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All Quiet On The Western Front Review

Note: My Spelling works if you aren't englih

All Quiet On The Western Front

This is my werivr on all quiet on the western front from 1930

Its based on a bok I never read and stars  Looouis Wolheim, Lew Ayres, and no one else I know

Its directed by Lewis Milestone who did 2 Abraibin Knights, The Racket, Of Mice and Men and The North Star (Which were good)

It was  banned by the Nazies as it made them feel uncomfortable and they felt it made them look bad

kinda like the left banning Confederate things

I saw this years ago I think and recall the ending but no too much else

My great Grandpa's fought for Austria in WW1 as Slovenia was part of it then

so after opening credits like a  silent film, we get text saying it this story lays no blame but shows how bad war is

so these teens are in school in pre soviet germany and the teacher is telling them to have pride in their nation and to defend their homes and land

the teens wanna go to war and defend their holmes and enlist all cheerful and peppy

at the academy ot w/e they train they wanna get guns as they are very american for being germanios and their homie is now a high rank guy ho's strict

waint, he was their postman

after a bada55 speech about making em into soldiers, they get into mud training

after more yellling an training, they play a prak where they trip the postman and tie him up in a blanket at night and dmp him in da mud

lter we see soome guys in combat and1 of em gets it

oh i think its da class

later they are in a busted raileay station and its gott low supplies and kinda s-cked

soo eventually they go off and there's shells falling at times and 1 guy tells of the types of shells

later they are putting up barb wire and the enemy atacks

are tthey fighting tthe brit or the russianns?

too bad America didn't side with Zee Kaizer

wouldd've prevented ww2 and the royall wedding

so 1  guy's eyes get f'd out and he spazzes out and diess

the guy who brought him back is told not to save his homies

so later they are in  a room as shelling goes on and playing cards

the iced guys homie is bbummed as iced guy didnt even wanna go to war

1 guy snaps and starts screaming and a shell lands near and they all freak out

so the commanderr slaps the freaked guy back to his senses

after more shelling the guys wanna go out and fight

later they are in the trenches and its day out and shells fall for a whhle

is this why most old peope are deaf in the 90s?

a frenchie once said about ww1; the cannons, like phallllus's, impregnante the earth! war is like making love!!

so the enemy attacks and the kaiser knuckles shred em with machineguns as they advance

oh and this is in proper fullscreen without black bars eating half the screen

some enemy soldiers get by and its a hard fight

bayonettes shanking, fists nailing, violence3

seeing how chipper they were at the start and how hard it is now reminds me of robotech season 2 how Dana Sterling was a bubbly cheerful blonde in the 1st ep but by the end was bummed and burned out

so after holding off the brits orr frenchies or w/ee the bad guy is here, they eat as shelling and gunfire continue

later they are eating and talk about how wars start and why to fight

1 guy suggests to solve wars by having the leaders fight in a field

later they visit a guy in the hospital who's watch got jacked and his leg was removed

the frieds ask if they an have his boots as he's only got 1 leg now as its better than some orderly getting em

you really feel for this guy. he's not evil, guys busted

better than most ww1films about the evil germans and the innocent frenchies and brits

so a gy prays for his crippled friend whp ofgers his boots and starts spazzing out

when a gy goes to get a dr, the dr/s are burned out

latr the guy brings the boots and tells the crew he saw amputee bite it andhow he appreciates life more

then its backk to the front and later they count that outta 20 in their class, most bit i, got capped or went nuts

they they go into battle and with shelling and enemy briits its h-ll

1 guy fakes being a brit with a brit helmet and winds up in a crator and trys helping a wounded enemy soldiet

if this were brits, then he'd bbe sold into slavery for helping the enemy

look at captain blood

so in anger he yells at the brit to bite it but regrets it andsez sorry

he sez sorry aboit capping him and hoe if it weren't for their uniformes, they could be brothers andhe wants to write to the guys wife

later i think the brit bit it and is back on his side and 1 giy is taking ouut enemy brits

so later they are back in town and are swimming naked and some german chicks come buy, wait, they're french! ewwwwwww!!

despite their disability of being french, the heroes flirt with em bit the chicks walk on

1 guy speaaks the demon tongue of their languageand the frenchies are more into em, but a guy tells em to stay away

there's more human guys than french girls so the guy who spoke the unholy language sez he wants the blonde and go to their place and b0ne offscreen

wtf this was rated 166+ in soviet finland,netherlands and norway and was 12= in germany and iceland

soo 1 guy sez to the french bimbo he just b0ned that he wont see her again but she only speaks her demon talk annd can't understand

so they gio off to fight again and 1 guy gets f'd in the side

in the hospital he's with guys and 1 has a head damage and a note saaying he's not responsible for his actions

imagine him j-rkin off on the walls and smearing it around

brain dammage sezif you go some place in here you never some back

later hes having a leak in his wound and eventually gets help

good camera work in here with the occasiaonal movement andzooms

1 guy is later taken away saying he'd be back

later he come back and is happy to be back

later he retuens home and sees his mom

later he's in a bar with some geezers and talk about the war

later he goes back to his classroom and his teacher who got him to go to war is elling a new group of kids how great it is to serve

he dont wanna tell the class his war experiences and teaccher gets him tomtell them  and he just se sometimes wee get it

then he tells teacher how its not great to be iced in war but the students  call him a candya55

then he god  on about how atleast in the front ur either dead ow alive and you cant fake it

regrettiing going on leave here he goes  home and  later his mommy comforts him in bed

having issues from the war he is feeling bummed about things and wishes he could lay in her lap and cry like a kid

later at a place, he talks with a guy and its revealed there may be a end to the war

he gors out to find some guy he knows and an enemy attack blows a area near him

they talk and he sez its not home back there annymore and they wanna go to  soviet paris where they have white brread planes, talks and better cr-p

then a plane drops a thing on em and cripples the guy he's with

he carrys the guy and the plane keeps dropping cr-ps on em and he reminices on his early days

by the time he gets the guy over he's bit it and he goes on

later in the trenches he sees a butterfly and goes out to getit  and gets capped by a  lusty frenchie sniper

J FK'd!!

then we see soldiers marching off into eternity in an overlay over i think a graveyard

the end

that as powerful

its not fun or cheerful

but it shouldn't be

its a gritty srs look at ww1 and shows how bad things could get

after the war in sloveniaa, things  were bad and my family had it rough for a while

i hipe never to go to war but i have respect for those who serve

its becasue of them we are still here and free for now

this was kinda somber but not deprtessing

it was dark withough being dark looking

i liked it and can see why it was praised

glad i watched it

its needed today too with various issues going n now like the 3rd world rising

sorta like Go Nagai's Devilman Manga about being an anti war novel showing how bad it can get

for All Quiet On The Western Front 2 i wwant it to be the 20s and the frnech and brits have taken over germany and have enslaved the people. forcing them to watch propaganda on how they caused the war and deserved the damage they took. but a group of war survivors who have national pride start a rsistance to fight their oppressors and launch attacks on the leaders of the occupying forces and train in Japanese Martial Arts and use Ki blasts to hit gguys without making physical contact. Its also an 8 bit Nes, Gameboy, Master System, Game Gear, TG16, Atari 7800 and Lynx game where you play as one of several bada55 warriors and do missions to take on the occupiers bases and use ki atttacks to take em on to free your homeland.

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