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Mac And Me Review

note; my spelling is bad. but how about this movie?
mac and me
this is my revuiew on mac and me from 88
I've never seen it but I hear its basically ET and mcdonalds
I did watch cinemassacre review it
so it starts in space on some planet with space monsters drinking stuff from the planet through straws
they look like yoda and other star wars freaks
then an earth probe lands and this space fam chex it out
but hide when it cameras at em
how'd they know its a camera?
then 1 touches da cam and busts it and da probe collects planet samples
then a hose sucks em into it and takes off to majestic music and opening credits
what planet is this?
what year is this?!
btw the director also did
The Ice Pirates (I liked dat)
The Philadelphia Experiment(I think I saw it. didn't this guy grab a thing during an experiment and get infected or something?)
Mannequin Two: On the Move(I think my busty gf likes dat)
Tammy and the T-Rex(I think I saw that. the chick takes off her clothes and this brain in a jar cooks)
The New Swiss Family Robinson(I never saw, but, swiss family robinson gx!!)
and Grizzly Falls (which I liked and had the kid from degrassi next gen on it)
so da probe gets back and theres a weight discrepancy
they open it and it blows and the space demons get out
well 1 does
it looks like freddy freaker!
just a puppet wiggling in front of a camera
the big one gets out 2
and the other 2
its a family
dad busts walls or doors or w/e with his hands and gets out
the small 1 gets away and when a chopper gust blows him he stretches like a cartoon
then sticks to a windshield and causes a car wreck
da kid in a car sees the small thing
it hides in this other fams car wit a wheelchair kid and teen in it
and da thing takes wheelers coke
later the other aliens go across da desert of what I think is soviet california and its like Lawrence of arabia
btw, kid drinking coke at night?
he aint sleepin
so da fam moves into a new home
I should note the kid actor actually is disabled
nowadays they'd go mental if he wasn't
oh and theres a hippy communing with an eath spirit
sounds like black arts
oh and sometimes da alien is a midget and others is a puppet
mom shows wheeler their home is made for him with no stairs and low counters and windows
was this custom built?
she must've sold a lot of drugs to afford diss
teen bro sees the thing but is wearing shades so its gone when he takes em off
so wheeler eats skittles and plays with a rc car and the thing pokes it and it rockets around
some say bigfoot have electrical abilities as cameras go f'd when they are near
aliens and daemons have similar abilities
also the thing turns on an unplugged tv when kids there
kid goes in shower and its on but no ones there
is this a horror movie?
then follows its footprints
it was in the car, then the shower. why r its feet filthy?
he goes outside and hippie sez it went down da hill
kid sez its his brother
he tells his fam of the thing but they don't buy it
at night it returns and teen is using power tools to cut wood
kid tells mom he thinks it wasn't so bad as it didn't do bad stuff
btw this is fullscreen
no black bars cutting off the top/bottom
so it whistles and makes a hand thing and its fam hears
da next day kid wakes up to his rc car movies around
he follows it and a drill goes through da wall
in da drill room is a weird nature set up
then a car cuts open da door
it runs
mom comes in and blames the kid for f ing the room and their cr-p
he goes out hippie kid follows him
but he goes 2 far down hill and rolls
and his brake snaps
cheap Chinese made cr-p
he falls off a cliff into a pond
hippie screams for help but it saves him
after da cops and drs settle things, hes ok and dr grills him over what he saw
even though kid sez hippie kid saw it, dr gives kid a sedative
hippie comes in and sez no one would buy it if she told
80s teen girl hippie sister comes in and invites him to something
and flirts with male teen bro
oh they're going to mcdonalds
I love mcD's
so boy teen gives mom a lift to her 1st day at work
at night a raccoon is in their trash and heads for da house
those things are dangerous
too bad soviet California don't let its citizens have guns
cap dat coon
send it to H E Double California
so kid sets up traps of cups of coke
one on a weighted bell so lifting it sets it off
and hippie kid is there
the thing (not from john carpenters 80s film) comes in and they suck it into the vacuum
but it spins da girl around and drags her through da house
holy cr-p is this poultergeist?!
teen bro helps and they plug it back it and it f's out
couldnt it just use its powers to turn it on from inside?
so da thing is out and they give it some coke
kid sez coke is like what they drink on their planet
a planet full of coke?
is that where coke is from?
like poplers in futurama?
mom comes in and da power comes back on and teen backs kid up
but she don't buy it
later its day and it gets da paper
it put a daisy on kids bed and a string to a bell thing from b4 out da window
it cleaned da house
and left newspaper photos on da table
mom thinks the boys cleaned but teen sez; would we do something like this? and mom now buys the creature story
in the wastelands of soviet California da things fam whistles and does hand things to communicate with its kid
its kinda moving
later hippe and er mom nearly run over the thing in a power wheels as dogs chase it
I doubt a kids riding thing can go so fast
it gets stuck in a tree as the kid and mom go by
a few things
1st; dogs detect the supernatural
2nd; I forgot to mention; people say this is da worst film ever made
so far I like it
so after running to nice music with her kid, its time for hippie kids party at mcdnas
also gov guys are at da home asking about the thing
they go but know its here and kid and hippie kid figure out the thing misses its fam
but its time to go
is the thing stop motion?
