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A Time For Killing Review

 Note: I spell like samuel oj jackson, wait, wrong movie!

A Time For Killing

This isd my review on A Time For Killing from the distamnt future yeasr of 1997 i mean 1967 (40 years before transformwers sason 4)

Its directal by Phil Karlson who did Kansas City Confidernmtial, Ben and the 1st Walking Tall

But was partly dirtected by Roger Corman who did Day The World Ended, Attack of the Crab Monsters, Teenage Caveman, A Bucket Of Blood, The Wasp Woman, The Little Shop Of Horrors, Tghe Raven, X the man with X Ray Eyes, The Masque of the Red Death, The Tomb Of Ligeia and Frankenstein Unbound

This is based on the book The Southern Blade thast I never read

It stars ther lusty Glenn Ford from blackboard jungle and Superman 01, Paul Petersen from Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (NOT the Human Smuggler), Timothy Carey from East of Eden, One-Eyed Jacks, Shock Treatment, Kenneth Tobey from The Thing from Another World, Airplane!, The Howling, Gremlins 01 and 02 and Big Top Pee Wee, Harrison Ford from sdtar wwars, indiana jones, and who supoports bi den and polaNSKI, Kay E. Kuter from Babe and Watermelon MaN, Dick Miller fr0m A Bucket of Blood/The Little Shop of Horrors/X: The Man with the X-ray Eyes/The Dirty Dozen/The Howling/Gremlins/The Terminator/Chopping Mall/Gremlins 2: The New Batch/Batman: Mask of the Phantasm/Pulp Fiction/Tales from the Crypt Presents: Demon Knight/Justice League Unlimited, Emile Meyer from blackboard junge (blicketee black!), The Man with the Golden Arm and More Dead Than Alive, George Hamilton from The Godfather Part III/Double Dragon/Rumor Has It, Max Baer Jr from The Beverly Hillbillies, Todd Armstrong from Jason and the Argonauts, Maxfield i mean Harry Dean Stanton from The Godfather Part II/Alien 01/Escape from New York/Christine/Red Dawn/Pretty In Pink/The Last Temptation of Christ/The Green Mile/The Avengers 01, and some other 1930s guys i never heard of

i never saw this bf but corman is usually good

ooh its fullscreen and colored

so we get credits with images and designs of Americas 2 flags;yankee and confederate

it plays a good song thats kinda nice and sorta don bluth

then we get a yankee camp where Condederate Americans are kept captiuve

If there was a 2nd Civil War I think The South would win, The South is a bunch of bada55es who shoot their own meat, and the north is a bunch of candya55es who are afraid of guns and meat!

they take a Confederate out and charge him with cr-p and the confederate refuses to stand and ytells the yankee off

hay its han solo, b4 disney f;'d hium

the head yankee wants to execute the Confederates but the good yankees dont consent

for accusations of attempting to escape and icing a guard, they shoot him up but the shots are cr-ppy as the soldiers hearts aint in it

fortd, being indiana jones, fires on him but ihe survicves so socviet glenn ford rides up and caps him

the southerners rise up and fight but 1 is shot and the rest stop

i notice most of the best civil war movies are for the Soputh

Gone with the Wind, Birth of a Nation, the Outlaw Josey Whales

head yankee glenn ford, porobably father of harrison, is the dad of the 1 chick in this movie and she came to see him but saw him ice that guy

she is a missionary and don't like him executing that teen and i think shges his gf not dauhgter

yeah they were gonna get married and the war came like in robotech

he sends her tyo another fort and mweanwhile, the southern prisoners talk about breaking out and plan to do something with the river

as gf gets ready to leave, she sees the men are sick and dont wanna go to the hospital as they fear its the end of em

she leaves the wood fortress made of MURDERED TREESa in a HATE CRIME agianst the planet! PLANT RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS!

jk thats gay

so glennlord reads the southerners that the evil u s grant is taking over and areas and they will be sent out later

the southerners think he hgates em and he sez he dont

at night the confederates take down a guard and dress up a guy as 1 to stay behind and keepm  uip[ appearences but hes probably gonna bite it

they go around and get thinmgs ready and when its clearly daylight but tinted to look darker, 1 southernman says "rprison tyard alls well"

1 guy hinding in a hole shankes a yankee with a shovel and another guy throws a guard from ther tower

so the soutnerners jump in a hole in the floor and pull the door closed and the soldiers who stayed behind use the cannon on the base and cause chaos control

people running about, horses going apesh-t, and at the river, the escaped confederates get logs and make a raft

wtf is asploding on this base?! everythings going up in foireballs!

the confederates on the base get iced and the escaped ones go in the river on logs

later the yankees say they can't go after em as apachies are around and might attack and the higher up wants glan to ghet em even if the war is almost over

the escaped confederates chat and plan their next move and we see the tall rocks like skyscrapers in Metropolis  as the yankees come by escprting the blonde chick'

the yankees looking for the escpaed confederate americans say that indians pull out ur guts and tie em to a tree and make you walk til its all the way out, and intestyines aRE 30 FEET

sounds like mortal kombat or riki-oh

the yankees come by a confederate tied in a cross stance and the confederate sniper wastes the yankees and jethero chops upo a yabnkee offvscreen

they capture the blonde and being good southern gentlemen, treat lkadies with respect

she wants them to help a guy whgos not dead but they wont so she sez: then kill him!

