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The Mod Squad Review

Note: I spell mod squad style. homie
the mod squad
this is my review on the mod squad movie from 1999 (The year the SDF 1 landed in Macross Island and ended the Global Civil War)
Its based on a show my dads generation liked from when they were kids and i never saw it or this film b4
its directed by the guy who wrote 8 mile and the 2019 Joker movie
it stars clare danes, giovanni ribisi, dennis farina, josh brolin and eddie griffin
ooh its by mgm
they did good stuf
sonit starts with text saying mod was a type of teen or w/e from the 60s and 70s
then explauns what squad is as people get dumber every year
then we get the backstory of these teens who f'd out of life and wound up in jail
theres a cop raid at this party and they get caught
then dennis farina from law and order and unsolved mystery's sez he gave em a new chance
turns out they work for farina as deputy cops or w/e
so its the dirty dozen, suicide squad and cuber city oedo 808
dennis gets em outta trouble as they were attacking cops they thought were beating up teens
some teens need a beatdown
dennis sends em in on a mission to find out about h--kers
don't get aids
also they work with 2 real copson this mission
so the modders go in a club and a  guy trys to seduce the chick
brolin i think recognizes her and is sober now and dont touch booze
then dont go to a club!!
imma hang out at the slums to avoid doing drugs
later a guy is b0ning a h00ker and brolin i think beats on him
i think it was ribisi
later ribisi talks to the chick and black guy about their screw ups
at the station they clash with real cops and ribisi gets p-ssed off
black guy accuses farina of stealing drugs from an ebidence locker and farina chews his a55 out
huh, this got bad reviews
so far i dont hate it
back at the club they doo more digging for info
outside they find a guy and chase him wth 70s music playing
black guy catches the perp and he gives up the info where he was dropping the guy off and hat perp is not a crook
chick grows closer to brolin
they return to their placr to meet and farina is dead with blow by him
they book it and leave his body to the necroqueers of tthis crime filled city
they tell their story to internak affares and claim they never knew he bit it
they are told by a superior cop to lay low and he gives them his place to come to
chick gets p-ssed and goes home and brolin comes by
meanwhile, ribiji and black guy try to go under cover to catch this guy
rijiki goes to da car wash the perp works as perp knows bllack guy
he yess "stop! police" as he trys to stop this car from going through the car wash with his bare handsand gets foamed
perp sez he was just giving the suspect a ride to meet a cop and they take him
now i never saw the 60s show of this but i suspect they didnt wack their boss
this is sorta like the 2000 charlies angel movie where their base gets blown
or the 90s mission impossible movie where the team gets iced
later chick calls a number and keeps getting a female voice
she takes a cab to this place and finds a guy with a buncha chicks
so she has her cab follow him
at the place he goes she secretly follows and ooverhears this billy guy (billy and jimmy from double dragon?!) talk about a drug deal and how he knows they are cops
oh billy is brolin
also hes with a 5kank
meanwhule, risiki and wblack guy and perp go to this place and perp gets capped
risiki cant deal with this and leaves black guy to the work
the next day billy is with 5kank in bed and chick takes some item from his room
oh i think she jacks his car and burns it
ribisi goes to his dad or the superior or w/e and superior has to make a call to his widfe
then 2 ninjas come in and shoot up the place and risiki jumps out the window like in the wizard of oz and drives away
i figured he was in on it
he warns his homeis and goes to his rents place
man they made thw white guy here kind of a screw up
he tells dad hes a cop and cops are after him and they dont buy it
we're only like an hour in?
that didnt feel like much
risiki comforts chick over her guy she liked being a p-mp and i think they b0ne
i was getting some chocolate milk so i didnt really see
so the 3 reunite and talk about tgeir info on the case
they realize farina was trying to protect em and knew something was up
they sneak into the place the dealers are and use recording devices to get their talk admitting to icing poeple
oh and its cops there
but they dont have enuff evidence somehow as the good cops wont believe it
btw theres quite a lot of swearing for a movie based on a 60s show
imagine star trek where kirk calls spock a c-ck sucker?
so chick goes to the bar to see brolin and fakes not knowing his secrets
both know of each other but both hide it s they dont know they know
thats deep
black guy goes to this dealer and claims to be working for brolin
brolin offers to b0ne chick and dealer dances with black guy
in the real version they were b0ning
the next day rojiki stops by the place chick was with brolin and she sez she didnt b0ne him
did she use her hands? her mouth? her butt?
they go to where black guy and dealer are and he meets these teens who are probably his grandkids or nephews
so black guy and dealer go in this building and brolin shows up
b4 he gets in, black guy goes to the bathroom
as in the room in the house, not, takes a dump on the floor
dealer reveals black guy and brolin outs him as a cop
but then these guys with guns come in and i think are working for billy brolin
or they might be cops
theres a gunfight amd rebeesee slugs out brolin with a rifle
he gets away but chick beats the h-ll outta him with a metal breifcase
in the real version she sttuffed a metal baseball up his a55 like in dororon enpi chan by go nagai
so superior comes in and is gonna blame the modders for the bust gone bad
bt rededeplays a take of farina telling of the thing being crooked and the bad cops are locked up to be b0ned in prison forever
1 cop sez; what are you? sime kinda mod squad or something?
so they say it wont be the same without farina and some 60s slang from the tv show and walk off
using bits from the show only at the end is like the doom movie with the rock using the 1st person thing for a few mins
the end
that wasnt too bad
i mean it didnt impress me and it wasnt great but it was decent
i didnt hate it
the music was good and it got better as it went on
its like a prototype for the charlies angels movie from 2000.
but more srs and less fun
its dark and gritty like most things nowadays and its pretty widescreen
it goes by fast and has a bit of flow and the acting is good
its like a less impressive law and order or something
i didnt hate it but it didnt blow me away
then again i feel like that for star wars but nnot as much
its not hateable or anngering
and even the j-rkoff giovanni rebisi ends up savig the day
kinda like jar jar binks in star wars episode 001 the phantom nemisis
For the mod squad 2 i want them too go undercover in a human organ smuggling ring and they have to eat the organs sometimes to prove they aint cops. also the head of this news network is secretly behind it and uses his media to make the undercover cops look bad with propaganda pieces against them. So they gotta take on all the media followers who wanna take em out. also its a 16 bit up to 3 player beat em up on sega genesis, snes, tg16, atari jaguar and gba where you play as the mod squad and wail on people in the slums of the city and fight your way to the news station to take on the head of it who's all buff and muscley from years of eating people as humans are high protein.

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