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Minority Report Review

note; i dont read books but like like the author. but not enuff to spell right
minority report
this is my review on minority report from the 00s
its based on a story by phillip k dick who wrote the books that were made into blade runner and total recall
it starts with 2 living humans making out  like in thx1138 and a nerdy guy sktabs up a chick
but its really a vision from a psychic in the department of pre crime
its set in the distant future year of 2054, around 10 years after the invid left earth in robotech
tom cruise is a cop who arrests people b4 they commit crimes
btw the whole world is this cyber blue/gray colored thing and pale and colorless
its like its got too much light
almost like a 20s film
so they check the name and run it through the system and run em against the vision they have saved in the computer
so nerd has a wife and son and cops have issues finding their place
hay, colin feral is in this
he was in the bad total recall
so the psychoics can see crimes up to 4 days in the future but crimes of passion are harder to stip as theres no premedication
but not many are doing premeditated crimes now
so nerd goes out and sees a guy going into his place
wife is gonna b0ne that guy and nerd hears
looks like she drove him to it
so they are b0ning in his bed and nerd is right beside the bed
he's gonna shank her but tom stops him and arrests him for almost killing someone in the future that was averted
then the psychics have an autism attack as sort ofn a deja vu of an event they prevented
being one of those psychics must s-ck as they gootta feel people being killed over and over
sorta dante's inferno
then we get an add about how homicode was outta control and they got 3 espers to make the precrime unit to stop it
then we see a thing of tom crooz meeting an eyeless guy at night in the rain
this seems more like a paul verhoeven film than a speilberg mocie with its dystopian gov
paul loves that nazi stuff
it reminds him of his childhood in ww2
so tom cruise loves in a cr-ppy apartment and watching holograms or skypes of his son or w/e
its like uncle rico in napoleon dynamite how he keeps living his high school football days
also video of his wife
but the human rights peole are standuing against the future crimes thing and its  up for review by the voters or w/e
colin ferral is investigating and the espers cant stops raepes or suicides
only murder as its the most damaging
do the unborn have rights in here?
as wont any attacks on their lives trigger the psychics?
i assume animals dont have rights as you cant murder an animal
once i iced 100 fruit flies in an hour
am i the next gacy?
what if the person killing them thinks its the right thing and feels justifiied?
or an assisted suicide?
i've never seen this b4 so i dont know if this will answrer any of these questions
oh and cops are not allowed in the psuycnoi room as they dont wanna be accused of tampering
so the guys go in to check the ESPers and they are on hormones all the time and have machines hooked to their brains
colon compares the cops to priests as they change the future and save people
colon thinks theres a flaw in the system and tommy thinks its perfect
tom is alone with the spychics and 1 jumps out, grabs him, shows him a vision on screen of hi icing someone and tells him CAN YOU SEE?!!?
tom goes to a room with killers who were stopped and put in stasis lock
1 guy had his eyes swapped out to trick the eye scanners and they cant identify him
cant they use dnz testing to find it?
so tim wants to go investigating the girl eye swap was gonna kill and takes a file from the room thats not supposed to leave
so the direcotrt or the thing, max von symndow from judge dredd, is worring the gov is gonna take the precrime from them
btw, 3 gray people with tech implants in charge of the people? its contra Shattered soldier!!
so the psycjhickos sense another murder and tom goes at it finding where its gonna happen with gloves and a screen right outta johnny Mnemonic
the viideo shows tom creuise killeing the guy
tom spazzes out seeing him wasting a guy in the future and gets outta there
took almost an hour for him to be accused
in the elevator colon confreonts him annd it seems hes plante ddrugs on tim
tom escapes as hes got a gun and pulls it on colin and gets out in a future car like batman beyond
the car goes autopiolt and tom kicks out the window and climbs onn it
wtf its going down a building like sonic in escape from the city
he hops from car to car and through a window but gets 00 cuts
colon confronts max who's toms friend and blames him for not reporting the drugs tom was on
wait, he really is on drugs?
then hes the bad guy!
string him up!!
