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Close Encounters Of The Third Kind Review

note; this fuilm is like 4 hours long with adds and this riview has typoes
close encounters of the third kind
this is my review on close encounters of the third kind from the 70s
its by steven speilberg and stars reichard dreyfuss from valey of the dolls, james and the giant peach and what about bob?
the army or air force or w/e and nasa didn't wanna help and sent speielburg  20 page letter on why this film is dangerous
now speilburg knows this is real
it starts with credits and then creepy music
is this a horror film?
then the desert and its pretty widescreen
like 1/2 the screen is black bars
the desert is in soviet mexico and theres frenchies there
I assume hes the bad guy
they find planes from the past there and theres no tire trails
the planes were missing since 1945 and look new
and still work
they find a Mexican who sez something about the sun coming out last night and has a sunburn
then theres some guys at an airport and pilots are reporting something
later its this kid in his bedroom and his toys come to live
is this where Akira got it from?
maybe poltergeist
the house has stuff moving on its own and the kid looks at something off screen and smiles
I think e t ripped it off
later the kid is running out at night and his rents see him
this is like pet semetary
later the dad played by richer is trying to teach his kid fractions
and his wife starts b--ching about some cr-p
1 kid don't wanna see Pinocchio as its rated G
this is before Don Bluth
oh and dad's name is Roy
Rick playing Roy?
its Robotech!!
then theres a black out
roy goes out at night in the black out and gets lost
while at a train tracks a light comes from above and his machines f out
theres weird anti gravity things too
then it stops
he sees something flying in the sky
then his machines turn on
he drives on and at this road place these flying colored glowing things go by
man we're 30 mins in with adds
the flyers go by this toll booth and the tool opens up on its own
people and cops drive after the lights and at this ridge they see em in the sky
theres weird cloud lights happening
then he's home and wakes up his woman and hes excited
she sez da gov called and wants to see him
he wakes his kids up and takes em on a car ride to the ridge
also hes sunburned
he trys to explain it but s-cked at it
his woman wants to make out and maybe b0ne but hes not into it
they turned him!!
then its the desert in Mongolia and cars/choppers go by these Mongolians
they find a boat there
I think this is where the fist of the north star movie got it
later his woman removes newspaper storys of the u f o from the paper
also the kids are screwing around and mom gets p-ssed
and she don't want word to get out about the space demons
and trys to make kids not believe in em
and dad roy is playing with his shaving cream
roy wants to go out again but wife don't want him to
then work calls and tells wife roy got canned
looks like hes on the welfare now
I blame the prez at the time
later its some 3rd world country I don't recognize and people in robes are cheering and singing
I think this is a cult
they worship the space daemons
then the frenchie plays the chanting or w/e they recorded and iyts like a song or code
then roy goes to the ridge and meets a blonde who got sun burned too
he sees someone making a mound out of diet and sez he's seen this shape b4
also theres many people there
they see these lights in da skye but its windy and angry
turns out its just a chopper
later nerds try to figure out the tune the cult played
1 guy figures out the tune is longitude coordinates (its da Frenchie)
at home, roys kid or blondes kid or w/e is playing the tune on his xylophone and the space daemons come
she locks the doors buit the kid opens 1 and its all red and h-llish out there
are they taking him to h-ll?
I heard on some shows tat aliens are actually from another dimension on the plank scale and are daemons
maybe shew should pray?
rebuke em
I hear alien survivors saying they fear the name of Jesus
she keeps keeping the aliens away but they unscrew the heat vent grate and she covers it with a rug
yeah that'll stop em
if only the Contra guys were here
spread gun!!
the house starts f ing out and the kid goes out the doggie door and they get him
they're probably gonna probe him
she goes to the cops and media like they can do anything and is in shock
the news talks about the supernatural with time travel and immortality and stuff
like dbz??
oh I think its the air force at a conference
1 guy sez he saw bigfoot
some say it is part alien/daemon/fallen angel
later at dinner roy is laying with his mashed potatoes and making this shape seen in the movie a lot
hes kinda f'd up by it and later starts making t outta clay on this table at night
is this a thing on drug addiction and/or mental illness?
did the space demons break his brain?
