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Robocop 3 Review

 ote: I spell like sequelks are seen

Robocop 3

this is my review on Robocop 03 from 1993 (Thew year Sega did Sonic CD)

Its directed by Fred Dekker who did The Monster Squad which I never saw

It stars Robert John Burke from thinner/hide and seek/Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and Law ansd Otrder, Nancy Allen fromm Robocop 1 and 2 ANsd Poltergeist III, Jill Hennessy from Law ands OPrder, rip Torn from the 60s King fo Kings, Airplane II: The Sequel, disneys Hercules, f--king Freddy Got Fingered, DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story, Zoom, and the black men movies, John Castle from The lion in winter, Jodi Long from The Hot chick, John posey from Manhunter and Drop Dead diva, Mako from Conan the Barbarian and destroyer, 7 yeasrs in Tibvet, Rugrats in Paris and Pearl Hartbor, Bradly Whitford from Billy Madison and TYhe West Wang, cch pounder from judtice leafue unlimited, Biker Mice from Mars, Avatar and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, Daniel Von Bargen from Thinner and Seinfeld, Stanly andertson from The Pliencan /Breief and Canadian Bacon and Aermmeggon, Steven Root from King of the Hill and Turn Washingtons Spies, Mario Machado from that George Burns movier about The Lord and Blue Thunder, Jeff Garlin from Ausatin Ppowers 2, Toy Stoery 3 and 4, ParaNorman, Star wars 0009 and The Goldburgs, and archive footage of guys from Robnocop 01 and 02

its written by Frank Miller who did some bada55 thingsand this was made to be more for kids so no gore or nakewd chicks oor swearing, you know: the stuff kids find cool, esp in Go Nagai Manga!

I saw this b4 and thought it wasn't awful, but pepoplerr who saw it hated it

I did play the Master System game and beat it

So aftewr credits we get a cr-ppy cg thing of the ciogty as an add for Delta City and a news thing of how OCP is being bought by the Japanese

As its detoilet; theres crime high so they are taking on the slummers by driving them out

 a girel in this slum works on a laptop i mean watches it and later the cops or w/e come in and bystr her home as she and her fam flees

then title as the cops start driving people from their hjomes ans wsending them away like in evangeline with the evil brits

1 black guy plants a charge on a vehicle and it bles ans he fights a guy, wait its cch poounder, who does kind of a john conor thing and helps the people rise up

the little girls rents are taken to the bus and she escapes and its like in soviet australia how they round people up into quareiontine for the suspician of being infercted

later she's alone in the rotting cuty, findfs a robocopp toy and the cops chanse her until cch catches her in a burned out van

if she gets into p0rn0 she can go by Beth Undine Martha Ppounder, or BUM!

latertr the cch resistance userd dino might to blow a gate and comes in witrh guns in theyr cr-pmobile, but ED 209 is there

she walks up to it and f--ks with the wires and hacks it to make it under her control

haym that was in the master system game

the resistance triewws to go in the armory but the card they use triggers an alert so Ed blows the door and they get huns i mean guns

tyhey get this rocket pack for robocop and when the cops come, Ed 209 gives em copver fire to escape

then a guy tries to hold up a coffee shop but its full orf armed cops, unlike soviet england, and lewis from roibvocop 1 and 2 goes off tyo the break in at the armory

so lewis flups her car and the resistance is getting away, but roboicpop is on their a55

lewis realizes they are in saplatgterpunk terf and they takle coverf in their f'd cars as molotoc cocktails attack

lewis calls for help from the mad max f--ks in soviet detriot and robocop goes back to help her despite higher up orders

so the cops are outta ammo froim firing at nothing and robocop rdrives his car off a building, shoots his way out the rooff, and gets a gun for arm to take em out

he catches a bullet in air to save lewis as he's f--king master roishi and goes after the violence jack guys, but is naiuled with feuil bottles and hit with a flare gun and cooked

but his face is ok as its in the open and he goies on patroll with lewis where he sees the kid and a Church

a Japanese businessman insults the OCP{ guy in Jpaanese and sends a guy ti fix his messes

then the ocp guy goes on a spoeech of how the former ocp guy had a dream for detoilet but now its a warzone and they are running outta money

