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Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid Review

note; u're probably used to my bad spelling by now. so I don't have to try
butch cassidy and the sundance kid
this is my review on butch csidy and the sundance kid
that title sounds a bit like a p0rn0
but I know its a western
its from da 60s and had Robert redford (who I recently saw in "a walk in the woods")
its also got paul newman who makes pasta sause
it starts with a silent fim of b/s going on a train robbery
ooh, jeff corey is in here
he was ryuken in hokuto no ken(fist of the north star) the 86 movie\
its also got cloris leachman
I assume b4 she geezered out\
after the silent film we get text saying "most of what follows is true"
considering how they f'd up noah and the texas chainsaw massacre, i'd doubt that
the film is sepia tone and paul newman walks around some place
he talks to a guard and leaves
then we get redford playing cards
he sez prayer is the secret to success
he wins and the guy hes playing sez redford is cheating
he sez hes not
the player tells him to go w/o his cash
newman tries to get the player to tell them to stay
mus be an ocd thing
he finds out hes the sundance kid
he regrets his actions as he'd be iced if he gunfought
\he invites em to stay but sundance sez they're going
then he uses his guns to not only shoot the players gun out the holster, but hoot I across the room
they leave and lm goes color
they talk as they horsey ride about California
\they go to some place and talk to some guys
a big a55 tall guy tells em not to jack any banks
redford reads his own wanted poster
they're called the "hole in the wall" gang
sounds 18+
the big guy wants to duel
but not with yugioh cards
guns or knives
sounds like double dragon
newman don't wanna use either
the big guy takes off his top
newman walks up to him and sez to set up the rules
biguy sez theres no knife fight rules
so newman kicks his arts and slugs him out
later they jack a train
but the guy in the train don't wanna give em the cash
so they blow open the train and check the guy
hes probably got internal damage or a concussion
later a moustache guy tries to get people to go after em
\at a bar this fat chick sez theres a war with the Spanish
she seems o be a h00ker
b/s consider fighting the Spanish
what year is this?
the moustache guy reveals a new invention; a bike!!
later this chick undresses and notices redford is there
he pulls a gun on her and tells her to keep going
I assume he butt b0ned her in the real version
nowadays this would make him the villain
theres no music either
tuens out she likes him and this was just roleplay
the next day they're in bed after b0ning all night and redford takes her on a bike ride
they play that "raindrops keep fallin on my head" song from Spider-Man 2
yeah, that song was around in da 1800s
nowadays they'd have them wearing helmets
its newman rideing he on a bike
he does bike tricks
its like that not tony hawk guy who goes bmx games
he busts through a fencer and a big a55 bull comes after em
if a candy a55 bike can break a fence, how could it hold a 800lb bull??
he rides with the girl and they leave
back at the place redford b0ned her they talk about if she men Neman 1st theyd be getting married
he sez in some countries rding a bike together means they're married
sounds like ripleys believe it or not
they then jack another train and the blown up guy is there again
they trick him to open the car by using a nasty old hAG As a hostage
the money is in a safe so they blow it up
then they see another train coming
a buncha horsemen come out like n a video game
they cheese it and theres a chase
the gag splits up but the riders only chase b/s
they chase goes through a desert
later they go to a place full of chicks and newman tells a guy to say he saw em ride through town 5 mins ago
later paul newman is b0ning some blonde
he stops and watches the riders go through town
the blonde sez he's the only real man she ever knew
I assume that means everyone else is hermaphrodites or cross dressers
like in sailor moon season 5
at night they ride out after trying to drive away horses
I think its the riders
later they go to this house
later they are still on the run and going across rock ground and water
the riders till track em
they say the tracker is called "lord Baltimore" and is 100% indian
after much more attempts to escape they get to a cliff over a river
they argue over fighting or jumping
but redford cant swim
they jump anyway
I'm pretty sure the river ride is done with stunt doubles
they have dialogue obviously dubbed over
later they get back to the chick and she sez the paper sez they bit it
she sez the railroad sent out special trains and workers to get em
newman goes mental over the guy trying to stop his theft
if he paid me to stop robbin him i'd stop robbin him!
so its like being in a union?
isn't newman the bad guy?
he steals from people with jobs
like the union
the chick they were b0ning sz shes 26 and a school teacher
her only excitement is from them
and shes on their side
newman throws the bike in da mud and we get a montage of 1800s photos
ooh, they added b/s in them
later they go to this run down place
I think its mexiko
later the chick is in bed with redford and trying to teach him Mexican
she calls through the wall to get newman to learn
they try jacking a Mexican bank but need a note to remember what to say
in Europe and japan the people speak better english than many people born in America
not just Mexicans
but also homies who rhyme air and player
they get the cash nd leave but are chased
later they get a bank guy to show em the safe in the bottom of the bank and they jack it
no dialogue
just music
later they have more montage of em jacking from banks
they get a plan to swipe a payroll
but people need that money to live off of
redford shows his skill by shooting a rock around
they are hired by the payroll theif
on the attempt, the theif is capped
b/s throw back the cash and run
as the Mexicans count it b/s get in POsition and talk to em about getting it back
newman sez he never shot anyone
so why does he get top billing?
doesn't that make HIM the sidekick?
the Mexicans get ready to shoot em so b/s waste em
later they feel down about capping people who tried to ice em
later they at at a restaurant and a gunfight breaks out
or maybe a sniper
its a bucha guys
as its against the law to own a firearm in mexico, only b/s are able to fight back
they talk for a bit about newman going out as redford can cover hm
newman runs out and redford opens fire
then redford runs out shooting
they repeat this pattern
newman gets ammo
use the spread gun!
newman rides nbetween 2 horses as cover
they gunfight but take a few hits
they talk a bit
then more Mexicans come in
its a freekin army!
newman sez he figured redford wanted to go to Australia
that place always s-cked!
now they have bad internet and ban any movie over g13
regular p0rn0 is illegal there
not with animals or kids or the dead
1 living human white straight adult man with 1 living human adult straight woman
so b/s run out and open fire and the scree freezes and we hear gunfire
the end
that was pretty good
good pacing
nice music
good banter and comradery between the characters
I liked it
plus I like films in the 1800s anfd w/o cg
except bram stokers Dracula
that one s-cked
I liked the sega genesis game though
its not bad when u get used to it
for butch Cassidy and the sundance kid 2 I'd like for the chick they were b0ning to have had twins: 1 from each father(it is possible. I saw it on maury povich!) they grow up to be teens and find out their fathers are still alive in mexico. they go on an excellent adventure to save em but find they are limbless and hooked up to enema's to keep em alive. the Mexicans didn't want them to die, they wanted em to suffer for being American! the teens sae em and carry em out as they are lighter from having bones and organs removed and bring em to nikola tesla who quips them with AC powered prosthetic limbs. they new adventure together and hunt bigfoot in the wild. its also a 2 player run and gun game with 1 player as each brother and they fight into and out of mexico to save the dads. with a code given at the end of the game(or looked up online) you can unlock cyber butch and cyber sundance as players who use death rays and can double jump with booster in their cyber legs.

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