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Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Movie: Pyramid of Light Review

note; I've been watching Yugioh since the early 00s. yet imma spell like a high schooler for this
Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Movie: Pyramid of Light
this is my review on Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Movie: Pyramid of Light
its rated the worst film of 2004
the 1st time I saw it I liked it
the 2nd time I noticed a lot of problems
the 3rd I didn't think it was bad
lets see how this goes
well its fullscreen so theres no black bars
a narrator sez in pharaoh times this pharaoh locked away evil black magic games to save the world
then its the 90s and this wiener kid named yugi puts together the evil magic puzzle item that kept the black magic sealed
as he does this, grave robbers w/ jobs, I mean archeologists, find the lost tomb of Anubis
Anubis died?!
isn't he an ancient pagan god?
is this like dbz how king kai bit it?
so right as yugi finishes the puzzle (which is ripped off of h-llraiser 1), Anubis's mummy revives and the tomb area gets sucked into the desert
btw transformers the movie started with a whole planet getting eaten alive
but this isn't a space movie so they just ice a buncha nobodies
oh and monsters come out of the puzzle in yugi's room
b4 kuriboh eats yugi, the other yugi possesses him and banishes em
btw in the books, after yugi put the puzzle together he challenged ushio to a game
you put money on your hand and use a knife to stab the cash. and get to keep the cash on the blade
but if you poke urself u lose
ushio eat up yugi, joey and trinsin and demanded like 20 000 yen as bodyguard payment
so after yugi got taken over by the other yugi, he faced ushio and when ushio came at him with a knife, the other yugi used black magic on him
later ushio became a biker cop in Yugioh 5Ds
then we get the title
later yugi became a card game champ and won the god cards, cards that are avatars of the gods
so the ancient pharaoh gods are real
later the leviathan from bible times comes out so I guess the bible co-exists with the pharaoh gods
then in GX with the society of light,  space reincarnation, and people being possessed, that makes scien tology real
then in 5Ds we get the Nazca religion
and the norse gods
and in the unaired in America final season, we get the Timegods based on the kabbalah
then it was zexal and its not the same universe
no Pegasus mentions
no synchroes
other than a few easter eggs like Roku having statues of Neos, theres no connection to the 1st block
and that's not proven to be the same neos jaden used as in arc v yuri uses super polymerization
and in GX there was only 1 of those and it was made by ritual sacrifice
Yugioh used to be like phantasy star with each new story building on the last
now its final fantasy with each new story independent of the last
so all these badly drawn nobodies wanna challenge yugi for his god cards
so its like in afro samurai
only no one cares about the 2nd best (kaiba, or rather, marik)
then yugi has a brief card game against kaiba
kaiba gets out blue eyes ultimate dragon and doubles its atk with megamorph
while yugi has all 3 gods on the field somehow
just like in the final duel in the anime with yugi and the other yugi
yugi sacrifices 2 gods to give his 3rd infinity atk
btw, infinity is not a number, its a concept of a value greater than anything
oh and combining the gods power was done in the final battle of memory world with zork
so the monsters clash and its a beam struggle like in dbz
then kaiba gets beat
but its just a simulation
just like in the 20th anniversary movie
man later Yugioh ripped this movie off a lot
kaiba has been struggling to find a way to beat yugi's god cards
usng his private company's resources to win a card game
I can see the media going mental on him
and kaiba tweeting at em
later its night and an invisible man puts a card in Pegasus's card box
Pegasus dreams of the gods sealed in a blue pyramid
why did it take Anubis years to do this plan?
yugi finished the puzzle years ago
he's been free all this time
did he walk to japan?
was he planning this whole time and only now got the idea?
did he need yugi to get the god cards?
cuz without em he can beat him easier
also around the same time, the nearby museum gets the artifacts from Anubis's tomb
who got em there?!
everyone in the area bit it years ago!
was Anubis using his powers?
