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The Idea Of March Review

 note; i spell better than george clooney thinks

The Ides of March

this is my review on The Ides of March from the distant future year of 2011(the year of ther 1st robotech warr and transformers the headmasters)P

its got the commie george clooney from baTMAN AND ROBIN, the well done ryan gosling from breaker high, phillip seymore hoffman, paul giamatti, marisa tomei and some others i don't know

its directed by greorge clooney and i never saw it b4 but heard its good

after like 2 mins of logos we get sean hamlin from breaker high preparing fore aploitical thing and tesating his speech

theres an election, wait, da primary and its soviert clooney vs canadian ryan reynolds

commie clooney is an ex caholic and defends any gods

wait, he gives da speech ryan did

george is the candidate and is a democrat and ryan is his minion

giamatti and hoffman take shots at each other and talk about democrats voting in an athiest

wtf ryan is called steve, like stevie boyardee, an alias he used in breaker high

so hoffman sez he's got this by the a55 with candy a55 clooney

marisa chats with ryan drummond about about boy george and stevie sez george is gonna BE THE ONE for America

she sez georgio is gonna let him down (Like president husein??)

so ryan finds a clip of georgie saying weak things about not fighting their enemys and ryan has it silenced like twitter did that bidet story in 2020

also a blonde gets ryan some dirt on the other guy he's gonna useits revealed she worked with ryan in iowa annd he didnt recall her

so seymore butts sez the republicans don't got a good guy this time and if this guy hoffman's chatting with endorses george, it can help

ryan sez anypne who turns 18 and graduates high school gives 2 years in the country and the ones who deal with it asre too young to vote

georege likes this idea (enforced servatude??)

ryan ggets a call from paUL and wants to meet to show him something

at da bar paul trys to get ryan to change teams and george is going down so he can get on the winning team

later commie as55 george is on an interview witrh charlie rose where he sez he's ok with letting killers not be put to sleep but might be with the unborn

so the blonde chats with ryan and reveals shes 20 but thats underage in w/e commie state they in

once i was talking with some nerds about DBZ chix and when I mentioned Krillin and 18s kid Marron\, they thought she was underaged

In the Buu arc sahge's 3, in End Of Z she's 13, in GT she's 18-20

They said she's still too underage at 20

although the human brain don't finish developing until its in its mid 20s

also the guy saying 20 is underaged drew sexy art of Sailor Mars who's 15

so the next day geoege i mean ryan has b0ned the blonde and the news sez republicans vote for the democrat they know they can beat, i e, not geoege

so latyer geoere is on a plane with george

geworge flies it toward the sears tower saying "gacy ack bar"


reaLLY ryan sez he does what he does as he believes in the casuse

gerge has a dark view of ryans furture and they go to a speech where george tries to sell communism by bashing people with money

as that worked sooooo well in the ussr in the 1910s when they iced the czars fam and went into a jet black age of murder and evil

ryan sez to phillip seymore butts that he met giamattio and its revealed the campaign is f'd

commie george has hantasy ideas of not using oil and having no cars in 10 years even though oil is used in plastics like surgical equiopment and health packaging

so george finds he's f'd  but can get back by giving a guy a cabinet post

he don't wanna as the guy disagrees with geoeges communism andf dont consent

so clooney talks with his woman and later has a thing comparting gayness to being black

then we see ryan b0ning the blonde as he watches a news thing of geoerge giving a speech

what are you? gay?!

so later a phone rings and ryan answers it and later he tells her about it

he calls back and finds its the governer calling

wait, isnt that clooney?

so aparently cloonery b0ned her too

now ryan has clooney's aids

its just liuke ryan gosling b0ned george clooney himself

like sharing food is like a kiss

also she went to clooney to get money to ice george's unborn kid

so ryan goes to work and the mood has changed as he knows clooney is sleaze

unable to take it he pulls out a tommy gun and shred the place and all the people saying "see you in h-ll clooney!!" then puts the gun in his mouth and blows his head open


really he sends a guy to get some money or something and tells blonde 5kank to meet him in the stairwell at noone

later ryan gets money and reporter tomei calls him and sez she knows he met with giamattia

she meets with him and sez shes gona say ryan met paul and he calls paul and sez he thinks paul leaked it

