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Colt 45 Review

 Note: I spell like President 45!

Colt 45

This is my revirew for Colt 45 from 1950(60 years before the 1st Robotech War)

its directed by Edwin L. Marin who did Abilene Town and nothing else i ever saw

it stars randoolf scott, Ruth Roman from The Baby, Zachary Scott froim Thr Southerner and Mildred P{ierce, Lloyd Bridges from Jane Austen's Mafia!, Alan Hale 1 from The Adventures of Robin Hood, Ian MacDonald from Apache, Chief Thundercloud and Walter Coy from The Searchers, abnd some WW1 born homies I never heard of

it inspired the series colt 45 that i never saw and i never saw this b4 but my dad likes westerns and i wanted to review something

So it starttts after titakle and crediys, waiut wtf, zachgary scott? i thought it was randolf!

so we get text sating a gun is a tool and can be used for good or bad

thena guy is doing a sales pitch for the colt repeating pistol that helped America beat Soviert Mexico

this seller is a guy who was saved by his firearm as his group was ambushed

a guy in jail sez he wants one to break out as a colt is 6 shots instead of 1

plus you can do russian roulette

so sherrif lets out jailguy to send him out ANDS JAIL GUY GETS A GUN AND another gun and shoots his way out after capping sherrif

the people thing i mean think the seller was in on it with jailo so thesy lock him up

so using this experimental new weapoin, the jailo goes around wasting and staeling things and guys

why not just have a sniper by town and when he fies, they j fk him?

so new sherruf lets out seller as the judfge made him and has poster s on seller thinking hes part of it

the jeailo is wanted for 5000$ and seller weants to hunt down the him and get his guns back

so after a montage the seller hears hunshots and finds an intdian guy who some guys attcked

jailo was there and has his crew going around dressed as indians toi cover their acxtys and planted a real one to take the heat

kinda like the Boston Tea Party

the indian tells main guy seller that the indians coming are actually white like with trudeau and blaming his kind for their actions

mean guy sends indian on main guys horse back to warn his guys and main guy hides as a coach goers by

he jumpos on and tells em to speed through and gets in the coach weith a chick in thertes hes prtobably gonna fall in lovew wioth

jailo sez his wife is on board the coach and sends the attck and main guy seller defends them with firearms

she trys to stop him from capping jailo and the driver gets hit so eventually the coach gets off too far and the bad guys let it go

seller clibs out on a moving coach and stops the horses with gerabbing the reins

a horse golloes i mean follows and main guy wants to turn in the chick as shes in on the bad guys thing and she escxapes on the following horse

so bad guy goes to his base where he has a guy hostage there and his wife is something and this guy played by lloyd bridges dont like workng for bad guy and was a miner

wait, hes part of it and his woman dont know as he dont ewwant her to and thinks he's the hoisotage

chick comes by and lloyd hides ans she sez she dont kknow what the main guy was about

he smooches her with out consent and she dont like it cuz hes gross and probably had aids and she lets her see lloyd

she wants to get help but he sez if she tried then he'd get bcapped

So mnain guy gets the cart coach in to town and gets the driver help and the people worry about the indians

main guy ssez its the wanted guy who had i mean has a pair of colt 45s and the townies dont wanna mess with him

main guy offers to be a deputy to this sherrif who i think is alan hale 1 and is accepted

at base, bad guy wants to know who the guy on the coach was with the 45s and sherrif comes by and sez its the guy who had the guns that is on the coach and wants em back

sherrif wants ro be in charge and not the soldfier if hes gonnas give bad guy the colt seller and beats down the bad guy and gets his guns

but lloyd throws a chair at him and they beat him down, before bad guy pistol whips him

sherrif sez seller is his deptuyry and bad guy sends him to get bad guy i mean main guy , they punches him on the way out

also the minion tyrying to overtake the main bad guy and geting his a55 kicked was done in transformers with megatron and starscream

so later seller is out at night and indiann comes by and likes him for hel;ling him and brings backj his horse

also hes got his crew with him and wants to avenge his3 indians who were iced by whites, so hes gonna murder 3 whites

thatsn not fair, the 3 he killes were innocent

2 wrtongs dont make a right

so main guy tlaks him into not doing that and inidan sez he has a few days

sherrif comes back andmain guy asks about the couple in the mine and the mrs was on the coach

sherrif dont wanna let main guy guo there wait he dont wanna go there and thennext day he sends main guy there

so bad guy sez an extra clip for the guy who naiuls main guy, which i'm not sure how they'd tell whos bullets was the kill shot

they attack but the indians come out and scare off bad guys and take out 1 of em

they catch a few guys and the indian wants to use his ways to make em talk, which i assume means b0ning it outta em, but main guy brings em back to town

lloyd comes by sherrifs place to talk and main guybrings the caught guys in and the people are glad someones cleaning up crime

the toen wants to string em up but main guy wants a fair trial as hes an american and everyone is innocent until proven guilty

the caught guys arte locked up and sherrif is uneasy

so lloyd comes back to base and chick sees and lloyd ewarns the gang their men are gonna get lynched

shes wearing pants? in the 12800s i measn 1800s!?