its never explained
then kaiba uses his custom built blue eyes white dragon jet to fly to Pegasus's island
and it plays a pretty bad a55 song "youre not me"
say what you will about the 4kids dub of Yugioh, but the music is good
and its non union
so kaiba wants to know if Pegasus ever made a card to stop the god cards
spoiler; in the Yugioh R manga; he made the wicked gods, and his protégé tenma or w/e uses them against yugi
but that came later
and in the manga Pegasus bit it after the evil bakura tore out his fake eye in duelist kingdom
Pegasus sez he has 1 card to beat em but don't think kaiba deserves it
so kaiba plays a card game with him for it
and bets his 3 blue eyes white dragons
you know, if Pegasus really wanted blue eyes, he'd print new ones just for him
I mean he made toon world and relinquished just for his personal use
its like betting a rare Gameboy to the president of Nintendo
meanwhile high school, a buncha badly drawn guys swarm yugi and wanna duel him for his god cards to be the best card game guy
so tea, yugi's female friend who just stands around in miniskirt and cheers for yugi most of the time, gets him out while joey plays the badly drawn homies
but they don't care about joey as they think they're nobodies
ironic as they are even less
plus joey was runner up at duelist kingdom and 4th at battle city
also the little blonde kid looks like professor viper's son pierce from Yugioh gx
he got run over chasing cards in the wind
man later Yugioh really ripped this off
so joey sez to get to yugi they gotta beat him
just like afro samurai
so joey creams em but when yugi comes out the mob tramples him after yugi
also joey keeps quoting that fat xxx star marlon brando
cuz kids like on the waterfront and the godfather
better than beyblade season 01 where the episode at the eye full tower (cant spell it right) is called "last tango in paris"
yugi and tea run and escape to the museum
meanwhile, kaba plays Pegasus in his SM dungeon
Pegasus uses his toon cards which used to look kinda gay, but after those cr-ppy a55 performapal cards yuya used, look like fist of the north star dudes
btw I gotta say, the animation in this movie is pretty good
they put effort into it and its got little details the previous episodes didn't
kinda like the transformers movie or simpsons movie
oh and kaiba pokes fun at Pegasus's age
he's only born 8 years b4 kaiba
oh and kaiba uses a trap card to make Pegasus's toon dark magician girl attack his own toon gemini elf
yet he let himself take a hit from the elf's
the difference is only 100 atk and if kaiba had made the elf's attack the dark magician girl, their effect wouldn't cost him a card from his hand
what would you rater have?
100 extra life points?
or an extra card?
or; would you pay 100 points to have an extra card?
so Pegasus summons a buncha toons by paying life to normal summon them
even though toon summons are special summons
kaiba banishes his cards, then revives them with return from the different dimension (which is overpowered)
then combines them into XYZ dragon cannon and uses its effect to bust toon world, which wacks his toons
btw good use of not contradicting the anime where toons were invincible except to other toons or toon world bustin
kaiba beats pegason with his dragoin cannon and finds Pegasus has 2 cards that can beat the gods
but Pegasus sez he only made 1
kaiba don't believe him
at the museum yugi and tea see Anubis's mummy and tea is grossed out by seeing a shriveled corpse
also theres an artifact like yugi's puzzle called the pyramid of light
grampas there and sez it belonged to an ancient sorcerer who tried to destroy the world
why does he wanna destroy the world?!
bakura wanted to get revenge on the pharaoh for chopping up his fam and using their pieces to make the millennium items
marik wanted to get revenge on the pharaoh for his dad getting skinned
even paradox in the 5Ds movie wanted to ice Pegasus to save the future
but Anubis gets no reason
he's like broly from dbz; just likes wacking people
oh and the other yugi (the pharaoh in the past) beat Anubis b4
grampa sez theres a prophecy of Anubis being beat
then the mummy glows and yugi has a trippy vision that's a bit freaky
oh and they show Anubis with an animal head
that's why this got a PG rating
so when they wake up, the mummy and pyramid is gone and yugi goes to check on kaiba who he feels might be in danger
then granpa sez the legend sez Anubis would revive
as yugi comes out, kaiba's wiener brother gets yugi his limo
joey and Tristin come by the limo at yugi's place getting yugis cards and Tristin admits to pooting when joey smells trouble
what is this? ultimate muscle?
oh and its getting dark
they were out all day
so yugi goes to kaiba's thunderdome and talks to the other yugi who cant recall it
then joey and Tristin come in having caught up to a limo driving using their human legs
kaiba tested his deck on the computer and it won
other yugi tries to get kaiba to not duel as he senses something but kaiba don't care and seals the exits
why is that an option?
so despite other yugi knowing its wrong, he duels kaiba anyway
kaiba gets the pyramid of light card and yugi brings out 1 god card
kaiba uses a card to make yugi summon his other 2 god cards
which means they should be destroyed at the end of the turn as they were summoned by a card effect
oh and yugi could just activate obelisks effect now to do 4000 damage to kaiba and win right now
but he don't
and kaiba activates the trap card; the pyramid of light; which banishes the gods
yet the pyramid of light also sucks out yugi, joey and tristins souls into it
wat is this? the magic tree in avatar?
