Monday, April 18, 2016

Cat People Review

note; theres typoes. I warned ya
cat people
this is my revjiew on cat people
with a title like that I assume its about furrys
but this is from the 40s
I had an idea for a film
30s furrys!
guys in the 30s who are becoming aware of their furry feelings due to mickey mouse and felix the cat.
after experimenting, they move on to b0ning farm animals.
based on actual events.
this is RKO
they did good stuff
after a quote from some guy (just like king kong) we get a chivk at a zoo or circus or w/e
a guy flirts with her as she draws something
its a puma with a sword through it
pretty bada55
they go to her place and she sez hes her 1st friend in america
I didn't notice she was a foreigner
at night (I assume after they b0ned a lot) they hear lions at da zoo nearby
she likes it and the dark
maybe shes the cat people
she has a statue of king jon of serbia
I assume shes a serb
but shes so nice!
king jon drove out the bad guys who enslaved her people but in her village were demon worshipers who jonny iced
but some escaped and do something
reminds me of demonlord dante
I personally have nothing against serbs
although they did start ww1
that malcontent iced archduke Ferdinand of Austria and his woman
then the serbs made a statue in his honor
imagine how up the but people would get if some confederate state made a statue in honor of jophn wilkes bootjh?
although the soviet republic of Canada loves that malcontent loius riel
so in the office this worker brings a cat and the serb lady don't synchro with it
cats hate her
that's racist
dogs seem to hate me
I walk within 40 feet and they go mental
also i think they can sense ki
once I was standing in a room w/ a dog and had a negative thought(but didn't move or anything) and it started yip[ping at me
at a pet shiop the birds go mental when the serb comes in
at home the guy sez to the serb most couples have kissed by now
I assume that's them covering to make us think they didn't b0ne
like in la blue girl they changed dialogue to say mikos in college insrtead of high school to make us think shes 18
serb sez shes not happy and has issues or something and the guy comforts her
at some dinner this European sez something European to her and leaves
this freaks her out
later shes unhappy cuz she wants to be his wife but as issues
women are often confusing
or irrational
they get emotionally mental for no reason
then you gotta spend like an hour comforting their fat a55
its annoying
but with it if you have a kind woman
not a bossy bratty one who bullys you
those need to get out
later shes trying to grab this bird in a cage and it bites it
so she picks it up and puts it in a b0x
later she tells the guy her bird died of fright when she tried to grab it
I say; use ur power for good!
go fight animals to save humans!
like in the woods from bears or cougars
or protect people from feral dogs!
God gave you a gift! use it for good!
later at a shrink shes hypnotized and sez shes afraid of cats
its revealed that in her village are people who turn into cats
and if they kiss a guy they love they gotta ice hi9s a55
and her mom was called a witch/cat woman(not the batman chick)
when he gets home she sees a wo man who knows her issues and was da 1 who recommended the dr
the serb is offended he shared her secret
but the guy sez he trusts her
later the guy sez he's never been unhappy b4 and now its weird
like in saint seiya how lizard misty never got hit b4
or how in "God told me to" the hermaphrodite was never hurt b4
he talks wirth the wo man who knows the serbs issues and they get comfort
at the zoo the serb picks up the key from the lock to the panther cage and returns it to the zoo guy
the shrink sez people secretly wanna do evil and she could've used the panther to do it
that's pretty dark
at night the guy trys to get her to see the shrink again but she gets mad hearing he talked with the wo man who knows her issues
he goes ourt to a diner and gets some food
te wo man who knows her issues comes by and the serb seez em together
later shes walking home alone at night and hersno one on the street
then a bus comes and hisses like a cat
also a guy seez big cat prints on the ground in mud
later the serb comes home and takes a bath
we see her back but no b00bz
she dreams of cats and king jon and a key and hearing the shrinks words
the next day she takes the key from the zoo
later she goes swimming and theres cats around
she hears big cat noises and jumps in da pool
but theres no cat in sight
then the serb come in and turns on da light
i thought it was da serb in da pool
its the wo man who knows her issues
when the wo man gets outta da pool her robe is sliced up
later she talks to the shrink about cat people
she fears rthe serb is turning into a cat and trying to ice her for her loving the serbs husband
she urges the dr to carry a heater
hes got one cuz hes a real american
he later talks to the serb and thinks shes playing a game
they always think if you dont fit in that ur faking it
real people have real fears, even if what they fear isnt real
then the guy sez he loves the wo man and wants a divorce
have they b0ned?
she tells him to go
the shrink sez u cant divore an insane person
then dont that mean yu cant marry one?
and who's to say who's insane?
arent qwe all a bit off?
im not crazy
just a bit eccentric
like tim burton or johnny depp or those caligari guys
at night rthey wait for the serb but shes not arrived
the shrink goes out
as the guy and his wo man are alone in the dark but not b0ning they get a call
but no ones there
then a panther comes in
theres 2 humans and 1 cat
if they play smart they can won
he rebukes her with the Lord and a cross and it disappears
also they say its the serb
as they leave they smell the serbs perfume
then the shrink is visited by the serb and kisses her
she becomes a cat offscreen and shreads him
if you go for its throat you can kill it
the panther that is
the serb gets away and the guy and his wo man see the body
also ther dr had a sword/cane
pretty bada55
the serb opens the panther cageand it fears herbut then jumps oyt and grazes her
oh and shes got thwe broken piece of swiord/cane in her
the guy and his wo man find her and say "she never lied to us"
the end
i liked this
good mood
if made today it would have more gore/swearing/b0ning/t-ts/cgi
for cat people 2 I'd like it to be about the Slovenian legend about people with dog heads (my grampa told me of it years ago) and its revealed their descendants are furrys today. (as for how its CAT people and about DOGS? Troll 2 was about goblins so its ok)

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