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Game Reviews Volume 2 From 2018

More thoughts and feelings on games I beat over the years.

This is from most of the 2nd half of 2018

once again I am f'd! I spent another 2 hours on kid chameleon and made it to the last level b4 the game boss with 10 continues. I couldn't make it past the 1st few parts as it has so many cheap pits and kills. random enemies that pop up out of nowhere. floors that fall. bricks that blink out for a bit like mega man. plus you gotta do it on the hoverboard; an item that's ALWAYS moving and you cant stop or take your time in tricky areas. add to that its an ICE level and it just p-sses in your a55 til you leak out ur nips. btw theres no level select, save files or passwords. so if you wanna beat it, you gotta play the whole c-ck sucking game in one go. f this game. it belongs in my a55.

After days of trying and watching youtube vids, i beat Kid Chameleon. I was trying to speed run it in the final level when it needed careful timing.. I had 18 continues left after beating the boss. Good game but those ice levels are awful.

I beat mega man 08 on my gamecube anniversary collection. I never had a pa1 or Saturn so this was my 1st time. good game. pretty fair and balanced. although that speeder level in wily castle 1 was demented. its like battle toads! good 90s music. good colorful graphics. the voicing is so bad its good. I liked it. good simple fun game. plus the screws are cool to collect and have a use.

I beat ghostbusters on sega. good game. jumping ids a bit off. if I'm going left and tap right, I swerve to the right and it f's my jump. good gameplay. good spooky atmosphere. took around an hour or so to beat. there was a glitch where the ladder wouldn't come to get me to stay puft until I left, bit it and came back. but I got a repro cart so it might be that. I liked it. plus good cartoony horror bosses.

I beat sonic pinball party. the last level you gotta get 30 million points in 5 mins. after a few days of trying I did t. Its a good game but some times the pinball goes ways I don't want it or stays in the air as time runs out. good challenge. good music and good graphics.

so I beat trip world on gb. its good. its by sunsoft so its got good looks and sounds. its not long but its a good ride. cute, fun, and encourages not attacking everything u see as most enemys are peaceful until attacked. the end is a boss rush and its only got 1 health power up in it but it can be beat. plus pressing select on the title screen opens the level select and sound test. great music controls and graphics. its really expensive but I got a repro cart cheap.

I beat Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Bad Dream on GBA. Good Treasure beat em up. My R button didn't work often but I managed. The final boss was tough  but using Fifi to block his missiles and bullets with a stink cloud I held him off until I got him. No way to recover life other than beating a level or using Hampton and if Hampton is touched in his long set up to heal you, its wasted. Many ideas of this were used in Treasures Astro Boy game on GBA and that was even better (but this was still good)

I beat Where in Time Is Carmen Sandiego? Good game. Most of the clues I knew from 90s shows. If it said the perp went to Naples, I recalled Krusty said in the Italiano ep of The Simpsons "I asks her to show me Naples, and she slapped me!". If it mentioned Japan, I knew it from years of anime. If it mentioned the abolitionists, I knew it was 1800s America as Huck Finn said "I aint no rotten abolitionist!". Movies helped as I knew if it said the perp went to a movie by Rossellini, I knew it was Italy in the 50s from his films on TCM. Same with Sergei Eisenstein in the Soviet Union. Good game that has you gathering clues and hunting perps through history. I liked it.

i finally beat final fantasy adventure aka mystic quest. great game. the music, the old school grafix. the gameplay. all great. the story was later kinda ripped off by sonic 06 with the chick getting caught over and over. the ending was great. that final image almost made me cry. sometimes, an ending, is also a new beginning.

So i beat Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls. Every review hated it. I gave it a shot. It wasn't bad. Its a colorful Street Fighter II Clone that plays fine. No game breaking bugs or glitches. The art is decent. The voices are pretty good for a Genesis game. Almost every level has some lightly dressed babe in the background. The music is fine. Its not super-perfect but its not terribad. I liked it

I beat Zen: Intergalactic Ninja on Gameboy. Good game. Not super awesome, but decent. Its got a Toxic Crusaders/Captain Planet thing with defending the environment from aliens or mutants or w/e. I had to clean my cartridge to get it to work and the D-Pad still f'd out and wouldn't move sometimes. Its not too hard and has good graphics and sound. The charged shot isn't as easy to use as Mega Man. You gotta be standing still when initiating it and if you slide it goes. Good game. Good artwork. Oh and its got a variety of Mini-Games that are simple yet have a bit of challenge. Pretty forgiving too. I beat the whole thing on 1 continue but was down to my last life. Its got passwords too so that's nice

