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Coming To America Review

 Note: I spell like i'm from American!

coming to america

THIS IS MY REVIEW ON COMMINT too amerioka from the distant future year of 1988(the year robotech ii the sentinels vhs tape came out)

its direcatl by john landuis who did animal house, the blues bros 1, thriller, schlock and the stupids

it stars eddie murphy, james earl "jim" jones, arsenio hall, Madge Sinclair from the lion king 1, Frankie Faison from maximun overdrive and White Chicks, louie andferson, samuel l jackson and cuba ghooding jr

i never saw this b4 but some reviewers said it s-cked but it made money

it got an 18+ rating in soviet russia and america and a 12+ rating in west germasny, and a 7+ rating in sweden, 6+ in portugal andnetherlands and 11+ in norwaY

i'm watching this on bounce so its edited for content

so in africa is a palace is eddie murphy as a royal and its his 21st b day

his servents clean him and he's gonna meet his suture wife

at the meal his rents arew simbas rentys frtom the lion king and they rule the country

they havent talked to him in a year and he dont like everything done for him

also he isn't keen onn marrying a chick he never knew and wants her to ove him as is

then eddy trains in stick fighting with arsenio and they talk about his marrying someone and arsenio sez its tradition

later its night and theres a big royal event and all these african chicks do a nikki minaj dance in skimpy p0rn0 outfitsd

the princess comes in and eddy talks to her alone about getting to know her

she sez shes been trained since birth to serve him and has no will of her own

In America that wouldn't happen. In soviet england, its howee the regent is

eddie talks to darth vader and sez he b0ned the people who bathed him, and assumed eddie did too

jim jones sez eddie has 40 days to explore he world and then can return to marry his woman

eddie sez he wants a wo man who will be be a good match for him and not be a yesman

so be decidfes to go to america, but instead to soviet new york

they go there and to find a kkings girl chjoose to go to queens and fake being ariocan students

after a taAXI RIDE to the most common part of soviet new york, the slums, and goes to a barber shop wheere wveryone is played by eddie murp[hy

they go to find a room and some homies jack their boxes and ask for a slummy room

eddie gets a cr-ppy room with bodfy outlines from when the cops were there and

outside they see the homies jacked their sh-t and eddie thinks its 4 da best and they get new american clothes

after seeing a hair product add eddie goes to a barber shjop with othewr eddie prumpys whop cut off his ponytail

they go to a club to meet a chick and they'l all f'd

later they meret a hobo who sez some places to find better women and he goes to a black thing with a james brown like preacher aND BIKINI GIRLS

after another eddie murphy doees a sing this chick sez to donate vto the collection plate annd eddie puts a mopney clip in there as he likes the chick

wow, we're almost an hour in with adds

so the next day eddie and arsenio get work at mcdowels, a company trying to bakugan mcdonalds beyblade

oh, eddie is trying to work there to be close to the chick

so he talks to her about garbage for a sec

later this cool guy who does hair products comes by and wants to date chick and when she asks who put the big a55 wad of cash in the collection thing, he takes credit

eddie sees him and goes to the barber shop with like 15 other eddie murphys and wants them to mak his hair like cool guys

imagine if this was in thre 90s and he had his hair done square like those 90s black guys?

later eddie trys to talk football with boss who thinks hes on drugs

eddie finds out from life woith louie that the cool guy lives off his dads invention money and can buy her anything she wants

later chick is delivered diamond eerings and her sister thinks shes b0ning the guy who gave em to her

later arsenio is bummed he ainbt b0ned since he left afrtica and don't like having to work

eddie sez hes going to univeridty of thge united states and she invites him to the b ball game

wow, they had white people in basketball. the 80s were different

at the game eddie talks with cool guy as the sister j-rks him off and when he goes to the bathroom he sees a worker from his homeland whgo praises hm

after getting his picture taken the worker is really glad and affectrionate and cool guy and chick come by and they think hes queer with him

later chick is impressed by eddies smarts and how hes not like other guys

then samuel l jackson comes nin, prtobabluy on drugs, and holds up the place at gunpoint

eddies takes him out with a broom using his africa kung fu (afcikung fu?)

