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Lost Horizon Review

note; i spell better than this film was put together
lost horizon
this is my review on lost horizon from 1937
its directed by frank capra who had endless issurs making it and editing it and casting it and filming it ect
it stars ronald mcdonald coleman, h b warner, and no one else i know
oh! jane wyatt was spocks mom in the good star trek
its based on a book i never read by James Hilton who i assume is connected to paris hilton from house of wax
wtf this movie was rated 16+ in soviet finland and 14+ in the netherlands
buncha candy a55es
esp when soviet england rated it for everyone
but they cut it so thats worse
I never saw this b4 but heard it was good
so it starts saying over da years it was tcut and this ver is a reconstruction of it with stills
after credits we get book pages saying with all da wars we want a safe place
1 guy is sent to a cuhina city in 35 and has to save 90 white people
nowadays; they'd make him look bad for that
so ronny gets people to the last plane and calls a phone for more
something happns and ron turns on the booze barrels and they blow and torch the place
they get on another plane and fly oof
1 fruity brit is dressing as an asian (cultural appropriation!!) and was looking for fossils
he found a megatherium bone in asia and its just 1 piece of backbone
oh no hes an evolutionist
a blonde chick coughs and when she turns down a smoke to clear her throat(dat 30s) they find out shes american
americans are always blonde like terry bogard in fatal fury/king of fighters and guile in street fighter
ronny has a few drinks and is trying to get a big job for his thing
ronny sez he left 10 000 natives to get wiped out and they dont count to soviet england
its ok
english dont count to england
like that disabled kid who's parents were forbidden from going to america to save him
maybe we should've sided with zee kaiser
so hes bummed about leting 10 000 people bite it and will be foreign secretry for it
also theres an asian guy on the plane
the next day fruity brit is malcontent over another guy calling him fruity names (triggering!! harassment!!) and thy realize they seem to be going in the wrong direction
they realize the pilot is replace by the asian guy and 1 guy wants to beat him into talking but then no one could do the plane
so thry land in an asian village ad the people clean their plane
ater taking off again they head for mountains and i wasnt looking so i missed it
in soviet englannd; the brits say they need ronny to deal wityh the nations who are going nuts or w/e
so plane is going through the montins and bllonde freaks out and trys to open da dooer to jump out
the men pull her back (non  consentual deniel of suicide!!)
so plane runs outta fuel and they crash in the frozen hills
hope the yeti dont get em
the map sez they are near the edge of the known area
also blonde sez a year ago she had 6 months to live and now sge''s gonna fight on
wow, just read that frank capra stopped directing as he didnt consent to the rotting of morals and fignity in hollywood
he found films had turned into p0rn0 andv were for degenerates
imagine what he'd think of today?
everyone b0ning and lady gaga hermaphrodite p0rn0 vids of her flying around in a space womb
so the asian pilot bit it and they meet a group of natives who know english
chang is played by H B Warner who was Jesus in the 20s King of Kings and mr gower in its a wonderful life
after a climb over the icy cliffs they get to shangri la  and get native clothes (cultural appropriation!!!)
later blonde has a cough and a guy tries to hel;p but shes kinda b--chy and wants to suicide
you know whats dark? her actress OD'd on pills in the 60s
so after a dinner the vistiors wanna go home but the natives have no communiccation with the outside world
also the people never go far and 500 miles away, these people come over sometimes
and one time is any time now
they've been expecting it for 2 years
later 1 guy sez he feels like he was here b4
man, we're like an hour in and it feels like nothing
ronny wonders why the natives came out to meet em so fast as they never go far and expects it was done on purpose
later deja vu guy chats with a native chick and they will probably fall in love
ronny asks chang his religion (offensive question!! dats prtvate!! racist!!) and he sez they pracitce moderation
also; as all their needs are met, there;s no crime
also chang has many books brought in over hundreds iof years ands they have a lot of gold they trade for stuff
chang sez a belgian priest long ago was the 1st european who came there in 1713 and started their thing
he came in frozen and took off his frozen leg but after learning the language, foun d they could've saved it
also he made it to 108 and was still tough
to be fair; Moses freed the Israelites at 80 and wandered the desert for 40 years
alaso, cuz they have it so easy, they age slpw and are healthy longer
later some guy finds out theres gold here and wants to make it big in america
he tells blonde and offers her a part in it for her silence
better idea; dont tell her in the 1st place!!
later in a forrest thats in the frozen hills, ronny goes on a ghorse ride after native chick with waterfalls and cr-p
she swims nude but we dont see anything but buttcrack from a distance
he puts her clothes on a thing or w/e and goes off so he wont asee her nude(what a gentleman)
so 2 weeks later no word from the 500 mile guys
f. i tthink my cable f'd out
well, guess this goes on hold for until I can see it again
or i could chrck youtube
wait, its back
so at dinner fruity guy or gold guy or w/e asks around if the people have any secrets
its revealed gold guy is a theif and when fruiity guy bashes him over it, blonde sez "he never stole from you" like that matters
hes a killer! yeah, but, he never killed you, so he's ok.
