Saturday, January 13, 2018

Bullitt Review

note; my spelling are bad but am movie are good?
this is my review on bullitt
it stars steve McQueen who I only saw in the great escape
but they mentioned him in the 80s Robotech movie
it starts with cool music and credits going through a building
then some guys break in
1 guy drives a car but is shot a lot
then a guy sez he lost a guy and the guy on the phone sez its his bro and something about paying a contract
then its a car driving in some city I don't recognize
a man wearing black asks for messages at a hotel but theres none
he goes driving around
later steve McQueen ( sm ) is in bed and his boss comes over
so sm goes to this gathering with people
his boss gives him his mission
protecting a witness soo they can take down an organization
I hope its a union
those things haven't been needed in decades
oh and the city is san fran sisco
like sonic adventure 2
sm and his partner go to see the witness
hes from Chicago
like me
but its a yankee state so it might as well be Canada
sm calls a big tough guy and talks about his mission and why he was cho sen
sm tells witness to avoid windows esp at night
then sm and partner go home
after spending time in a club, sm partner calls sm saying their boss wants to come up
sm sez don't let em in and hes coming over
then someone unseen with a shotgun like ryo Asuka comes in and blows em  away
pretty cool shot of the guys upper shoulder blowing
after sm gets there he rides the ambulance and the sm partner tells him about the guys
after the shot guys surgery sm sees a chick at the hospital
the big tough guy (I think the boss, wait, hes not) sez the shot guys let the hitmen in
holy cr-p we're like over half an hour in
that felt like nothing
this has good flow
the boss named chalmers like the simpsons guy asks if he can get a thing from the witness
chalmers blames sm and sm thinks chalmers outed the location
sm wants to now what kinda deal witness made
chalmers sez if the witness who sm wasn't near when he was shot bites it, it's sm's a55 on the barby!
or as they said in angel cop
his g0n ads will be on the anvil
imagine if they chained wolverine down and busted his parts with a sledge hammer!
jokes on you bub, they're already growing back!
later a guy calls sm and sez he's looking for the gunshot guy
sm figures out its the hitman
sm goes after him and theres some good suspense of them going around in a dark area
hitman books it but sm gives chase
after busting a window to get through he loses him
wtf its day out
I thought t was just night
when he gets back the witness bites it
sm has the dr misplace the chart of the witness and he has the body sent away as an unknown name
sm goes on his daily runs and the next day chalmers is looking for witness and sm
chalmers sez to a guy who needs the witness that after getting nearly iced the witness is hiding
and chalmers thinks sm took his witness for some reason
after a night of probably b0ning this chick wearing only a shirt, sm goes out
oh hes at the apartment where the witness was
the hotel I mean
then sm does some detective work asking around about the guys
chalmers wants the witness but the big tough guy trusts sm and sez he;s got a reason
chalmers sez hes activating habeas corpus to summon the witness
sm's informant sez witness was stealing from the guys hes ratting on and had 2 million dollars in 60s money
later sm is driving and gets into a chase with these 2 guys
he'ds following em to cool music
and I think he;s in one of those ferrarri mustangs
it shows the camera from inside the car as it f's through san fran sisco
that's crazy
really f's with my head
imagine it as VR
after some near killing a guy on a motorcycle on the highway or w/e the bad guys open fire on him with a shotgun
sm runs em off da road into a well laced gas station and they blow
later sm is grilled by the big tough guy and spills everything
the bad guys were too cooked to identify
and as they wernt convicted, they are legally innocent
like o j
or woody allen
later sm goes looking for clues or something
the chick sm was b0ning finds a blonde 60s chick iced
and sm is there with her
after they drive a bit in a yellow car she gets out and goes by the water
she has an emotional issue about sm living with people getting iced
only like 5 people bit it btw
its not like the original Yugioh where the other yugi kills people
this is like candy a55 arc v where only a few bite it
later chalmers and sm opens an item holding box and find lotsa cash
it belomgs to Dorothy
later sm watches an autopsy
wait, it wasn't chalmers in the box
later chalmers comes in demanding the witness
but sm walks away
after a machine calculates something its revealed the witness who bit it was not the real witmness
the real witness set up the fake witness and iced his woman
didn't see that coming
later sm is at the airporte
he checks the info and finds the real witness using the fake ones name is there
they get da plane to return b4 taking off and chats with chalmers
on the plane the witness jumps out and runs but so does sm
sm chaes him bit he gets away in the grasslands
why doesn't steve McQueen just sense his ki?
witness shoots at sm but misses
I think
they run and the plane takes off
he fires at sm again
this could be a silent film
no talking and good action
he gets back at the airport and sm cant find him
good tension
then chalmers comes in with guards
witness books it and caps a guard but sm caps him
wasn't he a witness?
I thought they needed him alive
chalmers slips away in a car with a bumper sticker that sez support ur police
the next day he washes his hands
the end
that was cool
good tension, pacing and action
the music was nice and smooth
good twists and its just cool
well done homie
not much happens but its spread well over a good area
and its not too complex
plus it doesn't waste too much time on a tacked on romance
I hardly noticed any of that
for bullitt 2 I want the union that the witness was gonna bust has gotten into more businesses and it seems theres no way to stop em. so bullitt goes under cover after getting his face replaced so he looks like jean clause van damme (who plays him now) and has to sneak into the union base and get hidden camera footage on his cyber earings. also the union thugs ae trying to find out who is against em so the just go around beating people up and taking a bite outta e to mark them as a way of knowing they are done. also its an action game on sega genesis, super Nintendo and Atari jaguar where you play as jean claude bullitt and kung fu fight others while syanding by and watching the union thugs beating and eating its employees for evidence

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