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The Kings Speech Review

note; pretty sure theres typoes in  here
the kings speech
this is my review on the kings speech
its set in the soviet republic of ing-lind during some war
a while ago I saw "the north star" with erich von Stroheim about the noble soviets fighting the evil germans
when talking about it with as descendent of a ww2 survivor, he said many soviets fought against the soviet union to free it from their evil(as it was the greater of the 2 evils in the war)
after the soviets won, the brits gathered the survivors and sent em back to the soviet lands to be tortured dead
maNY commited suicide rather than be b0ned dead by commies
im not supporting the axis though
I'm polish
but -40 is colder than -20
it starts with the deviant bbc delivering a speech from the brittish regent
its the 20s so its the 1st time a regent will be on air
he takes along time to start and is pretty cr-ppy at public speaking
suck it up candya55!!
u fail!
its the regents younger brother
later hes smoking and thinks its gonna fix his cr-ppy speaking
the fruity voice trainer has him use marbles in his mouth and he nearly swallows 1
in Pygmalion this was funny
here its depressing
also I gotta say theres a lot of ugly people here]
and the weather is pretty cr-ppy 2
no wonder theyre so evil
their country s-cked so much they wanna dominate the good ones
like america!
where people are free and not oppressed by the deviant regent
later Helena bonam carter (tim burtons baby-momma) finds a fruity dr who she wants to fix ghis cr-ppy talkin
he treats her like a normal person but when she spills its for her regent appointed duke husband he changes his tune
he then sez he needs "trust and total equality" to cure him
but in England no ones equal!
later the cr-ppy speaker is hangin with his fam
I believe 1 of em became the queen and had her son's wife and other women iced for defying her
but England blocks dog the bounty hunter from entering cuz a lifetime ago he capped a guy and paid his debt to society
way to make sense brtimo's!
later the fruity dr auditions for Richard the 3rd but they turn his a55 down
spoiler; lupin the 3rd was better!
later they regent fam comes in and this kid with a bad studder invites em in
the fruity dr seZ he could hardly talk b4
sounds severely disabled
the cr-ppy talker and the fruity dr talk and the cr-ppy talker can hardly communicate
wtf is his major malfunction?!
is he inbred or something?!
oh the cr-p[ppy talker is a prince
the fruity dr sez the prince shouldn't smoke but the prince sez his drs (who were knighted) say its good
just like global warming commies believing lies and getting support for their status
the prince don't like having to be on equal terms with a normal human
the prince also reveals he don't carry money
but Rasputin sez you should always have money in case you meet someone in need
they bet the prince can read from a book w/o studdering the dr wins a shilling
I assume that's a $ in real money
the fruity dr has the prince reada microphone while listening to headphones
after dat, dr prince leaves and sez its not 4 him
but he gets a recording of his voic\e
at Christmas the king gives a radio speech and whines about having to consort with the common man via radio
he also hates his 1st son for being in love with a woman with 2 ex husbands
this king is kind of a d--k
this is why Washington fought off the brits in his steam powered mech against the brits demon body transformations in 1776
the prince tries to speak but his dad busts his candy a55
later he listens to the recording and its real talk w/o studder
he and his woman return to the frooty dr and they talk
we then get a training montage of his weird trix to help him talk real
if this were an 80s movie it would have kickin 80s tunes instead of classical music
later the king is brain damaged from too much b w/e and is gotten to sign away something
I assume the new king has a b0ning ritual to b0ne him and gain his king powers and eating him with his parts while b0ning him
later the king bites it and probly goes straight to h-ll for his countless evils against the people
1 guy crys but the other brits don't show emotion
it comes from not having souls
later the frooty dr is talking shakespere to his son
prince comes in and sez his dad sed he had more guts than his brothers combined (but the dad said it when the prince was out)
his brother is now on the throne and the prince is glad he don't gotta have responsibilities or a real job now(not that being the regent is a real job)(you just b0ne anyone you want and leach off the tax dollars while wacking those you hate and oppressing the people)
also the prince was a cripple b4 and needed forest gump braces as a kid
wasnt forest gump inbred?