so the cops eventually get him  but he jack reachers his way out
theres a cool jetpack fight and they bust through rooms in a buuilding
later tom is having a round of fatal fury with colon in a car factory
so tom gets away in a car and goes to some placewith tentacle vines
this just went la blue girl
he goes in the greenhouse and the vine poison starts effecting tom
so this geezer lady gives him the antidote and turns out she invented precrime
she did genetic experiments on kids crippled by their parents drug use and the 3 that survived had powers
and the 3 pscyhicncs are the only survivors
this is why you donty dfo drugs
also sometimes 1 of the psuychikcs disagree and the reports are destoryed after the suspect is caught
also its not perfect and many innocents were arrested
and if the word gets out, the system would go down
turns out; the report stilll exists somewhere in the esper who prediected it
tom feels bad he locked up innocent people
and he has to go back to the base to get the report
but to avoid being eyescanned i think he's gonna get his eyes changed
so he goes to get his eyes changed and the dr was arreseted by tom for cooking people or something
so colon investigates toms ex wife and she diteched him cuz he reminded her of their son who got wacked
after his eyes are removed he needs to wait for his new eyes to grow in or they wont work
while sleeping he flashbacks to hisvacation at a poole with his son and after holding his breath underrwater for a bit, his son is gone\
just like in pet semetaRY; you dont watch ur kids, they bite it
the next day, the cops show up and release the spider bots which are cg things like in all other speulburfg movies
they search the building which makes me question why tom crooz needed to confiem withch house was the nerds when they could have all taken 1
tom hides in an ice bath to avoid the heat searchers
so they catch tomwith da spiders when he comes out the wayer and they scan his eye
toms not tom according to the spiderbots which reminds me of the mousers from ninja turtles and the cops book it
were the spiderbots scanning everyones eyes w o consent?!
there were kids they were eye b0ning!!
later tom is out and injects his face with something that f's it up so they dont recognize him
inside he gets his old eyes out but drops em and they roll
what is this?! Beetlejuice?!
so he uses his ex eyes and gets in the building
you'd think they'd have denied his access
he meets a friend and they get in the esper oom and is caught so he flushes himself and the girl psychic down the toulet like opool they are in
and the other 2 depended on her to work
like south park with the manatees
tom goes to this shady guy with the esper to get info outtas her head by hacking
the guy wants to keep any images he gets oytta her and when tom sez no, he sez "take her to radio shack"
that exists in 2054?!
tom twists his arm and makeshim read her mind
they find no minority report but she spazzes out and shows him a rewind of the killing of that chick the eye swap guy iced
then the cops get in and tom books it with her
this is seeming a lot like total recall
esp with her giving him fiture help
she has him stand behind where a balloon guy walks and the cops cant see him
so tommy goes to da hotel hes gonna kill the guy and in 1 room he sees a photographe of his son
he realizes its the guy who killed him and hes gonna ice him
esper tell him he still has a choice and tom fights the guy
the guy implies he b0ned toms son dead and sez sorry
tom starts beating on him and is gonna cap him
dont do it tom! hes a virgin!!
well... kinda... not really
nstead he arrests him
the guy sez tiom supposed to kill him so his fam gets money
turns outhe only said he b9ned his kid dead to make tom kill him
but wont tell him as if he does they wont pay his fam
so he pulls toms gun on him and kills himself with it
with the girl as a witness
so later da cops get there and see that its too perfect a crime scene and colon sispects it
colon shows montana max the data he got of the eye swap guy killing and hes got 2 different futures of te same event
its the deja vu but really an alternate thing
colon thinks the deja vuu is a guy who saw the vision and copied the 1st vision to make tthe tech guys think its an deja vu
then mighty max guns down colon will ferrel as the espers cant see it
later tom talks with his wife about reading tom sawyer to his son who was scared by it
so tom talks with esper and its revealed her mom is the one who eye swap iced
then the cops come in and get em and put this halo on to cook his brain
they take him to the storehouse and max sterling talks wuth toms woman
so maxie mounds goes to a banquet and wins the thing he was doing for to keep his whatever he wanted
then tom calls max ballard and tells him he iced the espers mom as she wanted her kid back after getting off drugs
so he could keep her as a mind slave and use her to make his world without crime
created by a crime
so tome is somehow out and about and the esper is showing everyone the maxx killing the ex junkie
so max goes to face tom and has a choice
kill tom and prove the system works, but go to jail
or not kil hi and end the system by proving its wrong
so he caps himself
didnt see dat comming
so they end the precrime system and free the improsoned but watch em
also tom gets hids woman pregnant
the psychics were sent offf to somewhere out there to live in peace
the end
that was pretty good
a bit long but not as bad as titanic
it had good themes and ideas and shows the dangers of beliving in a sysatem too much
good effects and music and its made the same yyear as reign of fire
i liked it and im glad i got to see it
for minoroty report 2 i want tom to arrest a guy and it turns out its his son. he tells the story of his life in the 3rd world fighting commies and cannibals and being a slave for a few years. its also a 32 bit 2d actiopn game on gba, playstation, sega saturn and n64.

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