this is what happens whren you elect democrats

so the cops are going againt the ocp and mcdagget is against robocop helping them take out the slums and is shown to be the bad guy as hes brittish

the japanese ceo is gonna send the otomo robo in a populated area for the 1st time and in ocp, dr lazarus(dat bible ref) is bugged over why Robocopm didn't obey the order

she sez he isn't a robot and has free will and didn't agree with it but trhe bugging guy wants to get rid of robocops emotions

they look over robocopsz memories from the 1st movie and lewis and Lazarus don't wanna pout in the mind block chip

the cops are told to quash the uprising and a cop sez to leweis they mindwiped bum, i mean him, but when robocop comes inn he gets triggered by the scene of the church

robocopp asks if leuws has fam and she sez he knows and robnocp sez call him murphy as they go off

so in the Church Robocop and Lewis go in and the forces of ocp or w/e comes over saying they want the people inside

robocop fires at their freet and tells em they are wrong and lewis sez if tehy wanna go in, they gotta go through em

mcdagget wastes lewis as she wasnt wearing body armor and robocop is busted by a grenage bazooka thing

the slummers fire on the soldiers and robocop puits lewis's body on the alter at the Church as she bites it

so as a lot of guys waNT ben son and stabler to be a couple, or will and grace to be a couple, or huck finn and jum to be a couple, or ed eltrric and royu mustang to be a coulle, or rick hunter and roy fokker to be a coupole, does anyone want lewish and robocop to be one?

so the slummers take robocop through this undertground area and the kid gets this tracking chip out oif him to throw in the water

are they in the sewer? this is like the pahntom of the opera with this undergroudn area

i think a soldier blows the place in the sewer the chip was aNDS 

BUGGING GUY calls lazarus over not putting the mind block chip in or something as the news say robocop iced lewis and joined the rebels

imagine an 1800s robocop where he sides with the confederates?

also; the news making a good guy look bad witryh lies? totally unrealistic!!

so in ocp the things getting f'd and guys are juml;ijng out windoews like its 1929

bugging guy, bradly whitford, b--ches about joinging thwe japoanese company and they see this japanese guy in a meeting with the presidentr who was the dad in freddy got fingered 1

freddys dad fires bradly whitford and this black guy sez to hire guys from the cops as its cheaper than mercenaries

daniel vn bargen from seinfeld is trying to fix robocpp buy dont got the equipment and robocpom sez to find dr LaZARUS

kid goes to ocp and wait i think its the cop place and tells lazarus sheds a friend of robocop and he sez thnx for not taking his memoropes

so the otomo robo races 3 guys and takes em out easy and o h they were rebels

so Lazartus comes by and turns him off to fix him but he wakes up during surgery a few times

then he lists his prime direcvtives and directive 4 of not fighting ocp is deleted and we get a cg tuiunnel of women morphjing into each other like his woman, leiws and lazaris

the kid talks with robocpop about his he used to be called murphy and kid sez cch sez if they hgold out 2 more day, then theyndont gotta move

robocopp goes through his records as i guess hes on the web and sees files of her rents saying they got wacked

otomo steals a poamphet from a store and when the manager obnjects, he uses his katana to slice a sign off\

lazartus seez the prototype of the rocket pack for robocp she made and equips it so we can get a flying level and otomo uses the map he stole in the pamphet and an animatiuon cel thing with a rted line on it to find where the rebvel base is

robocpm gets a memory of lewis and goes of w/o the rocket pack and goes to the ocp place and flame throwerers it, including a box of asplosives which is rtight there for some reason

the flame thrower weas in the master system game too

riobocoip want mcdagget who was in a hidden area as he sez a spy wearned him of it as he talks to the japanese prez with an autotrsanslater on

also when rip torn was talking to the japan prez, they spoke different languages

are they both fluent?

