Thursday, July 21, 2016

Saturday Night Fever Review

note I cant read
Saturday night fever
this is my review on Saturday night fever
I always got this associated with Saturday night live
spoiler; mad tv is better!
I never liked s  n l as much
my mom sez it was better in the 70s
still not as good as mad tv
my rents liked the 70s where as for me, I love da 80s and 90z
btw; im watching the uncut version
it stars jon Travolta b4 he did face/off
that movie was bad but fun
you know what i want for face/off 2? william shatner and christopher walken playing eachother!
the movie starts with Travolta walking to music
staying alive
I recall his song from the 90s for a battery add with the last toy ing I think Duracell
also I imagined this song saying "zeo 5" after power rangers zeo
jon wears a leather suit and red top
he tries seducing a girl to b0ne
no dice
he goes into a store with a bag and goes back to work at the store
he talks with a guy in a hat about the mans wifes a55
later jonny is malcontent over his pay coming in Monday
the boss don't want him blowing it on a weekend of drugs and b0ning
he comes home and his rents ride his a55
we then get a montage of him gromingin a speedo
I assume he was nude in the real version
he also gets dressed
this isn't power rangers!
you don't need to eat film showing a transformation
jonny don't wanna eat as he sez he don't wanna get anything on his shirt
1st; take off the shirt and eat in ur undies (I do it)
2; he's probably got anorexia
so hewears a towel over it
the fam hits and argues
jonny is malcontent over his dad hitting his hair
also the mom has weird ways of thinking
if they wernt italiano, I'd think she was polish
that night jenny's droogs pick him up in a car and they're drinking/swearing
they want more tapes (audio cassettes)
this movie is like a less funny more sad night at the Roxbury
at the club one of his droogz is lusty and wants to b0ne
this is turning into clockwork orange
ijn the club theres a rainbow lighted floorand the Beethoven song 70s-ized
I remember on rugrats
stu wanted to keep his disco suit
angelica asked what disco is?
dee dee said
its something that was around a long time ago, and is never coming back
odd enough, the 80s and 90s never left
transformers, g I joe, he man, Robotech, thundercats, smurfs, dragonball,saulor moon, power rangers, ninja turtles, pokemon, yugioh, sonic, Mario, Zelda, contra, Castlevania, Voltron
it may sink underground for a bit
but always resurfaces
as disco inferno (not to be confused with dante's inferno) plays, the droogs talk about b0ning women and mouths
jonny dances wth a 4'9 woman but the music changes and jonny is malcontent
so many malcontent teens b0ning
its like degrassi
jonny shows interest in a wo man who can dance
they're gonna b0ne and make kids who will be in sarturday night fever GX
as a wo man gets undressed on stage in a small bikini, jonny talks with a chick about a dance contest coming up
as the now nearly nude woman dances, jonny goes to the car to get his friend outta the car
they get there and he's b0ning a chick in the car loudly and we see his tanned a55
this movie is turning into clockwork orange
then jonny dances to a bee gees song
reminds me of achy breaky heart
I think the song is called "night fever"
I assume that's slang for aids
everyones b0ning so much it might as well be
the next day jonny wakes up in bed in his undies
he reaches into his undies and checks if he still has parts
the next day they're playin some b ball
they talk about wanting more money
well... its the 70s... they could do p0rn0
at work a guy offers jonny a job that pays better
his boss gives him a $2:50 raise
but it goes to 4$
at home jonny starts b--ching about how the only time anyone ever said he was good at something was dancing and a 4$ raise
later the 4'9 chick is gonna do the dance contest with him
they go to a dance studio and the owner sez he b0nes 65% of the chix jonny recommends to try his dance place
also jonny gets free dance room time for sending the owner customers
after the 4;8 chick leaves he tries to b0ne a ballet chick
she turns him down
when jonnuy gets home hias big bro has returned and the fam is bummed
his bro is quitting being a priest
if this were made today his bro would probably wanna be a wo man or have an amputee fetish or something trendy now
at night they talk and his ex priest describes his malcontentary over having to live up to his rents expectations
my mom wants me to cut and spike my hair
I like my hair long and 80s
ohhh yuu lookd sooo goood
f dat
I hated it
jonny sez he saw the big bro as the good bro and himself as the j-ck off
now he's the good son
at the dance place he asks out the ballet girl for the dance contest and coffee
later theyre talking about different areas of new York being better or worse
I thought it was all 1 sinful slum
they talk about romeo ad juliet
spoiler; king kong was a better love story
and its intespecies romance
as they talk they find they has nothings in commons
at her office Laurence Olivier came in and jonny don't know him
in high school in the mid 00s a kid did something and the teacher said he had audacity.
no one in class knew what it meant.
i said it meant chutzpa.
no one knew what that meant either.
freekin monkeys
did they even watch the simpsons?!
once in english class i read a page as shatner.
no one knew what i was doing except the teacher.
one chick; doz sum 1 ack chew lee tokk like dat??
as they talk they find he's a loser with no plans and wasting time at a dance
reminds me of me going to yugioh turn's every weekend
later jonny finds out some Mexicans beat up/mutilated/maybe b0ned their droog
so they go for payback
this is turning into clockwork orange
they drive around looking for some Mexicans to beat up
but they don't find any
at dinner his rents accuse him of saying something that made his bro go out all night
they they go mental and yell about having sh-tty children and the bro not going back to priesthood
later jonny tells the 4'6 girl hes got a better partner
she goes mental
women get so emotional all the time over nothing
they don't see logic
just emotion
