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Day The World Ended Review

note; I spell more right than roger corman spends cash
day the world ended
this s my review on day the world ended from 1955
I love his low budget cr-p
its fun and charming
it starts with text saying this story may never happen, but serves as a warning if it does
the story starts with; the end!
he world gets nuked
then opening credits to eerie music
btw its fullscreen so no black bars
I was wrong
its widescreen
black bars
so the earth is in ruins from nucular war
what is this? fist of the north star?
narrator says God saved a few people
this normal couple finds a building
1 blonde guy finds a guy with a f''d face and brings him to it
then this military guy sez to his blonde teen daughter her future husband might not make it there
he knew the nulucal war would apen and planned for it
then the people heading for the building come by
dad don't wanna let em in as he only has enuff supplies for her him and future husband
but she lets em in
the couple are gangsters
he has em clean off the nuculart stuff
then blonde guy and f;d guy come in
blonde guys bro bit it when 30 feet from him
and was gonna be a priest
then a redneck and his a55 come by
gangster suggests capping the f'd guy but dad wants his gun and pulls a gun on him
then blonde guy slugs him out and dad takes da gun
also gangster girl wears a 5kanky dress from main girl
I doubt she'd have that
and the a55 has the same name as the fire t rex from primal rage
dad tells em some of m might bite it from radiation
and theres no connection to the outside world
san fran sicko got nuked
dad planned for this and built his place in a lead filled thing with good winds
so theyre safe
but he is gonna have to ration food to have em survive
holy cr-p the f'd guy is played by seymore from little shop of horrors
they put him in a safe place
blonde guy is a geologist and knows of science cr-p
dad was a captain who was there for nuke tests
also theres coyotes around
waste em!
those are deadly
later at night the f;d guy senses animals outside and ants to eat it
even t its radio active
also wont living in a lead place f them up?
later f'd guy is still alive despite having no food or water
maybe hes powered by magic ki?
also, him being radioactive is a lot like blight from batman beyond
dad wants him iced
but blonde knows hes important
later gangster girl sez gangster guy is into the teen daughter
but blonde guy is into her too
what is this? dynamite by cecil b demille?
f;d guy ices a rabbot but this thing scares him off and eats it
later dad and blonde find the freshly eaten rabbit
and its too radio active for people to eat
and blonde thinks the radiation made people evolve fast
and not just f'd face guy
spoiler; all tests that studied if radation mutations caused evolution proved negative
they may grow an extra leg in the wrong place
but they already had the dna to make legs
plus none of the changes were positive
look it up
its true
I think they used fruit flies
so blonde sez his priest brother says God has plans for us all
nowadays they'd make him look evil for believing in the bible
then dad reads the bible and gangstar sez he never liked it
I miss da 50s
so its gonna rain and the rain will be radioactive
and they gon cut rations
theres water from the mountains tested to be safe they can bathe in
did they only test for radio activity?
if so, it might be full of lead
also, if f'd guy is ok without food or water, then why is them saving him rom the radiation needed?
he's eating irradiated rabbits
would being in the fallout really do any harm to him?
so the girls get in 50s swimsuits and go in da water
they talk about the guys liking em
in the real version they were probably nude
teen senses something watching em but gangster blonde don't mind guys watching her
they leave and find footprints
dad thinks they should ice f'd guy as theres something out there besides him and it might go after em next
then sez he will tell blonde what he saw on the nuke tests
but not now, when they are alone
later, when everyone not there is asleep
gangster girl gets redneck some sugar for his a55
redneck wants to go as his a55 is scared
also theres gold near by
even though its useless in this mad max wasteland
oh and gamgaster guy isn't into gangster girl now that he wants teen blonde
he tries making out with her w/o consent
b4 he b0nes her, gamngster girl comes in and tries seducing her
also shes smoking cigarettes made by redneck
wtf redneck is played by an 80s born silent actor
he was in ace of hearts and the 1923 hunchback of notre dame, both with lon chaney
so theres only enuff food for a month
but gangster wants to ice the other 5 to live longer
and wants a gun
you know, you can ice someone with your bare hands
in prison people get beat dead every day
also f'd guy is able to walk through radioactive mist like its nothing
I like the use of fog for these scenes
the black and white look makes it seem cool
blonde heard of the animal boat at the nuke test b4
but the papers lied and some actually survived
no photos were allowed
but sketches were ok
the only one that really lasted was a monkey that had rubber looking metal skin
wait, it bit it too
and they didnt touch food/water
dad sez blonde gave him hope and responsibility
and he wants the chicks to breed
at night gangster tries to take dads gun
but blonde fights him
and dad lets em fight for blonde to kick his a55
he does
later dad tells teen daughter to marry blonde
as army guys can do marriages in emergency
spoiler; im not sure its a real marriage
what next? you can have a bar mitzvah at a comic book shop?
