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Fire With Fire Review

 Note; i spell fl;aming bad

fire with fire

this is my reviiew on fire wiuth fire from 2012 (The year the mayan apocalypse brought back magic in shadowrun)

theres also an 80s version i nerver saw

it stars Josh Duhamel from the bad transformers films i never saw, bruce willis, rosarion dawson from clerks 2, vincent doinofrio from jurassic world 1, 50 cent fromget rich or diie trying, Richard Schiff from the good doctor and Julian McMahon from the goo fantastic 4 movies

man i actually know most of those actorz

its direcxtal by David Barrett who did epps  of star trek discxoveryu, blue bloods, and star trek enperprose

i never saw it b4 and i';m watching it on bounce so its edited fore contente

huh, reviewer sites said it s--cked

so after like a whole min of logos, its lonmg beach in soviet californa asnd a fireman saves an expecnise case of scotch from a bar

hes got a girl and gives her soime booze and later at the fire house the guys chat

they go to get cr-p and main guy goes to a copnveinece store and some guys come in and stick the plac eup

donofiro sez to the black guy his goons wantyed his store and he sez he works for the crips and has theoir protection

donofrio calls the crips and caps the blakc guy and his son and leaves

main guy nails a goon with a metal thing and runs and eveatually is capped buyt his homies come by and save him

later bruce gets word they found someone to out the guy hes after

in jail, vincent getsa note from abn inmate and goes 4 a line upthe good doctor guy is the vincesnt lawyer and when he walks up he names the main guy and his SIN Number

a bl;onde cop sez main guys fam bit it in a fire and he has no fam

she tells main guy about vincent being a gangf leader who iced bruces partner and partnewr woman

and they can't get vinsent w/o him and can put main guy in witness protection

he consents and we get a montage of info and crediuts and main guy is relocated to nrew orleans (where tommy wiseau is from) under a new name

so he getsa a call from willis who sez they ready top triasl and he can return

later rosario finds him about to b0ne a chick he's been sneaking out to see and it turns out its her

later some guys get a room and later she tewaches him to use a firearm as its not soviet california and its actual America

HE TALX ABBOUT HOW he likes being a fireman and she sez shes gonnas move weith him to soviet california

they go to a place and a sniper opens fire and picks her off like j fk 2 electric boogaloo (Or abe lincon 3; butt h i v!)

main guy caps a guy and a van carrys the guy off and later sez they too far from the place to treat him so he lets him bite it

later a souther sez the chix gonna be ok and sez an agent looked at his file and got iced tro cover it

also he found eviodence of him b0ning rosario and sez tthey gotta stasy away til after the triall (cuz that killdrfrom the cell is not gonna try revenge or anything)

so main guy is getting renamed and moved out and bruce finds out tiredes him for being a j-rkoff and wants to have main guy be with him

later vincest calls main guy and tells him not to testify and he dont consent

he sez hes gonna keep on his a55 even if convicted and knows where his woman is and of her fam and he can wait til main guy has kids

main guy sez hes gonna ice him and escapes from the base as the cops try to catch him

later he's back in soviet california and  good dr guy argues to as judge to let his client not be locked up

2 days later he comes by some black guys and they think he;'s a cop and he wants a gun

they beat him up for being white and he sez he wants to ice vincect

they take him in the trunk and bring him to 50 cent and he tells em he wants to ice vincewst

50 trusts him and gets him a firearm of his choosing and hewe goes off to smite vincent

he call rosario to vampire and she wants him to go back

he sneaks in and gets a irishman from the store at guinpoint and wants to know how to get to vincest

main guy and irishman fight  and vincent and goons beat beat dead thre black cop

irishnm gets head head busted in on a fall and main guy carves somethimng in his face

then a car pof vbincents men come at him andhe runs and caps em and they crash

he gets a gps thing or w/e from their car and  escapes

later the cops find irishman with a crips mark on his face and later media sez they found a man nearly beat dead

main guy showers and treats his wounds and goes to tell his firemaN homioes to get police protection

i think his black friends who wanted c0nd0ms was the beat out guy who was said on news

his hmie he talks to sees main guy has a gf and maion guy has him send his cr-p somewhere

at the station, bruce hears the print they foond is in the system but hasd no ID

so bruce puts out a call for main guy and rosario trasces a number an finds its soviet california and ghets ready to book it

main guy breaks in to a plaCE ANd gets beat up by a shaved head guy but shakes the guys leg and turns the tables

veincet gets a call from a guy saying rosario is heading for californbia so that means main guys there

main guy tortures shaved guy by taking off his fingers until he finds what he needs and caps him

so bruce investigates more of the stuff and main guy pulls the fiure alarm but cuts the signam and goes in

he finds good dr guy who sez he believes in the system and if he drops the vincetn then vincest wastes him and his family and his dog (who he's probably b0ning)

main guy gets good dr guy to tell him where vincset is gonna be and vincent meets bruce on vincent turf

bruce leaves and beats out a big guy working for vincent

meanewhile the gang wars are escalating and fireman homie meets risasio

she meets him and reads the note in his stuff given to her he wreote in case he bit it and she wants him to stop his crusade to ice vioncet

he locks her in a room and goes off and is gonna go out but a vincent man busts in and fights her

bruce sez to main guy they have a fingerprint and are gonna put him away but he sez he has to do it and throws the phone out the window

ther vincent guy tasers her out and soaks the place in gas and wait, its main gfuy doign it

he lights it up and calls em but they have rosario in there

his goons scatter and she cuts herself free and casll him saying shes there and he realisez he f'd up\

he goes in wearing fire gear anbd helps her but vincent jhumps out

a wood falls on him  and knox his gun away and they fight and she gets the heated up gun and gets out

vincent runs out and she caps him, waitr, it was just a goon

vincent beats him down and goes for his gun but main gut throws an axe in his chest

then rosairo caps a gas thing and it blows him away but donbbt harm them for some reason

he ses; do u trust me? like hes aladdin and he carrys her out over the fires 

later bruce sez there ewas no evicence of anything left like f--king woundwart in weatership down and puts away the case files

the end

that was pretty good

decent action, goes by fast, has good flow and good effects and style

its got decent acting and vincent is really scummy (which fits as hes ther bad guy)

good action film with good twists

not much awful about it

its pretty bada55

for fire with fire 2 i want it to be about vincent donofrio recovereing from his srs burns and he gets his men to get skin pieces from people to restore his skinless body. it follows bruce willis trying to solve the crime of peoiple with skin chunks chopped out and knowing in his heart its cvincent still around. also its an 64 bit n64 and ds and psp game where you play as his goons gong after a list of guys who wronged vincent and hunting em to take em out and has minigames tyo skin em.

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