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Game Reviews Volume 17 From 2021 Part IV

 A bunch of Reviews on Games I Beat in the latter part of 2021. Took me a bit over a Month to do these.

Just beat Wonder Boy in Monster Land on my 100 Master System Games GBA Multicart. Its kind of a sequel to Wonder Boy but has pretty much nothing in common with it. You play as a Blonde guy who uses a Sword and 1 button jumps and 1 attacks. Start brings up the inventory and you gotta upgrade your equipment by buying them with gold you collect from slaying foes or jumping in the right places to make hidden gold come out. There is a trick by pausing the game over and over on the 2nd controller after you get the 1st sword to eventually get extra gold but I suggest you use a turbo feature as you get 45 gold each time you do 73 pauses (But the non start buttons pause on player 2). Its like a dozen levels and you have a time limit that can be refilled by getting an Hourglass once in a while and if it runs out it costs you 1 hit point. you get 1 life and no continues but there is a Life Refill Potion you can buy or find from enemy drops that refills you when you run out once her item(And you can only have 1 at a time). There's also Magic attack you can do by pressing down and attack and you get ammo for this by enemy drops and buying em. The game is pretty tough at times but can be beat with practice and guide to see the hidden things locations. The final level is a maze you gotta go the right path and 1 part is a 25 jump section on see sawing platforms and one mistake and you gotta loop back for another try. But there's a time limit and after enough time you run outta life and gotta start the whole 40 minute game over! The bosses are not too tough if you know what to do and they have kind of a pattern, but with enough power ups you can win by Attrition. Glad I beat it. Its not too hard, but can be quite unforgiving. Oh and there's a Trading Sequence with hidden characters to get this Phantom Ruby I think you need to beat the Game Boss.

Just beat Magical Taruruto-kun/Taluluto-kun on Sega Genesis. I imported a copy from Japan as its only released there/ Its based on a show based on a Manga and was done by Game Freak in 92. Its a platformer where you play as this little gnome kid  and go through like 4 levels with multiple areas. You can choose what the buttons do and there's  Attack, Jump and Magic. You get 3 Continues and 3 Lives but can get more guys with points or finding em in these power up boxes. You can grab items with Attack and carry it around until you throw it with Attack again. You collect Magic  from the boxes (And like a lot of this game: its got a Pentagram on it) and choose which one to use on the pause menu and you get more magics after beating certain bosses. 1 is invincibility, 1 is a screen nuke and the middle one I don't know. If you jump you can press and hold jump again to do a glide. The jumping is kinda weird and you can't change direction well in mid air. If you walk off a platform you can't just press the other way and instantly go that way. Its pretty simple once you get the hang of it and if you bite it, even if you use a continue, you return to the same area you were on in the level, even a boss. You can take 3 hits per life and life restorers are common. Also its got great bright colored graphics and cheerful music. Its worth playing and has some good stuff. Glad I played this one

Just beat the Snes Game Musya on my DS R4. Its sorta like a more Japanese Castlevania where you play as a Japanese dude and fight through this weird Shkima Realm like place like in La Blue Girl to stop these Yokai or w/e from getting outta the underworld. B is jump, Y is attack, A is spin your weapon and X is Magic attack, with L and R moving you slowly left or Right when crouching. You get new spells after beating bosses and collect health and ammo for em from pre set items placed around. You get 16 bits of life and 3 guys for each Continue. I think you got infinite Continues but I only counted 4  I used after using a save state and suiciding over and over to test it. You power up your Lance or Spear or w/e with collecting these upgrade things in pre set areas and you go down by biting it. If you hold up and jumping  you do a super jump but its not always working. Its easy to take a lot of hits and the game can attrition you down. There's also a Password system to go to what level you want. Falling in pits doesn't kill you, but sends you to the start of the level with the same Health you just had, which can wear you down. The bosses are not so bad and can usually be attritioned through with some Magic attacks and keeping distance. It looks cool and has a nice dark 80s/90s look with a Japanese feel and the music is not bad and quite Japanese. Some later levels get tough with instant kill lava and enemies in a metal spike area with skulls to jump on that burns through all your hits. Its not a bad game but does take some trial and error to get through. Glad I did this one.

