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The Lawless Breed Review

 Note; i spell bad but i'm not as nuts as lucy

the laweless breed

this is my review on the lawless breed from 1953 (th year the robotech actors was pooped outta their moms)

it hjas rock huidson, lee van cleef, glenn strange and no one else i know of

its directed by, Raoul Walsh?? Ooh. Sounds good. He did blackbeard the tirate, captain horatio hornblower, white heat, sadie thompson, and was in the good Birth Of AS Nation

I never saw this but its based on thje true storey of John Wesley Hardin

so like a good disney film, it starts with a book and credits

its fuillscreen and colored

then text sez this outlaw name jkohn wrote his story and this is it

in prioson in 96 this  guy finishes his jail time and goes free

he was probably b0ned a lot

he offers his story to a guy to make into a booke and is gonna go outta town

then book guy reads it and it sez he was arrested for crimesb and blamed  for sh-t

he was born to a texas family in 63 and at age 7 his bros were iced and crippled by yankees in the war

texas was oppressed by the yankees like america in 08-16 and his dad was a badA55

so then hes rock huisdon and his dad whips  him for buying a  gun with gaMBLING MONEY

his dadwants  him tonot be a sinner as he cares

nowadaysa kids dads doont get em off the sin path and let em go downn and suicide wehen they f up their lives and bodies

he wants to have a good lifew with this chick he likes but it tired of things being a55 for him

he wants to do a cow thing and loves this chick and kisses her with consent

so rockman sells his law books for 20 $ and wants to start faRMERY

then rock plays cards and a guy thinks he cheatedf and rockmAN BLASTS HIM

he takes cash from a table and books it and the sovirt yankees coome after him

the bros of the capped guy wanna wack rock and rocjk stops by a farm and sez he capped a guy and a few yankees on the escape

oh its his uncles farm

so rocky goes on a cattle thing and guys are on his a55

in a card game with a guy roocky wiins and the guy slips he tried to cheat

he goes on the cattle thing and dreams of having a farm with the chick

at a town this chick sings aS rockman x plays cards and guys come for him

they say the fam of a guy he iced wantsa a deathmatch and he sez no

rockman zero wants his pay for a dress and goes to face the guy

after capping him he goes baxck and gets paid for his work to buy his woman a weeding dress

then gambles itand wild bill hickock pulls a gun on him

but he slips out his gun and wild bill sez rockmAN ZX HAS A 1 HOUR to get oputta towmn

btw the guy who gave the story wasnt john wasetly hanukah

but the dress won't be ready tiltomorrow anbd the cattle men sez to make it in 1hour

haste makes waste

or in power puff girls; paste makes waste

so they get the dress in less than an hour or the pizzas free and therytest the dress over chix in a bar

wild bill comes in and shopots the clock and sez he's got 1 min lerft and rockman zx advent sez he's gooing

so he goes to his woman and kisses her with consente and sez hes got the cash to buy her the land to live on and has a wedding dress

she knows he iced some guys and said she promised rockman zx spectrums dad that he's marry em

dad dont wanna marry em until he's free of the law and wants him to get a trial

and if its not fair, he'd use a gun to free him like staALLONE

ROCKMAN EXE  gets paied 1200$ to do his case and wants more and rockzas goes off to make more cash and leaves his fireamrm behind

so then theres as horse a55 race and i think the rock wins

the bar chick comes by and seems bumnmed he'sa marrying another wo man

also she worrys about him being out unarmed

theres an other race and rock man wins and gets an a55load of cash

at da bar where they get paid the shwerrif arrests rockxy for capping a guy a whiole ago

he sez on mondday hes turning himself in after his wedding and as he walks out, hes capped and returns fire to waste the sheriff aND ESCAPES

he gets home and serz he iced the guys who capped him (1 was a bro of the guy i think) and hios woman gave up on hiom for capping a lot of people

he mouths off to his dad and blames ewveryonme else for starting it

if i get kicked outta 100 schools, is it the boards fault?

so A poSSE COM,RES for him and he goes out, sez it was self defence, and they say he did itresisting arresdt

rock hudson goes out the back door to escape and a gunfight breaks out

he gets a hit and escapes on horse a55 and chickgets capped by running out in the middle of a gunfigfght like a dumba55

if this were in canada irt would have her hit by a car after running into traffic

or maybe walking on railroad tracks as a train gradually comes over making loud sounds for like an hour getting there

so he gets across the crick and hides as the posse goes by and later the bar chick finds him and the guy he was with and treats his woundsd

when he comes to he hears they're by soviet kansas and the chick got iced

so years later hes still on the run and living (in sin?) with bar chick

he's still wantimng to make big cash and settle down

later texas rangers likew walker come by and she's been saying hes her brother

she comes in on his card game w/o motorcycles and gives the signal that guys are on his a55

he sneaks around and they open fire on him and he picks her up and they run on horse a55

months later after this kansas trap f'd out he's on a farm and living with her

she b--ches about her hhate fort farms as sh had bad exp on em and they are in alabama

she eggs him on abvout how farm ork is harder than card games and he sez he wants da farme

later he returns with a priest and he marrys her

later shes malcontent over woman sh-t like cooking and she reveals shes got a baby in er a55

later they send a paper email to dad and say shes got a baby in the oven (or is that bun) and i think a gov guy reads it at the mailthing

later she sez she likes being his housewife and he goes out and goes to get a ticket to sovirt pensicola

the texas rangerscatch him and he fights hisd way but they overpowewr his a55

hes tried and found guilty and the judger has it out for him

he gets 25 years in the sodomy hole as most witrnesses can't m,ake it as they are in h-ll

he sezx he was only convicted by public opinion and it was self defence

al;so his womaN POOPED OUT A BABY

then 16 yearsa in he got a pardon and the story ends and the book guy finishes the book

so rockman returns to the farm and reunites with the bar chick

he meeets his son and he looks manly like an anime teen in the 80s

son pulls out a gun that rock had and plays witrh it and rock has viet nam flash backs and backhands his boy

son rides off on a house and rock goes FTER HIM AS HE SEES HIMSELF AND HIS BAD PAST AS SONSD FUTURE

SON HAS SOME WHISKERY even though hes 16 and a guy mnouths off to son

rock takes the gun off and throws it to a guy and they walk outy  anbd the guy caps rock thinking hes got a gun

son trys to avenge him but rock sez to not go down dat road

they ride off home together evenn though in the real story he bites it

the end

that wasnt so bad

good story on whhy being a viopplent malcontent is bad

nowadays teens attack people for fun or cuz theyre on drugs and get capped

good acting and music and work and it feels good

it shows how vilence can f it up

its a decent rock hudson movie and holds up well today

plus the texas is the good guys and the yankees are the bad guys

just like real life

btw i hear in real life the rock hudson guy was known to cap a guy for snoring too loud and was a violent malcontent or w/e

for the lawless breed 2 i want it to be about thw son and dad going on a hunt for the Momo the Monster cryptid and finding its in a dimennsional void located in kasnas where they have been capturing human chicks and used em for breeding to create hybrid things to use as slaves. also its an 8 bit rpg like nadia the secred of blue water on nes, gamewboy, master system, game gear, ataRI 7800 AND LYNX AND TG16 where you go around the sasquatch realm and go around in this weird la blue girl/ urtotsukidoji place to stop em.

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