I beat Goketsuji Ichizoku AKA Power instinct on Sega Genesis. I used the bodybuilder chick Angela. She's pretty tough and just plows through the opponents with heavy moves. The only guys who gave me trouble was the mirror match, Keith Wayne, and the ninja. I even got a perfect on the game boss. Good game. Bright and colorful graphics. Good animation. Decent controls. I liked it. Its usually .like 250$ but i got a repro cart for like under 20$. Btw, where is this game set? There's a Shaolin Monk, Ninja, Female Bodybuilder, Axel Stone (Streets of Rage) wanna be and Native American tribe in one area.

just played through sonics story in sonic adventure dx. it starts out fair and balanced. but the later levels are a55!! i spent around an hour on the last level and final boss. bad camera that changes when you move and flickers back when the boss moves. fighting over a bottomless pit like castlevania dracula x on super nintendo. the cheap hits. the cr-ppy 3d that makes it hard to tell where you are. flying off the edge because you used the homing attack and didnt know what direction you were facing due to said camera. making one error and having to start all over. and the final boss has a final attack that takes out a platform you stand on AFTER you beat him (so if you aint careful, he still wins and you gotta do hjim again like White in fatal fury (the rip off of alex from clockwork orange)). the previous level is a55 too with its climbing the walls and falling off over and over. plus that snake water puzzle. and the level b4 that is awful with its conatantly faling off the ship and the tilting in the last segment. video games were not meant for 3d. these last levels are like drinking a butt full of spurm! no wonder toys r us dreamcast stations didnt let ypu play the later levels. they s-ck!! no wonder the dreamcast was segas last console. and i got 5 more characters to beat this abomination with!

so i played sonic adventure tails story. its got some issues. the final level in the city is kinda annoying with it being over a bottomless pit. also tails has no homing attck and has to either aim and jump like in sonic 3d blast but with a moving camera, or use the tail spin which is hard to initiate. theres less levels but most are actually kinda easy. they also are not as long. overall i liked it and it was a relief after the final 3 levels of sonic's story. btw, robotnik lainched a nuke to wipe out station square WITH HIM IN IT! then goes to the nuke after it dont go off TO SET IT OFF MANUALLY WITH HIM NEXT TO IT!! thats the dumbest thing he ever did. i mean the harn brothers set off a nuke with a headbutt in fist of the north star 2. but thats when they were pretty much dead. and were trying to save the world from falco. here robotnik is gonna do it to build robotnikland. even though he'd get obliterated by the nuke hes standing next to when he sets it off. 300 iq genius my a55!!

i beat sonic adventure with knuckles. honestly, hes my fave sonic character. sonic 3 was my 1st sonic game and i thought he was so cool. here his levels werent as bad as sonic or tails. you just gotta search the area for emerald shards. its not bad and kinda nice. sort of an easy going treasure hunt. the last boss is kind of a55 with half the floor being busted and smoking to damage knuckles. also the camera makes it hard to see. but i liked this more than sonics last 3 a55 levels. also the final boss was hard to beat as you gotta pick up ice mines and throw em at him and they are hard to pick up. overall an improvement. too bad his later games treat knuckles like a joke.

i just beat sonic adventure with amy. theres only 3 levels and 1 boss. she has to use an item to fight robots like in castlevania instead of jumping on em like mario. the camera f's with the controls so its hard to know where youre going. also she has a move where she does a super jump if u hammer while running. but if she goes up hill shes a55. also in one part of her story ur in a vision of the past and i looked all over the area for the cutscene to happen. turns out; i had to turn around and go out the door behind me to go to the shrine. and there was no way to know that at 1st. her story is not bad and her controls are easy to adapt to. but the 2nd level is kinda a55 with its spinning the a stick to turn a crank. as well as being able to grab and ungrab the crank to turn the doors. her levels are usually cramped and closed off. but not as hard as sonic. pretty a55 camera though. in the gears part of her 2nd level i fell off but didnt bite it. so i tried turning the camera. eventually i saw i was partly on a diagonal ledge with no way back. had there been more levels it could have gotten a55. still not too bad as is.

i beat sonic adventure with big the cat. everyone hates him. i kinda see why. but i dont. hes only got a few levels and they aint hard. the fishing game isnt too bad. yeah you gotta find the frog and get it. but its not so hard. once you get the controls down the fishing isnt difficult. yeah hes a fat ret-rded monkey. but hes not awful or an a55. the only boss in his story isnt too bad either. although each of his levels could be a boss thing as you gotta catch dat frog. and it keeps getting away after you get it like the princess in sonic 06. but i wasnt p-ssed at him. hes nowhere near as bad as everyone makes him out to be. although due to camera issues i got stuck b4 the 1st level in the twinkle park elevator and didnt know or couldnt tell there was a path on the right. still not bad.