Just beat the NES game Shadow of the Ninja on my DS R4. Its a Ninja game that's up to 2 player Co Op from Natsume. Its the distant future year of 2029 and Emperor Garuda took over America and these 2 Ninja gotta stop him.  A is jump and B is attack and you collect new weapons from boxes. You got a Katana and Kusarigama and each can be powered up a few levels by collecting the same one, but getting a different one changes it. You also get Shuriken and Grenades and can climb on the underside of floors. Up press up to cling but up again to go up, instead up Jump, which took getting used to. You get a pretty good life bar and falling in pits just takes a hit and sends you to where you fell from. You get no lives and 5 Continues that puts you back to the start of the level segment you bit it on. The bosses are not so bad and most can be attritioned through, esp with a turbo feature, but its still pretty tough. There's also a screen nuke by holding B for a bit that uses half a full life bar. Its pretty good but the final boss takes some getting used to to learn his pattern. Its got pretty nice 8 bit graphics and good music. Oh and you can't change weapons so if you pick up Shurikens then you're stuck with em til you run out, but it carries over after you bite it and restart a level at the same number you had. Glad I played it. Its pretty decent

Just beat Un Indien Dans La Ville/Little Indian An Indian in the City on my 108 Gameboy Games Multicart. Its a platformer where A is jump and B is shoot. Its based on a 90s movie later remade as Jungle 2 Jungle with Tim Allen but I never saw either. There's a Level Skip code by pausing and pressing Right 4x Down 3x Left 2x and Up 1x, then after the sound, press Select to skip it. You only get 3 Continues but can take 3 hits at 1st and can somehow get up to 5 hits. You got like 5 levels with 2-3 areas each, including a Minecart Level you speed up by jumping and for the Skeletons you gotta go under em. There's also canoe levels where you gotta  fire diagonally up/down or straight but get nearly 100 ammo. You usually have like 10 blow darts but can find more or jump on bad guys like 6x to pop em into an ammo. If you ice a guy they don't come back until you bite it and extra guys resummon. If you collect enough items like Pans or 90s Cellphones you can get an extra guy after the level and in the canoe levels, certain fish refill health if you catch em. You beat the level by finding a guy at the end and often he's hidden somewhere in the top left corner or something. Climbing Ladders is tricky as if you aren't at the very top, going left/light makes you fall off.  Also the camera is tricky with shifting left/right and don't show as much of the screen as you want. But if an enemy is offscreen enough; it don't exist and can't hard you by throwing things. Its not too hard and the graphics are really good with a lot of dark and layered colors. Sorta like Batman TAS drawn on black paper, It controls not too bad but could be tighter. You can get pretty far on the edge of a ledge with your back foot just on it. I liked it and this one only really came out in Europe, but its pretty good. Oh and who animated this? The jungle boy has a lot of animation in his butt as he climbs ladders! Its like MLP or DBGT or something!

Just beat Spud's Adventure on my 68 Gameboy Games in 1 Multicart. Its kind of a Puzzle/Top Down Run n Gun game where you play as Anthromorphic Food like a Potato or Eggplant and go through a Tower to find the stairs. You get Power Ups based on cards that Heal you, Make you big and invincible, Power up your shot, or give you an extra guy if you get 3 of em.  You get EXP from popping bad guys and every 1000 points, you level up and get an extra half heart (Max Level 6). You get unlimited Continues and if you use one you restart the level from the beginning w/oi any levels or exp. Some Puzzles are moving blocks on tiles or choosing the right staircase to go up. Sometimes you get different bosses by going up different stairs. If I run outta guys I grind by busting the same resummoning guys til I guy full power. Its not too hard but some parts are tricky. If you get hit you lose the power up attack but that's often good as all characters have the same one but different base moves. Its got simple but charming graphics and nice music but could control better as often I move weird. Some parts have reversed controls and holding down the fire button is Autofire. Start does nothing but Select brings up the stats screen and pauses. A swaps characters and B fires. Its a decent game and there's also a Password to restart any of the 5 levels from the 1st screen. If you bite it, you continue where you left off and have the same items and EXP. You refill on life after getting 100 EXP, even on Max Level. Its a decent game and has has some good stuff to it. Glad I did this one. Oh and its got scaling kinda where sprites expand or compress, which is pretty impressive on GB.