and instead of the Torah you read an X Men comic?
its a holy ritual
not joining a club
but she don't want to
but agrees as she don't got hope
wtf I just noticed its fullscreen again
gangster blonde gets p-ssed at her bf for wanting ten instead of her
so he smacks her
later dad and blonde say theres not much food left
a guy comes out from the fog and sez he wants food
then bites it
also hes mutating like the monkey
and said theres stronger ones out there
btw this thing of a buncha people in an isolated area surrounded by monsters that eat each other and are poison is like the killer shrews
later teen tells blonde she sensed this thing out there that's getting stronger
later redneck gives gangster girl some booze and sez half the gold he finds is hers
she then tries seducing gangster guy who don't consent and goes to bed
later f'd guy tells blonde he goes into the radio active mists for fun he wont tell him of
I assume he means b0ning
but hes got a rival who wants to ice him
so he sleeps in the base
also soon they'll all bite it
later blonde finds footprints closer to da base
later blonde is trying to find a radio signal
btw I notice this is kinda like survivor with a buncha different people living together w/o modern cr-p
then gangster blonde does a sexy dance and spoken word thing
was she a h00ker b4 the world went violence jack?
shes the mature older woman and the teen is the innocent younger one
like mary ann and ginger in giligans island
which this kinda is a lot like too
later the rednecks pet a55 is missing
f'd guy took him
dad and blonde go after him and find the guy who came by and bit it is eaten to bones
to be fair
now to be fair
this situation is kind of when you should be eating eachother
gangster and redneck go looking 4 da a55
f'd guy gets iced by this unseen thing
dad and blonde find him
then redneck and gangster come by and find f'd guy and the iced a55
btw the f'd guy wasn't Seymore
it was the guy he ate
he got eaten in 2 movies
later redneck goes up into the fog and dad tries to stop him
redneck hits him with a stick and goes up
then bites it
also dad was in the radio active fog
later gangster blonde sez her skin is turning like f;d guy
but everyone sez its still normal
then gangster guy takes teen hostage at knifepoint
they had access to knives?!
but this guys a psycho
he tries b0ning her but gangster blonde saves her
they insult eachother and knife fight
she had a knife too?!
she bites it and he chucks her off a cliff
I thought they were under the cliffs
later main guy I mean blonde confronts gangster but wont ice him
even when dad tells him to
btw what about the food lasting a month?
its been more than that by now
why didn't he ice the others sooner?
esp as hes got access to knifes
gangster menacingly jokes with dad but ads still don't cap him
he sez; if he treys it again he will
what r u wait ing 4?!
also this unseen thing comes near and communicated to her when swimming
she goes home but no one sees it
blonde figures it didnt go into da lake
and the stuff that kills us feeds it
radioactive air and meat
later shes in ed and the thing's shadow goes by
what is he? count orlock?!
btw her future husband in the photo is roger corman
she goes out and finds the thing
it looks like a guy in a cr-ppy monster suit
good cheese grommit
dad notices shes gone and sends blonde after her with a rifle
later dad hears a voice on the radio and gangster hears it too
but dad trys to cover it up
monster drops her in da water but cant follow her
blonde caps it but its unaffected
is it knocking the bullets away?
blonde gets in da water and it starts to rain
it runs and he chases
oh and gangster has a gun now
he gets rain water and dad tests it to find its clean
eventually the thing bites it from rain water
what is this? signs?! (the m night shamalon film)
teen sez she feels sorry for it
blonde fires 3 shots to show hes safe
gangster is gonna cap blonde so he ca have teen
so dad finally caps him a few times
took ya long enuff
they return and dad sez the animals on the ship didn't touch food or water
its made to live in a poison world
man made it but God iced it
he tells em he heard a radio voice and they have a future
then bites it
they go off to find life
the end
but the movie sez
the beginning
that's what I recalled from this when I saw it b4
I liked this
good story
good characers
all different
good twist
it seems to have inspired a lot of cr-p that came later
its only like 80 mins
good film
now for cr-p
for day the world ended 2 I want them to be going across the wastelands and find a village of survivors. but a new monster starts attacking em. they blame the main guys but it turns out, its the gangster blonde who survived the knife and fall from her mutating and wants the main blonde guy for herself. also she can lay eggs that hatch into mini her's and has psychic tentacles she can extend with her ki.

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