oh and kaiba's brother keeps his soul
and the pyramid busts the dome and shines a beam in the sky
maybe to the light of destruction from gx
yugi's soul is in the labyrinth of the puzzle
as is joeys and trinstins
but the other yugi is using yugi's body to play cards with kaiba
kaiba attacks with a 500 atk monster with no defensive powers and yugi takes it out with a 1600 atk monster
so kaiba took 1100 damage
for yugi's 500
et it was a trap as kaiba uses a trap to eat 10 cards from yugi's deck each time his clown bites it
and each time 1 bites it, he gets a new one from his deck
also each time yugi or kaiba take damage, their ki gets drained
just like in dbz with Goku vs vegeta in the buu arc
in the puzzle yugi follows the other yugis ki and finds Anubis's room with mummys
are they clones of him?
fragments of his soul?
slaves he kept the souls of?
its never explained
and yugi runs and so do joey and trisrin
kaibas wiener bro and grampa fill eachother in on the plot so far
and the pyramid of light can destroy the world somehow
so the other yugi uses a combo to power up his magician but kaiba uses a trap to make it attack his clown and eat 10 more cards from yugi's deck
kaiba then fuses his 3 blue eyes white dragons to for blue eyes ultimate dragon
he did it at duelist kingdom
and in battle city
and yugi found ways to beat him both times
so in the puzzle yugi and his droogs find the pyramid of light is f ing the puzzle
and they go back to face Anubis
how'd they escape the mummies b4?
oh and the other yugi and kaiba's ki is reviving Anubis
just like with buu in dbz
actually gx did this too with yubel being revived by duel energy from the biobands in season 3
the otheryugi wants to stop the card game but kaiba don't wanna and goes on a tirade about his malcontent issues of losing to yugi
even though he made peace with his issues after battle city in the manga
what is this?
dragon ball super where vegeta goes back to trying to surpass Goku?
btw in spain, this Yugioh movie was rated 13+
was there added swearing?
is this cyber city oedo 808 or angel cop?
so the other yugi brings out dark magician and dark magicial girl, then sacrifices em to get out his sorcerer of dark magic
which actually might be good in the card game again
and takes out kaiba's ultimate dragon
later he takes out kaiba's last clown and uses his mages power to stop his deck eating trap
kaiba revives blue eyes ultimate and sacrifices it to bring out Pegasus's card, blue eyes shining dragon
this was the card Pegasus made to beat the gods?
but it can ONLY be used with blue eyes ultimate dragon, a fusion of 3 blue eyes white dragons
and kaiba has the only 3 of them
did Pegasus design this card only for kaiba??
what if kaiba got the god cards and went evil?
how would he stop them then?!
cuz in the manga, kaiba got his blue eyes cards with illegal and evil ways
remember when kaiba hired a serial killer to take out yugi as revenge for yugi beating him in a card game?
do you want that kind of man having god powers?!
so shining dragon gets an extra 300 atk for each dragon in the graveyard
yet doesn't include kaibas paladin of white dragons as if it did, yugi would lose with this attack
and negates cards that target it
I guess in the show that would stop the gods
they cant target it to drain its atk or pay life points to destroy it
and with enough dragons, it can be pretty big
oh and it looks kinda like lugia from the 2000 pokemon movie
after getting hit by the dragon attack, other yugi blacks out and falls on his pointy gold puzzle pendant thing he's wearing all that leather
later its night and kaibas stadium crumbles from the pyramid
but Pegasus saves tea, grampa and kaibas weener brother in his private chopper
good thing for rich people
so yugi and homies find Anubis's room and he summons his mummies again
Anubis shows them his plan to summon dragons and ice everyone with ki blasts
none of which are real cards yet
yugi wants his droogs to go and he's gonna stop Anubis
yeah a 3 foot tall teen is gonna beat a room of mummies
also tea senses them and stands on the chopper rail and her soul is sucked into the pyramid
her bod nearly falls but the guys catch it
btw souls getting sucked out were uses multiple times in multiple Yugioh series
despite her wearing a miniskirt, we never see her undies
she gives a friendship speech and boosts their homies spirits
then Anubis makes her soul more solid or w/e and she falls and spin kicks off 2 mummy heads
joey and Tristin bust apart and dismember the mummys  one holds anothers head to tea
pretty bad a55
the other yugi gets up and card games kaiba more
oh and theres a camera feed to the duel from inside the pyramid
other yugi tries talking sense into him stopping the duel
wtf grampa is as tall as kaibas kid brother
but kaiba is being affected by Anubis
he thinks about beating yugi perfectly with his own gods and sacrifices shining dragon to bust the pyramid of light
but Anubis protects it and rises from kaiba's shadow in the nude and throws kaiba away
then he grows hair and clothes
and we finally see him
he looks like a wwf guy
but good work keeping him a mystery until now
also he thinks the other yugi remembers him
he don't. all his info on him is from today
I guess he beat him b4 sealing himself away to stop zork
so now its Anubis vs other yugi and if Anubis wins, h gets to be the new pharaoh and can destrot the world
btw he has a forehead thing like Caesar in Urotsukidoji 3
a to make the ultimate shadow game
wasn't that the name of the other yugi and the other bakura's final battle in memory world?