Just beat Mad City, the Japanese version of The Adventures of Bayou Billy from NES on my DS R4. Its kind of a Beat em up by  Konami where you play as this Confederatey Swamp Dude trying to get his GF back from a crime guy. I think you get unlimited Continues but only Game Overed like 3x. You get 3 guys per Continue (2 1 and 0) and et more from points or finding a Billy Doll. 1 button is punch/weapon, 1 is kick, both at the same time is jump kick and select changes to Gun when you have 1. Most levels are beat em ups and you can't kick when in water but 2 are Gallery Shooter ones where you move the Crosshairs around capping guys but if you run outta ammo or life, your dead. 2 levels are driving levels where 1 button is grenade to take out choppers/planes and 1 is car guns to take out other cars, but it you run outta hits or gas, your dead. If you bite it you restart from the same screen you entered but if you use a Continue, you restart the whole level. Its not a long game and can be beat in like half an hour and controls well. Good 8 bit graphics and nice music. If you jump kick guys you can knock off items like a bulletproof vest that makes bullets bounce off you like in real life, or meat that heals you(Is that Human Meat?! Are you kicking chunks off these guys?!). I never played the American version but heard they made it too unfair and less fun. You can also use the NES Zapper if you choose Game Mode B for the Gallery Shooter Levels. Its a nice brief fun game and is worth a try. Glad I played it.

Just beat Surf Ninjas on my 106 Game Gear Games i 1 GBA Multicart. Its kind of a Platform Beat Em Up based on a movie that had a Game Gear in it. You go through like 6 levels and fight Ninja with different colors of toughness. Some colors taker more hits. 1 button attacks, 1 jumps and you can double jump by tapping it 2x the right way. You can use Power Ups like a ranged attack by pressing down and 1 or both buttons in a way I sometimes was able to do. Or calling some dude from the movie to do a super hit on the guy next to you. You an use a Game Gear to get a hint and its often useless things like Danger lies ahead or Look out for Killer Rats (Which are the size of beavers). There's also a ship in the menu that you can buy Life, Extra Guys, Weapons, A Continue, Hints, A time Slow thing and the 1 shot guy you summon, using money you find. To properly beat the game, you gotta get this magic sword in a cave level thats in level 04 and you access it by using the Game Gear on this Rectangle thing with the 2 Faced Dragon drawn on it and doing what it says about crouching and kicking or w/e. If you don't got it: You can't beat the game boss and the whole game is pointless. Also you can't go back and get it either. I only really used 1 Continue and you can buy more as its not so tough. Good colorful 8 bit graphics and nice sounds and music beeps. Its not the most responsive in Control, but its mostly mashing buttons til one of you bites it. Its a decent game and if I ever see the movie I'll look for the stuff from this game. Glad I played it. Oh and if you bite if you resummon where you left off but if you use a Continue, you restart the level.

Just beat Tiny Toon Adventure for NES on my DS R4. What an ordeal! Its kind of a Mario Clone but has loose floaty jumps and is pretty unforgiving. You bite it in 1 hit and gotta start the whole level over with 1 mistake. But if you collect a Heart you can survive 1 hit once. In some levels you gotta evade Elmyra for a while to get to the exit and if she touches you, even if you have the Heart. You play as Buster who runs by holding B and A Jumps but can choose a partner at the start of each area who you can switch to with a Change Orb found in the levels. Dizzy spins and is invincible but under water fires a Tornado out his mouth like Mazinger Z. After using it you gotta wait for a Power Bar to recharge to use jt again. Plucky can slowly fall by holding Jump in the air which screws up the Jumping where you wanna get more air by holding Jump when you land on a guy. He can also slide on his belly like Frosty The Snowman in a running and quickly pressing down thing. Furball ()Which according to The 2003 Berenstain Bears: Is a Swear Word) can climb walls but I never used him. Each level has like 3 areas except the last 2: Wacky Land and Monty's Mansion, but in Wacky Land you gotta collect all the Gogos to get out, and if you can't get the last one with Dizzy so if you chose him, you're stuck. The Ape Boss you gotta bounce off small apes and go past him to drop the platform. I didn't use Continues but there's a Level Select Code by on the Title Screen going AAA BBB SelectSelectSelect then pressing A+Start at the same time, and you choose what level to go to, but it just shows a Number and you gotta add it up. You get extra guys by getting Carrots (Max 99) and finding a Door to Hampton who gives you a 1IUp for every 30. I didn't care much for this one. Kinda too cheap and annoying. Wacky Land is mostly over a bottomless pit and there's guys who throw nearly invisible bubbles that kill you. Its got good graphics but the music is mostly just the Tiny Toons Theme.

