonna use her caravan to get help for them


she twlls him the dutchman is a bad guy and behind da guns andd is going with him to figger out his connectionss

then dutchman pulls a  gun on italiano and it fades out

the britz finditaliano b0ned dead or w//ee anndfiind chik is out and so is holland and they think they are in it together

cabbot wants to go after her but sanders sez not to as he has orders annd 1 guy sez italiano wass 1 of the 6 white men to get it

later, chick is with dutchman and the tribe guys are firing machine guns and they go through a cave and he takes  her through it toa base by water

at  britmo base, tthey try a radio or something that''d f'd but can still recieve messages

then a  plane goes by and lands and a high rank gguy comes out and sez they aint getting any extra aids and leaves

using the minerals dutchman had they figger oot where he was andhunter and cabbot go off and find armed navives from elsewhere and have loads of gns and ammo

they use a keg to set it uup andlight a fuse and book it and it blows and torches thee place wiith bullets going off

they make it to the lakke base and see a plaane is there and  recognize chicks caravan gguys

dutchman tels chick he knows italiasno didnt have the  message sent as he iced him and he knows cabbot is coming as he blew da guns

dutcho se he knows shes reallly pure french as he ddad bit it when she was 22 and wants to use her trading thing to take over

allso he took out her messengers

they have cabbot cagged wiith chick wgo se shes not workking with dutch andis working to stop him bbut hher guys all ggot capped

also the aattack is gonna happen tomnorrow and she knows how to use drums tto ssend a war call

he ffakes being hange in jail likethaat gguy the queen had iced for his island ofkids her prince b0ned and takes the gguards out when tthey go to b0ne his body

dutch uses dda radio to sez the  attack will haopen tomorrow and then sees em out and fires like  20 shots w/o reloading from a luger at em and all miss

cabbot jumps outta da shadows like a ninja and k o'sdutch and when chick goes out she  tells the men not to let the bad guys use her caravans

shhe gets the backhand butthe guys get cappped by chicks men

then ttheres a big battle ggun brawl and dutch chases sanders as his suide came annd they both ccap each other

sannders sez goode showe olde sporte and keeo your ggood christian ideals and sanders dad was a biship and  wantted him to be in da church

he bites it annd then its soviet london and cabbot and chick are in a busted up church by sandders dad and gives a speech about englind needing to win

the end

that wasnt so bad

it had a good 40s story and was sorta like outpost in morocco a bit

despite being about the brits as the good guys formsome reason, its a well made film and has some good story to it

giood msuic and its in that good b/w and fullscreen the 40s had

good twists in it too you woon't see comming the 1st time

for Sundown 2 i want it to be about the war in africa  has continued for  another 200 years and things are a retro future look with neon and chrome. the tribal people have bee cyberized but keeo many of their old ways of watchcraft and rituals.  It follows a new generattion of soldietrs born during the war and going on missions to stop the other side. Also its a 128 bit dreamcast, gamecube, ps2 and xxbox game where you go around in mech vehicles and do missions on either side of the war and which evver you do more missions for wins when you do enough for 1 or the other.

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