he's going mental and cant make it look right
later he's locked in the bathroom and running da shower with a red light and his wife unlocks the door
hes in the shower fully dressed and his fam starts freakin out
I feel like i'm watching a bad episode of intervention
wife cant take that hes wrecking the fam and freaks out
those space demons destroyed his fam
and ruined their lives
later roy is watching loony tunes and is throwing out his alien newspaper cr-p
but then notices something in the thing he's making and rips plants outta the garden and throws them and dirt in the window
then some bricks
his kids help but iife don't like it
then he dumps the trash and throws the can through the kitchen window
then steals his neighbors chicken wire fence
mom takes the ids to her sisters and drives away
I think that's the last we see of em
they aint important characters
btw roy don't care and goes back to his insanity and crawls in the kitchen window
I khew Spielberg hated his dad for ditching the fam and having him crcomsized
just pretty much every movie he does had dad issues
this guy is almost as bad as goku from dbz
he makes a big tower thing and the news sez there was a chemical spill by this place
he talk to his wife on the phone and she's had enough of his cr-p
the place by the nerve gas spill has a rock thing hat looks like the thing the roy was building
so he and a buncha other guys go to the rock and theres a guy selling gas masks
he meets blonde there like its meant to be a love story even though hes married with children
they drive though a fence and across wild fields and onto a closed road
she sez the cops looked all over for her son they probably think she ate
then they see the rock thing
they drive on and are caught by guys in gas suits
roy; the only bad air is you guys f-rting around out here!
Frenchie and a guy who speaks only French talk and Frenchie sez hes only alive as the wind went the other way
roy sez theres no toxic gas
they ax him qwestinz and he sez most of what they say is troo
frenchies take the people who came to this decontamination camp and their boss busts their a55es
later the air forces are gonna gas the area with sleep drugs like they did to the animals to fake a gas leak
and the u f o people are trying to get up the rock thing
the soldiers look for em but call it off and hours later gas the area
1 guy blacks out form the gas
roy starts blacking out but blonde encourages him
they get in and find the gov has set up a base with lights to meet the space monsters
in the skys the lights move like the orion logo
then the space things fly in
the gov guys try music to communicate and different lights
the thing goes away or something but a smaller one comes back
roy wants to go with em but blonde don't
the small ships go and the biggest one comes down
its like something outta Robotech or outlanders (80s anime/manga)
it lowers itself without touching the rock thing somehow and they play music with it
btw aliens and humans with music is used in Robotech with minmei's songs and the masters season
it opens up and theres this white light like in power rangers season 2 with the white power ranger
these people come out and its the air force guys missing since 45
also the kid who they stole and probably probed is there and reunites with his mom
btw theres no little blonde girl in this film
but the kid is blonde so its close enough
the ship opens and this long limbed space monster comes out
then little monsters
1 nerd asks roy if hes vaccinated or has liver disease
imagine an alien movie where they take an aids carrier and think all humans have it
then when they find more humans they notice theres no aids so they inject em
also blonde takes photos
a buncha people go in to join the space monsters and a priest gives em last rites to protect em from their evil powers
roy goes with the space monsters as he wasn't blessed and vanishes in the white light like in poltergeist
the long limbed one does a Nazi salute then turns it into a wave bye
the space thing goes up into space and credits role
the end
that was pretty good
good build up and not violent or disturbing
it seems to have inspired a lot of stuff
even being referenced in Animaniacs with steven flying it
but the dad character was kinda horrible
the space monsters ruined him and his fam
its like drugs
and the movie don't care about his fam
its like that johnny depp movie blow where this drug dealer is show as the hero and his victims aint mentioned
its well made but the lessons are kinda awful
but if birth of a nation gets love for the same thing, this can too.
for close encounters of the third kind 2 I want it to be in the 90s and the aliens have come to earth and are living with humans. but the kids of roy haven't forgiven em for ruining their family and are leading an uprising to drive them out they have holy weapons blessed by the church and wear holy armor to protect themselves from the aliens brain damage attacks. also it turns out the aliens are trying to send the whole planet to h-ll by building dimension gates in key locations. and the humans against em gotta take em out. also its a hack and slash game on sega genesis super Nintendo and Atari jaguar and you play as up to 4 people who chop through aliens and alien controlled people.

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