paul denies it and ryan sez shes using it to black male him

paul sez to tell them the other commie democrat has the something, i don;'ty know, its hard to follow

so ryan is gonna help her assassinate georges illegitimate son like he's bobby kennedy and gives blonde the money

he tells her to leave the campaign and sez he still supports the campaign

sacrificing sa human life for a job, how evil

you could say its a ritual sacxrifice like with the cananites or azteks

so with no words, we get a thing of ryan taking blonde to get georges kid wacked

imagine if he was b0ning a kid instead of chopping one up? that would be seen as unforgivable, but not this

so ryan goes to the work and sez the tomei wants sh-t and phillip seymore butts sez he leaked it to get ryan out and cuz he didn't like ryan meeting giamatti

hoffman goes on a tirade about how he had a chance to change teams and didnt and lost but went on to win better later

and as he thinks ryan can't be trusted, he's canning him, asnd george agrees

so ryan forggot about blonde and she has to walk home asfter being sold kill pills

when she gets back a guy tells her ryan got canned and this dink is in the captains chair

its revealed ryan is gonna take everyone down for f--king him

i hope clooney goes down hard

so ryan goes to the other commie guy and joins giamatti and is gonna go full starscream

just like mad saurus in violence jack, giamatti thinks if ryan betrtayed george, he's betray them

but ryan has a Trump card

ryan figgers out giamatti knew ryan was gonna tell seymore and that seymore would ernd him

its all according to plan. now ryan is out of georges campaign

he knows giamatgti f'd him

now ryan goes to this hotel room and finds blonde commited suicide (which is murder too with her unborn kid)  by taking a whole bopttle of kill pills

she clainms to be catholic but is ok with adulterey, murder and suicide

at least gacy knew suicide was a sin

so ryan listens to his messages and blonde left him a bucnh

the news reports on it and sdays it was an accidental overdose with booze

odd enuff, hoffman is shown on watching and drugs waked him

ryan meets a black guy and george gives a speech saying he's sorry for it

he sez he knew her which in bible slang means he f'd her

then geoege calls george on mollys phone and geoerge sees him and knows ryan knows

ryan meets george in a closed bar, which should be a factory as thats where fina;l battles happen

ryan is black male ing gheorge for his job back as he knows he got her pregnant

ryan admits theres not much evidence and he has a note saying shes pregnant, and called him about it

ryan admits he covered it up for george and george figgers out it was  ryan b0ning her and on the fone

geroge figgers its just ryans word against georges and as she iced her kid, there's no evcidence

so later hoffa55 is out and george picks him up in a black car

after slence for a while he walks out and they drive off

in the real version they were b0ning

later a55man sez ryan got the job and then we have a service for the blonde

spoiler; she's probably in h-ll!

her dad gives a speech ovber being buummed she's gone and says good sh-t about her

ryan meets seynome and sez he knew blonde since she was born

ryan sez he might have something on seymore when seymore thinks ryan has sh-t on da george

so the black guy gives his endorsement for evil geroge and givesaa a speech full of promise that he totally can fulfill

tomei sez she weants to know what ryan collage did to get the job or w/e

then we get ryan in back in his job where the movie started of him preparing for goeiprge

georse sez a speech about dignity mattering asndf ryan looking into the camera to dark music

the end

that was well done

like birth of a nation, its got bad stuff in it promoted, but tells a good story

you see how evil these democrats can be and how politics can be dark

kinda like Thomas Dixon said after serving a term

its a well made movier and even though i'm not big on candy a55 clooney, he made this film work

i may diagree with the people and message, but it told a good story that shows how things can be with bad guys

just like birth of a nation

for The Ides Of March 2, I wasnt ryan to be haunted by his guilt over the kid he had iced and being part of the blonder comitting seppuku. eventually he wants to go clean but george dont want that to happen and tries to have him iced. also its the election and george can't let any loose ends exist and was gonna have ryan iced anyway. its also an 8 bit nes, gameboy, master system, game gear, atari 7800 and lynx and tg16 run n gun platform game where you play as ryan and gotta  take out georges goons and get the evidence you stored away and get it to the internet to take out clooney's campaign.

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