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Strangers On A Train Review

note; if I type bad its ur fault
strangers on a train
this is my review for strangers on a train
its by Alfred yankovic I mean Hitchcock
after some credits and walking, these 2 guys meet on a train
1 guy chats with him and gets chummy
the chummy guy knows a lot about the other guy
I assume he wants to b0ne him
in gotham, they made the penguin gay for the riddler
I imagine danny DeVito b0ning jim carrey
the main guy wants to get married to this chick but hes already married and getting divorced
hes stopping off in his home town to see his current woman
they have dinner together and the chummy guy b-ches about his dad being a d-ck
he wants to wack him
what a p o s
just cuz he's a j-rk off doesn't mean he should attack his dad for trying to help hm
he wants to do a lot of sh-t b4 he bites it
\even wanting to go on a rocket to da moon
jokes on him, the moon dosnt exist
its a myth made up to scare the Chinese into thinking an eclipse isn't a dragon eating the sun
the chummy guy tries to get the main guy into wacking people
the chummy guy will ice the main guy's woman
and the main guy would ice the chummy guy's dad
that way theres no motive
in theory it makes sense but that doesn't get you away from God's judgement
He gave us 10 laws
one of them is don't murder
the main guys sez; whatever homie(not in those words) and leaves
but leaves his personal lighter and the chummy guy gets it
the chummy guy sez; crisscross
I assume that's where chiiss mac daddy and chris daddy mac got it from
the main guy chats with his current woman and says shes gonna have someone elses baby
shes kind of a b--ch and wants to drain him for more cash
then she sez she don't want a divorce
shes using him for more status and cr-p
shes really awful
they struggle and a guy breaks it up
he leaves and she yells at him she's getting what she wants
he chats on the phone with his god woman and sez he's so p-ssed he could strangle her
maybe he could cut her open and b0ne her guts
or just remove her arms and legs and sell her to a purvo
meanwhile the chummy guy chats with his mommy and is p-ssd at his dad
the mom has painted a f'd up picture and the son sez its his dad
she said its supposed to be saint Francis
then the main guy chats with the chummy guy on the phone and finds the bad woman isn't gonna let him free
later the chummy guy is oot and aboot and follows the bad woman to an amusement park
shes got a buncha guys with her
what a sl-t!
good thing we don't have the aids yet
this kid pretends to cap the chummy guy so he pops the kids balloon with his cig
I always felt bad for balloons that popped as a kid
I liked em and thought they were nice
btw, the bad woman here looks like a tumbler feminist
those glasses, the hair, the outfit
if she was a larda55 she's be a perfect match
don't worry
not all fat chix are feminists
many are happy and fun and like men and attractive
he follows her around and into the tunnel of love
in the dark knight returns, that's where batman wasted the joker
btw; tunnel of love sounds like a P0RN0E
in it she I doing stuff with a guy
I assume they were b0ning in he real version
this is good build up btw
u know hes gonna waste her
he gets to her and strangles her but drops the lighter
bt picks it up
i'd say its not that bad he wasted her 5kanky a55
but I feel bad for her illegitimate unborn kid
he/she did nothing wrong
the chummy guy leaves and helps a blimd man cross the street
how nice
it almost makes up for his icing some b--ch
meanwhile, on a train the main guy chats with a drunk guy
when the main guy returns home the chummy guy talks o him in the shadows about how he wasted the bad wo man
the main guy isn't happy and wants to call the cops
but the chummy guy sez that if he does he'd get arrested
chummy guy had 0 motive
main guy calls him crazy but chummy guy is triggered
chumy guy sez he has a luger from a pawn shop to have main guy waste the other guy
main guy sez he never wans to see chummy guy again and goes inside to get the phone
then he seez his gf and talks to some people
they say hi bad woman was iced
they talk aboot how he had motve but was on a train
the druk guy was his alibi
ONE GIRL SEZ THE bad wo man was a tr-mp and was out b0ning guys
the older guy sez even she had the right to life
later the good gf sez shes glad they re free to marry and shes glad he didn't waste her as I would keep em apart
the main guy goes to the cops and brings his alibi
but the guy was too drunk to recall
the main guy sez that him finding and naming a guy from the train proves hes not guilty
but its not enuff
theres other ways he could've known
oh and he has a cop tailing his a55 now
the fam sez he should go on like nothing happened
he gets a call from the chummy guy but he hangs up
later he is out with the cop and sez after hes done tennis hes going into politics
he keeps getting contacts from the chummy guy to wack his target but the main guy keeps ignoring em
his gf seez the together and sees his name (Bruno) on his tie
remember Bruno the kid?
