Thursday, February 9, 2017

Gaslight Review

note; youll read it spelled right or bad
this is my review on gaslight
I've never seen this b4 so I don't know what to expect
although I read blurbs
ooh, its by mgm
and has Ingrid bergman
and angela landsbury
and is based on a play
after the opening creditz(ooh, George cuckor) we see its night and people are lighting street lamps
and theres a strangler on the loose
it looks foggy though
this guy leaves a house with a chick and he tells her shes going to Italy to be a singer
the italiano was a friend of her aunt
later we see a chick singing in Mexican or something
her teacher sez shes doing it wrong
she sez shes not good at it but the italiano sez her heart aint in it
shes too happy to sing a sad song
shes in love
the italiano is ok with it and she leaves
she meets her italiano bf and they talk
she decides to take a week to think about being his woman
on the train this chick starts moaning about a book shes reading
a guy I the book has a new wife but 6 previous ones in the celler
its a murder mystery
the book chick talks to the main girl about the place she lives and its where the main girls aunt was iced
the book chick goes on and on about it and the main chick don't say anything
just gets more and more f'd
the main chick gets off at the stop and her bf is there
they make out and the book chick is surprised at a man kissing a woman
well, she IS from England
later her and the bf are living in some Castlevania place
he wants to write something after his honeymoon
reminds me of that scene in Robotech II the sentinels.
Lisa; See you all after the honeymoon!
Rick: Yeah in about 5 hours from now!
5 hours of b0ning
he suggests moving to London
she tells him her aunt left her the home the aunt got wacked
she hasn't dreamed of it since meetin him
but now she wants to go back there for him
she goes back to soviet England and reunites with the book chick
in the home she laments how its all gross now after years w/o people in it
she reminisces over her aunts cr-p
he shows her bf a portrait of her aunt from a play she did the czar liked
then recalls how she found her aunts strangled remains that night
she starts freakin out but he suggests packing the aunts cr-p up and storing it
she goes through her aunts cr-p and reads a letter the aunt wrote 2 days b4 getting iced
when she reads the name of the guy she wrote it to the bf freaks out
then tries to cover it
well, looks like we know who wacked her
the bf hires a maid
couldn't they just get a slave?
what year is this?
they also have a deaf cook
the maid is cockney
find the cure
if my kid was cockney i'd enema his mouth!
maybe fill him with enema fluid til he blew open
the maid don't like the main girl
the italiano bf gives her a jewelery that his gramma gave to his mom and mom gave to him
they take a carriage to the London tower
the mai and cook talk and say the italiano said the main girl isn't well
the main girl and bf are at an auction (I think) and viewing a chopping block and axe for executions
a guy thinks the main girl looks like a chick he knows bit it
the bf tells the main chick shes forgetful
he says something knowing where something is but gf sez he was never here
he sez the guide told him
they look at jewels and the husband practically gets a b0ner for em
later at home he asks to see the jewelry he gave her but she don't have it
later the main chick keeps experiencing things that don't add up
the light lowers w/o any reason and people aint where she thinks they am
later the main chick wants to go for a walk but when the maid asks where she runs inside
the book chick sez the main is b0ning a cop
the cops (not the one she's b0ning) talk about reopening the aunt case
the cop sez to the superior he once saw the aunt
the superior mentions the case wont work and says something about jewels
he explains this foreigner had crown jewels that went missing when the aunt was iced
and some high rank guy caused the case to lay off
after dialogue with the maid about b0ning a cop the husband has, the main chick goes mental
the maid returns saying the book lady and her nephew is there but the bf sez not to let her in
she sez she wanted to see her but couldn't say it in front of the main
he tells her not to be afraid of the servents
and if she wanted to she just had to say it
man, women are so mental
the maid tells the book lady to go and the nephew is really the cop under cover
the bf sez a painting is missing and the main girl hid it
she don't recall
he has the servents come in and asks them if they moved it
they sed no
he has her look for it and she finds it easy but sez she didn't know
he goes out and she freaks out about being alone
the maid sez shes getting worse and the bf sz; don't call ur master "she"
sounds like slavery
but you gotta pay
wrst of both worlds
