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Storm In A Teacup Review

 Note; i spell teacops in a storm

storm in a teacup

this is my review on storm in a teacup from 1937

its directal by Victor Saville who did the iron duke and nothing else i seen

its got vivian leigh, rex harrisdioon, and no one else io know of

its based on a play i never saw and it don by alexanfder korda

i nver saw it b4 but people say its good

so after credits to lively music, we get soviet scotland and this chick comes over by boaty mcboatface

she accidentally sits on a kidscandy and a guy gets it off her a55


sdhe tells a guy she was in soviet paris in scvhool and he helps her with her luiggage

he gets stuck in a gate and a guy takes her items and she drives off

laterthe cops come to this scot chix place and try breaking into her place to find someone

i cant tell what they say with their scrooge mcduck accents butn they say oot instead of out like canadians

they cops take her dog and are probably gonna b0ne it dead

thats big gov in soviet enfgland

the cops taking peoples items w/o consent and the peopl,e have no way to defend thhemselves

so chick goes to see her dad whos tyhe commiisar of the arera or we/e and is going for parlement

also the leader of the party is comming and dad wants to be leader to help the scots get freedom from the regent

so he's having scotland first policies?

nowadays he'd be seen as bad for not bowing to gaijin

so leggage guy comes by a place and hes a reporter and is sent to interviiewthe dad

so later dad has a famewale come by and he feels her back as i guess he;'s got a back fetish

in parlement they talk about having swimming wear mandated and is cr-ppy as you can't move in it

reporter is in the stands and so is chick and they meet

dog chick tries to appeal to hger stolen property but dad wopnt do anyhting

also i think the dog is being sent back to h e double england

so reporter has an interview with dad and dads trying to be epic

dog chick comes back for more b--ching and gets chick to try to help by chick thinking its her son gonna be executed

even after finding out its a dog, chick triues to help dog chick

btw, rtemember that irish boy who had birth issues and the brit gov didn;t allow him to get treatment in America as it would mean paying foir healthcare?

that kid slowly died and his rents were forbidden by the gov to help him

when I was born I had blood issues and needed a transfusion

Good thing I was born in America and not Soviet England

so dad gives a passionater speech about scots to reporter and later reoprter ois writing the thing

later this midget or kid comes in during reporters breakfast and sez hes f'd over hisa issues

reporter goes to a golf course and chats with chick

oh and b4 i think chicjk wanted to pay ther dog tax for dog chick bit dad refused and i thin reporter wanted to pay

so later dad is at a farm and says if we get good breeding programs for people they can be superior like the cow there

well, eugenics were pretty popular back then

tommy douglas of soviet canada supported em

later its night but spelled to-night as it ur going there and dad dads giving a speeech

oh and i think reporter wrote about the dog and it caused job issues

chick b--ches at reporter about the dog story and he defnds his sh-t

later he tells his story of how as a kid he tried to stand up for horses being whipped  and got the backhand

so now hes a little b--ch about sh-t like that

animal rights? whast next? plant rights?

you can';t mow the lawn! the grass has rights!

you can't weed the garden! the thistles haave rights!

so dad had a guy redo the article to be like for him

so just like the media spinning things to favor the bad guys today

so dad goes on and gives a speech annd acts like hitler but theres dogs b--chiung in the backgrounbd

everyone goes nuts and laughs and sings about dogs

dad gets mad at reporter and later its breaksaft and dads mad at reporter fgor f--kin up his chances

the papers mock him for the dog thing and dad has reporter hauled to a kangaroo court to find who paid him to make the bad articles

thats england! giv gov oppressing the disenters!

just like in the ussr

they try to make him sign a paper recanting his article but he dont consent and they threatren him

like cnn trying to ruin the guy who made that wwf gif of Trump taking out cnn

he tells ewm off and walks out goes to a carnival to do games lie punching a sack or breaking bottles with a thrown thing

eventrually he wions sonething and chick comforts him and hes befuddled by her callling him by his name, frank

she wanbnts to teamm up with reporeter and tell off dad together

so lastter the people aare complaining about dad ruining them and chick sees a printed thing reporter did saying he loves her

so latewr dog chick goes to say bye to the dog like the dog would understand

she ggets realy mnental over it

you know dogs only like like 12 yeras

so she sez to drink to the dog and they go out but she opens a window b4 going

i thought this was scotland not ireland!

so later at da bar da cops come to execute the dog and reporter goes to the dog place

later the dad and the homies are having smokes withough chicks and talking politicx

the droogs talk about the dog and the reaction to the speech and theres sounds happening

soon, a swarm of dogsd comes over to the building 

its an uprising! just like in 1776! but less evolved!

a minion or butler or slave or w/e sez the dog ladys dogf is gone and the droogs aint' pleased

the dogs get in and go on the table and spazz out

imagine filming this and they keep sh-tting everywhere

and yet no one smacks them as they can't have animals treated bad

remember postal with the cat silencers?

reporter is out on a horses a55 and chick sez she never wants to see him agian

imagine if he said "Tally ho!" and popped her eyes?

so the press gets word and outs the storynand dumps on dad

sao dad gets his gov homies to arrect reporter as just like president hussain and thet coptic guy who did that video that was blamed for the attack on the base

dog chick treis to get reporter to accept help but he's givenm up as hes a britmo who can't handle anything

look at how they needed America to save em 23x from ther germans!

oh and chick i think left home

so people talk abotu the caeer with good b/w style that looks like a silent film

btw this is b/w and fullscrennd

oh their doing the case over the dog being put to sleep or w/e

so they have their trtial and they got this probably inbred guy who ust agrees with everything the procestuion asks

its the stiffnecked upper crust no soul by the book stickler for rules england we know and hate and the reporter sees it as f'd

1 female says "sez u" and the brits try to make sense of it

so then the dog comes in and its owner and the people cheer for em

they have a devolved guy who can't talk for sh-t describe the dog as he examines it and defence lawyer objects but reporter dont

so the lawyers bicker and i think the fdefence queers out and leaves

chicjk is locked outta the court and sdez shes a witness and is let in by a guy

dad takes the stand and reporter tries to get him to admit its his fault everyone hates him form the dog thing

also dad says its reporters faul as reported f'd with his fam

chick comes up and sez she cant (kont) give evidence as shes married to reporter

dad sez in rpivates that he can't have a son in law serving time and its revealed that she lied

she can do hard time for purgery(which i think they bite off ur toes for) and they go back up and dad flip flops and sez reporter is right

dad submits to the dog woman and gives a speech over the radio that says every unit in the state is worthy and has rights

then reporter and chick gets married

the end

that was pretty good

shows how f;'d england is

sorta like monty python

good wit and quirk and fun and 30s clewan wholesome humor

good acting and tyhis was made when zee fuhrur is rising so england made the scots look like him

although the brits have done some evils too

like in braveheart or the patriot

its sa decent gilm and is well made and hasd good fun

glad i saw it

for storm in a teacup 2 i wanmt it to be abvout the 50s and theres not ww2 but animals have been given equal rights in scotland due to this event and now they have free reign over scotrland as they are given more rights than people. also anyone who is agasint animals is jailed and greound up into dog food. allso the daughter of the reporter and chick is a teen and is secretly a fighter against the animals as a maksed hero in a  metal bikini who fights agianst the animals with nunchaku. also its an 8 bit platform game on sega master system and game gear, nes and gameboy, tg16, atari lynx and 78000 where you play as the teen and fight through animals and sometimes have missions to save people

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