i beat e 102 gammas story in sonic adventure dx. its actually pretty good. you just run around blasting everything. i only ran out of time one and thats when i f'd a jump. the story is kinda robocop with him turning on his creator and fighting for his past. it had some heart too. the boss fights were kind of easy. only the last guy put up a real fight. also; most boss fights in sonic adventure are only like 3 hit wins. what is this? super mario world? in the genesis they took 8 hits each. and some bosses took 16 hits!. but the gameplay was fun and i can see why they brought it back kinda with robotnik and tails mech levels in sonic adventure 2. it was different than past sonic styles but not bad and actually kinda fun.

i beat sonic avdenture dx on gamecube. played a new file to get the story after me and my bros got all 130 emblems in our shared file. i liked the story. it was good to play as sonic again after going through everyone elses level(sorta like using classic superman in the last level of death and return of superman on sega genesis). the perfect chaos fight is a good final boss. not as annoying as the egg viper but not as easy as the other 5 characters bosses. when i faced him i has 1 hit left to beat him and kept getting knocked back. but i kept at it, got more rings and gave 1 final shot (i was not sure if it was 2 hits or 1 left on him at the time) and took him out with 4 rings left. the story of chaos using the negative energy of the emeralds and sonic uses the positive to beat him and calm his heart was right outta dbgt with the shadow dragons. robotnik having a 2nd egg carrier is like that movie contact or w/e where the thing gets f'd and they had a spare the whole time. good way of the story being told in flashbacks that gradually reveal the origins of chaos and the meaning of tikal. plus building the groundwork for sonic adventure 2 battle with chaos control. good game and i'm glad i got around too giving it a full playthrough after playing shadow the hedgehog, sonic heroes, and sonic adventure 2 battle in that order. it had some good stuff to it and around 20 years after playing it at toys r us i finally finished it. if the camera and controls were better tuned it would be better but this was a great start to sonics often good 3d career. i used to be pretty good at it when i got all the emblems but that was a while ago. still holds up well. and an overall good game.

i beat robotech the macross saga on gba. not a bad shmup/space shooter. i never transformed outta fighter mode as my L/R buttons s-ck. i used ben dixon (the "worst" fighter) as he had the highest health and his speed wasnt too fast so i didnt careen outta control. Its not long but you unlock different characters by beating it with other fighters. not a bad game if you can find it cheap. simple, clean, good use of the license and has fair graphics and music. its a good lite game for fans of shmups and robotech. i did have trouble reading khyrons text with his red font but it doesnt affect gameplay. the destroid levels were a nice break, added some variety and didnt overstay their welcome. the leveling up system is fair and encourages you to actually fight instead of evade or hide. all in all, i liked this. had they made a masters or new generation (or even sentinels) game like this i'd've got it.

i beat mighty final fight on the capcom classics collection on gba using guy. i liked it. good beat em up with challenge. the bosses were kinda cheap (esp abigail who grabs and kisses u dead) but once i figured out i could grab them after they attack in some places, i beat em easier. the exp system adds strategy to the game with wanting to finish a foe with a throw or power move to get more exp. the bonus levels with punching 20 barrels i got the hang of easy by going closer to the coming barrel side of thre screen. he elevator level was cheap and cost many guys. the mexican guy with the knife and andore were kinda obnoxious but i handled em. if i run outta lives i gotta restart the level and lose all exp (as well as starting a the power level i was at when i started the level). so if i level up after starting a level and game over, i'm f'd. the game boss wasnt too hard as i just jump kicked him like 200x to nickle and dime him and try to get him in a loop. but it took me a few tries on my last continue and life. level 5 u gotta fight abigail and sodom again and its kinda gay. but i liked it. i had fun. and i never once used haggar. one more NES game i beat on a rerelease.

i finally beat mickey mania. it takes a lot of getting used to. lots of traps and cheap kills. esp in the mad doctor level with the skateboard things you can fall through and bite it if you jump wrong and the ghost level with water that can drain a full bar in a few seconds as you struggle to jump on the floating wood thing. the last level is a gauntlet where you got 3 parts to get through. and if you use a continue, you gotta do it all over again from the start. thew music is great, as are the graphics. but the gameplay is a55!! its like the game equivalent of the 1992 film bram stokers dracula. it looks good but feels bad. that being said, once i got the hang of all the traps i could get to the final level on one continue/ but having to go through it all over after a game over is a55.

