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Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde

note; my speling has tourettes... butt Sodom!
dr Jekyll and me hyde
this is my review on dr Jekyll and mr hyde(30s version)
its based on a book by Robert lewis Stevenson
this film was made b4 the "production code" was in full effect so its more f'd up than films in the later 30s ones
there was also an NES game of this movie made by TOHO in the 80s
imagine if they made an NES game off of "Birth of a Nation"
theres a flash game of the great Gatsby that's pretty good
we need more video games based on 1800s books
most are public domain and have a large fanbase
it starts with that tune from dark castle on sega genesis
nanana nANANA NANA na
and the credits roll
the tune I thin k was used in fantasia
then we see a p o v shot of a guy playin g his organ
the guy's butler comes I and sez in 15 mins he has to give a speech at a university
hope the liberal malcontents don't have an uprising against his views
he gets dressed and goes into a horse drawn carriage to ride a few feet
he goes into a room with a buncha people like the class in yugioh gx
he gives a speech about how scientists should go beyond and look into the soul(human psyche)
he presents a duality view of humanity that we have good and bad and if we can separate out good from bad we can be perfect
but in the book/20s version he wanted to divide good from bad so he could get away with sin
he also sez hes working with chemicals to do so
later he helps a little blonde girl try to walk w/o crutches
maybe this is where speilberg got it from
he always has little blonde girls
war of the worlds
jurassic park
mindy from animaniacs
later he sez he has to miss dinner as he has to operate on someone
at dinner the others complain about him helping poors instead of dinner with them
later he(dr Jekyll) comes to the after dinner dance
1 geezer sez he hasn't been late for dinner in 40 years
sounds like OCD
btw Jekyll is pronounced gee kil (like jeans, not gender)
dr j talks with his gf and her dad has some issue with him
he gives a lovey dovey talk with his gf
I assume they were b0ning in the real version
then they make out and it cuts to camera moving away
maybe they did b0ne
another butler comes in and tells her to come in
they come in and dance
after the guests leave the dr j talks with the geezer (the gf's daddio) about loving his kid
he wants to marry her but dad sez wait
later he walks home and chats with his homie about if scientists should go further or is there limits not to go
then he fights a guy beating up a chick and saves her
aw gross
the chick is COCKNEY!!
he brings her to her room and she shows off her thigh wound where the guy kicked her
she sez shes hurt and dr j sez to rest
theres a scene of her starting to get undressed
this is how p0rn0es start
is she a strpper??
later shes nude in bed but her covers cover her bod
dr j makes out with her and his homie comes in
we see the side of her b00b
did they b0ne?
she tells him to come back soon
we see an overlay of her nude leg swaying back and forth as dr j and homie leave
dr j compares not b0ning to a man dying of thirst being denied water
he wants to separate his good/bad because of this
later he's working on a 30s lab with chemicals
his butler comes in and sez hes not eating or sleeping
sounds like hes on drugs
his gf sends him a note complaining about missing dinner
he mixs chemicals and writes a note saying if he bites it, he loves his gf
maybe you should test this on rats or monkeys b4 human
he takes the drug and his face changes by using make p already on his face and shining different colored lights on it in black and white filming
he has many flashbacks to the last 20ish mins of film and when he rises he looks apelike
is this a thing on evolution?
but that's fake
he talks to his reflection about being free and how all who mocked him are wrong
he gets dressed to go out but his butler comes and thinks its another guy when he answers
dr j turns back somehow and sez its his friend mr hyde who just went out the back door
if this were made today they'd think he was b0ning hyde
later dr j talks to his gf and her dad wants to send her away but dr j wants to marry her
hes p-ssed he has to wait to b0ne her
later hes looking at the rain saying his gf is gonna be back after another month
his butler suggests going out
dr j sez gentlemen have standards and conduct or something gay
so he takes the drug and transforms again
btw his teeth go extra brittish
he goes out and drinks rain
he goes to the chick who was naked b4's place
btw his hyde voice sounds like skeletor from the 80s he-man
he goes in and its a bar
so he orders champaign (sham pane)(eff the French! spell it normal!)(the freekin Japanese spell better than you monkeys!)
mr hyde p-sses the other bar people off
the naked chick(imma call her the blonde) works at the bar(I thought she was a h00ker) and hyde has her bring him wine
he compliments her curves and drinks with her
he talks about her home but she don't know hes dr j
he talks and the guy she was with a few mins ago confronts hyde
he busts a sham pane bottle and uses it to scare him off
he practically mo lests her and the caera zooms in on his face after he claims to be what she wants
did he just b0ne her?
