Saturday, April 30, 2016

Soylent Green Review

note; my typings kinda cr-ppish
soylent green
this is my revbiew for soylebnt grert
I saw it b4 in da 90s
I remember something about strawberries being over 100$$
the twist ending is already known by everyone in this centuiry
the 90s too
its become part of our Protoculture
plus all the simpsons jokes
its like the ending to planet of the apes
its set in 2022
that's like in the mega MAn years
maybe yugioh 5ds
yugioh is the 90s
gx is mid 2000s
and 5ds is at least 20 years after that
since 20 years prior to the stoery; synchros are out
andin the 10th anniversary movir(bonds beyond time) jaden don't know about synchroes
but he was cr-ppy at learning cards
also trdude (ushio) from the 90s yugioh is a cop there
but he'd be around his 40s
Richard Fleisher directed it
hes gooooooood
we start with a montage of images iof civilization
btw; its widescreen
its set in new York]
ust like planet of da apes
they mention on the radio that sotylent red ansd yellow exist
but soylent green is new and made of plankton
but we already know the trurth
Charlton heston and his room mate are cops talkin about cases
his roommate complasins how food is cr-ppy compared to older food
but heston is too young to recall the good days
like me talking about the sega genesis to candy a55 teens (who need a beat down)
Charlton heston goes out and its all overcrowded
I blame all the illegal immigration
also; this place s a smelly dump and a dirty slum
just like Detroit and Chicago after the liberals got it
maybe we otta just nu ke it and start over?
this chick gets beef from a food place and they make it seem like a big deal
beef s-cked
unless its a burger or meatload
later this jean jacket guy w/o a shirt comes to meet the chick's bf
he seems mental
he busts the bf's head with a crowbar
the guy just accepts his end
a real warrior would fight to the end
at least the mongols did
Charlton heston comes in and investigates
he also takes a bottle of booze
he as the witness write a statement and enjoys using soap/water
how odd, I avoid it
he also jacks some of the guys items
the gf sez she thinks he wanted to get iced
he grills the gf but shes not the killer
then the sanitation guys come in
they take his bodand say hes taken to a waste disposal plant
she sez her gramma got a ceremony
Charlton heston returns home and has a bag of loot he swiped
he took fruit, soap, booze, books and beef
his roommate gets bummed out over how things have sunk so low
later cherlton heston talks to his big buff black guy cop superior
all these 70s movies have a rough cop working for a big buff black guy
at least this guy isn't loud and mad
Charlton heston sez something not right about this hit
I just realized that this movie is a few years before demolition man
that was a good sci fi action film
outside; the masses of people are gathered for food and drink leke its the 3rd world
but america was 1st world
well... it used to be...
also the city has a poisoned sour air look
a bit like; the crow city of angels
he goes up in to a building looking for some chick
he talks to a black woman wearing only a robe
this really is a 70s film
shes nervous about something but hes not finding it
I think she wants to b0ne him
he leaves w/o b0ning and has food with his roommate
carlton heston hasn't eaten like this ever
they then read about the guy who got iced
he knew the guy who is governer
he had stuff with soylent, the company that has food supply for half the world
b4 he leaves he has his roommate taste a spoon he swiped from the black lady
its strawberrys
which go for 150$ per jar
I blame the unions
he later calls his black guy boss amd the boss tells a guy working for the governer\
he goes to a place full of chix and talks to the gf from b4
he sucks their cigs and drinks their ice water
he sez if he had the money he'd smoke 2-3 cigs a day
my7 yugioh buddy goes through that in a few hours(1-2 maybe)
once I asked another smoker yugioh homie if he can drain a cig in 1 drag
he said he cant, but knows a guy who can
Charlton heston talks to the gf as they get naked to b0ne
she sez her bf went to church
aftyer they b0ne, a guy comes in and beats u the chicks in the room
Charlton heston sticks up for em
the gf suggests Charlton heston spending the night but he's already b0ned her
hes tempted by the idea of a hot bath with reakl hot water
he stays and they have a hot bath togerther
later charlrton heston stops by a church andtalks to a priest about the guy who bit it
he seems kinda traumatized and spaced out
he heart the guy who bit it tell him a secret that broke his brain
back at the station the superior wants him to close the case
the elites want it
charton wont and storms out
this guiy in shades tells his boss about charlrton seeing the priest
later a guy caps the priest
the black guy always gets it in these films
at the public rations area, the people are malcontent and Charlton hestom is on riot patrol
they run out of soylent green and the people have a riot
they start b0ning the cops
then the scoops come in
trunks and scoopers that capture people
shouldn't it tear em apart?
the priest killer takes a shot at heston but hits a human in front of him
heston fights him but the guy gets crushed under a scoop
heston goes to this guy's place and brats a guy up
its the black lady's place
he sez he wont hit a cop but then hits him
Charlton kicks him in the crotch so hard he's off his feet
he sez the guy can get life in a soylent plant for that
ten sez if hes followed again hes gonna kill em both
he goes to see the gf and sez the soylebt plants are guarded
his roommate talks to some people and finds the guy who got iced knew a dark secret and got iced 4 it
the new tenant comes by for the room of the guy who bit it and he wants the gf
the roommate goes to a less crowded place and Charlton heston finds a note from him saying hes "going home"
Charlton rushes over and the roommate is in a room with his fave color
then this really widescreen display shows nature
didn't the simpsons do this?
heston makes the guy working there open the door or he'd kill him
I assume he;'d b0ne him dead
heston just watches the nature but later talks
they admit they love eachother in a non queer way
hestyon is overcome with the stuff on screen
he tells Charlton something the audience cant hear then bites it
they seem to be microwaving him
its a suicide place
just like how in the soviet replublic of Canada they allowed assisted suicide
so I guess this movie was accurate
but when a buncha gay guys or poor people suicide, they call it a "crisis"
I assume its like how eating dog is seen as bad but pig or octopus (which are vastly smarter) is ok
eating animals is good but eating animals is bad
personally I dislike dogs
hope they go extinct
I've never eaten octopus
but I hear they are smarter than apes
I had squid 2x though
it was ok
kinda chewy
but good
so the roommates corpse is taken to a place and heston sneaks a rode on a truck rooftop
in the factory he finds the bodies are made into solyent green
but a guard catchs him
he kills the guard (who probablty had a fam and friends)and bolts
he calls his work but its busy
so he calls his gf
but the call gets to his boss
they almost really talk but a gunfight breaks out wth guys chasing him
he runs but gets capped
the guy chasing him follows him into a church
its full of people
they fight and heston shanks him with a big a55 knife
his boss comes in and heston tells em hes got proof
he then sez he's seen it (which is not proof) and that since the oceans dying that slylent green is made of people
they take him out an the credits roll ito the images the roommate saw
chuck Connors was in it
and jack baur did casting
I assume its another one
for soylent green 2 I'd like for the company to have gone to trial over using people parts and with their expensive lawyers, beat the charges and now its legal to use human as food. also its done as a way of bringing back nature and they get enough votes passed and judges elected to give animals superior rights to humans so they can "restore the urth". people who have peaceful protests are rounded up under "hate speech" charges and fed to animals while still alive. the people cant take it anymore and rebolt and have a 1776 again to overthrow the animal supremacists and their plans to interbreed humans and animals to create a superior race of animal people.

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