I finally beat Mega Man V on Gameboy. I ordered the Japan version as its cheaper and you dont need to read the text to play it. Its pretty good. Not as hard as other MM games and pretty fair. You also fight the Maga Man Killers from the 1st 4 GB games. I had only 40 mins left to do the final level b4 that Amelia Earhart movie i wanted to review came on. I got through it with several minutes to spare. The bosses are based on the 9 planets of the solar system and the sun. Just like the Yugioh GX Manga. I bit it a bunch on some levels but kept the P chips i made and was able to buy upgrades easily with em. The password system is simple and easy to write down. E R T and blank in a grid. The game felt like I had more life than other MM games. I didnt bite it as much. Or maybe the bosses and badds just did less damage.I liked it and I'm glad i got it. Plus i liked them having a bunch of secret gems that when combined, let you use special weapons at half the power cost. The game boss was strong but fair and the rematch with the Stardroids wasnt bad as i creamed em with their weaknesses. Good game set in the distand future year of 200X (between 2000 and 2009). Put it on the history channel.

So I beat Shaman King Master Of Spirits on GBA. Its sorta like Castlevania and based on the 4kids anime. Its good. Decent controls. You refill your life after every level. Good map system. The souls you collect have powers that help. Not all are needed but its fun getting a new power and trying it out and getting to a part of the level you couldnt b4. They got the dub actors to voice stuff and its sort of a midquel during the show b4 they beat Zeke/Hao. I actually beat the 2nd game years ago as i found it at a store cheap and i liked it. This one wasnt too hard and is pretty fair once you get used to the attacking. You gotta complete the attack animation and recover before being allowed to move or jump, which can lead to some hits. But if u bite it, just reload the last save. The story was surprisingly PG for a 4kids thing with characters mentioning being iced (although never saying dead or killed). Looking back, shaman king got away with a lot for a 4kids show. I like this game. Shows Konami wasnt always f'd up and 4kids shows could be pretty cool. Although my DS i was playing it on had f'd l/r buttons so it didnt always work and i could only use the R button to use soul powers. But i liked it. Good use of 21$

i beat alien storm on genesis. good beat em up. can be beat in half an hour but its fun. plays like golden axe but a 50s b movie theme. its like aliens, john carpenters the thing and urotsukidoji. u get 3 continues but its shared between both players. the 1st person levels are good. the bosses are a bit tough but not the worst. the final level has a maze thing i only got through by guessing. i dont know how to bring up the map in it. theres a lot of aliens on screen but after a few trys i figgered out how to do it. the alien designs are cool. some are hob goblins. some are tentacle monsters. some are watto from star wars episode 1. its pretty good and the totle screen has an eye on it that after you beat the game, u realize is the game boss, a huge a55 brain thing with 1 eye in it. i liked it and im glad i got a reprto cart of it for like 17 $. put it on the history channel. they already have a buncha alien shows on there so it'll fit right in.

i was at my aunts place and played knuckles chaotix on my cousins sega 32x. it was pretty good. nice colors, good music, each character plays different. not exactly like other sonic games but still likable. i used the combo of charmy bee and heavy to breeze through the game. got all but 2 chaos rings so red metal sonic nukes the island. the special levels to get chaos emeralds are sort of like the sonic 2 and 3 ones where you go in a path and get blue spheres and have the rings u had at the end of the level as a timer. its sometimes hard to tell where you are or whats next to you so falling off happens a lot. but not getting enough spheres in 1 go is not the end as you just redo the path again to get the remaining ones and only eating rings as time. i liked it. knuckles is my fave sonic character. unlike sonic 3 it doesnt let u go back and try beaten levels to try for the chaos ring bonus levels. thre main levels are big and spacious but not hard. the rubber band machanic is cool and once i got the knack for it, i liked it. getting my partner to stand in a certain spot was tricky but doable. its not as good as sonic 3, but still worth doing all the characters play different and the combo system lets somewhat different playthroughs. plus unlimited lives not many enemies make it not as hard as past sonic games. i beat it in like a 2-3 hours on my 1st play. i'd try it again to get the good ending if i get the chance. oh and the regular bonus levels with you falling through the void is not worth it. you might get a slower roulette to choose the next level but its usually just a drain on rings. good effects though.

i beat wheel of fortunre on gameboy. not too bad. simple. good brain bender. i got things like "mad max beyond thunderdome" and "techinical foul"(that one i never thought of) before beating the final puzzle with Don Quixote. i plasyed it one player as i wasnt sure what i was doing when i started. not a bad game. can be beaten in like 15 mins and allows pausing but has good replay with multiple different puzzles. took me 2 tplaythroughs to bat that final round. i previously beat it on genesis and my moms 80s computer in the 90s. the game here was a bit low speed but playable. not bad if you need to beat a gameboy game quick.

