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The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living And Became Mixed-Up Zombies Review

note; I hear this film s-cked. my spelling does too so it fits
The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living And Became Mixed-Up Zombies
this is my review on The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living And Became Mixed-Up Zombies
its called one of the worst films ever made
its directed by Ray Dennis Steckler who later did p0rn0
To be fair, so did Go Nagai and Masami Obari
but they didn't do much different than their usual designs and styles when they did xxx
I think I recall seeing the ending of this where a guy runs along a beach for like 8 minutes on offbeat cinema years ago
maybe it was monster a go-go
it starts at a carnival night zone act 1
this fortune teller 5kank tries to b0ne a drunk but he don't consent and pushes her off
so she has some rotty guy drag him off and hold him down as she splashes poison on him.
then credits
cash flagg is actually the director
at least tommy Wiseau was honest to be identified
oh and during credits his drawn face rots
not bad
then its day again at da carnival
this bikini chick in a see through one piece dances slowly with a guy who looks like dennis hopper in the super Mario movie
after dat she has some wine and freaks out seeing a black cat
that's racist
some guy gives her advice and sez she f'd up her dance routine
then 2 guys talk about cr-p I don't care about
they go drive and then some 30 year old teen has a date but her mom don't like her bf
btw im watching this on youtube and the audio s-cked
btw this is the opposite of the room with lisa and claudette
then the 2 guys come by and she goes to meet em and drives off to a carvival
wtf 1 guy looks like Nicholas cage
oh f
its the beach!
I did see this b4!!
then a montage of them on rides having fun(I think cloverfield ripped this off) and I think some repeated footage
I think the roller coaster would be better in theatre with a moving room
after a comedian does an act we get the bikini dancer and her tuxedo man
but she falls over and runs off da area in high heels
he manager from b4 sez to stop the booze and if she don't she'd fired
then its evening and the teen and guys are still on he roller coastwr.
then its night and bikini dancer goes to the fortune teller
dancer senses some event coming
the card reading sez she gon bite it and she runs in the back and is nearly grabbed by bum hand
she drops her purse and books it but bumps into the guys
oh and bf in cage and not cage is not bf
the trio go in where she ran and teen girl gets her fortune for 50 cents
she gets a positive future
cage wants his done with the crystal ball and teller sez its dangerous
his future sez someone gon bite it
and something about water
I cant tell much about it as shes got a thick accent worse than tommy Wiseau
wait, the fortune was for the teen girl
and she cant tell cage of his future and they book it
not cage is lusting after some skimpy dressed chicks at a show and 1 is covered up but said to be hot under it
cage was to see her show too even though teen gf don't wanna
she books it and cage don't care as she was trying to control him
then they watch skimpy dressed chicks in fighting game or Japanese role playing game outfits dance and show off their bods
most chix are in white/black striped dresses like beetle juice
this goes on for a while
the guy who promotes the show outside asks 1 dancer for a date at her place
In the real version they were gonna be b0ning
then we see the dancer in another outfit singing some 40s/50s song
its not so bad but goes on too long
oh it was the next act in the show
after dat we get some dress wearing chick taking 1 step at a time as she attempts to take off her outfit
the rotty guy gives cage a note saying to meet this dancer after da show
after she's down to her undies, she leaves but we don't see her nips
cage goes in da dressing room but women in it and he goes elsewhere and finds her
this movies half over and nothings happened
she brings him to this spinning thing to hypnotize him by the fortune teller
this too goes on for a while
but da fortune teller does a monologue without blinking so there was effort put into it
then we get the comedian then a guitar guy who, like everything else, goes on for too long
then bikini girl comes out and dances with not dennis hopper
but a guy in a hoodie comes out and knifes em dead
then cage has weird trippy visions of rotty guy and fortune teller telling him to kill and weird cr-p
is this a rip off of the Manchurian candidate with frank Sinatra?!
his visions are like a bad music video
maybe david lynch
also he prances around like a ballerina in da hoodie
and I think he's in bad kabuki make up
eventually he wakes up and later in the day he comes out in the killer outfit
not cage sez he was talking in his sleep
but cage don't recall what he did last night
gage goes to teen gfs place and shes p-ssed at him for finding women hot
she spins an umbrella and it triggers his hypnosis and he trys strangling her
but a guy saves her
and her mom is there
was that her dad?
