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The Avenging Conscience Review

note; i spell bad but ww1 good

the avenging conscience

this is my review on the avenging conscience from the distant furure year of 1914 (When the devient king attacked the honorable kaiser and suckered his good cousin nicky into it)

its directed the the icredible D W Griffith who broke ground in cinema but was left behind by those advancing his innovations

like NES and Master System outdoing Atari

its also called Thou Shalt Not Kill and stars Henry B. Walthall from Birth of a Nation, Blanche Sweet from Judith of Bethulia, Spottiswoode Aitken from Intolerance and The Wicked Darling, Mae Marsh from all 3 of the above, George Siegmann from The Man Who Laughs, Ralph Lewis from the 24  Dante's Inferno, Robert Harron also from the 1st 3 i mentioned, George Beranger from Broken Blossoms and Wallace Reid from BOAN/Intolerance

Its based on the edgar allen poe books the tell tale heart and annabelle lee wgicch i only read heartmo

its one of the earlier horror films and i never saw it b4

so it starts with a fam andthis uncle who loves his nrephew from birth

later nephew is playing with a dog and  uncle  hugs him

wtf they kiss on the lips

mayybe theey're just european?

so newphew greows up into a man and uncle still has  the sane hairdo after 20 years but now its white

and nephew has a  girl hes into played by blanche

he reads the tell tale heart and thy look at each otthers  pictures as they didn't have skype back tthen

nephew wants to go out but uncle wants him to work but he goes anyway annd blamche saves this dog from planrs it got its monky butt stuck in

they meet in an outside and smooch bt unlce sees em

how faraway are they if he can see em from da fronty step?!

uncle confronts nephew later as uncle did so much for ephew and nephew owes him

then blamche comes by and ucle points at her t-ts and says shes after his boy like a common woman

is that 1800s for b0ning?

she leaves and nepjew goes out to comfort her but goes back for his hat and goes with her but uncle follows

so they go to a party and bump into lewis who's just leaving and break up for th uncle

a grocery boy hits on a maid who toys with him a bbit b4 they go off to make oyt or hold hands or b0ne

then there's a chick in an ancient looking dress dancing as a romany guy has smoke by him

is that the maid?

so blanche and nephew say bye and its kinda sad as you can feel their souls

uncle is there and malcontent over all the couples bt sees 1 with a baby and his anger lifts

but blamche is bummed and, hay, she's pretty thicc when she turns around

so she prays to The Lord and uncle returns home and seems to pray and repent as he crys

so nephew comes home and an italiano is there looking like hes gonna work on the garden

he and blanche go out in the wind and dont meet but seem connected

nephew then sees a spider eating a bug but its done with several webs

also ants eating a rat or something alive

blanche gets changed offscreen (which we'd see her in undies if made today)

nephew thinks uncle is in the way of him beinng with blanche and gives him a letter from jameson (price from mon coolle knights?) saying if uncle comes by, he'd pay back all the cash owed to uncle

uncle goes out and nephew isnt far behind and stops by acar shop as uncle goes ther and returns home and falls asleep i a chaire

nephew comes in and gets out/plays wittha gun and almoist caps uncle

buut thenhears a dog and puts it to uncles head

italiano and a dame are loud andmaking out outside and he pulls out

uncle wakes up and nephew bugs him for cash so he can go off and they escalate to a fight like they're frenchies or something

he strangles as the italiabo watches from the window and smokes

nephew has a smoke as i guess icing a guy is like b0ning

as that ww1 guy sed; the cannons, like phallllis's, impregnate the earth! war is like making love!

so italino is at da door and nephew puts a coat on his unclee and italiano manhandles him and wants cash for silence from nephews inheritance

itanliano goes and nephew hides uncle in a ifrplace wall and bricks it up

he then asks the townsfolke where his uncle is and they said they last saw him go over to the guy who owed him

but a uncle  homie is suspect

so he pays the italnaio and later uncles homie introduces him to the lewis guy from b4 who nortices the fireplace seeming queer

later blacnhe comes by and the uncles ghost haunts his thoughts as seen with the semi clear uncle gagging and holding his throat

i assume this is symbolic and prepresents whats goig  on in his soul

so she gets creeped out by his acting off and books it and nephew gors to bed after a smoke

but uncle haunts him so he goes to a sanitorium for an offscreen stay

when he gets backk he fears lewis  is a dective so he hires the italiano to guard his place

he has an underground tunnel to escape in and gives italnaio a whiste to warn him

but wont running prove hes guilty?

so blanche thinks hes just going nuts but he goes loopyer and hides in hay and stumbles around and runs home

he sees Jesus and the commandment THOU SHALT NOT KILL and repents while  seeing Him on The Cross

the lewis has men in waiting to get a confession outta him and comes in to ask some questions like a scream eing heard when uncle went

the lewis's men see the italiani being lazy and greedy and i think this movie got its ethnicities mized up for this guy

1 lewis man finds the trap door and naiils it shut like the eyes of a torture victim in one of my demented ideas

lewis taps his pecnil and its like a heartbeat and the clock does it too

this eats away at nephew and he has a vision of daemons or oni or something

oh and witches and skeletons

imagine never seeing a movie b4 and walking in to see this and you get that h-ll vision of that

you'd be f;d out!

then he sees himself wacking his uncle and spazzes out and books it

he uses his whistle to summon th e italianoes and gets a shotgun (is that the cabin from birth of a nation?) and picks people off

 wait, the whistle didnt summon itslianos it was the lewis detectives men coming

he trys to pry out the trap door and its jack sh-t

he finds he's outta ammo and uses his whistle to summon his italnaio but he dont wanna come

blacnhe finds out what happened and he nearly eats his gun but the lewis and crew get to da cabin and start breaking it down

he nearly strings himself up but blanche  gets there and they cut him down in time

wait, i think he's in h-ll and blanche joins him by jumping off a cliff

but wait, da hole thing was a dream!

a big a55 what if non canon story

its like the final destination but nothing happens

uncle is alive and despite it being a dream, he is surprized uncle is ok

now yeah today thats  cliche

but back when we had civil war survivors it wasnt

he's happy to see his uncle and they rejoice

blacnhe is happy too despite having no idea of anything in here she wakes up cheerful and goes to see them

uncle sez sorry and they reunite happy and ok with each other

just like its a wonderfful life and the christmas charol movie

later they are outside and the cloids are over the trees behind them for some reason

kinda like in grade school this girl drew a sunsetting in front of a mountain

then a thing of the Greek god Pan playing in the woods on his pipe and kids looking like tingle from zelda coming otu of a tree as various mammels come out

then them saying a poem of loving annabelle (the blanche) who i thinnk eek the cat ripped the name off of

the end

that was pretty good

nice twists

good double ending

its like 80 mins and dont feel like it

good acting and message

good showing that when you do a crime or sin, it harms those connected to you

dark but not too dark

pretty bada55 and for the 1910s it was pretty intense

the guys from Birth of a Nation have done it again!

for the avenging conscience 2 i want the nephew  to be about to be married but he has visions of alternate futures where he goes nuts and chops everyone up. turns out; he has a  psychic power to see possible outcomes to situations. he also uses this to help people prevent those futures. its allso an 8 bit platform game on nes, master  syatem, atari 7800, gameboy, game gear, tg16 and atari lynx where you play as nephew and do whatever you want and chop people up with an axe but when you wanna, you can do the level mission and continue. but you can get  goodies from taking out certain guys.

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