but they still deserve love
not if they're scum
but even good women can go mental
then jonny dances with the ballet chick
while dancing he takes the record and they go to a bigger room to dance
if anyone gets offended over that women comment
just remember
1; its a joke
2; if you go mental over it then ur kinda proving it true
later at night she sez she had lunch with paul anka
but jonny is malcontent
he asks her if hes interesting or smart
she sez hes interesting
maybe intelligent
remember; maybe can also mean no
then we get the dance scene with the undressed bikini girl flopping her b00bs around and people dancing
shouldn't there be more drugs?
I just realized that each dance is a new weekend
jony is with his droogs and bro
1 girl asks jonny if hes as good in bed as dancing
maybe they could do a fusion of dancing and b0ning
I just realized this film is a lot like flashdance
then jonny dances in a way impressive in the 70s
he gets the whole floor
it looks bad by todays sandards
I liked napoleon dynamite better
he does a leg thing that's pretty cool though
his bro realizes that his kid bro has skill
like my dad realizing im smart when I read Japanese
one of the droogs wants to know if the pope could give special dispensation for him killing his gf's unborn kid
the bro sez no
despite him being catholic he seems not to get certain parts of the church
like j fk or trudeau or gacy being catholic but doing contrary things
then again we all screw up
later jonny is b0ning a girl and asks her questions on her birth control
she sez shes not using any and he stops b0ning her
btw I just now realized the movie is widescreen
so much night and dark its hard to notice
they go to a bridge and screw around
dumba55 teens
then they fall off
but they were really on a platform under view
they did it to f with the ballet girl
the next day the bro moves out and suggests jonny doers something with his dancing
he left his priest neck thing
after dancing with his ballet girl him and the guys wanna go beat up some Mexicans
the girl sez she met david bowie and they talk about who he b0nes
at the burger place his droogs are a55es
the droog who got the girl pregnant asks the girl about it ansd she sez she'd rather kill than marry him
jonny quits his job cuz he wont get the afternoon off
the friend don't wanna marry a girl cuz she wont kill their kid and everyone sez they gotta marry
maybe you shouldn't have been b0ning her
the pregnancy friend was wearing high heelsthen jonny and the ballet girl drive across a bridge
she sez she got the whole day off and wasn't fired
what a j-ck off jonny is
he's so disgruntled and malcontent
at the place they go to the girl seems to have been b0ning a guy who lived there b4
despite jonny having friends who b0ne a lot, he goes mental over the idea of her b0ning him
she denies b0ning him and sez he helped her
she gets upset over his being a d-ck
he gives facts about the bridge that no one cares about
also a guy was buried in the cement in it
sounds like something that would happen at Disney land
happiest place on earth my a55
that kid getting eaten by a gater was the tip of the iceberg
later jonny sees a girl dancing with the dance place owner and goes mental over the guy's lust
wasn't that the girl he was at the apartment with?
im confused
at night they bust their car into a mexico place and fight
1 guy slugs out a chick that was beating jonny
if someone throws a punch they shouldn't be afraid to take a punch
at the hospital ThEY realize the mexico place they beat up was the wrong gang
they were in the hospital visiting the guy who got beat up
and he wasn't sure it was that gang who busted him
then its the dance contest
I shoudve mentioned b4 but im pretty sure the bridge will be important later as they mentioned it b4 so much
jonny and the 4'4 girl dance to the bee gees
its pretty calm and mellow
then some portu Ricans come o and dance to music I'd expect to hear is a 70s cop film
jonny is surprised they are good
one of his homies says they cant be cuz of their race
jonny thinks they're better than him
no one else does
the porto Ricans get 2nd and jonny gets 1st
the black guy sez jonny is the fred Astaire of brooklyn
he's nowhere near fred astaires level
jonny goes on a malcontent tirade and gives the 1st place prize to the portoricans
he b--ches for a while and tries to b0ne the 4'2 girl
he raepes her and she runs out
he fights his droogs and they say he don't care about her
wtf is his problem?!
what a p o s man!
they drive around raeping a girl and jonny does nothing
this freekin IS clockwork orange!
at the bridge they screw around
they compare d0ngz
the girl runs and jonny gets her
1 guy climbs the wires of the bridge
its the baby daddy
despite them doing the same thimng, the droogs call it dangerous
even beavis and butthead wernt that bad
he goes whiny about cr-p and gets emo
then falls off the bridge
he aint gonna be in Saturday night fever 2
this is like degrassi where that teen did grugs, fell/jumped off a bridge and got brain damage
jonny takes the subway home
the next day jonny goes to the dance partner girl and sez sorry for raeping her
he's done with dancing and wants a real job
they reconcile and hug
the end
the music was ok but this\ film has a lot of awful cr-p in it
then again I did like Urotsukidoji and violence jack and they were similar in content
not bad
kinda dark and edgy
like degrassi meets violence jack is how I'd describe this
or Urotsukidoji and degrassi
for Saturday night fever 2 I'd like the girl all the guys b0ned and the pregnant girl and jenny's girl to have has kids and its set in the early 90s where 1 is into sega and one is into super Nintendo and 1 likes both. also dancing has become the yugioh of this new world and instead of sports theres dancing contests where people settle issues with dancing and dance fighting. jonny is the king of dance but his kids is a 90s kid who wants to play sega and watch batman and power rangers and jonny is having issues from using steroids to keep up with the new kung fu dance fighters and their roids.

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