in some scenes it looks it
kid has tender moment with the thing (they called it a "mysterious alien creature" or "mac" like big mac) and comes out with mac in a teddy bear outfit
was that a real bear they hollowed out? (hollow bear?! kevin bearcon?!)
or a costume he ad for some reason?
also they kept the eyes holes with mac eyes behind it even as a puppet
kid sez his bear got computerized with new microchips so it can move
how rich is this fam?!
must've sold lotsa drugs
at mcdonaids is a big choreographed dance number to rad 80s tunes
also Ronald McDonald is there
mac reaches out of his costume and takes a black kids coke
everyone thinks hes a toy and they all dance in unison to rad 80s tunes
I love this
its like a Michael Jackson vid
mac dances on da counter and everyone has fun
macs got moves
better than pee wee herman in dat bar
then da guv guys come in and chase after mac and kid
he rolls down hill like a sonic level ands busts through wood fences
after dodging traffic and causing car wrecks, he grabs a truck back and is skitchin like that bad sega game
all to wonderful music
in a mall mac uses his ki to move toy cars
mom works there and chases em
but mac zapps da automatic doors
they smash em with a tv
kid wheels away and his bro grabs him, chair and mac with 1 arm into a moving van and they get away
hippie and teen girl are driving
later they go to da desert to 80s music to find macs fam
also mac has a red shirt and eats skittles and coke
they see a sign like mac likes and they drive offroad with wild stallions running by em
he wanted them to find windmills
those things are dangerous
not kidding
they f up the people who live near em
mac does the whistle and hands thing and detects his fam
holy cr-p we're like 75 mins in
in da mine da fam was at, teen bro goes in with mac and finds macs fam seeming like they bit it
but they're alive and bro gives em coke to restore em
with 2 cans they revived 3 aliens who went like a week without fluids
they give em clothes even though they have no visible parts
not even a55 cracks
they drive back and dad alien ties a knot in a tire iron
these things r strong
at night they stop by a gas station and the space fam busts an arm through the car window to grab a blonde 80s chick's coke
they go in a grocery store and cause cans to fall from grabbing 1 in a display
main guys come in and a cop pulls a gun on da space fam
space dad grabs it and more cops come
the store is evacuated and space fam comes out with dad waving a gun
teen sez space fam don't understand
kid chases em, cop falls, gun goes off
I hear in the Japanese version the shot gets the wheelchair kid and wacks him
cops open fire and the gas station blows and kid bit it
then a chopper comes in with guv guys and mom
so space things come out of da fire unharmed
its different than ET
here the kid bites it and not the space things!
they use their space ki or w/e to hear the dead guy
when they do that hand thing it looks like a uterus
also them circling the dead guy and linking hands with power is used in the power ranges movie
and reviving the dead main guy was used in the day the earth stood still
so then theres really nice music and the aliens get made citizens of America
in California they really care about alien rights
and the aliens are in 1950s clothes
with those hairless everything and knobs on their heads, they look like the goblins in Yugioh
the film ends with uplifting music and song and them driving off with a bubble that sez they'll be back
lol; Ronald McDonald as himself
the end
that was nice
good 80s feel
good effects
good simple yet fun story
a bit dark yet not disturbed
I liked this
plus mcdonalds had a profit sharing thing where proceeds from this film would help their childrens charities
I love mcdonalds
good food
good prices
good places
good atmosphere
I got buff eating burgers and working out
2 double hamburgers are enough for a day for protein
3 is good for boosting muscle
just remember to work out
don't over eat and lay on ur huge a55 eating time
just work out
even a  little bit at a time helps
huh, the snorks were in this film
must've been when they were watching tv
also I like how they have free refills and the staff is polite and positive
oh and the van has blinds on it like on the waterfront in this film
great clean fun movie
good 80s charm
watch it with ur fam
for mac and me 2 I want it to be the 2010s and both the wheelchair kid and his brother are married and have kids with the sisters next door. mac and his fam are working with da gov to make high tech mac tech and have a space colony in orbit by the moon thanks to him. but a rival race of space ladybugs come by and are trying to wipe out all of mac's race as they fear them. so its a space war between the humans in mac's star tech and the ladybug people who want to take down the humans for helping macs kind. also its a gameboy, game gear and that pocket turbo grafix 16 thing, oh and Atari lynx, game where you play as either humans and mac's kind (which have bred on earth and have a small population here as its got coke at easy to get levels) to take down the invaders, or the ladybug people and try to wipe out earth. its a shoot em up game like gradius or wings or wor or r type.

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