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Reefer Madness Review

note; my typing aint getting no better no non now
reefer madness
this is muy review on reefer madness
its a cautionary tale on the dangers of weed
also called pot, hash, green and (by black guys) chronic
ive never seen this fi but I hear its fun
its the 1930s version of reefer madness btw
I should note that I hear the camera men in the crow were all on blow at the time of filming
after credits we get a warning that the film is freeky but for a reason
as it warns of the dangers of drugs
then a list of symptoms of weed
I never did drugs cuz im from the 80s/90s and we had good don't do drugs adds then
it also sez this story could happen to any of our kids
we then get newspaper headlines of drug storys and then a parents meeting
a guy who looks like mr hayes from the hayes code in the 30s advices laws against pot
I should mention I like watching intervention
it should be mandatory viewing in schools
show kids the dangers of drugs and booze
not hayes tells about how weed is made and smuggled in
they burn weed?
wont the fumes kill people?
that reminds me
I played speedy gonzalas on Gameboy (but my cartridge is f'd up so i cant play the last level)
heres what i learned mexico is like by playing speedy gonzales on gb;
its near an ice cap, the pyramids and cheese island,
its got big patches of fire(where cartels burn their victims?)
theres deadly smoke from chimney's (pot?)
if you touch a snake or a mexican you die on contact,
fatal dark liquid falls from the ceiling(acid?)
and theres "cheese" wheels everywhere(full of drugs?)
not hayes then tells of a recent event involving chronic
in an apartment a wo an was doing drugs
her an complains about her not doing something
I don't know
im not realy paying attention
she gets dressed and some people come over
she mentions that her man brings in kids to do drugs and maybe b0ne
later a guy sez hes having a party at his grammas
its got a pool
later a friend of the party guy warns that the kid the part guy talked to is bad news
I should mention these alleged teens are played by 30 year olds
later its a dance and boys are dancing with dames
at the dancing place the friends of the apartment woman talk about getting more people
a pianist sneaks into a closet and does weed
I assime it was blow in the real version
the party guy and his girl are invited to a party by an adult who does drugs
the party guy and is girl are wholesome and clean cut and polite
like kids up to the 50s
in the 60s they got into drugs and turned bad
I assume this is a metaphor for youth being innocent and clean and when they get corrupted by s=x and beer and bad influences and left wing stuff it turns em malcontent
te party guy comes back home and his kid brother pokes fun at him for having a gf
whats wrong with that?
would it be better if he had a boyfriend?
I think the kid is queer
maybe he wants to turn his bro
imagine if there was a "dont do drugs" ep of yugioh where someone loses a card game and gets so bummed he turns to drugs.
wait that's bandit keith
later  the party boy comes to the dancing place (a drink shop or w/e like in power rangers) and hangs with the drug womans friends
ey o to the apartment and everyones dancing
the apartment wo man is outta smokes and uses the party boy to get a lift
its someone else
party guy (a teen) is smoking (cuz its da 30Z) AND a girl gets him to do chronic
the guy getting smokes arrives and gives the driver a smoke
I hope its only tobacco
in the place with the smokes the guys talk and a big guy is unhappy theyre selling weed to kids
the other guy sez he can retire...permanently!
on his way out he sez he wishes the guy had kids
I assume hes gonna b0ne em
on the drive back the driver is on rugs so he runs over a guy from speeding
the driver is disgruntled
i heard a fun story. a teen babysits a baby. the rents call and she sez she put the turkey in the oven.
they return to find she did drugs and cooked the baby
in a meeting a guy wants to stop weed but it grows wild in every state in the union
even Alaska??
and the only way to stop it is education
they go over past examples of drufgs gone bad
1 kid chopped up his fam with an axe
1 girl did drugs and got b0ned by like 5 guys
the pty boy  in a meeting with a dr and he's not doing well
the dr gives him hope saying he's always there for him
later the party boy is said to have not been in class or weex
hes partying and maybe b0ning
at the drug party theyre b0ning and lolling and drugging
later the cops show up asking a girl about a hit and run
nowadays i see adds for driving high.
they say you shouldnt drive when high.
