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Touch Of Evil Review

Note: I spell bad but not evil
Touch of evil
this is my review on touch of evil from the distant future year to the confederates) of 1958
its directed by orson welles and stars him, charlton heston, jabst leigh and Marlene Dietrich
its got good ratings and had several versions with various lengths
so it starts with 1 long a55 uninterupted shot following a guy in a car through opening credits
this couple goes through the mexico boarder and after they get out of the car, it blows
wait, it was the car in front of em
and the couple is heston and leigh
heston is a cop and tells his woman to wait at da hotel
wait, i thin they went from soviet mexico to america and the car that blew was from there
wife is out and some mexiican greasers from the outsiders say they wanna talk to her about her husband
at the car this chick identifies the bodies as her dad and fata55 orson wellres comes out looking like bulloc from tim burtons batman (i mean eckhart)
welles makes commnts about mexican charlton heston and the vics in the car
the mexican gang takes wife to a hoptel and she figgers something is up
this fat mexican sez he wants charltoon heston to lay off his bro in mwxiico
she leaves andbtw, they had good lighting whereit gors bright to dark and back
this is in great b//w and widescreen and has a good heavy shadows look to it like an 90s anime
wife twlls moses about the mexicans and he goes out with a guy following him
guy throws acid at him like its europe and he's a gaijin and moses dodges and takesb him down
the cops interview str-ppers and welles then goes to see this chick about the car that blew and flirt with her
at homw, wife throws the lightbulb out the window cuz she saw something and heston moses comes home
fat mexican beats on acid thrower forr going against his ordersand heston expplains that the violence and prvurts here isnt the real mexco
me; o rly? then wy do so many fight asnd die tryimng to escape to  soviet california??
later a  mexican gives wife an envolope of her sranding next to greaser guy in front of a hotel to look like she was b9ning him
later wife wants to go to an American Motel (janet leigh in an ameriican motel?! Call Hitchcock!!) and fat mexican follows them as they drive
so wells looks around places in day and goes to meet heston at a motel and interview this mexican
heston goes out and calls his wife andwelles chats woth fat mexican about heston
heston tells wife he loves her and is sorry he put her through this
then wife calls a gguysaying shes tired and dont wanna be dusturbed
bit its one of te mexicans on the other end (maybe the greaser)
so heston grills this suspect about the car who sez he was in love wot the chick who's dad got wacked in the car but didnt want them together
wellles pins it on the suspect and suspect says he didn't do it
later thee  mexican gang ccalls wife and sez the phone is out of service
later, fat mexican is at a place with welles and welles is drinking and wants wells to get him out of a jam as they are partners
later da cops go to see heston and heston calls wife but greaser sez wife told him she don wanna be disturbed
meanwhile, wife is in her room and talks to a chick outside the wall offering her drugs
heston chats with da cops about welles and they say he's a good cop
welles comes in and heston sez welles bought 17 sticks of dy no mite and welles goes mentall
the other cops want moses to say sorry but he goes too check welles other files
later the chick welles flirted wiith gets a call and later the mexicsn gang coomes into wifes room
then all grab her and the door closes
she''s probably being gang b0ned
Is this California?
so heston spend all afternoon going over wellles cases and thinks some wre crooked
moses chats with the  motel guy who sez there was a wild party in cabin 07 and in there they find it busted up, smelly smd her items all over
also hestons gun was jacked and finds a mariwana drug there
motel guy sez he put this mexican guy on desk and heston rewaliizes its the greaser who was related to the fat mexican who hes after
later fat mexican chats with the gang who sez they put on a good show to scare her and they didn't use the drugs
in the real version they b0ned her and all did drugs
wells comes in and gets hestons gun and calls the cos to say to put in an anon tip of a wild party
then wells kills the fat mexican in the room with wife by strangling an leaves them in there
later she wakes up and freaks out and runs screaming
later heston busts up greaser over his wife and a cop tells moses they found wife in a hotel, with drugs around her and a corpse
heston sez its a set up but th evidence look not
later welles goes to the chick he hit on for a tartot reading but she sez he has no future
heston moses has a guy wear a wire and chat with welles as heston follows above like batman
welles adits to icing fat mexican but sez mexico was blac male ing him
its revealed welles's woman was strngeled too, which kinda explains why he went dark
also welles sez he faked evidence to get guilty people
welles hears an echo and figgers its moses and puts it together that the gusy he''s talking to is behind it
i like this; it shows hes smart
then ecthart i mean bullock i mean wells wasts guy with a gunshot
then wanders off and cleans the blood off his hand with califoornia water(which is worse than aids juice)
moses confronts unicron who se they will believe moses iced him as the bullet was from his gun
weles pulls the gun on heston but the guy welles capped,caps him, and bies it
btw, welles looks a lot like weinstein in this
so weinstein bites it and a cop tells chick he flirted with the suspect welles fingered was the killer of the car guys and confessed
welles was right all along
then chick walks away
the end
tht was pretty good
nice atmosphere and style
nice camera work and editing
good acting and good dark with light look
its got that classic look that they dont do anymore and looks great
plus this was before orson welles got massive and he had to wear a suit to look like that
its well done and welles does great work
I goes by at a good rate and never drags or feels long even though its like 2 hours
for touch of evil 2, i want it to be the 60s and without welles taking down the cooks, california is a cesspoole of drug users, sodomizerzz, murderes, gangs and people ritual sacrificing their children. Also, all the cases wellles did got undone and a bunch of crooks got out to destroy the city. heston is tired of letting the bad guys have their way and after hsi wife got b0ned by those guys, he's gone rambo and goes around the street with aa machinegun and shredding crooks. his wife has manned up from the trauma and is now big and buff and bada55 and goes around in a tank top and miniskirt and also has a machine gun. its also a 16 bit run n gun game on sega genesis, snes, atari jaguar, tg16 and gba where you play as heston or his wife and shred through several levels of the burning ruins of california and fight to get the city back.

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