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Taxi Driver Review

note; I cant droive. but I can spell... bad!!
taxi driver
this is my review on taxy driver
its got Robert de niro and jody foster
its directed by martin skor say see who's name I cant spell
its widescreen
huh, albert brooks and peter boyle are in it
so it starts with credits of de nido driving a taxy at night
everything looks all f'd up
I assume hes on drugs
good music though
the next day he sez he cant sleep nights
boss sez; theres p0rn0 theatres 4 dat
deniro sez he tried dat
he gives is boss his stats
hes 26 and was in da marines
huh, de niro looks like my high school friend in da 70s
the friend is also italiano
later he writes in his diary about his work schedule
while driving at night he talks about how at night the degenerates come out
oh f
hes in new York
that's new Sodom!
after returning to the garage he has to clean the blood and spurm off the backseat
what is this? Urotsukidoji??!
later he goes to a movie theatre and tries talking to a black worker
but shes kind of a b--ch to him
so he buys some snacks
wtf hes in a p0rn0 theatre
also he has issues sleeping
latter hes thinking to himself about his liking jody foster who he saw on the street
love at 1st sight?
also this guy she works for is trying to get elected as governer
and the chick (who I think might not be jody) notices de iro staring at her from his taxy
when this nerd working with her asks de niro to move he books it
later its night and he runs the cab fare for no reason while driving empty
he goes to a place with his taxy homies and peter boyle talks about b0ning this chick in his taxy
de niro sez some driver got chopped up by a guy he was driving
one taxy homie offers to get him a firearm
one homie trys to give de niro a piece of errol flynns bathtub to sell
later the chick talks to da nerd about lighting a match with out using most fingers
he cant do it but she sez a guy she knows can
nerd thinks the guy is mob
then de niro volunteers to the chick to help the guy she's trying to elect
he flirts with her and is nice
later he writes in his diary about the date they had
then they show it
he seems a bit autistic sometimes
later he gets the girl to go to a move with him
also he dont know her last name
just like in seinfeld
b4 the date the candidate is riding in de niroes cab and he makes small talk
de nero sez the candidate should clean the city up cuz of all the scum and filth on it
latter teen h00ker jody foster is brought in a cab by her p-mp and the p-mp gives de niro a crumbled up bill to forget it
its probably covered in spurm
later hes going through new York and some black teen throw cr-p at his car
man this place is a cesspool
holy cr-p we're 40 mins in
I thought it was more but it didn't feel like it
for his date he takes the chick to a european p0rn0 with showing an egg being fertilized
whats with all the spurm in this film?!
she don't like being taken to a p0rn0 and leaves
de nero sed lotsa people take their dates to this movie
in the theatre was several couples
also theres some 70s h00kers (or 90s teens by how their dressed) outside the theatre
he tries to contact her but she ignores him
so he goes to her work and tells her off
his image of her being special is f'd and now hes disgruntled
later hes driving a guy and stops da taxy and sits there
the guy hes driving sez his wife is b0ning the black guy in the apartment they are outside
and hes gonna ice her with a big a55 gun
later peter boyle talks with his homies about picking up a midget with a tall bimbo
also 2 gay guys who tried beating on eachother
de niro sez to peter boyle he want to do something awful
peter boyle gives advice to try to help him
later hes watching tv and the cabndidate s giving an interview
later while driving at night he nearly runs into teen h---ker jody foster
he drives slow and follows her
oh and a black guy walks by swearing a tirade
teen h--ker jody foster goes down another road to b0ne some guys and de nero goes off
later de niro gets a big a55 gun
e gets a smaller one
the guy trys to sell him drugs and a car
then de niro starts working out
its like hes training for something
and it turns out he bought several guns
later hes looking in da mirror wearing this bra strap thing to hold his guns
he builds a mythbusters like sleeve thing to hide his gun and launch it into his hand quick
later its an event for the candidate and de niro chats with a guy in shades and a suit
the guy sez if de niro gives him his name and address he can get him the info to join the service
de niro gives him fake into
the guy sends a camera guy to et de niroes picture
later de niro does the "you talkin to me" monologue which is gonna be seen as shakespere in a few decades for its themes and views
later de niro is ot at a convieneince store and this black guy is sticking up the store at gunpoint
so de niro wastes him
good guy with a gun
the Mexican guy owning the store sticks up for de nro saving his life and beatds the black guys corpse with a metal bar
maybe that crook shouldn't have tried to jack da store
this is turning into the punisher
later the candidate is giving a speech and quotes historical purvurt walt Whitman
he sends an anniversary card to his rents with updates on his life
later de niro, wait, I think its someone else, talks to a guy for teen h--ker jody foster
wait it might be de niro
the guy talks about letting him b0ne teen h00ker jody foster in various ways
the guy thinks de niro is a cop
then why'd he tell her about b0ning teen h--ker jody foster?