the thing is, in my day we had adds that said; dont do drugs.
now its ok for drugs but not when driving.
but; if this continues, its gonna be; ok, u can drive high...but not at night.
then; u can drive high at night, but not in weather,
then; u can do it in weather, but not in winter.
we keep pushing in the wrong direction.
the problem isnt "driving" when high, the problem is "being" high in the 1st place!
its like; hey guys, dont eat people in public, people might get grossed out.
a girl is looking for her bf who's on drugs and is advised to go to the apartment
while there she doers weed
while on drugs the guy trys mo lesting her
her bf comes out and sees it but is on drugs so he thinks shes consenting
he slugs out the mo les ter
a guy with a gun comes out and they fight and the gun goes off, killing thwe gf
a guy gets the killers out and sets it up so the bf thinks he did it]
this is a guy telling the story
hows he know about the trickery?
also in violence jack, the guy ate his gf
I read there was cannibalism in here
maybe the remake
the smoke getter sez the hit and run guy wont be found out but he has to deny bering at the apartment
he could black male him into b0nng him
mr rogers was an 80s show.
was there ever a "dont do drugs" episode?
like; someone from the BAD neighborhood visits. and gets prince tuesday hooked on something awful.
so king friday XIII gets him into rehab.
and prince tuesday learns he should never do drugs...until he relapses...
at the trial a guy sez the kids behavior is probably done by drugs
also the apartment woman and her man talk and the man goes to see the boss
the boss is the guy who suggested retiring... permanently!
they suggest wacking someome
there otta be a drug episode of robotech where one guy gets into drugs after his team mate gets blown up
at the trial things look bad for the drug user
the jury wants to string him up
except 1 guy
one other sez they otta "make an example outta him"
he's found guilty
his rents are busted up over it
he's gonna get b0ned dead in jail
there otta be a sailor moon ep about drugs
like sailor venus does drugs at a party and OD'd and was in a coma and got f'd pregnant by some guys
so in the hospital she got more food with a feeding tube and got fat.
she wakes up 8 months pregnant w/ brain damage and muscle atrophy so she cant work out or properly walk and is having a rough hormonal pregnancy.
she also sweats a lot and has B O and cant use her motor skills right so she eats messy and stinks
that would scare kids outta drugs
to quote a restaurant add from da 90s
hay, it could happen.
at the apartment a guy is busted up over the kid they framed getting the guillotine
hes also on drugs
he ants to see a guy
the chick plays piano fast and the guy bites it
he's just freakin out
the apartment woman man comes in and the guy kills him with a stick
the cops bust in and arrest em
then using the info the arrested gave em, start taking down druggies and leaders
the apartment woman outs the killer of the gf and explains everything
oh, the guy the party guy invited to the party did something
I don't know
I cant keep the characters straight
she pleads guilty to moral cr=p and the judge overturns the jury choice in the killing
she gets off easy in exchange for nailing the bad news guy
she thinks with regret over the lives she destroyed and jumps out a 30th story floor
the judge lets off the party boy and sez he has to see the bad news guy's trial to see his almost future
but the bad news guy is brain damaged from doing too much weed
then not hayes gives a speech about informing kids of danger to keep em safe
as it could be our kids turned into junkies
the end
I liked this
I didn't really see anything wrong with the story or characters
people say its bad
I think its a normal 30s filme
maybe not everything was 100% accurate
but the message was there
for reefer madness 2 I'd like it to be in the 60s and known junkie j fk has legalized all drugs to deal with his addiction and moral/legal issues that even his deviant bro r fk cant keep down. with no one to stop the dealers, people become full on addicts and fuly immoral with them b0ning in the streets and rampant cannibalism. to stop em, a vigilante takes down drug dealers by forcing drugs into em and making them OD just enuff to be cripples (but they're minds are still aware of everything) and then sells em to some underground P0RN0 group that makes cripple xxx and they get B0NED on cam in front of everyone! now mr cooper, your marks are too low, even for special ed! ur gonna need some, EXTRA LESS0NS! ahhhhh! u wont talk ur way outta diss again! AHHHHHHHHHH!!

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