Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Game Reviews Volume 3 From 2018 And 2019

More thoughts on games I beat over the years

This one is from the end of 2018 and part of 2019

after years of not playing it, i finally beat altered beast guardian of the realms. its not great, but it gets the job done. its decent and has good voice samples and music. the graphics are ok for the gba and it controlds well enough. its not too hard but some levels can be pretty demented. i liked it but most people didnt. the beast modes are pretty creative most of the time and the bosses can be pretty annoying. but i didnt hate it. although having to use R as jump and A and B to punch and kick was kinda gay. but the gba only has 2 face buttons and 2 shoulder buttons that wear out. at least i didnt have to use start or select. the levels are diverse and have fine backgrounds and the enemies are pretty good cg wise for a gba game. not great. but sorta retro good. getting the other colors of beast mode after replaying the level is some replayability but it gets harder each run through. and if you game over; you go back to having just 1 life. you can get extra guys and continues at times in levels but not always. just rboot if you f it up and its fine

I beat Darkwing Duck on GB. Simple game. Based on Mega Man. Pressing up lets you shield and to jump down from holding something you just press down instead of down and jump (which threw me off a bit). Not too hard. Can be beat in like half an hour if you know what to do. I haven't seen the show in decades but i recall a bit of it. Good music and graphics. Good control. Unlimited continues and you choose what level order to do it in before unlocking the final one. The game screwed up 2x and i had to restart but other than that it wasn't bad. A few parts were tricks but i got through em. I liked it. The bosses were kinda easy though but not every game has to be Contra Hard Corps. Glad i bought it Only cost 23$ Canadian. The only thing that kinda bugged me was the unskippable text and the character stopping to say he's Darkwing Duck every time the level begins or restarts.

So i beat Battle Mania Daiginjou, a shoot em up anime style game on Sega. Its a sequel to Trouble Shooter. Its got great 80s anime style music and is from 1995 (Same as Alien Soldier and Ristar). It never came out here so I got a Repro from Asia. The Story and text is in Japanese but i saw a translated ver on youtube and could read enough Japanese to get by. Before each level you get a super weapon choice that charges until full. then you can use it once before it charges again. You get a life bar that goes up with Hearts Collected and every set number of points. Once its done, Game Over. But you get a number of Continues. Its not too long and the graphics and gameplay are pretty grand. There's an option to fire in 1, 2 or 8 directions. But I used 2 as its simpler.

i beat castlevania 3 on a 150 nes games in 1 gba cart. great game. hard and kind of unfair but good gameplay, music and graphics. the fight with the reaper is hard but i used syfa's fire magic to get through. syfa's sphere spell took out the clone slime easy. the hardest part was the area in dracula's castle wuth the flowing water and fishmen after the stairs with all those shots coming at me. the final level isnt too bad, nor is dracula's 1st 2 formes, but that 3rd forme is random. i think my copy is glitched as the beams he shoots seem to go out, then continue firing shots in that direction instead of full lines (it had gaps). The fight was pretty random and it was hard to get a good shot in, even after taking no hits on the 1st 2 formes. being a gba game, it can save at any time, so i could take breaks yo eat and sleep instead of doing it in 1 long blast. I tried to be able to get through a part before saving to prove i can do it myself. I kept accidentally saving as select + R saves and when i tried to switch characters i often hit R by mistake. I wound up accidentally saving in the middle of the 3rd forme fight and couldnt go back. Even after i beat the 3rd forme, the laser shots kept going on the right and i avoided em in case it was active. great game. pretty tough. and i didnt use the help me code.

I beat Legend of Illusion on my 100 Sega Master System/Game Gear games GBA cart. Its pretty good. Simple and light but colorful and fun. I watched a longplay to see if it was good and what to do and it showed me hwo to beat the tricky bosses. The story is nice and the graphics are colorful and fun. The game has some minor challenge but once figured out its not impossible. I liked it and i'm glad i got it.

I beat Ice Climber on my 150 NES games in 1 GBA cart. Its 32 levels of conveyor belts and clouds in an up scrolling quasi maze. The jumping is a55. Unless you got lots of momentum, you jump almost straight up and fall almost straight down. Plus if you go up, the lower level is offscreen and falling to it kills you. Also the enemies never stop and those c-ck sucking p-ss birds are hard to hit. Sometimes you can jump into and slag enemies but others they slag ya. Everything takes too long. Waiting for the yeti to refill the broken floor, Waiting for the bear to move the level up. Also you cant swing your hammer in the air. And if youre on the clouds when you use the hammer, you stop and the clouds you stand on ditch you. Yeah you can choose what level to start on at the title screen. but the controls are still kinda cr-ppy. Plus that bonus level after beating 8 floors is a55. The f'd jumping controls make me fall off every time. I only made it to the top of the level 1x. At least in Super Smash Bros they were played by the chick who voiced Alexis in Yugioh GX.