Just beat S.C.A.T.: Special Cybernetic Attack Team for NES on my DS R4. Its a Shmup from Natsume where you play as either Arnold of Sigourney and fly around sorta like Forgotten Worlds taking on 8 bit aliens in the Distant Future Year of 2029. Its got quite nice Graphics and good music and has a good 80s style to it. B fires your weapon and A starts and stops your option cannons spinning around so you can have them where yo\u want. I usually had em facing diagonally to the right. You can aim backwards by pressing left but that also controls where you go so I sometimes was not firing in the right direction. You get unlimited Continues and there's only like 5 levels, but if you take too make hits you start the level over with no checkpoints. You collect power ups that change your weapon and the R is Refill Like  or Recover. You also get extra life by getting enough points. Its a pretty good game and has pretty good controls. At times its bets to go up to the foe and just attrition up close to burn them out. some parts are tricky but with unlimited Continues, you just gotta keep at it til you get good or lucky. I'm not big on Shmups but this one was pretty good. Glad I did this one.

Just beat Kenseiden on my 100 Sega Master System Games GBA Multicart. Its an Action game where you play as a Blonde Samurai who jumps with 1 button and slices with the other. You can get new moves by beating bosses and do em by using the D Pad and Attack. There's a few items you can get like Charms that reduce Damage and a black thing with what looks like a yellow Nucular symbol on it that refills your life when you run out. If you bite it you return to where you entered the screen but using a Continue (That you only get 3 and gotta press up and down and a bottom on the game over screen to use) makes you restart a level. Biting it on a boss restarts you on that boss and some are tough. You get stronger as you beat more bosses and there's training levels that you gotta get through without taking a hit from flying spears and moving spikes. If you beat those you get either a Charm or a Life Bar Extension. You get extra guys by finding these tall pop can looking things hidden in secret areas. You get an extra guy with enough points and after taking out enough guys or spears; you get a life bar filler. You travel across ancient Japan and go from area to area on a map. After you get through an area: You change the target with Attack and confirm it with Jump. You can go back to ones you beat but can only move to aa level touching the area you are on. Its got good graphics and colors and nice music and the characters have a Japanese Folklore feel like Gegege No Kitaro or Dororon Enma Kun and controls mostly good, but in a training level I tried jumping off a moving platform and ran in place and fell a few times. Overall its a good game and gets easier as it goes on and you get stronger but can be tricky. Best see a guide to see what route to take or grind for more life refillers. If you go to a training area after beating it, the trainer refills your life. The Reviver Nucular thing comes backs after you return but only if you dont have one. Glad I played this. Its good.