he chats with the maid about their evening plans
shes going to a brit music hall with a guy she might be b0ning
but she denies b0ning him
later someone I didn't get a good look at gets an invitation to a thing
at the dinner the cop wants to sit with the main girl but the bf sez she cant come
at home the main chick insists on going anyway
shes gonna go alone but the bf changes his mind about letting her go alone
main girl tells maid to call a cab(C A LEFT LEFT A C A B)(on A SEGA GENESIS PAD)
outside the maid whines about her masters changing their plans to the cop shes b0ning
at the party the main chick sez she remembers the hostess
they listen to a guy playing piano
the bf recognizes someone
later the bf sez his watch is gone
he looks through her bag and finds it
she says she didn't put it there and freaks out
they leave and he sez its her illness
at home he shames her for her mental issues
that racist
she sez it began when she read the letter
he sez there was no letter and she read reading air
he sez her mom was nuts and bit it in a nuthouse
and he presses her to find out who was the guy behind them(da cop)
he goes out and passes by the b0ning cop
the cop and b0ning cop meet and were tailing the bf but lost him
the only place he could've gone is his own home
but why leave to return in only a few things?
later the main girl hears footsteps upstairs and freaks out
she talks to the cook about if someone turned on the gas(for lights and cooking)
she sez no
she hears noises but the cook don't
man this movie gos on forever
its not bad
but wasn't there supposed to be ghosts?
later the cop and b0ning cop talk and say the bf sez the main chick is going away soon
the cop comes in and gets the cook to let him in
he talks with the main chick but shes nuts
he reveals he has the glove her aunt had 1 of
does this mean they were b0ning?
the chick sez she isn't going away
her bf is in a studio to make music
the gas goes down and he notices it
when the light goes down she hears things while her husband is out
they hear the sounds and the cop reveals the bf goes out and over the roofs to get back in
upstairs the bf cuts open the aunts cr-p and looks for somwthing
she reveals her husband has a revolve and the cop goes into his desk
he finds the letter and it has the same writing as the letter the bf wrote the cop saying the girl cant come to da party
ad her knowing of the letter is why hes trying to drive her nuts
the guy the letter wrote was and is her italieno bf
and he has a wife in prawg
as the bf is gonna leave he finds the jewels in an outfit
I bet they'd look good in color(like Spider-Man(60s))
the cop leaves and the bf returns
he notices the desk is unlocked and confronts themainchick
why didn't he burn the leter?
its just evidence
she says she didn't open the desk but sez "he" opened it
she reveals a man came but the cook denies it
playing the insanity card
its no different than what hes been doing b4
she fakes being nuts but then the cop arrives
he claims to be her imagination
they reveal they knew eachother was a risk
bf pulls a gun but cop stops him
they run around and the cook gets the b0ning cop
then the book chick comes]
theres fighting sounds but they stop
they b0ned eachorher dead!
the cop reveals he tied up the bf
she wants to talk to him alone
shes gonna pull off his parts!
he makes excuses for all accusations
and tries to win her over with italiano romance
ur not Rudolph valentino or ricardo cortrez!
he asks her to cut him free but she taunts him with crazy cr-p
also she found the jewelery
shes p-ssed at him for driving her nuts
he blames the jewels for making him do it
yeah and its the gun that kill him, not me, the guy firing it
the cops take him off to be drawn and quartered or w/e
she talks with the cop and he gives her hope
shes about to hug him and the book chick comes in and is surprised
I think they were b0ning in the real version
the end
tat was pretty good
I liked the book the chick was reading at the start foreshadowing the guy
its pretty long but isn't boring
for gaslight 2 i'd like for the italiano guy's wide in prawg to have come back for revenge against the cop and the main girl for getting her husband drawn and quartered(but he survives as a limbless guy who is b0ned by brits as punishment for his crimes(as per brittish custom)). its years later as it took her a while to piece together and the cop and main chick have a teen kid and the b0ning cop and maid have a buncha kids from b0ning a lot. she traps em in her prawg castle she invited em to and separates em into trap filled rooms that try to ice em and use their pieces in a ritual to restore her husband. its also a Gameboy game where you choose 1 family member and free the rest while fighting the wife and her slaves in her spanning castle.

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