I beat Streets Of Rage 1 on my Sega Master System games in 1 GBA cart. Good game. Not as hard as the Genesis/Mega Drive ver but a solid game. I used Blaze and made it to the last level on my 1st playthrough but game overed. My 2nd try i beat it with lives and a continue to spare. The fat fire breathers can be beat by timed jump kicks. The jumping twin girls can be beat with simple jump kicks and the wolverine guy can be beat by just punching and he walks into it (although it takes some attrition). The game boss can be beat by standing in the middle of the room and he just runs into your fists. Good music. Good control. Good graphics for an 8 bit game. Nice bright color and look/ I like it. Just hope Streets Of Rage 04 is good.

After days of playing I beat Ninja Gaiden 01 on my 150 NES games in 1 GBA cart. One of the hardest game I beat. If I jump but aint facing the right direction, he does a weird resisting jump and practically goes straight up/down instead of where I wanna go. Also you gotta be exact when attacking. If I'm a bit off, i miss with his dinky sword, take a hit, and fall in a pit. The worst boss was Jaquio as he fires homing shots that circle around if you aren't on the floor when they go by.  That with his constant movement and having to time jumps to avoid the shots and hit him, plus no magic or special weapons, makes him demented. The final game boss was easier as after falling to him and restarting lv 6, I don't gotta redo the 1st 2 bosses. But I don't get a health refill as the cinematic already played once. I beat it by attacking while watching out for his random fire and saving the fire magic for its core after taking off its had and tail. Good game. Really hard. The anger I had playing it is lessened by looking back at the good times.

I beat Panzer Dragoon Mini on my 100 Game Gear games in 1 GBA cart. Simple game. Not too hard. Decent. Cool 8 bit bosses. Lite. Easy. I only got iced once. My only real Panzer Dragoon game as I never had a Sega Saturn but I played that Sonic Adventure DX air level that i didn't care much for.

I beat Spider-Man Edge Of Time on DS. It cost me 15$ at a flea market and I'm glad i got it. I beat it in a few days and had a good time. The controls were good. They story was nice. The dialogue was fitting. Good number of cameo's from other Spiderman characters. I never saw Spiderman 2099 but I liked his story. Plenty of unlockables and hidden power ups around the area. It wasn't too hard and the only boss I really had any trouble with was Arcade 2099 with his reverse controls and damage level. I've wanted this game for a while and I'm glad i finally got it.

I beat Ristar the Shooting Star on Game Gear. Decent port of the Genesis classic. Runs a bit slower and isn't as responsive but its got a few different levels and bosses like a pirate ship and a Baku who throws pillows. The bosses were rearranged a bit and you can collect stars to get an extra guy at 100. The final boss is pretty tough but I eventually got him. Good graphic and music and colors and its actually pretty fun.

I beat Gradius The Interstellar Assault/Nemesis 2 on Gameboy. Good Shmup. Good power up system. Really good graphics for a 91 GB game. Good music. Fair challenge. The bosses weren't too bad. The game froze on me 2x, one time when i was like 1/2 through but i was playing it on my Game Cube Player. After a cleaning it worked fine. Not too long or hard but some parts had issue. Cost me like 27$ Canadian and I'm glad i got it.

I beat Captain America: Super Soldier on DS. I got it for 10$ and beat it in under a week. Good game. Plenty of collectibles and power ups. Good bonus story of dossiers to tell behind the scenes story elements. Good mix of gameplay. Stealth missions, Beat em up, Platforming, Obstacle course and puzzle moments that work together well. It autosaves every mini mission you beat and refills your life on each new one. Unlimited tries and frequent checkpoints make it not too hard. The level you gotta defend Bucky for 2 mins was kind of a pain but I beat it by stalling on the walking cannon that came out and letting time run out as if I beat it, more guys would come in and end it. The final battle has me fighting a long swarm of Hydra soldiers that are pretty tough. I beat it by staying on the left, spamming my shield and throwing em when they got close. You never actually fight the Red Skull but disarm a missile in the final round by climbing up it and using the touch screen. Good game. Good graphics that are sorta N64 or Saturn style. Good music. I like saving the captured soldiers and they stand up saying "Thanks Cap" to touching music. It just gives a good feeling. Good 2.5D look. And its voiced. Creative boss fight too. I'm glad I got this.

