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It Came From Outer Space Review

note; my spelling is as good as some countries on urth
it came from outer space
this is my review for it came from outer space
it starts with a meteor hitting and blows into a fireball title
this same species couple has a smoke pipe and a drink and talk about cr-p by da fire
I think they married
they look like theyre gonna b0ne but walk outside
this is da 50s
she talks of their signs (shes sagitarrious) and they almost kiss
just b0ne already!
but instead they look in a telescope
they almost kiss again but a meteor fro the opening comes down and blows
they used that shot 2x in 5 mins
it hit near a mine
also its a space ship with demons or w/e in it
we sorta see 1 but not well
it goes out and the animals sense its ki and flee
later the same species couple goes up in an autogyro like in mad max to check it out
wait I think its a chopper
it has no roof and no seatbelts
if u bump up u get chopped by da blades
at the site the pilot goes into the smoking crater and finds da ship
wait, its not da pilot its the husband
the ship closes and the area around it crumbles and covers it
all these rocks getting sucked in
but he gets out safe
he tells the gang but they don't buy it
more guys come but they too don't buy it
tell the weekly world news
later while driving they see a giant eye thing
but it vanishes
reminds me of yubel fro Yugioh gx season 3
tey stop to see it  but cant find it
it reminds me of a ninja gaiden boss
so they leave
the thing leaves a trail of glitter
later the paper reports his story in the sand rock paper
sand rock?
like quatre's Gundam in Gundam wing?
at the site later the scientist sez it was jest a metero
oh and the main guy;s name is johnny
like in the room with tommy Wiseau
main guy don't buy it and still sticks to his truth
this cowboy tells johnny his possibly future wife is missing her school teaching today
also cowboy worked for the womans dad as deputy
the press asks the woman but the main guy keeps em away
the woman sez she wishes they "found 1 little monster to toos into the principals bedroom"
I think that happened in la blue girl and devil hunter Yohko
they drive away and stop at the tree they saw the eye at last night
he talks about how deadly the desert is with heat cold and lizards
what is this? dante's inferno?
needs a river of human waste
like in brazil at the Olympics where the bay was full of raw sewage
later they see a telephone line repair guy and he sez they heard a weird noise on the lines
1 worker sez after 15 years of desert work he's seen weird cr-p
black ghostbuster; i';ve seen sh-t that''ll turn you white!
later the phone guys see the floating eye thing and it gets em
it looks like an Invid from Robotech season 3
later the same species couple come by the phone guys truck
and theres blood on it
a guy sneaks up behind em and grabs the girls shoulder
also is one of the phone guys and hes got a monotone voice
they sucked out his soul!!
he looks at the sun and sez its beautifl
the same species couple leaves him as hes weird
but not like tommy Wiseau\
later the other phone guy wakes up and the original phone guy wakes up
the alien copied them like with miyuki in shutendoji getting copied by the big oni
but less tongue and naked chick wrapping
also the alien also copied the other phone guy
the same species couple brings cowboy I think to the place they just were but the truck is gone
as is all evidence of the guys
but theres some blood there
but cowboy don't buy it
at town he sees the phone guys but they disappear
but he finds em
they say to stay back and give em time
and their friends are alive
also he pulls a gun on the aliens
in the 50s it was ok to carry a firearm in ur pocket
today everyones so gunphobic they might as well be England
later some prospectors are by the mine and one bringing food gets got by the alien
as do the other 2
later the same species couple listens to the radio mock the main guy
a kid dressed as a space man summons em and they go to the station
at the sherrifs cowboy place the phone guys wives say they came by, acted weird and sed they be out on a work over night
main guy tells cowboy that the phone guys they saw were fakes
main guy comes up with possible reasons the fakes might be doing cr-p
taking electrical cr-p for making something
also the scientist and his assistant went gone
at the crator they talk about who can be a fake
what is this? the thing?!
meanwhile as the woman drives she meets the phone guy who gets in her car and has her take him to da mine
main guy gets a phone call and goes out
later he sees his woman and goes after her
he follows a voice to the mine
they say they wanna leave da urth and need help
he don't trust em but they say they good
he really wants to see em but they say no
then they come out
it looks kinda like something from tales from the cryptkeeper
he freaks out and later goes back
he talks to cowboy who wants to go contra on em
cowboy kills a spider for no reason and main guy sez that's proof he kills what he fears and don't get
so the aliens don't trust em
later main guy goes to this place and theres glitter on the floor
and all the clothes are gone
then the glitter goes
I forgot to say this is based on a story by ray Bradbury
its directed by jack Arnold who did Girls in the Night (1953) (sounds like a p0rn0)
Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954)
Revenge of the Creature (1955)
Tarantula (1955)
The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957)
The Tattered Dress (1957) (another p0rn0)
The Lady Takes a Flyer (1958) (p0rn0?)
High School Confidential (1958) (teen p0rn0e)
The Space Children (1958) (alien pregnancy p0rn0?)
and Monster on the Campus (la blue girl? Urotsukidoji?)
later main guy fights with cowboy over fearing the Invid guys might be taking over
main guy jacks cowboys car and the cowboy gets a mob together
the mob opens fire on the truck with the fake phone guy
main guy goes in da cave I mean mine and finds his woman(but its a fake)
she nearly gets him iced in falling in a pit
cuz she cant trust him
she zaps a beam at him and misses each shot
he caps her and she falls in da pit
he goes in deeper and finds the fake people with the engine of the space thing
they are gonna nuke da ship and go out rather than get iced by a mob
I think
but main guy talks em into letting the captured people go
they go through the mine and why is there a deep pit to a river in a mine?
they get out and use dynamite to blow the entrance to da mine
the cowboy thinks the dynamite iced em but the space thing poops outta the earth and into space
main guy sez they gon be back and the film ends with credits showing who did what like in spaceballs
the end
that was pretty good
I hear its a thing against anti commie movies
but I think it can apply to any group feared
like with the x men
good 50s sci fi
fort it came from outer space 2 I want the town to become a sight for alien nuts and they keep waiting for aliens to come again. the story is basically a sci fi con where these geeks come over to celebrate aliens and other sci fi and supernatural stuff. and its just a collection of anecdotes of people encountering cryptids and daemons and other cr-p. its also a mini game collection on sega genesis, super Nintendo and atari jaguar like action 52 with each game being another interview with a guy about his encounter with weird cr-p

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