but hes around her age!!
then he wanders the city and music plays
along the way he hears a radio tell of the bikini dancer and dennis hopper getting shanked
then its night and theres more showgirls dancing to like 50s or 60s music at the show cage went to
later the dancer who b0ned that guy I think sees fortune teller over the bikini dancer being iced
fortune teller sez the dancer who was covered up is her sister
after a blonde sings for a while, cage sees the once covered up dancer about him killing someone
she sez; if u wanna know wat happened behind da curtains, go behind em
and he's hypnotized again
if it f'd me up the 1st time, the 2nd time will be better!
then we see his apartment where not cage the teen gf, her mom and the guy who might be her dad worry about him trying to ice her
all but mom go to the carvnival to see if hes there
later cage goes to the b0ned dancer place and knifes her up
but the guy who's there to b0ne her comes in and gets iced
they use shadows to keep it from being too violent
and using actual effects
shadow of b0ning guy comes in, shadow of guy moves knife shadow at his head, cut to next scene
so cage returns to the fortune teller and she splashes him with acid and has him taken with the rest of her hypno slaves
but the slaves get out and I think b0ne them dead
they're acid rotted and look like mutants
also the covered up dancer gets iced wearing a glittery bikini
as does rotted guy
why weren't they chained up??
why even leave them alive?!
also the camera moves in on fortune tellers face and its shadow covers her.
not sure if that was intended
I assume they are eating her
then theres some jungle dance show and the rotted slaves come out and star icing everyone
it took em 70 mins in an 80 min movie for the zombies to show up
the cops cap some
were here only 3 zombies?!
only now do the gf and homies arrive and find cops and the iced bad guys
the drunk from bf comes out all rotted and they ice him
cage comes out and runs and then its daytime
he runs on the beach and gf and cop chase him
is this trying to be lon chaney?
the bad guy who is loved but bites it and is a freak?!
so after shambling around the rocks at the beach and in da water for a few mins, not cage and gf and cop are still after him
this is dragged out but don't feel bad
he climbs a rock thing telling them to go back
then the cop caps him even though hes not a danger nor has a weapon
hes on top of a rock thing far away
he falls in da water and gets out but stumbles around for a while
then falls and they  kneel over him
the end
then credits to music
dancer was called bill ward in the film and it said as himself
1 cop was called son h00ker
like son wukong from journey to the west?
or maybe its one of son goku's relatives p0rn0 names from dbz
oh pan! what were you DOOING!??!
but over all
this film is pretty cr-ppy
but a bit entertaining
yeah it drags at times
and theres not enough story to really be 80 mins
and many parts of it don't make sense
and the acting is a55
but its got a few good parts
they kinda tried
its sorta so bad its kinda fun
sort of like a cr-ppier version of the room
its even got a weird europeany character
although the fortune teller and str-pper sound nothing alike despite being sisters
like with fraiser and his dad in fraiser
or black goku and zamasu in dragon ball super
and I just realized the thing of the guy meeting the girl at her place and she gets iced was used by time after time with Malcom McDowell
and the beach scene is a lot like planet of the apes 1
this was made in 63 and seems to have influenced a lot of good movies
I guess this was pretty good after all
and i just realized the black cat never does anything n the film and has no meaning.
Just like in the room with all that cr-p brought up and instantly dropped.
for The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living And Became Mixed-Up Zombies 2 I want there to be a secret zombie hidden in the deep parts of the fortune tellers dungeon and it comes out as the cops were busy going after the Nicholas cage guy. the cage guy is being treated for his gunshot and has been mutating more into one of the zombies. but his dna is special due to his inbreeding and it gives him powers from the acid and hypnosis screwing up his brain and affecting his hormones. also he has a psychic link to the secret zombie and they can read each others mins. and he has to either stop it or join it in its plan to turn the city into zombies. its also a puzzle platform game on Gameboy gamegear and arari lynx where you play as the cage guy and try to find clues that the secret zombie left you by getting through areas in the city he altered with his powers.

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