I guess new York has more liberal consent laws
also the guy mentions spurm
he goes up to the room with her and tries being nice to her
she's kinda jaded and sarcastic
its like the girl from the crow
she trys b0ning him but he refuses
he wants to help her escape a life of secks
also when she nearly got into his taxy before she was on drugs
man new York is more liberal than I thought
they agree to meet for a meal later
on his way out he gives the crumpled money to a guy who gave it to him I think
at da meal he wants her to live with her parents
she talks about womens lib and her rents hate her
yeah, i'm sure they are ok with her b0ning guys
de niro trys to talk her out of a life of being f'd by men
she tries to et him to go to a convent in Vermont
later the guy who talked about b0ning teen h--ker jody fister has a romantic moment with her
then de niro practices at the gun range
he gets ready for something and puts some cash aside for teen h--ker jody foster
later the cabndidate is giving a speech and de niro with a Mohawk aND shades arrives
de niro nearly pulls something outta his coat but the bodyguards spot him and he runs
later de niro is out driving his taxy and goes to the guy who loves teen h--ker jody foster
but da guy don't recognize de niro
hes kinda b--chy to de niro so de niro caps him
de nirpo goes in and blows off this guys hand
I think its the guy he gave the money to
then he caps him and another guy
the hand guy survives swearing at de niro and another guy plugs de niroes arm
so de niro launches out his sleeve gun and caps the other guy
de niro goes to teen h--ker jody fosters room and while fighting with the hand guy, puls a knife and gets his other hand
then feeds him a bullet
he sits on da couch and when a cop comes in makes a gesture about blowing his brains out
this is all because that chick broke up with him over taking her to a p0rn0
we get a slow pan of the blood soaked place
I thought when the guys hand blew off was pretty bada55
as the camera moves into the street it plays some sorta dbz music
like a cross of the kikuchi and faulconer scores
then the teen h--ker jody fosters rents sent de niro a letter saying thanks and jody foster isn't a teen h--ker anymore
and newspaper clipping say de niro is a hero
after recovering fro getting shot up, de niro gives a ride to the chick he liked
and the candidate got the nomination
he drops her off and drives through the night city to smooth jazz as the credits roll
the end
that was pretty good
I like the music, the atmosphere and colors
its got a good feel to it and it keeps your attention
plus the acting and writing are good
wtf special thanks kriss kristopherson
but this was a good film
showing deniro find his way to help someone
for taxy driver 2 I want deniro to be going around new York a few years later and the candidate won the election. but he just gave more rights to criminals and took away the rights of those the attack. so de niro goes out at night and takes out crooks with new gadgets and leaves their bodies splattered outside as a message for the other crooks. also its a 16 bit action game like bladres of vengeance or phantom 2040 on sega genesis, super Nintendo and turbografx 16 where you play as de niro and go around taking out homies causing crime. also one of the recurring bosses is the guy who b0ned teen h--ker jody foster who deniro capped who is revealed to have survived and gotten cyber upgrades and is out for revenge.

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