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Life With Father Review

note; I spell like the dad in here is; my way
life with FATHER
this is my review o life with father (40s ver(was there a remake?))
its got William powell from my man godfrey (yays ) and bridge on the river kwai(noiooo)
its based on a play that's based on the writewrs life in da 1800s
so it starts with a viewmaster of 1800s life in pre soviet new York
this also has Elizabeth Taylor and zasu pitta from erich von stroheims greed
ooh its by Michael curtiz
the original play haD minor swear words like shadow the hedgehog
but here its cleaned up by saying blast(like in 90s dbz)
so the day starts and the dad has his servents making things up to code
the mom tells the new maid how to do things
1 by 1 the sons come down
maid does some had ritual when she notices they are redheads
I assume its so she doesn't turn
we don't see the dad on camera right away
they're doing a ninja turtles 1 thing\ where they don't show it
1 kid is training for his catechism and mentions if he weren't baptized he wouldnt have a name
1 kid has a damaged suit and dad suggests son wears his clothes
dad don't put too much care about if his kid gets confirmed
and acts like he'd have earthly sway in heaven for letting his kids in
he gets stressed at the new ma being cr-ppy and maid gets weepy
he compliments the cook on good bacon and checks his kids cut finger
the cut kid wont eat his oatmeal but dad has none of that
he's a good guy and cares
but dont put up with cr-p
they go through a breakfast with little things mentionened that will come up later
I've seen this movie b4
its good
mom invited her fam over but dad don't like having others in his home
mom wants more cash from dad but he tries to keep the bookkeeping in order
a church guy is coming soon but dad wants to avoid him
dad reads the paper about mayor hugh grant f ing the city up
then talks to himself as if talking to hugh grant
I do stuff like dat too
he b--ches about fools and democrats ruining things
while talking about having hugh grant arrested for ruining the city, the new maid comes by and thinks hes talking to her and freaks out
reminds me of that time Toronto mayor rob ford got drunk after watching too much wwf and went on a thing of being able to beat candy a55 Justin Trudeau
he wanted a rowdy roddy piper rage in a cage death match where 2 go in but 1 survives
then bragged about how he'd win as he'd kill him, poke his eyes out, and f--k him when hes dead in said battle
this is why I don't drink
so new maid quits and dad goes to get a new one
after he goes, moms fam comes
its Elizabeth taylor and mom
I think the mom of e t is zasu
e t isn't related to em
I think
e t starts getting into the son named after the dad
I call him jr like garlic jr from dbz
e t plays a girly girl as opposed to a malcontent feminist
so shes likable in here
so then dad goes to the maid thing, goes in to the woman zone and chooses a maid
the secritary wants to know the character of the home the maid is gonna work at
dad sez; I AM the character of da home
also he ignores the secretary when she tries to stop him
he's assertive, bold, brave and bada55
but a god guy inside who cares
so back at home the church guy (I think their priest) is helping the kid with his catechism
he wonders why dad never kneels
sounds like an anime character like raoh from fist of the north star
so dad returns and priest wants him to donate 5000$ as that's how much his pew cost
dad b--ches about how the market changed and its worth 3000$ now
and the church is raising funds for a new church or something
then zasu and e t come in from shopping all day
oh and the maid uniform didn't fit the one dad chose so they got a new one
despite mom trying to keep it in the closet zasu reveals shes staying with em all week
dad gets p-ssed and wants em to go to a hotel
but relents
then plays piano
I wonder
this is 83
and he's like in his 40s
was he in the civil war?
he gets p-ssed that he cant have dinner at home as mom wants them to go out with the guests
man we're only 45 mins in w/ adds
so jr and e t chat about colors
she might go to college but jr sez he don't mind if they wanna WASTE TIME b4 getting married
nowadays some feminazi would go on gee haaad over dat
she plays piano but its discovered shes Methodist and hes Episcopalian
nowadays one would have some non Christian religion and the Christian would convert to it
they play a song together but it don't synchro
then e t remembers her dad was Episcopalian and only turned to be with her mom
nowadays 1 of em would be illegitimate to be an interfaith kid
at dinner dad reveals hes not been baptized
mom; but everyones been baptized
me; if only
dads rents were freethinkers and let him choose for himself
at home mom tries to get him baptized
but he thinks he can be Christian and not need it
1 kid sez as dad wasnt baptized he has no name
mom sez they aint really married
holy cr-p they are illegitimate!!