that was a cool 90s show
at a tennis game he sees the chummy guy in the audience looking at him as everyone else follows the tennis game
good shot
the chummy guy and his mom meet the main guy, his gf and her sister(who looks similar to the bad woman)
he gets a bit triggered
at some point someone told a story of a man stuck in an icebox for 6 hours and I think he ate human meat
I wasn't really paying attention
at a party the chummy guy sez to the gfs dad about his life force power idea that's more than atomic
sounds like Protoculture from Robotech
he also talks with a judge about sending people to the chair
he uses his charisma with chicks
re born in the 1800s
they discuss wacking people
he tests strangling this 1800s chick as fun but sees the sister and goes into auto kill
he blacks out and I think he j-zzed in his pants
it hardly focus's on the 1800s dame
later the main guy chats with the chummy guy and he slugs him
I assume he tried to b0ne the main guy in the real version and he had to get him off
he leaves and the sister realizes that the chummy guy was thnking of/looking at her as he strangled the 1800s broad
the gf chats with the main guy and finds the bad wo man had similar glasses
he reveals the crisscross plan and how he didn't consent
later main guy calls chummy guy and sez hes gonna do it but the gotta meet 1st
wait, he sez for him to leave the house
he sneaks in and finds a big dot its nice to him
he sez to the dad he wants to talk to him about the son
but its the chummy guy in bed
main guy tries to talk chummy guy into getting help
but he sez main guy owes him for the wacking
main guy leaves
the gf tries to get chummy guys mom to help but he don't think her son really did anything bad
each time some malcontent beats a guy da or caps someone, the mom sticks up for him
esp is the maniac was capped by a cop or hero to save lives
chummy guy tries to twist things to say the main guy iced her and hes protecting him
main guy and gf chat and is revealed the chummy guy wants to plant the lighter at night to frame he main guy
so the main guy has to win a buncha tennis games fast to get to stop the killer
this is like a yugioh thing
its revealed he usually plays games slow but here he tries a quick attack
sorta like me and my archfiend deck
if I get a good hand I can swarm daemons
tourguide, et archfiend heiress, archfiend cmmander pop heiress, get archfiend palabrynth. exclude tourguide get another commander,
then I can xyz summon into rank 6, attack with 2 2500atk monsters next turn, or synchro wit a good tuner
also if I get archfiend emperor I can exclude a 3commander and get out another emperor for 2 3500 atk monsters that an bust a card each with their effects
he wins more games bt the last guy is holding out
on the way to the crime scene, the chummy guy drops tighter
he tries to reach it outta the sewer but it falls deeper
he reaches deeper and i' surprised he can get his am that low
wont the grate crush his arm from pressure?
btw, good use of cutting ack and forth from the game and the lighter
very much like in birth of a nation by d w Griffith
the sister delAYS the cops following main guy and he escapes after winning
main guy and eventually cops get to this train station or mall or w/e
the cops find hes going to his hometown and they decide to let him go and let the cops there get him
at the carnival its revealed they turned the crime scene into a tourist thing as couples wont go to the overs place
at night the guys arrive
the cops spread word to look out for him
the  chummy guy is in line for a boat to the island
main guy spots chummy guy and the cops see him
a cop opens fire and caps the merry go round guy
it goes super speed
main guy fights chummy guy on it
crazy death match boss battle
on a merry go round
also a little boy is on the merry go round and a geezer is going under it to stop it
the boy almoist falls but is saved by the main guy
he fights chummy guy and nearl goes off the ride
chummy guy keeps kicking his hands as he holds ongeezer stops the ride and it f--ks out and falls apart
a witness sez min guy isn't the killer and chummy is
chummy uy is crushed in pieces in the merry go round
main guy tries to get him o confess but he lies
he bites t and has the lighter in his hand
later main guy calls his gf and sez things are kosher
the movie ends as it began, a stranger asking if the main guy is the main guy's name
they move to another seat
the end
that was good
really clever camera work
good story
good twists
and a crazy boss fight
I think they kinda reused that in nightmare circus on sega genesis
theres a level u fight on a spinning thing
I can see a streets of rage level in a carnival using that fight on a merry go round
oh and the acting was good
for strangers on a train 2 i'd like for the chummy guy to have survived getting killed in a merry go round and come back with artificial body parts to upgrade his crippled human body. also the baby daddies of the woman he iced in the 1st film are after him as each one of em thinks they were the father and they want revenge for their illegitimate son. its also a platform game on sega genesis and super Nintendo of this cyber boosted guy fighting off dozens of guys who want revenge as she was with many many men.

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