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Mr Smith Goes To Washington Review

note; spelling rigute are am for a buttmos
mr smith goes to washimgtpn
thias is my review on mr smith goes to Washington
its by frank capra abnd jimmy stewart
we all know of the mel gibson version on the simpsons
but this is the original
lets see if its any good
it starts wuth opening credits and the roger ramjet theme
ooh, claude rains is in this
hrs good
loved the invisible man
it starts with people calling eachother (including senator pain)
some guy bit it
they need to replace him
in the senate
ooh, the dad from our man godfrey is in this
they wanna build a dam but the replacement guy might screw it up
they buried the building thing in a bill
pain wants to upgrade his position
also the dam project has a lot of sneaky sh-t involved in it
hey wanna nominate a yes man but the people reject it
so another guy is selected
but theres issues with him
at dinner his kids (and theres a lot of em)comment on his dealings
they wanna nominate mr smith
hes a real american
and kids love him
and he's in the boy scouts
the kids say since 50 000 kids love him, theuir parents will listen to  politics
my a55
mine don't like my political views
they also believe in evolution, global warming, j fk's official story, n|ne ||, and princess daianna being only killed in an accident
in other words, they're deniers
then mr smith was chosen
the bad guys say this can turn out well for em
at a banquet, the guy with 20 kids praises himself for choosing a man of the people, not some political insider
mr smith gives a shakey speech saying his dad was homies with pain
he sez he never will dishonor his position
unlike most people in the system nowadays
the boyscouts give him a brief case and they play the song from the end of its a wonderful life
the kids love him
if this were made today he'd be b0ning them and the scandle would be about him
later he talks with pain
mr smith's dad didn't buy into the corrip[tion so he got iced
sounds like princesss daianna
or marylin Monroe
later he is carrying a box of birds
he meets a buncha chix and 1 is pains kid
later, smith is unaccounted for and the badds are looking for him
mr smith is looking through american landmarks like the constitution or statues of the founding fathers
most of em owned slaves btw
not that theres anything wrong with that
this is really patriotic
he also looks at a lincon statue
unlike biden(who disagrees with the state of the unborn but does nothing) lincon fought against constitution and supreme court decisions and is remembered as a hero
everyone thinks hes out drinking
in the real version they might've thought he was out b0ning
the daughter (pain jr) finds him and reports hes found and sober
smith explains he saw the sights of the capital
I forgot to mention pain jr is paid to keep an eye on smith and maybe seduce him
after a car ride, she likes him and wants to quit
in an interview he sez he wants a boys camp in his state to help poor kids an the kds pay the gov back in change they find
he sez pain jr is pretty
and does some nature cr-p like bird calls
the papers exaggerate his stories to cause a sensation
like with rob ford getting attacked by the mainstream media for not being 1 of em
pain sez to pain jr to keep smith away from their sh-t
in parliament, this little boy explains how things work
like when you start a modern game and get a tutorial
the kids name is Richard jones
like rick jones from hulk
or dick jones from robocop
oh and the desk mr smith has was once denial websters
I don't know who that is
they start with a prayer b4 doing politics
nowadays tat would cause the malcontent liberals to call it offensive as not everyone believes
not everyones black. is black history month offensive?
b4 smith is sworn in, a guy attacks smith's character over newspaper propaganda
pain defends him
he's sworn in with an oath to defend america fro enemies foreign and domestic
liberals don't do either and say anyone who does is a "racist"
after a montage where h does stuff (im not really paying attention) he goes to the paper guys
they say stuff that encourages him to get off his a55
he talks to pain and wants to make a difference
pain sez this is gov sh-t that's made my legal minds
in other words; only we can do it
he tells smth to make his own bill over the boys thing
pain jr talks with smith and hes fumbling around with is hat cuz hes got a b0ner
trips over a desk as he leaves
later he talks with pain jr about how top make a bill
they talk over it over the night and smith wants to inspire pro american feelings in the kids so they can love their country
unlike all these commies in Hollywood and tumber hating it
the girl hes talking to is called ms sanders
I thought it was pain jr
srs jean Arthur
he wants to know her 1st name but she don't wanna say it
afte gurssing she sez its clairissa
in parliament smith tries to introduce his bill
hes not experienced in it ad everyone lols at him
he ses his idea but does it all cr-ppy
but the boys cheer for him
later the dad from godfrey warns pain that smith is trouble and wants to wack him
at smiths office people want sh-t from him
hes aso got mail
its change from boys who wanna be in his boys camp
pain jr calls and sez she is gonna do stuff with smith tomorrow
sanderas answers and is displeased
smith talx to her and fumbles with his hat
I assume that's 30s censorship for him getting a b0ner
the sanders is malcontent over te pain jr getting smith
she and a bad guy worry about being found out about their scheme
so they go to dinner and drink booze
she wants to marry the guy
they talk about nature and she reveals shes named clairissa
she sez she don't wanna let pain jr cut up mr smith and runs out to save him
she gets back and is disgruntled and finds smith not chopped up
she tells smith to go home and hes too pure for politcs
she reveals that theres a dam going up to fill out the area he wants to have the boys camp
and pain jr took hi out that day to keep him from hearing of it
smith talks to pain about the project an knows that he knows of the guy benefiting from it
the godfrey dad calls the headmaster and the badds argue
pain sez he'd handle it but don't wanna be part of icing him
the headmaster sez he made pain a senator and sez he can replace him
pain sez he don't wanna be too rough with smith
are they gonna b0ne him into submission?