later the blondes land lady comes in and talks
then hyde comes in and talks
if he catches her lying her arm wounds are a trifle of what he gets
he reads the paper and sees the gf is returning
he complains about the blonde not liking him
she sez tats not true and he sez she must love him
she agrees out of feat
i wonder if dr 's thing transformed too
I bet its like some weird centipede
hyde sez hes going away for a bit and if she does anything he don't like he's gonna f her up
this is kinda f'd up
like saw meets clockwork orange or Caligula
he sez hes spending the night with her
after some torment I think he b0nes her
later dr j is at home and tells his butler he's only gonna use the front door
he has butler give a note to his gf
later the land lady is treating the blondes wounds but hydes b0ning
the butler comes in and gives her a note from dr j with 50 pounds
 later dr j tells his woman I mean gf that he was unwell in soul and needs her help to be healed
they wanna marry and they make out
I just realized that the Jekyll and hyde thing is a thing on the dangers of j-rkin off
he tells the dad hes been ill and he understands
they agree to marry them next month
he comes home happy and plays his organ
he hears the blonde is waiting for him in a consulting room
she comes in saying she cant accept his cash and hyde's been whipping her
she wants to suicide and is afraid to go to the cops
she begs for help and sez she'll do anything he wants
even be his slave
dr j sez hes gonna make sure hyde never will see her again
later hes outside and turns hyde
this is like a werewolf thing
maybe the hulk
we get a spit screen of hyde running and a party of the gf
then it splits to the blonde
she hates on hyde and gushes for jeckle
then hyde comes in
he mocks her words for dr j
she cant believe dr j told him
he sez hes her hero nd chases her down
he then strangles her
but its offscreen so he might've b0ned her dead
he leaves and does some ninja moves to escape the people after him
hyde runs home but the back door is locked so he tries the front
the hep don't let him in
meanwhile at the event the gf was at, they are p-ssed that dr j ditched em
hyde gets pencil and paper and writes a not that sez what chemicals to bring and where
he sends it to his homie from b4
hyde comes in but the homie don't know or trust him and wont give him the drugs w/o knowing where dr j is
hyde cant so homie pulls a gun on him
so hde mixes chemicals
hyde gives 1 last warning but homie don't give in
hyde gives a speech, takes the drugs and turns back with cross dissolves
dr j tells his homie offscreen and homie sez he went too far into turn not meant for man
dr j sez hes gonna stop using the chemicals and give up his gf
is this a drug metaphor?
later dr j reads the paper saying the blonde was wacked
dr j prays to the Lord and sez sorry for trespassing
the gf complains to her dad about dr j going mental
then dr j comes in and the dad is p-ssed at him
sorry dad, I idnt mean to miss my wedding. I was b0ning a h00ker dead
the gf wants to help dr j but he tries breaking up
he breaks down saying how f'd he is
he leaves and she weeps but then he turns hyde
is his a thing on getting b0ners?
he comes in and tries b0ning the gf
when the dad comes in he beats his a55
hes holing his own against a few guys
then he busts the dads head open with his cane until both snap(but is offscreen)
he runs home as the cops tail his a55
I find I have a bit of a mr hyde experience when I realize I dreaming and go around ding w/e I want
he runs to his lab and the cops break in as hes turned back
he sez hyde left through the back door
but its locked
then the homie out dr j
then dr j rots into a really ap like mr hyde
he jumps around like an ape ninja and fights
but gets capped and bites it
as he bites it he turns back
the end
that was good
hyde is a nightmare and Jekyll is good
the butler was edger Norton
sounds like Edward Norton
or Edward furlong
I admit for the 30s this was f'd
but now we have batman beyond and violence jack
even though they changed dr j's intent from being free to sin to being free from sin, I felt this was a grand one
for dr Jekyll and mr hyde 2 I want the blonde h00ker who he killed to have been revealed to have been revived by cpr and faked being dead to avoid hyde. she's pregnant with hyde demon baby as the magic formula turned him demony and we time sip 14 years later where the demon baby is a teen out b0ning and killing people. he gets a lot of 5kanks pregnant and his demon babies grow fast and bust out of them. soon he has an army and tries to take over England and turn it into new Australia.

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