So i beat The Battletoads game Battlemaniacs on my 100 Sega Master System Games in 1 GBA cart. Its kinda glitchy and buggy but its not bad. Some parts are hared yet I did it on Easy. Its a port of the SNES game but reimagines some things. The snake level gave me the most trouble and that turbo tunnel was tricky as you gotta jump after the last ramps in the final reach even though there's no indicator to do so. The last area before the final boss is tough as you gotta duck while standing over the detonator and I had to look it up to figure it out. There ain't many bosses and most of the challenge is just surviving. But I liked it and think even though it's a lighter entry, its a good game. It plays a bit fast with the text though but that might be because its a PAL Region Master System Game. Oh and the turbo tunnel has no sound effects so I gotta use my eyes instead of my ears for the coming blocks like I usually do.

I beat Yoshi's Story on N64. Nice game. Light, fun, cheerful innocent, positive, simple, It can be beat in like an hour. You don't even gotta go to the end of the level to win. Just get enough fruit. L like the graphic and it looks and sounds pretty good. The jumping is kinda loose and it takes a bit of getting used to. On my 1st play through I got the 2nd highest score on the listings and was only a few dozen points off my bro who beat it years ago. Its a good game with a soft jolly vibe.

I finally beat Boogerman on Sega. Good mid 90s game. Great animation. Good level design. I usually didn't make it to the 1st boss as I usually tried to cellect everything and got iced. Good music and 90s style humor and feel.  Its not so hard and regular passwords and infinite continues. If you bite it on the last level you gotta start the whole thing over from act 1 like Ninja Gaiden. The bosses take around 12-16 hits, making em tougher than Robotnik . The power ups are good but go after 1 hit like Mario. He goes down toilets like with Mario and pipes and there's a lot of snot and ooze and spit and phlegm and blasting gas out both ends. I liked it. It controls well and has good voices for a Genesis game.

I beat Digimon Battle Spirit on GBA. Good game. Has monsters from the 1st 3 series with unlockables. Catching Calimon gets you to Digivolve. Sukamon is surprisingly good with his dash. Wormmon is pretty good too. Impmon is overpowered but ant Digivolve. I kinda liked using Agumon and Veemon but Wormmon was cool. Some mega forms ain't so great and are harder to hit the foe with. Millenniummon is a good final boss that's tough but fair. Gabumon kinda s-cked. I liked the game and unlocked everyone in a day. Good cheap quick game.

I beat World Championship Soccer II on Sega Genesis. Good game. I'm not into sports and its my kid brother who got it but its got good graphics and sound. The ball physics are good. Its got images from real soccer games for Yellow Cards and was by Sega Sports. I got memories of playing it in the 90s and its still pretty good. I played it on easy as I'm not into soccer much and haven't played it in years. I played with America and on Challenge Game and worked my way up to beating Germany and Brazil. It was hard to get the ball as you don't choose which players you control and it keeps switching. Also it got pretty tough in the later games. Usually I got 1 guy on the outside and ran to get it in the net at an angle. I hit the side of the net 5x in a row against the 2nd or 3rd last guys. I normally outran the other guys but they got faster and were able to outrun me in the 2nd last and last games. Eventually I had to pass the ball to the next guy to get it to the net. Often I had to go into Extra Innings. Each game was 3 mins but I had replays, penalties and writing down passwords in case it froze again. The cartridge still has that New Sega Smell. Glad I finally got to playing it.

I finally beat Parodius on my NES collection. I used the Vic Viper the whole game as that's what I'm used to. The challenge was tough but fair. The bosses were tricky at times but a few I beat on my 1st try. I had to stay in the safe zone above him and use the missile to beat the pufferfish boss. The final level wasn't too bad and with the 4 penguins firing off guys I accidentally found a safe zone between the 2 streams where they passovered me. Good game and I'm glad i tried it.

After hours of playing I finally beat Golden Axe on the Sega Master System collection I got. Good game. It can be beat in 20 mins but yoyu only get 1 continue. The magic is like the arcade but you play as the speedo guy.it slows down often and some guys take lotsa hits. The worst are the skeletons as they are fast. Eventually I made it to the final boss on one continue and beat him. Great Conan style 80s game.