in the motel mcdagget is with this greasy guy from the rtesistanceww who is working for money

robocop saves a teen h--ker from lusty cops and goes to mcdaggets room and seedz the grteasy guy and fires, but they both get away

mcdagget jumps out a window, rolls on the roof, and lands on his feet, only to get to a vbehicle, and robocop takes a p-mp\s ride to chase him

the soldfiers in the vehicle fire on robocop but he returns fire and take em on, but the soldiers use grenades

mcdagget throws money and as dumba55 teens run to get it, robocpop has to stoip

if this were violence jack, hes run em over

at da baSE the greasy guy comes bnack and pulls a gun on em but another guy pulls a gun on him

they realize they are gonna get f'd and run but only rifhtr after they ntoice, does the soldiers come in and nail em

lazarus opens a fense smll enuff for the kifd to get through and she escapes as mcdagget catches laszwerus andf takes her back to find where robocpop is

greasy guy is iced as they didnt wanna pay him and the mcdagget takes over the police station and tells em to clear out the slummers

black cheif dont comnsent and all the cops quit rather than fight the oppressed good guys, unlike soviet canada whwere they attacked the Truckers

so mcdagget makes an offer to the splatterpunks to work for them

after a cartoon add for johnny rehab, we get the news saying robocp iced nuns, but when a reporter sez its bullsh-t, they take it off the air

they got the future right!!

so the kid goes in a buiilding and jacks her laptop in the wires like Penny in Inspector Gadget and her Computer Book and finds wehere lazarus is

lazarus gives the camera the fingfer and swears at em and the splatter punk mad mnax ghang is armed by the company

so the resistance is bummed and the cops come to help em

so robocop comes back after b0ning a super nintendo for the last few hours and finds the otomo robo in the rebel baSE

THEY FIGHT AND THE NImble ninja kicks huis a55 and slices off his fgingers and left arm

left arm offering!

so the punks come and blow cars with something and robocpp uses a grenade cannon to take off robo otomo head

rip torn tells mcdagget to stop but mcdagget pulls a gun on him and takes over

kid meets lazarus from the air bents and tells the peoiple on a private broadcater the truth about the companies and their plans of harming people, which is what would get you barredm from youtube and twitter as its under the control of the bad guys and dont want the TRUTH out

Robocop gets tyhe rocket pack after hearing the broadcast and flies out over the basttle busting tanks

that was in the master system game too

its turbo time!!

so the soldiers come for lazarus but she beats a guy out and takes his gun

ocp stock tanked and robocop busts in the ocp building to arrest mcdagget and cracks another otomo bots head with gunfire

another otomo bot comes in and they team up on robocop and rip torn ditches the company

riboicop is goinna get iced but kid hacks the robots and makes em de head each others

but in 15 seconds, the robots are gonna nuke and robocopp gets in the rocket poack, its roickets cook mcdaggets legs, and he flies off saving the girls as the place nukes

the japanese prez comes in and rip torn ins on the ground  as i guess hes toimmy wiseau and mark taking chris r to the cops fast and rtip torn is fired

the japaeszzene prez bows to robocop and rip tork asks what he is

my friends call me murphy, you call me, robocop!

credits to ep[ic ronocp therme

the end

that ending was actually kinda cool

honest;y, its not bad and has a few good moments

yeah the 1st was the best, but thats kinda how most movies are

for a sequel to a sequel to a hit,m its got some good ideas

it predicted the future well

waoh! Tony Snegoff was in stunts!

The brother of Greg Snegoff from Robotech

the ending where he's Murphy to friends and Robocop tio otyhers is like Mad Bull 34 where he's Sleepy to his friends and Mad Bull to his enemies

the effects were not bad

the story had srtuff that kinda happened later in real life

the acting was decent

i liked it

and the master system game was pretty good too

Glad i saw this

Its better than its given credit for

For Robocop 4 i want it to be after a nucular war between the states and much of the copntinent is a nucular wasteland. Robocop is kept up by salvaging parts  and, nah, better idea, for robocop 4, i want it to be about Lewis being make into a robocop cjhick and she learns the ropes from Robocop tro adapt to the cyberization. also theres a n anti tech group trying to take out robocop and lewis as they see them being part mman part metal as an abomination to their nature goddes they serve and the croco cops gotta take em on. Its also an 8 buit Nes, Game boy, Master system and Game Gear, TG16 Atari Linx and 7800 game wher eyou playn as robocop or CYBER lewis aND take on these eco commies and tneir herb roid powered up mutated bodies.

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