the headmaster talks to smith and tries to bribe him
he also reveals he controls things
smith goes to see pain but pain sez not to f with things
pain sez he gave in to be part of the machine to help
in parlement smith calls ouit the bill with the badd benefit
but pain jumps in saying smith isn't fit to work I politics
he sez smiith owns the land for the boys camp and wants to profit
the news gets out and smith gets a hearing
at the hearing people lie about it
this movie is a lot like mr deeds goes to town
when mr smith is gonna give his side, he runs out
smith looks at the lincon things
he cries and the sanders comforts him
tjis reminds me of something that happened when I was in the womb
in the 80s my dad went to japan on a business trip and in america a politic guy had a conference in his office
he was accused of stealing money
so he ate his gun
in america it showed a gun or the guy holding it
in japan it showed his head popping
it turned out he was framed and had he defended himself it would bankrupt his fam defending it
so he ate his gun to give them a benefit for biting it in office
and as he was never fired or w/e they got enough cash to survive
although I'd rather have my fam than cash
cash can be replaced easy
so the sanders cheers up the smith
in parlement they wanna kick out mr smith
but b4 he's fired (ike dick jones in Robocop) he is still a senator and has the right to speak
and he starts talking and sez he wont yield
pain tried to shut him up
but smith wont and he outs the headmaster
pain sez he was in the room with the headmaster and smity and the badds but lies for why
mr smith wants 1 week to clear his name
the senators say no]
the senators leave saying they wont come back til he leaves
so smith calls to the people
using signals from the sanders, he uses a rule in the books to force a quorum
the headmaster tries to get pain to ruin smith
he sez to keep the pro smith facts out of his papers
this is like hilery vs Donald
a big corrupt media owning insider vs a normal guy who wants to do good and has the people n his side
the senators are siding with smith but pain gets em to try to wear down smith
smith uses a filibuster
as long as he don't stop talking or sit down or leave the chamber, he can hold the floor
if I were him I'd talk slow
good thing hes not a fat slob w/o stamina and rotting bones
as in; hes in shape
the headmaster keeps trying to use the media to fight the smth
smith gives an inspiring speech
theres plenty of 30s quips that's fun and timeless
he's offered a chance to call a break but if he does he loses his progress
like me playing high seas havoc on sega and paying it on/off for 44 hours
that white suit wolf furry was a pain in my a55
also the smith's home state isn't getting any of his sh-t spread as the headmaster controls the papers
is this a union thing?
so the sanders spreads the word by hand and private printed papers
nowadays you'd go to twitter but that site is owned by a corrupt commie who censors the real people
the next AM smith is still talking and is reading the constitution slow
the people mobilize but  the headmaster owned media spreads his propaganda
23 hours later, smth is still talking and wearing out
he should have some coke
he gives a meaningful speech but pain brings in evidence of what his state thinks
they bring in newspapers
its telegrams
50 000
smith reads em
he rummages through em
hes kinda bummed
he sez this is a lost cause but pain once said those ate the only ones worth fighting for
he appeals to pain and decides to fight on
then he keels over
pauin looks worried and leaves
then theres gunfire.
pain tried to eat his gun
he admits hes gone wrong and will out the headmaster
the end
that was good
h b warner was in this
he played Jesus in King of Kings in the 20s
this movie is good
it otta be on the history channel
its more real than the texas chainsaw massacre remake
for mr smith goes to Washington 2 I'd like for the headmaster to have fought back against pain's betrayal by b0ning his daughter dead and eating her in front of pain(who had his arms/legs sawed off). pain gets metal limbs and tries to fight back against him but his papers smear him and accuse him of being into b0ning dogs. the dog lovers and animal supremacists go after him and he's on the run from them and the headmaster's men. he goes from place to place under cover and using alias's to keep from being seen while icing anyone who tries to wack him.

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