I beat Spider-Man and the X-Men: Arcade's Revenge on Gameboy. Despite being by LJN its actually not too bad. After game overing on my 1st attempt as Spider-Man I played it through to the end in under 2 hours. The X Men levels weren't so bad but Gambit was tricky as you could run outta ammo. Couldn't Gambit just use his powers on the wall and blow it that way? Why waste cards?? Once I got used to the controls it wasn't too bad. Being able to get 2 Lives on Gambits level was needed as I could just do that and bite it and repeat to get more guys. The game boss wasn't too bad. Plus not having a 2nd go for each hero was welcome as I didn't have to endure the Juggernaut or that elevator level in Gambit. No crusher ball for Gambit in this game either. Glad I finally got around to beating it.

I beat Virtua Fighter 2 on Genesis. Not too bad. But after a few rounds the foes get really annoying. They can cream you in a few seconds. It started out easy with beating the guy by pressing down and kick til they went but eventually they seemed to learn my moves. Didn't help that I didn't know any moves from the start. Eventually I learned forward + forward + B B B C s the highest damaging thing. I used Pai as she's my blood type but she kinda s-cked. Kage was one of the 1st to give me issue but the guy before him was tricky. After that I got game over after game over on every round besides the final boss who was in some really low speed area. Wolf has that spin throw that can take me out of the ring in 1 shot that he only did once. Jacky was awful. Jeffry was a heavy hitter and Akira was fat and hit like a hammer.. Eventually I beat it after over an hour of playing and I'm glad I finally beat it. Good 90s music too.

kirby is a bag of aids and human waste. i played kirby's pinball for over an hour and hated it. you cant make him go where you want to. its too easy to get knocked back down the hole to the previous level and have to claw ur way back up. if you fall through the bottom you get a chop at rebounding but it gets less likely each time. to beat a level you gotta get to the top, clear a puzzle and beat a boss. but if you leave that screen even for a moment, it resets and you gotta do it all over again. and there's plenty of sh-t in your way to f--k it up. plus you get limited tries to clear 3 tables and a final boss one. its like that guy in greek lore who rolls a rock up a hill each day and it rolls right back down again. this game is like being in h-ll! f--k you kirby! ur game is a55!!

I just spent 8 hours on the last few levels of lemmings on sega genesis.  7 of em were on the 2nd last level. i know what to do but its easy to screw it up. if ur 1 pixel off its ruined. eventually i got through and beat the last one in like 3 tries. great game. i played xmas lemmings as a kid on my moms 80s computer in the 90s and this game was grand. the music was good and having a pause button instead of hitting the paws icobn was easier. hard game but worthy. glad i played it.

So I beat Breath Of Fire on GBA. Good game. Good controls. Good graphics. Good music. I had a good time playing it. The auto battle was nice and the characters were cool. Fusing them was pretty great I ran out of AP boosting items and had to leave and reenter the last dungeon to face the game boss. I got the good ending and used a walkthrough to get the stuff i missed and make sure i made the right choices. The story was good but kinda lacking after I played Lunar on GBA which had better dialogue and character interactions. Other than tha, great game. Glad I played it.

i beat Mickey Mouse: Magic Wands! on Gameboy, Decent game. You gotta get all the pieces of the pictures to beat the level. Unlike the previous game Garfield Labyrinth you don't gotta get to the exit and the level ends when you get the last piece. There's 40 levels and 4 boss fights tghat i didn't have much trouble with. The only reason I know about this game is seeing a few seconds of it on a 100 Gameboy games in 10 mins video. I got the Japanese version and I didnt really need to know Japanese to get through it. I was able to figure out how to do it  Every boss he beats gives him a new ability so you earn more powers gradually. Its a pretty good game.

I beat Growl/Runark on Sega Genesis. Simple game. Good beat em up. Fun cheesy gore. Not really hard. Decent controls. The plot is its the 1900s and poachers are after animals so you as a Park Ranger or w/e gotta kill em all. Turns out, it was an alien controlling em. Its over the top and silly and really entertaining. I got it for 23$ from Venezuela as a repro and it was a good deal. I previously got a copy from the Soviet Union but that was actually Double Dragon in a Growl Box/Sticker for 27$. Glad I finally got around to doing it.

After hours of trying, I finally beat the last 4 levels of Bubsy 1. 13 and 14 were ok but 15 was annoying and 16 was a trial. Eventually I got through the gauntlet and beat the game boss who you beat by jumping into and keeping it up til she or you bite it. Using glide to hit foes to avoid bouncing up is needed and those gun happy woolies are irritating. That being said, I kinda liked it. Its got personality and charm. The gameplay isn't horrible but once you get the hang of it can be good. You don't get a passcode for level 16 so to beat it, you gotta beat 4 levels in a row. The music has charm and the graphics are nice. I'm glad I got and beat it. It was a challenge, but getting passwords every 3 levels and starting with 9 guys balances it.

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