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The Night Of The Grizzly Review

 Note: I Spell Un Bear Able

The Night Of The Grizzly

Thisa is my review on the night of the grizzley ftrom the distant future year of 1966

its starr clint walker, keenan (ivory) wytnn from Angels in the Outfield, naancy kulp from the 50-s a star is born and the aristocats, Ellen Corby from The Waltons, Leo Gordon from Hondo/Alienator and Big Top Pee Wee, Regis Toomey from The Big Sleep and cry danger, Victoria Paige Meyerink from The Andromeda Strain, and a buncha guys from the 20s i never saw in anything

its directed by Joseph Pevney who did iron man from 51, flesh and fury from 62, Female on the Beach from 55, Man of a Thousand Faces from 57, Twilight of the Gods from 58, and i never saw any of em

i nveer saw it before but it sounds like a cool idea for a movie

the title seems like one of those cheesy horror hilms from the midf 20th century

so we start with credits on red looking like spilled blood to country music  and a title lookking tough for the 50s

its in good color aqnd widerscreen

then this fam rides in on a cart and with a bull by a nose ring and are in a mountain place like the sound of msuic

they come to town and dad and wife come by this bank or something and is recognized as a guys son

they rode 150 miles in a wagon seat which would take 1 hour at high speed

dad owes a lot of money on this property cuz grandad took a loan and theres interest

this cowbow named sam comes by this pool hall and wants a salloon but these no booze here

some teens offer to get him booze for 10$ and he consents

daughter meets this beardo and talks to him and takes a nap by him as theres no child prerdators in the 1800s

dad's land was won by grandpa in a poker game and the guy wants it back but dad wants it even though he never saw it

meanwhile; some boys fight over being j-rkoffs in a 1 on severalbattle

the reents pay for the land and stop their song fighting those kids

the poker guy comes by and wants the land back and dad sez he paid the loan and poker guy goes off p-ssed

so the teens never came back and diner chick thought he's know better than trust lusty teens in a horror movie

the fam moves on to the ranch and ists all cr-ppy but dad has hope as itys his land

better to serve in heaven than rule in soviet california

at night this bird wakes up the girl and she goes out after it as your brain isn't fully formed until its in its mid 20s

which is why democrats want to lety 16 year olds vote

she checks out the nature and thinks a skunk is a catr but comes bak with the stink

robotech voltron! Rated R! For all the shower scenes!

Claudia: Lisa, do you have to take all those showers?!

Lisa; I have to! I got the alien stink on me!

clip from labryinth or w/e; if you touch it, you stink forever!

so dad is out chopping wood w/o a shirt for the chicks to lust aftewr his manly muscles

then he has dinner and daughter is outside as shes the stinkmeister

later bank guy comes by and meets sam and he warns of this 1600 lb h-llbear like pendemonium watchbear in Yugioh

the bear is too bada55 to fall to a trap, kills for fun, is smart enough tyo outfox humans and might be bulletproof

get a machine gun!

then poker guy comes by named currie liek dr curien in house of the dead almost

the teens with him are the teens who took sams money and sam takes it and causes a fuss

in the chaos control the bottle smashes and dad backhands the teens or something when they come at him

1 of the goons sez girl smells like a skunk and she assaults him

what a b--ch

currie has the boys pay back the 10$ and offers to buy the farm but dad dont consent

he's probably gonna be eated by the bear

so later dad goers to town and the pool hall chick is gay for sam

dad meets beardo and in a shed; the teens make illegal liquor

dad comes by and wants some stock and reveals he's an ex cop and smells the booze

they deny it but a drunk rooster strumbles aorund

the teens are gonna pull a gun on em but their ma comes out and tells em to help him get cr-p for dad who also wants hogs and other farm animnals

he gets some cows and they see buzzards above and find a dead cow

it was probably aliens or soace daermons mutilationg it

he finds a massive footpring of the killer bear and presses his foot in it

at night he plays guitar and sings a soft love song like its roboptech or something

wife comforts him and they have a soft moment

at night the animals spazz out and when dad and sam or w/e the drunk wanting guy get there; the bear attacks and busts through the wall like the kool aids guy

it f--ks out the dog and runs off and dad gets the dog to take to a dr

oh and sam;'s donkey got it

so they ride out and some guys come at em with guns and i think its the teens from b4

he scares em off and gets the dog to the dr

a blonde chats with pool owner abotu sam and the teens come by for the blonde

blonde is a relative dad and dad comes in telling em he's gonna pull ekm apart if they try it again

imagine him pulling their arms and tearing em off like that guy in ninja scroll

1 teen challenges dad to a fight as he got backhanded before

teen mouthes off to dad who backhands his a55 again and a fight breaks out

dad wins cuz he's a big strong he man and tghose guys are punk 20 year old teens and has a swig of the teens booze

currie comes in and sez to stop hassling dad and the teens will pay for the damage to the store

later dad is gonna pawn his sherrif medal star and i think what';s left of the horses a55 that got eat by the bear

he sells it and gets money and wants to buy a bull and the bank guy lets him have a little extra from his own pocket tyo buy it

oh the bull was iced by the bear, not the donkey

daughter peed her pants and left them on the water pump and dad takes em off

currie finds out that banker loaned dasd money and got the star as collateral and b--ches out on him

now no more loans for dad ubnless its to morgage his property

later its home and the bear a55 comes and the guys go out with guns to finish it!