I beat Sparkster Rocket Knight Adventures 2 on Sega. Its pretty gpod. It has several improvements over the 1st game but the 1st game is better in many other ways. This has a password and to get the good ending you gotta get 7 swords and beat it on hard or very hard. I did. The passwords are only given after choosing "no" on a continue screen and keeps track of how many continues you used. The 1st level is pretty tough, esp the forest area and train area, and the boss is insane with shots, arm flailing and only 1 small spot to hit. After beating him and getting a game over I got the password. lv 2 is not so bad but the boss has a homing grab tyhat can loop you. Lv 3 is hard. Going through a pipe system to get to propellers to cut rom an airship. Then an autoscrolling level and a boss that turns you into a midget. I beat both those levels in a row after many tries. Then a mech level that ends in a boxing match with Axel Gear, which is much more bearable than the 1st game as you can block. After beating that on my 1st try, I game overed at the 2nd last level and got the password. This one is a nightmare. A one hit kill race against a electirc chasing thing. A gauntlet of getting through this small area with medusa head like fire ball blasters. A crusher puzzle where you gotta get through 3 moving pillars with gaps and any mistake ends you. The boss here is not tough. The final round is a 3 boss run with Axel Gear (who's hard ) in an enclosing lightning barrier. Then the king boss who is easy in form 1 but form 2 can end you quick. After losing to Axel Gear i got the password and replayed it over and over. On my last run, I was s-cking and had 1 hit left. I figures, might as well try and fight to the end. And i took him out! The mucic was good. As were the graphics. It wasnt as detailed or inventive as the 1st game, but i liked it. Sort of a Spiderman Venom Seperation Anxiety to Rocket Knight 1's Maximum Carnage. I got it as a 20$ repro but it was a good deal as its usually a lot more. I atually wrote down the last password wrong an had to figure out what i errored to get back. Also the demo's are cr-p. Kids can play better than that. He walkls into the same thing over and over until iced. Oh and the rocket pack has 2 charge levels and the 2nd level rockets further and is stronger.

I beat kirby and the amazing mirror on gba. at 1st it was knda a55 with slow control and kirby not reacting instantly to my botton commands. later i got used to it and was able to get it. each level has several exits that g to other places. theres switches that open paths on the hub world to it so you can go to any area once unsealed. i perfer going from 1 level to the next in a row. often i was wandering around or just used a youtube vid to get through it instead of just eating time going in circles. its got good color and animation and art. the bosses arent too bad once you get the hang of it. pressing down and jump makes you slide and you only jump through platforms pressing down 2x which is gay. in the final battle theres like 4 kirbys who get in the way and make it hard to tell whats goimg on. i liked it, but it took some getting used to.

I beat Ms. Pac-Man on Sega Genesis by Tengen. I did it on Easy with Mini maze and used th Pac Booster. It was pretty good. I liked the music tune it plays at the start of the game and the colors were good. Its a simple game but you only get 2 extra guys and only get 1 more a 10 000 points and none after that until you use a continue and reset ur score (sorta like Double Dragon 01 on Gameboy). There's 32 levels and the Power Pellets last for different times before the ghosts turn back. Often right as they turn invincible I'm chasing one and get iced. Also often with the Pac Booster it doiesnt let me turn wasy and i get iced. Some levels are black with shine where walls are and it can be tough at times to know where you can go. It took me around 2 hours to beat and after using up all continues or starting the game you can start on any level up to 7. I liked it and am glad i got it. Its also got a 2 player mode and various options that change the game. I find going after the dots and not worrying about eating ghosts or score after gettoing that 1st extra guy is the best way to win. There is fruit to collect but thats just points. Good game. I had it since he 90s and beat it after over 20 years of having it.

After days upon days of playing I finaly beat Super C (Super Contra on NES) on my Contra 4 DS game. Really hard. Theres guys coming at you and shooting from everywhere. The worst level is level 6 with its top down inability to jump or move fast. If you hit the screen clear power up near a grenade thrown from the background in lv 1 then it bursts and kills you. the final level is an ordeal but i eventually got good enough at it to get by with just the pea shooter. I didnt use the code and if i screwed up early on i'd just reboot. Eventually i could get to lv 8 on one credit with several lives remaining. The final boss is not hard but its morew getting to him through that last level thats the challenge. Its hard but pushes you to keep trying as it can be beat in around half an hour. Alspo i found i missed guys with my spread gun at times i was sure it shouldnt miss. Glad i finally came back to it and finish it after all these years of not playing it.

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