and the pronce had a cr-ppy childhood and it f'd him up
his brother had epilepsy and bit it at 13
the rents had him locked away like the man-woman in pet semetary
what a horrible family
its like how j fk's dad had his sister lobotomized for being slow
another horrible family
yet the people loved em
despite the assassinations and dark deeds
also the noble kaizer Wilhelm had worse
his arm was destroyed in a birth accident and he had long rehab to try to make him use his dead arm
also his cousins hated him for his grampa doing something years ago
too bad america didn't suppot zee kaizer
he might've prevented ww2 and communism
later the prionce is mental over his big bro being in love with someone and its not kingly
although king henry divorced a lot of chix
later in therapy with the fruity dr the king finds he don't studder when swearing
so he starts going tourettes and making sodomy references
sounds like me watching shakespere
later its said the new king has tio dump his woman he loves or give up leading england
I'd give up England for my gf
shes worth wayyyy more to me than a frooty country of weeners w/o many rights!
this better to serve in heaven than rule in h-ll
yes, I just compared England to h-ll
maybe England could become a free country with human rights and equality w/o being dominated by a deviant regent
nahhh! thay cant give up that
its like the soviets giving up corruption
or poles giving up potatoes and pickles
or america giving up freedom and guns
or Canada giving up inbreeding and interspecies romance
so the new king goes off to live with the woman he loves instead of ruling a buncha losers and the people they oppress
its like trading a secret rare gil garth for a common crush card virus
now the prince who cant talk for cr-p has to lead englind
the prince now king gives a speech and pretty much s-cked hard
when talking with his wife he breaks down cuz he knows hes a cr-ppy king
his woman comforts him
on a poster it sez "God save the king"
from what?
are there daemons after his candy a55?
might be a generational curse
for the sins of his ancestors
he talks with his forty dfr a he don't gotta be afraid of the thing he was at 5
as a kid I was intimidated by castle of illusion on sega and only played it on easy
over a decade later I decided to take it on
by this point I had beat adventuires of batman and robin, battletoads and maximum carnage
I crushed it like an insect under my heel
later I think the king finds the frooty dr has no official training and isn't a real dr
but he's got real experience and got training from helping ww1 vets
typical red tape that prevents good people from doing good
this is why big guv is bad
the prince goes mental and when the frooty dr sits on a chair that some dead guys sat on he gets mad
I bet in the real version he hulked out and bit off the dr's arm and b0ned his a55
he also sez he has a "divine right" to command and order people around being king
also he b--ches about king George 3 losing a war and it being bad
that was the war of independence you commie!!
its like saying slavery ending is bad
but when the good guys win the bad guys gotta lose
later the prince and his fam are watching newsreel of his coronation and e's impressed by hitlers good speaking skills
then chaimberlin quits realizing he's basically given in the hitler by being politically correct and respecting es
now churchhills gona\na come in and kick a55
the only manly brit
so the new new king has to give a speech and has his frooty dr come over
they train but the king is still pretty cr-ppy
he has an existential crisis and starts freakin out and swearing and singing
he's gonna go mad and nuke the slums!!
after meeting with the Churchill(who sez he had a speech issue) he goes to give his speech
after much suspence he gives the speech and its got long pauses in it like he's reading it while typing it
the people are glad their regent gave a decent speech and an epilogue sez the king and the froty dr were friends forever.
the end
not bad a film
it shows the awfulness of the royalty and their elitist attitudes
for the king's speech 2 like it to be set after the war and the soviets and axis have wiped eachother out. with England now the ruler of the wastelands over Europe, they start plans to take down japan(who survived with a peace treaty with america to save em from the soviets) and they use their slave Canada to try to bring down america to keep em from helping em. its revealed that japan has an ancient secret in its land that has a power to destroy a continent. after america nukes Canada, they and japan take on England with the help of the kings brother who has been cured of his brittishness and wants to help defeat the country that is attempting to wipe out all life on earth except England (esp Ireland and Scotland since they openly hate em)

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