Just beat Tails Adventure on my 106 Game Gear Games GBA Multicart. Its kind of a Metroid style game where you go through different areas and get items that let you access other ones. 1 button is jump but holding Up and pressing it lets you fly for a limited time. You collect Chaos Emeralds that increase your Full Life and Flight Time hidden around the areas. The other button uses the item you select while paused and they do things like blowing away rocks or using a remote control robot to get things in places you can't. Its not too hard but its best to use a guide to see where all the hidden things are and how to get them so you aren't wandering around for hours. It gets easier as it goes on and by the end, if you get all the Emeralds, you can have 99 life and high flight time. It controls well and you can cling to and climb steps but the flight is different than the Sonic Games so it takes some getting used to. Its not super fast but its a Tails game, not a Sonic game, so it fits. You can refill life by collecting rings dropped by enemies but that's just 1 at a time. Going back to Tails House heals you and lets you change what items you carry. You can carry up to 4 items and gotta choose right, or go back and getta change. Its got a few bosses and most are just throwing things at them til they bite it. They are not so tough but the 3rd last boss was tricky as you have to throw the attack at the highest point in the jump to get him. Its a decent game and there's also underwater levels where you use a drill sub and gotta choose the right equips for it. It can be beat in like an hour on a good run and has no lives or continue, but has a password of letters and numbers  on a grid. If you bite it: Go to Continue and the Password is still there until you turn it off. Glad I played this. Its worth a play through.

Just beat Wonder Boy III The Dragon's Trap on my 100 Master System Games GBA Multicart. Its a direct sequel to Wonder Boy in Monster Land where the intro level(Or Level 0) is a simplified version of the final level in that game. You go around slaying dragons like Vampire Dragon, Mummy Dragon and Daimyo Dragon, which sound like Yugioh Cards. After you beat a dragon, you get devolved into a new Forme like a bird or a mouse and each has its own abilities to get through the area. You have items to equip like Swords, Shields and Armor(No Boots in this game) and they change your stats. Some give different stats depending on what Forme you're in. Shops sell you things but only if your Charisma Points, or CP, is high enough. If you run outta life you bite it and return to the village with all your money but no Magic. You use Magic like Fireball or Arrow with Down and Jump and in Boss Rooms you can Pause but Start doesn't open the Menu, so you gotta use what you got. You can carry up to 3 Potions that restore some Life after running out and you get these in stores or from enemy's dropping em as you slay them. Its sort of a Metroid game and you get more max life from finding Heart Containers in Treasure Chests that can be found as you search around and get access to more Formes. Its pretty tough at 1st with only a few hits but gets easier as you go on. After the 0th Level you lose your Max Power and gotta work your way back kinda like how Adol in Y's is shipwrecked after each game. Its got good 8 bit graphics and bright colors and has good music. It controls well but you gotta Hold up to enter doors instead of tapping so that took some figuring out. Overall its a decent game and has a Password that don't have O I and Q so its easier to manage and saves how many items, hearts and formes but not Potions so you gotta farm for those. Glad I played it.

Just beat Fighting Force 64 on N64. Its a Beat Em Up game in 3D that almost was Streets of Rage 4 where you play as up to 2 of 4 players who have different abilities like Hard/Slow or Soft/Fast or Balanced. Holding Z is Run and A B C Left and C Down are your moves you can shuffle around in the options while R can zoom in/out the Camera. You have a Punch and a Kick and a Grab moves that makes you grab and nail em and holding Z and doing a Punch or Kick dies a moving attack like a Jump Kick or a Slide. You can puck up and use weapons but they wear out after a few hits or have limited ammo. Some Backgrounds things can be busted and you can find goodies like weapons or points or extra life. You find Food like Square Sandwiches or Rectangle Hot Dogs or First Aid Kids to heal you and they are often dropped by enemy's. There's a Score thing that gives you an extra guy with enough Points and you can choose to go to alternate levels if you have enough points after beating a boss. Its not too hard but the later levels are tougher and you have a Save File System but you need a Controller Pack to use it. There's no Continues but there is a Level Select Code by holding L Z C Up and C Down on the title screen and somehow when I did it I was invincible but Dyno Mite could damage me. There's no falling off or throwing off levels and you gotta beat out all the guys in an area to advance. The Graphics are good by N64 standards and its got decent sounds. Its not a bad game and for a 3D Beat Em Up, It did pretty well. Better than Final Fight or Golden Axe 3D. Its worth playing and I'm glad I did this one. Oh and the A Stick controls pretty well and isn't bad. You move a bit slow but the Run Button makers it work. And Vulkan took be a bit to beat but after looking it up, saw you gotta get him to land near Steel Drums and throw em at him and do a Slide to dodge his gunfire.

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