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Black Dragons Review

 note; my keyboard f'd out so i gotta use an onscreen one and its gay

black dragons

this is my review of black dragins from 1942

it stars bela lugosi, Clayton Moore from the lone ranger, ken harlan from the penalty and Ethelreda Leopold from the 39 oz, bluebeard and the great dictator

i never saw this b4 but got it on a public domain dvd set and a friend suggested i do it

wtf, a copyright notice about distributing films?

btu this is public domain!

so after some 20s style credits, wait, i forggot to dsya who direectld it

its by willliam nigh (bill nye!) who did the ape and the gay cavalier and the strange case of dr rx

so japan alllegedly attacked honolulu and guys in suits talk about how da army is gonna build something somewhere

someguy sez they're making more ships and some are done on lakes

and something about a new base being madw

so after some placing blowing and burning and guys dealing, theres a war coming and tv suit guys are behind bad stuff or something

i'm having trouble following the story

then lusgosi comes over and chats to this dr there

lugiosi sez every one might bite it and has a steely gave

dr dont recall him and lugosi does something to him and he spazzes out and is monotone

he gave him a flu shot!!

so da suits book it and wonder whats up and 1 sees lugiso telling dr what do do

dr sez to readdy a room for lugosi and lugosi is then in a cab w/ a guy

later its the japanese embassy snd a body is found w/ a  japanese dagger

da cops suspect the dr of knowing something and are gonna  use his neice to get to him

niece comes by drs and a cop comes by too and both wanna c dr

cop finds out the iced guy was at drs party last knight and girl tal to dr but he sez hes staying in his rooom

hes probably j-rkin off to jean harlow pix

lugosi meets girl and sez shes hot and chaats w/ cop and denys knowing iced guy

lugosi goes to j-rk off too and the cchick sez hes hot but dont know him

she asks butler if he knows lugosi bbut he dont

cops wants too see dr and snoops around as butler chexx dr

in drs room its lugosi doing something to makke drs  voices say sh-t

cop books it butt returns in a window and snoopd but lugosi catches him

wait, its not cop, its some guy from da party

lugosi b0nes him dead andchick hears but when she comes in its lugosi who sezz he was humming

hum hum humming the keyboard djinn

they tallk aboot destiny (hero bloo d) and shhe goes and lugosi gets the body and puts it somewhree

so the cops find the body and think it was his heart as  lugosi did something to it

then cops find a plastic surgery add but no name mantioned

cops get this guy amos in soviet new york and  these though guuys come to this guys room in a hotel but he's spazzed out

lugisi wastes him and the toughs find him not there

toughs call the dr to see if hes there and butler sez ja

then they find spazzed guy iced w/ a japan dagger and can't call da cops as they r da bad guyz

good guys trust the cops

later we see a shadow like count orlockk in the chicks room and she wakes up and tells butler but then lugiso

theres no 1 there and lugosi thinks shes faking it to b0ne him

toughs come to drs place and butler sez dr cant be seen

1 goes up and sez to dr room that 1 guy is iced and another wants to tell da cops

lugosi in there has dr tel him to meet him in da celler and when they go there 1 tough trys to ice the other

they cap each other and 1 sees lugosi amd bites it

chick comes down and finds the bodys and cop shows up and she tells him

they go in and theres nothing

goood thing this is the 40s or there'd be blood

cuz no one bleeds in the 40s

cop sez the 2 iced were guests at da party and they see lugisi and go to see dr

lugosi takes a hidden door and lugosi in in the drs room and making hhim say covers for it and that he needs rest

he has aids

she tells cop  butler or bela looxx after dr and cop goes

someone drives a car out and later cops see2 bodys with japan daggers

later butlers gone and cops figger out the 5thh guest might be next

its amos and they wanna bring him over

amos gets a letter and readys his gun

its a plastic surgery card w/ penned on words saying their expecting him at midknight

cop jokes about marryin her to beat her up to get her out

like in Pirates of the Caribbean how backdoor bill whipped orlando bloom to save him

so cop sez the bodys she saw was found in the japan place

and lugosi gives em a note said to be from butler saying hes at a sick friemd

cop gooes and so do lugosi and cop and a guy follow lugosi in a car

i think he gets away

later amos is in a meeting and stops it as cop comes in and tells him about the guys being wacked

amos gives cop a note he got and cop wants amos to be bait for the killer

amos consents and they go back to da drs home

a cop goes into drs room and a guy sneeaks into the celler and finds butler

how long was he there?!

cop went across the country!

oh its cop who found butler

and only butler didn't feed dr da hole time

also chick is a private dick and dr was said to vanish on a ship in the asian sea

the realm niece was living abroad and contacted head cop too chck her uncle

then a masked guy comes down the stairs and in the chaos control, lugosi grabs amos and calls him a japan name and iced him

amos caps lugosi with his last life and the masked guy is sed to be dr

cops nab lugosi and dr sez it started in his homeland

in a flashback, japanese namzis meet a nazi and that lugosi is a plastic surgeon who gave facelists to this black dragon clan order to fake being white

how queer as in anime most japanese characters are blonde and blue eyed

they are to replace americans to stop demmocracy somehow

didn't streets of rage 3 do this?

so the ex japanese ice lugosi so no one knows , wait, they just imprision him, and this p-sses him off

hehas a guuy who looks like hhim in his cell and is gonna get out soon

so i guess he face swaps or something with just a few tools he has on him and now came back for revenge

also he gave dr a shot that devolved him

then lugosi bites it and america stops the spy rinng

the end

that wasnt so bad

yeah its a ww2 film set in its place, but its mostly well made

i had a bit of trouble following it but the acting and writing were ine and it had good mystery

good twistts and yeahh it didnt sound too real, but its probably based on reall stuff

for all we know its possibnle

oh and getting suurgery to go undercover was used in Team America World Police

its only a 1 hour photo play and is good b/w and fullscreen

lugosi is kinda both the good and bad guy soorta like a  film noir

looking back, its pretty good

glad i saw it

for black dragons 2 i want it to be about another atttempt by jjappan to get in america, but for it to be too get america to side with em vs the commies also its an 8 bit point and click game on nes, sega master system, atari 7800, tg16 gamme boy, gamme geat annd lynx where you play as an under cover ninja and try to solve your wayy through this building with info on who to get too help you win america over and stop commies tailing you

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