so main confederate caps the guy as he was only following orders

they ride on(rhydon?) amnd the horses a55 she';s on breaks down so she rides with main dconfederate

ther hunter ynakees find the esacort iced and glenn sees they have his womnan

they find a grave and the glenn has em dig it up and its a confederate

1 yankee sez the condeferates wont harm her as theres no point and the yankees berry the dead

so the southerns go on and we get good scenary of rock things to the sky like the buildings in metropolis

they stop and blonde cleans her t-ts wiuth a water stream and the guys look

in the real version they were all j=rkin off and blasting her with their goos

so the guys joke around and jethro is not into chicks, just wasting people, like the asian in the crow city of angels

he fights a guy and the chick watches and her shirt is drw drspite watering it

maiin confederate drinks water and chick watches the jethro and the other guy laugh like idiots and beat on each other

eventusally she jacks a horse and tries to escape and tries to use a X Saber on a Confederate

shges caught and sez to ice her orn let her go as if he don't, she'd ice him next chance she gets

then they fiond the yankees are aftrer em andknew what they'd do b4 they started

he takes a kinfe, raises her dress and it gets tense

then he circimsizes her as he learned it from his slaves

jk he just cuts a putr of her inner dress off

head confederate has a guy stay behind andface the yankees to hold em up and he is gonna bring her along

so they go on and the confederates are a the top odf this hill and they ride down it to don bluth music

so the confederate americans get to this plaace and jethro caps a guy

so they put the blonde in a rooom in the back and she thinks main confederate wants to use her to ice glenn

she sez glenn was nice to confederate and a confederate sez head confederate is a nice guy that she dont believe it

1 confederate wants to go home but the other sez they have a duty to do as everyone wants to

then he sez the homie can go gome and he does

so in the bar, the southern boys pparty with mexican 5kanksa and were probably b0ning em in the REAL version

1 guy bickers with jethro and sez hesd just got pig fat between his ears, even though max baer is jewish

they break bottles and have a knife fight but 1 guy sez: "we almost home, boy! dis war almopsat over!" and head confederate sez "its never over even if it takes 1000 years"

so the yabnkees come by and the confederates sniper at em like the grassy knoll guy on the movie; kill the irishman

main guy locks himself in the room with chiuck and tells herthe note from the guy jethero capped had a note saying wars over

he beats on her and rips her dress a bit so we can see her back anmd shes not wearing as bra

he goes on about how like her, he never though this would happen, like him and this to his country and her humiliatuion is almosat over

then he goes toewartd her and it cuts to the snipers and 1 fakes being from misuri to get attention

a southern stands up like a dumba55 to hear and is saved by the other shoving him and taking the hit

he tells the unhit guy to go and the yankees end him

after getting past the skipers, the yankees go down the hill and get to the rest stoip with mexico 5kanks tending to the wounds of the blonde

she hugs the glenn and her dress is not ripped anymore and i think they implied the souythern guy b0ned her

the yankees say they foound the guy jethro capped and blonde comes out and lies by saying the confederates didnt take the note, so they can't go back and gotta keep chasing em

glen has his men go out and leave all trhe h00kers beind and at a stop, 2 guys talk about wanting to go home

they find a scarf from a confederate and its like they waNNA be caught

blonde wants glen to catch em at any cost but if confederates get to soviet mexico, they cant

glen dont wanna chase him over blondes honor and she eggs him on to do so

the yankees catch the soputhertns and they fire at eachother

jethro wants to fight on eventhough head confederate wants to go back and caps a teen yankee

teen yankee gets off and as a dearth scene to telkl thge glenn to stop em like ronald reagan saying "win 1 4 da gipper"

they chase the confederates and the confederates get to i think mexico and 1 thanks The Lord for their success and they pray

the yankees come for em even though they crossewd da boasrder and have no jurisdicxtion there and have a shootout

1 soldier tells glenn hes in mexico but is capped by a confederate

jethro is behind a southern and fires above his head to f with him

1 southern is snapping and takes out a fellow south

jethro faces a malcoontent southern and both cap each othe and jethro isd freaking out and goes into the yard and gets j fk'd

main confederate is going a bit mad and 1 of his men leaves as he's had enough

glen goes in and caps the head conffederate and chick comes in and sees head confed givwe the glenn the note he took froim the yankee sdsaying the war is over and he told her

he sez the wars over and bites it, but hes goinna be ok, he just needs some rest, theres a hospita plasnet nearby

glen walks out and so does blonde

the end

that was a good film

good writing, acting, story, style amnd character development

good style and feel and nice filming

its well made and holds up

plus the charascters all felt individual

glad io saw this one

corman does it again

For A Time For Killing 2 I want it to be about the confederate guy who went home and finding the unionites are oppressing his people and town during reconstruction, sdo he becomes a masked hero who goes around at night and takes out the worst unionites in the chain of command by working his way up and using an ancient holy lance from before Noah's Flood with ancient tech built into it that his fam found in the 1700s. Also its a 16 bit platform game like Castlevania on Sega Genesis, Snes, TG16, Atari Jaguar and GBA where you take on evil unionites and some of them have expewerimental pre-steampunk tech from ben franklin and are cursed and if overused; devolve the usewr into abominations like The Thing or Batman Beyond

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