might as well be monkeys in the trees b0ning forever
at church the priest talks about baptism
and how unreal it would be for a man to be adult yet not baptized
da gets a bit unsettled
once on cnn Anderson cooper was talking with a guy after a deadly thing
and the guy kept bringing it back to God and His goodness
and Anderson(a denier ) kept trying to sheepishly change the subject
and the guy wouldn't have it and stayed the course
its like a drunk talking with a dr about how to live longer
and the dr keeps talking about healthy livers
after church dad still isn't moved enuff to change
lol dad sed he don't go to church to be preached at like some lost sheep
btw this film is fullscreen and in good 40s color
so later zasu and e t are going
and jr cant kneel in church anymore as he's wearing dads suit and he cant do anything dad wouldn't do
and while playing musical chars a girl sat on his lap and he jumped up
so jr and e t go outside and wanna write eachother
but she wants him to write 1st
also he's acting more like dad
his ki is in the clothes and affecting him
and she still wants him to write 1st cuz he's a guy
she sits on his lap and he don't wanna get a b0ner in his dads pants and tells her to get off
she freaks out as shes a girl and they always take things the wrong way
he goes to dad to get help ad sz he needs new clothes
he realizes its cuz of the girl (but not like dat) and starts telling him about women
he expilains how men are better at running things as women don't think right
and that if a man thinks somethings wrong, he shouldn't do it
and women try to twist things to be about men loving them
and to be firm
and to let em now he's doing it for their own good
jr asks if dad is gonna teach him about WOMEN
but dad sez theres some things gentlemen don't discuss
jr tries being firm with e t but shes too mental to listen
later dad confronts mom about blowing a lot of cash on a coffee pot
but she keeps giving him the run around
he reveals she spend more cash
she gets all weepy and he sez hes doing it for her own good
he sez he'd pay the bill and she sez she'll do better
he sez tats all he wants
after some issue with him not having a name so his checks aint right, he eventually gives her 1.5 dollers
later jr wants money and is willing to sell his brother his piece of john wilkes booth's finger
that item is good enuff to have a movie about how he got it
then zasu and e t leave
later the youngest is told by the 2nd youngest that dads going to h-ll and will burn for 1000 years for not being baprtized
youngest starts freaking out
oh and jr wrote to e t
dad gets a letter from e t thinking its for him
then burns it
this is why you don't name ur kids ur name jr
look at garlic jr
also mom is feeling cr-ppy
dad tells het to tough it out and she runs upstairs weepy
oh amnd jr saves the letter from the fireplace
meanwhile, the 1st and 2nd born bros get into selling medicine from a guy and put some in moms tea
she gets sicker and dad is called home from work and the dr sez she seems to be poisoned
dad comforts his kids and helps 1 with his catechism
after a bit, he has the catechism one go to study more and is gonna spend time with the youngest
the youngest asks if they will put dad into h-ll
so he has the catechism son take the youngest with him
later the priest comes in and wants dad to be baptized
dad wants priest to lie to mom about baptism being needed for marriage
dad wants mom to get better and priest prays for her
but dad gets p-ssed at priest calling mom a sinner
then yells at God to give her mercy
she comes down and he promises to be baptized
lr she's doing better and shopping with da kidz
she buys a f'd looking dog statue
later the medicine bros find the medicine guy paid em in medicine
mom ants dad to be baptized but he sed he only said it to get her well
then he sees the dog and wants it out
he sez he'd never be baptized as long as its in their home
mom thinks he means he'd get baptized after its gone and has jr send it back
and jr gets her to have the credit from the dog go to a suit that costs the same
and mom has him order a carriage for the baptism at 2$ an hour
later mom and dad have a loving moment and sing
also he sez he always loved being married to her
this is so positive
moves my heart
later dad is p-ssed they are charging him for the suit is being charged when he returned the fake dog
and the medicine the boys sold killed someones dog
the say it saved mom but dad realizes it nearly iced her
and they gotta pay a dr bill or something of 138$
then zasu and e t return
mom wants dad to get baptized as she returned the dog
oh wait
I f'd up
only now do they find they gave medicine to da mom
and the 138 $ was to buy back the medicine they sold people
did finds out the cab costs 2 $ an hour and the ride will take all AM
so he decides to get baptized
and blames zasu and e t
when a guy asks if he's going to the office he sez; i'm going to be baptized!
but in the play he swears after that
but the movie cuts it
the end
that was fun
a good mostly clean movie
no violence or lust
nice 40s fun
set in the 80s
the 1880s
I always liked 1800s movies
something magical about that time
William powell did great in here and this movie got Oscar noms
the dad is such a character
hes like me but needs more religion
for life with father 2 I want it to be ww1 and the dad is now 70. he is high rank now and has become mayor of new York and wants to support the Kaiser as he knows the brits are evil. he's constantly talked about by the media over little things made to make him sound nuts. yet the people love him. soon the media cant take it and sides with England to try to bring him down with an assassin like the brits did to Rasputin. but Rasputin's ghost comes to him and becomes soul armor and gives him super abilities and he takes out the hit man and debones him until he reveals its the media and brits who sent him. so he goes out to bring them down in his Rasputin ghost armor. its also an 8 bit Gameboy, sega master system, game gear and nes game where you play as the dad and go to media places and take the guys down as they come at you with pens and paper blades that can paper cut through wood.

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