so she listens in on lloyd telling how he wants to be in this thing and finds out he's working with the bad guys

she turns on him and her tries to get her to join him and she leaves his a55

the lloyd harold catches her and puts her in this shed, like the cabin in the birth of a nation

sher gets him to guive her a matches as its the dark in there and cyberdarknewss drtagon in attack mode equipped with 5 got drtagon

the bads leave and she usaes gunpowder on the door to macguyver a door blowing thing under sanfbags

she gets out and rides off and then theres a trial but the bad guy comes in and caps the witnesses

he sezinmean bad guy sez main guy is the real bad guy and they take his guns and are gonna sting up main guy

chick comes by but loyd caps ghher and main guy in the chaos control punches his way out, gets on a horses a55, and gets her as he rides out

oh and i think the indians were in on it

they town is gonna atttack the indians and lloyd is bummed he had to cap his woman

in the camp the indians treat the chicks bullet hole and main guy talks witrh her about how bad guy wantrs to take over the town and she thought her husband was their captive but is really a partner

she wants bad guy to be iced and main guy wants to end his reign andf take back his guns

the indians tell trhem to stay quiet as the townsmen are in here and main guy sez shewrrif is in on the thing

the head indian sez for them to go and sherrif sez hes gonna send a group to level the town

but the constitution protects agains gov search and seizure

they need a warrent to come in and check or the ecidence, and all evidence from it, is inadmissable

yes i watch law and order

so bad guy wants to wait for the guuy goods to returen and gets a 10% fee fpor security from gold shipments

he wants to rule the town and goes tothe bar with sherriof anfhas some booze

he wakes up in berd with thev sherriof and thinks "noooooooooooo! Not again!!!!"

jk really he talks with lloyd about howe he had to cap his woman and llouyd is glad he gets to live high with bad guy

so the indfiands dance and are gonna attack the town

they find lloyd fuill of bullet holers  from being shot in the back a lot

chicxk wants to keep mainguy from going and throws dirt in his face, then beats him out witj a gun and rides off

btew this is fiullscreen and colored

so he wakes up and has 1 gun left and goes off but the indians see and follow

the sherrif has a rope put across the road and knocks out and catches main guy and talkes him away

the ibndians come and arroew the sherrif and bads and frees main guy

as its 1 hour til dawn and thats when the time b4 the attack is up, indian leader helps main guy

shewrruif isnbt dead and gets upas i guess he had an extrta life and chick is caught by the bads

therry dont kill her now as they are dumbsa55es and instead bad guy talks with her to offer her a chance to be his woman

she dont consenthe almost b0nes her but dont cuz its a 50s moves and he sez I Can Wait

so te main guy and his indians come to town but snewak around like ninja and shewrrifd gets there desp[ite leaving after the ndias ands being arrowed

chick tells bad guy that main guy is after him to f with him and thre bad guys men walk around and are caught by the indiansand knocked out

seller catches a guy but is stabbed and the indians bow and arroe the other guys

1 indian arrows a thing through the bad guys window so basf guy breaks the lights and shoots tjhrough the dooe

it was 1 of his guys on ther other side and her brings out chick as a hostage

the indiasns make sounds to draW HIS FIRE AND HIDE AND HE USES UP HIS BULLETS

HE RUINS INSIFE and chick and indians tell the town that bad guy leads the 45 gang and main guy haS TOI FACE BAd guy

he throws down his guys and grapples but gets thrumbs in his knife hole

bad guy and him grab a gun and 1 fires and then bad guy walks oyut, bites it, and main guy comeds out and hugs chickas he crosses his guns behind his backi mean hers

the end


nice stoery, good twists, nice way of him getting out of a pinch

good action aNDV STYLE and effects

its we;ll made and tells a nice weestern story

if it were made today it would make ALL guns look bad

which is like making ALLv cars look bad cuz a few ghuys drive bad\

even though cars kill more than guns

For Colt 45 2 I want it to be in the 20s and a new car is made but a criminal has taken it and is going around running people over, and the guy who sells the car has to catch him, also its a 32/64 bit racing game like Carmeggodon on playstartion 1, sega satuirn and n64 but you play as either the bad guy running people over or the good guy trying to stop him by hammering your car into his. 

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