but they find the sams horse all ripped openon the side and sam crys for it

oh mule! u were the only one i evber loved! i'll kae sure we'll always be together!(eats her)

nah thats violence jack

so dad is gonna go out and hunt the bear and mom trys to talk him outta it

so they go up and the bear gets behind em and they gotta jump off a cliff into a stream

i read that a russiuan boxer is in srs condition after killing a bear with a knife as it killed his friend

those freekin soviets

i guess zangeif was based on a true story

so dad comes back and thinks that after shooting it, the bear might stay away

they its later and they got pumpkins and then its a dance with a jack o lantern

pool chick flirts with sam and currie offers a high price for tyhe farm as its almost snow time

dad dont consent and kids look forward to fireworks

1 guy puit a fire cracker in a weatermellon and it pops

with a name like the night of the grizzly, i though this woul;d be a horror movie, not little house on the prarie

blonde and 1 teen getta long and another teen offers her a glass of punch but it turnbs her green

teen who likes her breaks the boose bottles in baD TEENS coat by mashing them with a pan and beasts him out

good use of colored lamps for the face coloring 

then the family goes back and all the animals are dead

i thinmk star wars ripped thisd off, but also the searchers

so dad goes for a loan but only if he morgages his farm and its only for 500$

he don't consent and later the wagon comnes in with some bodies on it from a bear hunt gone wrong

curieie collects money and sends for some tough guys to get the bear

later a bada55 comes in and has a long swig of booze and sends teen for curie

currie comes in and taslks and mom comes over and knows bada55 from b4

she books it and bada55 sez he respects dad but don't care for him

curie offers bada55 1000$ to get the bear b4 dad so he loses his farm and bada555 accepts

also dad is the most skilled in knowing about the bear

so bada55 goes to see dad and wants to know about the bear but dad dont wanna share his secrets

sodad in no shirt makes a bear trap and rubs it with rot meat

they talk at night abour sharing the reeward and the bear comes out at night

bear mauls the sam and dad shoots it a few times and it runs off

we get a sad scene and he bites it

but don't worry, he's just resting, he's gonna be ok

bada55 comes by and sees dad carrying the body away and goes after da bear

in the day thertes a service fgor sam and bada55es dogs get iced

dads gonna go out again and mom wants him to not and tells son they gotta get away with a camera zoom on him befre 

i assume he's gonna o out and try to ice the bear

so dad makes a deep pit and covers it but someone drops a log on it

when dad comes back he sees the footpront of bada55

after more traps against each other go off he is at a camprire and callls bada55 over for a drink

bada55 was in jail for years for wacking an innocent guy and dad turned him in

bada55 never forgave him and wants to ruin him and deny's having f'd dads traps

ddad plays sanother trap but when bada55 trys it, gets a double trapp nailing his leg

dad confronts bada55 over it and throws his damaged boots away sand bada55 trus to kill huk with a knife

they fight on and despite getting a few good hits, bada55 is beat

didn't he cripple his leg in a freakin bear trap?! how's he fighting so well?!

on da farm; the girls talk and beardo does cats cradle

mom wants to leave and hates how in her decade in Utah,, she worried if he'd come home as he was a cop

dad is there and mom is p-ssed he's trying to stop the bear and threatrens to leave him for fighting the bear

what a b--ch!

she wants himn to lose the farm and wants to run away and dad wants to stand strong and fight

dad sez hes goiung out and the son , who's had like 3 scenes about him this whole film, goes out to do something stoopid

later mom notices son is gone when daughter points it out and sez sorry to dad for being b--chy

so dad goes out and callls tp son annd bada55 hears annd eventually trys to j fk him

it only takes off his hat and dad counter attacks aND THE SHOT F---KED OUT bada55es eyes

he slugs out bada55 and later its night and bear comes for son

kid shoot at bear but drops his gun and climbs a tree

btw its really inconsistant on if its day or night

dad comes by and fires on him but bear nAILS  him so he hides in a hole and knifes at the bear

bada55 comes by and does jacvk sh-t and dad shanks the bear

son goes to help dad but bada55 saves him by attacking the bear, only to get mauled by it

dad empties his gun into it and after lie 500 bullets; it finally goes down

bada55 dies and dad comes back with son and its implied he;'s gonna get the reward for wacking the big a55 bear

the end

that was pretty good 

nice acting, clean wholesome story, good drama, good music and filming, good effects

nowadays the guy would be stoopid for finging the bear and the wife would be the "voice of reason" to stop him

Also the bear would be the "good" guy for defending its natural home

no swearing or nude scenes in here and no lust

just some 1800s violence

its a bit cheesy at times but has some heart\

For The Night of the Grizzly 2 I want the guy who wants tthe farm and ownms the bank to refuse to pay and clint has to take him to court. Also there are 2 smaller bears who arte twins and work together to take out more people and avenge their parent, the big bear from the 1st one, revealed to be their mom. And now cllint and currie gotta team up to fight the twin bears. Also its an 8 bit run n gun game on NES, Game Boy, Atari Lynx and 7800, TG16 and Sega Master Syste and Game Gear where you play as clint and curry and fight animals in the woods to get to the bear lair and take on their base.

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