the boss is glad he helped out and invites em to work for him at his place

at there boss sez he wotrked hard to make it this far from the slums like ben carson and has a party with eddie on chapmaing duty

cool guy thnx him for stopping uiltimate nick fury and thinks he learned it fighting lions

then boss announces that cool guy and chick are marrying

then in private chick tells off cool guy for planning out her life w/o consent

outside eddie comforts her and sez in his country they barrange marriages and she feels good about him

btw this is kinda the opposite of aladdin with a prince faking beuing normal

later arsenio dont wanna go to worek and is disgruntled over living like a mortal

at work life with louie sez in 2 years of wurk he can make assistant manager

later eddie invitewws chick to his place 4 dinner and when he gets home, he finds arsenio bough a buncha cr-p and eddies p-ssed as he dont want her to know hes rich

edie takes arseions money and gf thinks hes too ashamed of his cr-p hole place and he goes with it

while out, the guys from trading places are hobos that eddie givers arseniop cash

the guys are thankful to eddie and chick thinks hes got a good effect on people

he sez he was in the family biz, goat herding, and she reveals she wants him and they dance

they kiss and i think they b0ned

later arsenio orders more money from africa and when he gets back he finds chick is there and knows this is too rich

wait, its chicks sister and eddie walks in on arsenio and her making out

he said hes the prince and eddie is the servent

later bosas sez he dont want her with eddie as eddies a goiat hrearderf and he dont want her with cash stuff like hew was

eddie trades apartments with the building owner and later jum jones and his queen come over

man,jims got big feety. i suspect hes gort a long weener

he asks the barber shop of eddys where eddie is and they send him to his apartment with owner in it

hes shocked to find eddie works and goes to arsenio and blames him for eddie going wrong

eddie shows chick an exhibit about his homeland and covers to avoid her seeing him in pictutres

black j d salinger goes to not mcdonalds and reveals eddier is a prince and not to let eddie know hes on his track

later its night and eddie sees a notre from arsenuiiio saying hes at a hotel and eddier goes to boss's place

bnoss calls jim jokes and tells him eddie is there and tells cool guy who came over that chick dont want him and sends the dog after him

after trying to keep him there, eddie goes and chick figgers out somethingz up as how dads being nice to him

dad admits he knows eddie is rich and an african prince (if this were made today there would be refeerences to the scam people do)

eddie goes to the hotel and finds ar5senio is there and his rents went out for him

at bosses place boss tries to eat time and jimbo jones tells chick eddie has a fiture wife and just came to America to b0ne

she goes out and jim sez the chick and her dad and below him and boss's gonna bust his  foot in farth vaders non canon a55

sister finds out eddies the prionce and eddie comes in

mom sezwhere chick is and tells king to stfu like its robotech ii the sentinels and they are the regent and regess

later sister meets cool guy and he's soaked from da rain and eddie catches up to chick, who's name is lisa like in the room and robotech on a subway

she hates him now and he follows her through the subway and he explained he came to america to find his queen and he wanted her to love him as he is

she thinks they too different and he renounces his throne infront of the scum of new sodomn new york

she sez she cant and runs out andf he ridfdes the graffiti coated subway

later its day and the africans are going back

jim jones and his woman talk about if eddie otta marry chick and woman sez hes the king and can do w/e he wants

then its a wedding, african style and chick is the bride

thewwy smooch and get weeded

the end

btw, arsenio looks kinda like din cheadle from iron man and mad tv

but overall, it was pretty good

nice pacing, not much happens but it goes by well

it don't dragh and has good flow

unlike most movies, most of it is blacks and they got louie nichols i mean armstrong i mean anderson was hirted as the studio wanted a White guy in it

its a good 80s movie thats like a 30s movie with a romamnce of a guy faking being something he's not

classis story, good twists, good make up, good music and film style

it had light and color instead of being dark and murky

glad i saw it, it holds up and has some nice fun

for coming to america 2 i wantthe peoople of his nation to have a malcontent uprising over the royals being too high over em. so eddie and arsenio go out to kick a55 and beat the inferiors out! also its a 2 player 16 bit beat em up on sega genesis, snes, tg16, atari jaguar and gba where you use aFRICAN KUNG FU AND some people have used forbidden african magic to fuse into multi limbed abominations aand are bosses.

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