so Anubis summons 2 sphinx monsters and takes out yugi's monsters
Then sez worms will eat yugi just as they did him
but he was mummified
and I don't think there are worms in that part of Africa
the other yugi draws his last card and all he has is exchange and diffusion wave motion
meanwhile in the soul room, yugi remembers grandpas poem from b4 and throws a knife at the wall shining thing and its handle hits it
oh and joey kicks off a mummy's head
the shining thing cracks and it damages Anubis
Its like in DBGT how Pan and Goku fight Luud from inside and out
Or Majuub fights Bebi Vegeta from inside to help SS4 Goku
other yugi uses double spell (but its really diffusion wave motion) to copy kaiba's monster reborn and revive shining dragon
then sacrifice it to bust pyramid of light
he could've attacked with it and took out a sphinx to do damage THEN busted the pyramid
oh and all the souls are free
but then Anubis combines his sphinx's and they eat the souls of dead monsters to get to 35 000 atk
weird as in GX, syrus's brother (played by Anubis's actor) got Cyber End Dragon to 36 900 atk in ep 052
in their last battle, Anubis didn't get out his ultimate sphinx but now he did
like in memory world how the other yugi never fused the gods to beat zork the 1st time
yugi uses reverse of reverse to play kaiba's face down return from the different dimension to bring back his banished gods
yugi sez kaiba mentioned a perfect win yet kaiba only thought it
can the other yugi read minds?
is he the supreme kai from dbz?
well, the pharaoh is considered a god
as is supreme kai
so maybe
yugi combines his gods but NOT into Holactie the Creator of Light like with Zork
the ground breaks open
lava splashes around like waves
holy cr-p the thing on the top of obelisks head is like the barian emblem from Yugioh zexal!
I never noticed dat
his gods have infinity atk and beat Anubis's uber sphinx
btw this is Anubis's turn so yugi could've done this to kaiba an hour ago and won and skipped this whole mess
Anubis burns and shatters as does his pyramid of light item
but a red gumball from it withstands and Anubis revives as a big f'd up abomination
he uses 2 magic cards to blow out yugi and kaiba's duel disks and decks and is gonna waste em for real
why didn't he do this from the start?!
just sneak attack and gut em?!
joey summons real monsters and attacks but get iced
also; the monsters turning real and fighting a big dark monster was used with Zork in memory world
he busts the duel dome but Pegasus saves e with real toon monsters
so can yugi summon and make out with dark magician girl?
and kaiba do the same with blue eyes white dragon?
so yugis use real blue eyes shining dragon to ice Anubis
he melts and rots into purple goo and then a mummy then dissolves
and his red gumball shatters
as a kid I bought eye poppers gum from vending machines in a 5-6 pack of different colors. when I had the red one I bit it open mouthed a few times, took it out and said; rotting meat!!
as it looked like raw meat
kaiba sez he would've won if not for the interruption and to spare his b-ll about friendship
and he's gonna face yugi again
but not today or now for some reason
yugi sez kaiba may have money but he has friends and sharing wins with friends makes you a real winner
then the credits play to really 90s music
the end
that was a fun film
good music and acting it didn't force a romance subplot or sad moment
its not gonna change anyones life like ben hur or the blue bird
but its a fun lite 90s style film that actually set a lot of things later used in Yugioh
its a pretty clean tvpg movie w/o swearing or blood or nude scenes like in go nagai or dbz
ooh, color by deluxe
I mean did bill and ted have some cosmic meaning?
did beavis and butthead do America try to be life changing?
its a decent film that entertains
if you want deep; read the manga
at least the acting is good in here
better than turning mecard anyway
its sorta like command as its just a fun ride and not big on super srs stuff
for Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Movie: Pyramid of Light 2 I want Anubis's great grand descendant to arrive having sensed his Ki at Kaiba's duel dome but finds he's been destroyed. then, space demons attracted by the energy from the pyramid of light in yugi's duel with kaiba that went to space arrive and they reveal they came for the pyramid to use it to enslave the world. but with it gone, they team up to get revenge on yugi and kaiba, in a card game, where winner gets to live. also tea reveals he's gotten pregnant but doesn't know how. turns out, when her soul was in the pyramid of light and Anubis zapped her, he left a bit of his soul on her and its reborning in her as her kid. its also a Gameboy advance game where you play Yugioh with various people and Pegasus holds another tournament as he's inspired to try a new card type and wants players to test it in their decks to see how it works. and yugi is in one bracket with the aliens and the descendant is in the other with yugi's homies.

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