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Algiers Review

note; I never saw this b4. but I hear its good. still gonna spell bad though
yhis is my review on Algiers (1938 ver)
its based on a book pepe le moko about some Frenchie or something
I hear it inspired pepe le pew from looney toons
the french skunk who tries to mo lest cats
well... he IS French lol
its from director of caged, a women in prison movie
ooh  also did anna and the king of siam
now i'm interested
it stars Charles boy er from gaslight who later suicided
and (dynamite ) heddy lamarr who was an inventor from Austria
so after some credits dat include Charles d brown (Charlie brown?!) we get text
in the casbah, a place between Europe and Africa) crooks and scum live
1 guy named pepe le moko is hunted by the French cops for jackng a buncha jewels
the cops arrive and ant a house to house search
in America we hav laws against dat
but the French are unamerican
maybe saving them from zee Kaiser wasn't da best idea
a guy describes the casbah as a packed slum of multiculturalism
and its built so anyone can go anywhere w/o using da street
and pepe is there
1 guy in a hat comes in and sez he sees pepe every day
and is learning of him
later pepe is getting a pearl
btw I think moko is Japanese for mongol
like in Hokuto no ken how Uyghur the warden of Cassandra's best move is; moko hyakyoku do!
pepe, who imma call moko now as its easier to type, talks with his homies
later the cops come and everyone scatters
1 guy is grabbed b da neck and interrogated and gives a guy a note that sez grand pear, a stolen good buyer
if cops did that in America they'd be lynched by the malcontent media and their drones
btw; grand pear sounds like a title in a  fruit version of the klan
grabbed guy named regis tells a chick the cops r after moko
so the chick warns moko but the cops surround their place
then open fire through the walls w/o any heat vision camera to see whos in it
moko talks with chick over if she told anyone but she sez no
grand pear gets em out and the cops bust in to an empty room
mko gives chick a ring but its too big
so she wants to get fat for it to fit
moko likes fat chicks
also; you'll grow into it
so guys run and cops chase and open fire
as this happens, heady is out and hat guy saves her
hat guy sez hes a cop to her
then moko comes in and checks out headdys jewels and looks
good camera work
like a silent film
hat works with moko
and they hall have a smoke as its da 30s
in the 90s they'd have mcdonalds
or having beers
moko goes and hat tells heady he weoite the date of mokos arrest on his wall
and moko's gonna bite it
later a cop sez in last nights thing, they capped moko and he might bite it
but he's guys just blowing smoke out his a55
regis sez they can get moko's homies to get moko
he wants to arrest a guy and keep it secret so when moko comes looking, they gon get him
later moko and hat are out for a walk
hat sez heady is into him
and later heady talks to and the chick comes back to chat
she likes the casbah but he cant stand it
and he wants to go back to soviet france
she starts going mental on him then cries
well, women do go nuts often when triggered
later a female comes in saying his homie pee ay row is missing
so moko goes to see regis
I think he drugs regis or something and his homies suggest shaving him
moko is onto regis and regis freaks out
the homies play cards with him until they can get back pee ay row
later moko chats with heady and they smoke
they dance and chat and find they are both from the same place
then she has to go but he makes her say please like some kind of sociopath
oh and he wants to meet her tomorrow
they find pee ay row and moko talks with the chick who I think is getting jealous
pee ay row comes in with a gun at regis and blacks out
but still caps him
its sorta like a horror movie
and regis hits a player piano and it plays cheerful music
I think pee ay row bit it
layer moko feels bummed about his homie going to h-ll
1 of his homies goes on a tirade
and moko is starting to get p-ssed by being in the casbah
grand pear sez mokos going to a trap and  Mokpo don't care
he runs out and chick stops him saying heady is waiting for him at his old house
but she reveals she did something to keep him in the casbah as he wouldn't stay for her
they mellow out and get along
moko goes and sez bye to heady
she wont come back to meet him buit he sez he wont leave da casbah
later he tells someone he wants to meet tomorrow at 5
one of his homies asks what moko was doing in some place
he sez he was in paris
I think he means in bed
later moko is singing some half French half normal song
so hat outs heady that moko is b0ning her to her future husband
husband future grills heady and forbids her from going to the casbah to b0ne pee le moko
and if she goes she might as well not back
hat tells her he's trying to save her from what will happen
moko's homie is going somewhere and sez he'd be back in 2 hours
but doesn't
then its 9 am
wtf theres a fat chick here
they call her tania in the captions
for a sec I thought it was the chick who wanted to get fat for the ring
turns out the homie got caught by da cops
the guy who told him also sez he didn't take the caught homies cash and might know heady
and he saw the ash taken from homie put in a drawer 
moko reveals he didn't give his homie cash and the teller is lying
moko grabs him and forces him to tell da truth
the husband told heady moko bit it
and both are going out today
I gotta say
1st; they try to make the guy this 5kank is cheeting on her future husband with look sympathetic
2nd; he's a thief and outlaw
yet he's the good guy
and people hate violence jack cuz he chopps up kids being held hostage to get the killer holding em
the chick tries to stop moko from going to see the heady
he's cheeting on the chick too!
this guys an animal!
but moko goes after heady anyway
chick reveals to hat she'd rather moko bites it than goes with someone else
and shes betrayed him
crazy b--ch!
theres so much wrong with that I don't know where to start
Momoko finds heady and future husband in a bar and the cops get moko
its hat
moko sez "not here" and they move a few steps own and cuff his a55
oh he was on a boat looking in the bar
moko wants to stay til the boat goes
he looks out the bars in handcuffs in a good silent film looking scene
heady looks out and as moko calls her name, the boat blows its horn
he runs after her but a cop caps him
hat sez; sorry, my cop thought u were gonna escape
he sez he has, and bites it
then we see the boat is too far away to see human faces on or from t
the end
I kinda thought it was ok
not super great
but good atmosphere
good feel
good camera work
good visuals
I think moko was supposed to be like arsene lupin
the characters do scummy things like cheeting on eachother like springer guests
but the movie is well and has good pacing
I like how the women going mental over some guy she's gay for wasn't shown as right
nowadays she's be seen as a victim instead of a nut
cant have evil chicks vs good guys anymore
look at how they made the Disney film about sleeping beauty revisioned as the black magic chick as the hero
what next?
gacy; America's hero ??!!
for Algiers 2 I want for pepe le moko to wake up but hooked up to primitive machines to keep him alive. his cop friend in the hat has faked him being dead with a pressure point when he was holding him as he felt bad about hi man capping him. he snuck him away and uses what machines he can get there to keep him alive as he recovers. moko wants to go out after the heady girl but don't wanna wait until he's healed so hat homie snaps his arms and legs to keep him there. the rest of the movie is him using his esp powers to astral project on a journey to find his gf heady and going through fighting astral daemons that want his soul. its also a 16 bit game on sega genesis and snes and Atari jaguar and sega cd where he goes around soul places trying to find items that let him find heady and trying to avoid astral daemons and fighting them in soul battles with soul ki blasts.

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