also he sold shares that fruoty brit bought and its useless now
he defends himself by blaming the market crash
1 guy who plays ronnys bro in here cant take the thought of staying here too long and goes nuts, pulls a gun and shoots a plant
ronny slugs him out and talks to the chang in the room they all in about letting em out
he locks em in the room and wont et em out until he tell em
so chang offers to take tem to see the big cheeze
k now i;m caught up from watching on youtube
later ronny meets the high lama and want to go free
high lamma is missing a 1 leg and he realizes hes the 1600s guy
lamma sez he wanted to meet ronny cuz he wrote in a book something he liked
lamma sez they need men like ronny and he can live on and on
ronny dont see any need for it
lama foresaw a time when there would be doomsday things and he chose to save the good stuff in his kingdom
plus things get worse with greed and j-rkoffs
and once the dinks ice eachother, the good will come back and rebuild za warudo
is this a bible movie?
cuz that describes the end times
he returns to the group and tells em he cant tell whst he heard
later he's teaching the kids there a lullyby and after thst chats wth native woman who has birds with flutes tiedv to em
so ronny james dio sez alll over da world people are whining annout him being gone
native woman sez she was raised by lama after her rents bit it coming here
also she sez shes 30
physically? or chronologically?
ronald raegan sez he fels like he was here b4 and he likes it there
se sez he's always been a part of shangri-la and she wonders of the outside world
also she wishes all da world cound come there but he sez that would ruin it
later fruity guy and gold guy explore the natives area and have some drinks
later fruity guy tells the goldilocks story
like 250 days in there and fruity guy is feeling happy
maybe its holy ground that clears out the minus energy?
later ronny trys to explain the human world and needs for money and stuff to natuve girl
later they grow closer and have a clean wholesome romance like the 30s did well
ohhh! kissing!! too hot!!
later fruity guy wants to teach the kids geology
imagine if he tried to teach them evolution and burst into flames?
later the chang tells the ronald native chick came in 1888 and was 20
if she leaves, she'll decrode to her real age
but staying here will keep them young
1 guy i dont know who, wants to go out on his own
oh its ronnys bro
ronny seez lama and he sez hes gonna bite it and pass the reigns to ronny
lama sez ronny will survive the apocalypse and keep things good and theres a good future coming
then he bites it
so ronny bro wants to get others to ditch their paradice and they domt consent
so the 500 miles guys come and bro wants to go with em and ronny but ronny tyries to get him to stay by telling him the whole story
bro rejects all the evidence and thinks its fake
they realize they cant both stay or go so they gon split
but bro wants to take native chick and its implieds they b0ned and she went out to get the 500 miles guys for bro
ronny dont buy it so she tells ghim she wants to go and she's been corrupted to hqte morals
also shes glad that lama bit it and sez chang lied about her being from 1888
she also would rather bit it than stay safe, innovcent and happy
so its like how teens wanna not be like kids and do drugs?
a bit like dorian gray with him hiding his sin soul painting in his childhood room
but this came 1st
so ronny chooses to go and they book it
btw, zyuranger used this time free area with the dragon ranger
ronny hesitates bit goes on
outside the area in the snow, the 500milrs guts are ,leaving them behind and take shots at them with a revolver for fun
the sounds make an avalanche and it wipes out the 500milers
naative chick decrodes into a geezer and bites it
bro goes nuts and jumps off a cliff
wow, pretty f'd up for frank capra
more like a go nagai story
btw, good use of showing how when we reject the truth, we pay deeply
she knew her age and denied it until it iced her.
so ronny goes on and falls down a hill
he goes on and is found by the chinese and returns to soviet england
also he dont recall much
later he gets his memory back amd vanishes after telling his story
1 guy followed him back to asia and kept trying to go back over and over but had to retry cuz of storms
eventually he went over the area that stopped him over and over and they aint seen him since
1 guy sez he hopes ronny and everyone finds their own shangri-la
then we see ronny getting back to the shangri las
the end
that was pretty good
i liked it
its got value, heart, soyul, good acting and music, good effects and a good story
they went through h-ll making it but it turned out grand
they would never make a film like this today
as seen by all my comments on how today would view scenes in brackets
but this was a grand capra film and even if it wasn't the 3.5 hour epic capra originally made it, it still works
its ideals and values hold true today and if  we tries to be more like they were in here, wed all be better off.
to quote tommy wiseau; if a lot of people love each other, the world would be a better place
its a clean wholesome honest picture with positivity and hope
now to ruin it with a bad sequel
for lost horizon 2 i want the brother to have survved his fall and was experimented on by yeti to give him cyber parts. he lears an attack against the city wiith his yeti homies and they have plasma rifles and daemon tech. so ronny goes against them with holy armor make of good ki that resists the daenon yeti tech. also its a 16 bit beat em up with up to 4 players where the ronny, fruity guy, gild guy and blonde team up to beat off the yeti on sega genesis, snes, atari jaguar, tg16 and gba.

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